12 Best MP3 Cutters in 2023

Top 12 Best MP3 Cutters

People extensively use MP3 cutter programs when they want to cut a part of a song for a ringtone or extract pieces from several audio-tracks and merge them into one composition. I have selected the best MP3 cutters that you can use to “pare” your favorite song from needless parts.

1. Apowersoft

Open source
  • Easy-to-master
  • No hidden fees
  • Ensures security
  • Unlimited audio editing
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Verdict: Apowersoft audio editor is available free of charge and can come in handy when you want to edit your audio without hustle and bustle. The program has a straightforward, user-oriented interface with all the necessary tools to cut, split, trim, merge, copy and paste audio files.

The variety of supported audio formats is rather impressive – you can conveniently edit songs in M4A, MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, OGG and many other formats. You can use this program to cut and merge songs online, and see the future result thanks to the real-time preview feature.

  • best mp3 cutter apowersoft interface
  • best mp3 cutter apowersoft interface

    2. Audacity

    For professionals
    • Multi-track audio support
    • Open source
    • Batch editing
    • Supports custom fades and plug-ins
    • Isn’t powerful enough to replace a sound workstation

    Verdict: Audacity is a very popular program among professional users. They praise it for a huge set of features that allow them to remove noise, apply special effects, create recordings, cut and merge clips, and more. Being one of the best software to cut MP3, Audacity is distributed free of charge and runs on open-source code.

    In fact, it can easily compete with paid products and even surpass some of them. When opening the program for the first time, you may get a bit confused with the UI, but examining all the included tools, you will understand that they are absolutely easy to use.

    Besides, you can take advantage of a detailed manual to speed up the learning process. A broad collection of third-party plug-ins, as well as the possibility to upload audio of any length, makes this software so demanded. It can fully satisfy your needs whether you make podcasts, music, audiobooks, or any other project.

    • best mp3 cutter audacity interface
    • best mp3 cutter audacity interface

      3. WavePad

      For both beginners and professionals
      • Supports many formats, MP3 included
      • Lots of effects
      • Batch processing
      • Is suitable both for newbies and professionals
      • Audio restoration rendering can be slow

      Verdict: WavePad is a powerful MP3 cutting and joining software that can fully satisfy the needs of both Windows and Mac users. Rely on this program when you need to record and edit all sorts of audio files.

      The program comprises tools for audio cutting, copying and pasting, as well as a broad range of effects (amplification, echo and noise reduction). It was initially aimed at work with WAV and MP3 files, but later the list of supported file formats was extended and now includes WMA, AU, AIF, VOX, OGG, FLAC and many more.

      The program is really well-designed being suitable for both experienced sound engineer and their rookie colleagues. Download WavePad today and start producing your own custom soundtracks.

      • best mp3 cutter wavepad interface
      • best mp3 cutter wavepad interface

        4. MP3 Cutter Joiner

        Easy to use
        • You can cut pieces from big audio files and then convert them into MP3 format
        • Lossless and high-precision cutting & joining
        • Allows merging multiple files or parts of files into one big file
        • Integrated player for pre-listening
        • Occasional bugs

        Verdict: Free MP3 Cutter Joiner will come in handy if you need to cut audio in pieces and merge them without degrading the original quality. Besides, you can play a chosen audio fragment and save it in MP3 format.

        The UI is super intuitive. The main window consists of 2 tabs – MP3 Cutter and MP3 Joiner and their functions are obvious. If your audio file has pieces that you want to remove, you can just indicate the start and end points, and click “Start Cut”. The resulting file will be saved in MP3. If you need to combine several fragments into one file, move to the MP3 Joiner tab, add all audio tracks in a proper sequence and click “Merge”. The finished file is also saved in MP3 format.

        Before starting any operation, you can adjust basic settings – bitrate, frequency, mono & stereo, and choose the folder where your files will be stored.

        • free mp3 cutter joiner logo interface

          5. Swifturn

          Best functionality
          • Convenient and simple to use
          • Understandable UI
          • Ability to edit tracks in multi-track mode using special tools
          • Allows you to listen to changed tracks in real time
          • Bugs are available

          Verdict: Swifturn is suitable for users, who have already passed the stage when they simply cut songs for ringtones and now want to seriously mix audio files. The functionality of this free program is impressively broad and versatile. The software supports batch processing, which is of invaluable help, if you edit numerous files.

          It is also possible to edit files in parallel on several audio tracks. Other advantages of this program include built-in functions for adjusting the volume level, noise suppressing, a number of effects, the possibility to record music with the help of a microphone, remote control or digital musical instrument, support for many existing audio formats, etc.

          • best mp3 cutter swifturn interface
          • best mp3 cutter swifturn interface

            6. MP3 Toolkit

            For Windows users
            • A great pack of tools for work with MP3 files
            • MP3 conversion with quality customization
            • There are features to split and merge MP3 soundtracks
            • Windows-compatibility only

            Verdict: MP3 Toolkit is an ideal pack of programs designed to make your work with MP3 files easier. Here you can find a special audio MP3 cutter, converter, merger, recorder, CD ripper, and tag editor. In addition to smooth operation with MP3 audio tracks, you can use this program to handle WMA, OGG, MP4 file, FLV, WMV and WAV formats.

            With the help of MP3 Merger, it is possible to process several files and rearrange the way you want. The Cutter is focused on editing a single file, mainly, altering its start and end time, thus getting rid of needless parts. As a result, you get a separate song.

            • best mp3 cutter mp3 toolkit interface
            • best mp3 cutter mp3 toolkit interface

              7. Free MP3 Cutter Joiner

              Both for cutting and joining music
              • Best MP3 cutter and joiner for PC
              • Free and user-friendly program
              • A lot of formats
              • Requires updating

              Verdict: A pretty good program for cutting and joining soundtracks, supporting more than 50 input formats and allowing you to download music directly from the Audio CD. It is known for a simple technique of cutting or splitting an MP3 file and merging several soundtracks in order to produce a new song.

              You can use this free MP3 cutter both on Windows and Mac platforms. The only negative side of using this software is that you have to put up with rather an outdated interface. You can save your finished work in the form of WAV, VMA, OGG, and MP3 sound objects.

              As in Wave Editor for Android, MP3 Cutter Joiner Free splits an imported track channel by channel when playing it. When saving songs, you can set a different format, change the bitrate of compressed files, or simply extract a segment without changing the sound.

              As for advantages, I can name the timeline scaling function. This allows you to accurately and precisely set the desired marker. There are also several simple effects – amplification, echo and attenuation.

              • best mp3 cutter joiner interface
              • best mp3 cutter joiner interface

                8. Weeny Free Audio Cutter

                For beginners
                • Supports most popular audio formats, MP3 included
                • Non resource-demanding
                • Batch processing
                • Integrated tag editor
                • You can manage functions only with a mouse
                • Lacks even simple effects

                Verdict: A simple audio editor that can handle 2 tasks - split the audio track into parts and combine several pieces into one. Winnie Free Audio Cutter can’t be called the best MP3 cutter because it lacks a package of effects, but it offers a simple and understandable splitting process. The utility’ interface is divided into blocks.

                In order to further split the soundtrack in one click, Weeny Free Audio Cutter allows you to add several markers at once, indicating the beginning or end of the fragment. The program can edit ID3 tags, so you can immediately specify the name of the final file.

                You can also configure the bitrate of a song. Talking about serious shortcomings, I should mention that it is impossible to control the interface using the keyboard. It is especially inconvenient to specify thousandths of a second when trimming songs – it takes quite long to scroll with the mouse to get to the necessary moment.

                • best mp3 cutter weeny interface
                • best mp3 cutter weeny interface

                  9. EArt Audio Cutter

                  With user-friendly interface
                  • Simple functioning
                  • Ability to adjust sound quality
                  • The minimum trimming interval is 0.5 seconds
                  • Unstable work on Windows 10

                  Verdict: This is the simplest MP3 editor free that can help trim a song. Using the program, you can set two markers (the start and end points of a new fragment) and then save the specified segment without recoding.

                  If you want, you can also convert part of the soundtrack or a full song into a convenient format. The software supports four types of audio recordings - WAV, WMA, OGG and MP3. It is possible to change the bitrate and encoding level.

                  However, you can generate only one fragment at a time, as there is no batch processing feature. Also, when testing the utility on Windows 10, the program sometimes just “crashed”. Consider this factor if you have the latest version of the OS.

                  • best mp3 cutter eart interface
                  • best mp3 cutter eart interface

                    10. Macsome Audio Splitter

                    For Mac users
                    • Free
                    • Supports MP3 and ACC files
                    • You can convert several files simultaneously
                    • Few audio editing features
                    • Supports one by one file processing

                    Verdict: This is the best free MP3 splitter for macOS, which you can use to cut and edit MP3 and ACC files in the simplest way possible. The strong point of the program is that it supports audio processing without quality loss.

                    You can also import several files at once and then split them separately depending on the result you want to achieve for each soundtrack. In Macsome Audio Splitter, you can also edit ID tags in several seconds. Besides, it is possible to preserve certain ID tags, e.g. those of audiobook, and keep the sound quality intact while splitting a file.

                    • best mp3 cutter macsome interface
                    • best mp3 cutter macsome interface

                      11. MixPad

                      For mixing audio tracks
                      • User-friendly
                      • Ability to record tracks
                      • Supports many file formats and unlimited tracks
                      • Direct export to Google Drive, SoundCloud, and Dropbox
                      • Lacks VSR support
                      • No EQ settings

                      Verdict: MixPad includes all the necessary tools for audio and music production. You can enjoy the feature of multi-track recording, as well as use instruments that are close to professional, which guarantees excellent results. The program can also be used to cut songs and merge several pieces into one composition.

                      You can mix an unlimited number of audio tracks withoutexperiencing any restrictions when creating your own songs. The program also offers absolute freedom if you want to add voice recordings and sound effects. In addition to all the above-mentioned features, MixPadoffers a multimedia library from which you can import recordings, music, and effects for future projects.

                      • best mp3 cutter macsome interface
                      • best mp3 cutter macsome interface

                        12. NowSmart Cut

                        For Windows users
                        • Supports M4R
                        • Ability to configure saving of MP3 and OGG files
                        • You can adjust the duration of the effects
                        • Simple single-window interface
                        • You can extract one fragment at a time

                        Verdict: This is a small utility that allows you to quickly extract a fragment from a soundtrack. In general, NowSmart Cut is suitable for creating ringtones - the program contains the effects of amplification and attenuation, can change the volume of audio and supports the M4R format compatible with Apple gadgets.

                        Using this audio MP3 cutter, you can specify the start and end time of a segment with an accuracy of a thousandth of a second, and quickly apply various effects. The program offers few quality settings, namely, a bit rate configuration, for OGG and MP3 files, as well as general output. Moreover, you can add fade in and fade out effects for a set amount of seconds. The sound can be boosted up to 400%.

                        • best mp3 cutter nowsmart cut interface
                        • best mp3 cutter nowsmart cut interface

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