How to Get MixPad Free

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  • License: Free version
  • Downloads: 5.1k
  • Version: 5.6
  • Compatible: Win/Mac
  • Free MixPad Mobile: Andorid/iOS
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Free MixPad Benefits

  • Unlimited number of tracks
  • ASIO support
  • Possibility to record multiple tracks simultaneously
  • Support the VST plug-in
  • A large number of sound effects
  • Creates soundtracks for videos


  • Can I download MixPad free without violating copyrights?

Yes, developers provide a free version of multi-track recording software for non-commercial use only. However, you need to put up with minor functional limitations.

  • How much is MixPad free version limited?

The biggest limitation is related to the number of tracks for mixing. The free version contains only 10 tracks. Besides, you can’t use studio effects, while export options and cooperative work with SoundCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive are limited.

  • How much does MixPad Premium version cost?

Today, there are 3 methods of how you can buy the software, including Master's Edition Quarterly Plan, which costs $4.44 a month. There are two licensed versions, Home Edition ($34.99) and Master's Edition ($59.95).

  • What is the export format?

The program supports a broad range of export formats, so you can choose the one that corresponds to your needs. File types supported for export: wav., wma., aifc., mp3., aac., amr., flac., m4a, etc.

  • Is there a version for Linux?

No, this software was developed only for Windows and Mac OS.

Another Way to Use MixPad Free

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  • Version: 3.4
  • Compatible: Android/iOS
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MixPad Music and Audio Editor Pros:

  • Includes a music library
  • Sampling frequency from 6 kHz to 96 kHz
  • Unlimited number of tracks
  • Advanced equalizer

MixPad Multitrack Mixer is a mobile recording and mixing studio for Android and iOS that provides advanced tools, support for an unlimited number of tracks, an advanced equalizer and a music library.

If you decide on this MixPad free download method, you will be able to create your own music, record podcasts, mix and more.

Insecurities of Using Pirated MixPad Free Version

Looking for an unlicensed, completely free version of MixPad? How correctly have you assessed the possible risks you are running in this case? I have described the main dangers of using MixPad full version free of charge and highly recommend you study them before downloading the program from third-party resources.

Copyright Infringement and Incarceration

The most serious reason why you should not use unlicensed software is copyright infringement. Besides the fact that you will be included in the database of offenders and will be convicted, you will also have to pay a fine in the amount of $2,500.

No Updates

While legal users receive an updated version of the software and can test new features, you can’t enjoy such benefits. The reason is simple. Your software is disconnected from the servers and doesn’t receive updates, which means that the functionality will become outdated over time.

Software Bugs and Viruses

Free antivirus software save from ordinary, advertising viruses, but what about those, which were used to steal more than $1 billion in the USA over the past 20 years. These viruses copy your bank card details when you pay for something online and self-destruct.

According to the Kaspersky Lab, such viruses are hidden in every second hacked program, so you never know what “bonuses” your MixPad music mixer free version contains.

Free MixPad Alternatives

If you don’t have money to buy MixPad Master's Edition, and you also don’t want to use unlicensed software, pay attention to this short list of the best alternatives for mixing and editing audio.

1. Adobe Audition

adobe audition logo
  • Unlimited tracks
  • Non-destructive editing
  • You can combine effects
  • Real-time clip stretching
  • Time-limited trial version

Adobe Audition - a digital sound workstation that has a multi-track, non-destructive mixing/editing environment and a waveform editing mode with a non-destructive approach. You can mix using unlimited tracks, create music and effects, perform audio editing, noise reduction and sound recovery.

As for the unique tools, I can note the extension of the clip in real time and automatic equalization of voice.

2. Audacity

audacity logo
  • Open source
  • Over 100 built-in effects
  • Smooth conversion
  • Possibility to combination sounds and effects
  • UI may seem confusing

This simple, open-source, cross-platform audio editor is a great option if you want to create a new podcast or add one of 100 sound effects.

The program works with 16 and 24-bit audio. One of the best features is that it can seamlessly transform and combine any soundtrack you drag and drop, regardless of the sample rate or format. This MixPad free alternative offers all basic features - cut, paste, duplicate, delete, mix and merge, make changes to the sample level and more.

3. Ardour

ardour logo
  • Professional VST, Ladspa and LV2 plug-ins
  • Multi-track editing
  • Simple combination of effects
  • Lacks batch editing

Ardour is another great cross-platform, open-source editor for mixing and editing audio. The audio editor supports multi-track editing, effects combining and merging. It supports professional VST, Ladspa and LV2 plugins, and, in the Linux version, you can use JACK for free sound tracking, as well as MIDI for other programs.

4. Cakewalk

cakewalk logo
  • Advanced mixing console
  • Mastering Package for Compression
  • Audio analysis
  • A complete set of musical instruments
  • Rare updates
  • A bit perplexing UI

Cakewalk is comprehensive software for composing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering music. The program has an advanced mixing console paired with a section of a professional channel for audio analysis.

In the toolbox, you will find a complete set of high-quality sound and MIDI effects, instruments for creating compositions, ranging from a drum sequencer and piano to a sophisticated score composer.

5. WaveShop

waveshop logo
  • Open-source
  • Various analyzes
  • Editing history
  • No advanced tools
  • Not beginner-oriented

WaveShop is MixPad free, open-source alternative for Windows. The audio editor is especially useful for fixing a ready-made wizard without damaging its dithering.

WaveShop boasts peak, RMS, and spectral analysis, attenuation, sample rate conversion, sound generation, and more - all with unlimited undoes and comprehensive assistance.

Download MixPad Free

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Download MixPad free audio editor for multi-track recording and mixing from your PC with no time limits.

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