Adobe Audition Crack 2017-2024 License Keys [Free Download]

By Ann Young 23 days ago, Video Editing Tips

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Adobe Audition crack is software that helps users mix, edit, and create audio content. You can download this version for free from third-party websites but does it have all the functions of the original audio editing software? Is it safe to use?

Looking for possible ways to get InDesign free without breaking the law? Want to download this desktop publishing software and online publisher for free? In this article, I will tell you how to use InDesign free as well as why it is better to avoid the pirated copies. Moreover, you will discover 4 best free programs like InDesign.

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adobe audition 2017 interface

Main Features

  • Pro-level audio editing tools
  • Streamlined UI
  • Multitrack editing
  • Tools for restoring audio
  • Previewing effects in real time
  • Compatible with third-party plugins
  • Integrates with Creative Cloud software

Adobe Audition is top-level software used by professionals for audio enhancement and production.

It comes with a set of advanced tools, however, users can easily find the features they need due to the well-thought-out interface.

The program supports waveform editing, has an extensive collection of effects, and enables users to work on multitrack projects.

When using this software, you can edit multiple tracks at the same time, which enables you to simplify your production tasks, create podcasts, and work on a variety of other projects.

The program has advanced tools for minimizing noise and restoring audio tracks, which enables you to improve the quality of your audio files.

Why Using Adobe Audition Crack Is Dangerous?

adobe audition cc 2017 crack disadvantages

If you download Audition CC 2017 crack without paying for a license, you risk getting viruses on your computer.

You may also have to pay a fine of several thousand dollars.

Just read the news to understand what you are likely to deal with if you download pirated audio editing software as there are constantly published posts about offenders.

Limited toolkit. When downloading pirated programs, you have access only to the initial functions, as unlicensed programs don’t get any updates.

While legal users are testing new features, you will have to work with outdated tools.

Law violation. Pirated podcast recording software downloading is tracked by the U.S. law.

In fact, by downloading such software, you violate the copyright law and risk getting a fine of $3,000 or going to jail for up to 5 years.

Malware download risk. According to the Digital Citizens Alliance, while downloading pirated programs, you risk infecting your PC.

You can detect and destroy malware using an antivirus.

However, in some cases, you will have to turn to professionals, if viruses have blocked the computer system.

Lack of technical support. If you encounter problems while using an unlicensed program, there will be no one to contact because Adobe doesn’t provide support to users, who take advantage of pirated software.

Software malfunctions. By downloading a pirated program, such as Adobe Audition Crack 2017-2023 or Adobe Premiere Pro Crack you can’t be 100% sure that it will work properly.

To hack software, one needs to modify the system code, which can negatively affect performance.

That’s why there can occur unexpected malfunctions during operation. For example, you may not be able to save edited audio.

Adobe Audition Crack vs Legal Version:

Crack Legal





Bugs and lags


Customer support


Alternative method: If you still want to get Audition for free, you can use a 7-day trial to test the tools available in this software. You can either use the Creative Cloud Apps subscription or opt for a Single App license. You may also pay up to 60% less using a variety of Adobe discounts.

System Requirements

OS: Windows/macOS
Disk space: 10 GB
Screen: 1920x1080
CPU: nVidia, Intel

Free Alternatives

If you don’t need to use professional tools when working on your projects or don’t want to pay a lot for your audio editing, you can turn to Adobe Audition alternatives to enhance your tracks.

Find a program with intuitive functionality instead of looking for Adobe Audition CC 2017 crack 64 bit.


logo audacity
  • Cross-platform editor
  • Minimum system requirements
  • In-built recording timer
  • Smooth transformation and sound combination
  • Destructive audio editing
  • Multitrack audio support is too basic

Audacity is a free, open-source audio editor and a good alternative to Adobe Audition CC 2017 crack.

This software allows you to easily import, mix, and combine audio tracks, whether it’s stereo, mono, or multi-track audio, and play the output data as a whole.

Audacity allows you to set a timer to start recording at a specific time interval.

You can record 16-bit or 24-bit sound.

You can also edit audio using an unlimited number of undo and redo operations.

However, such edits affect the audio quality and can’t replace a digital audio workstation such as Adobe Audition.


logo wave pad
  • User-friendly
  • A lot of audio formats
  • Filters and sound effects
  • Offers an audio restoration function
  • No batch processing
  • Audio restoration rendering can take a lot of time

WavePad is a full-featured professional audio and music editing software and another great alternative to the crack Adobe Audition CC 2017 version.

When working with audio files here, you can cut, copy and paste parts of recordings and add effects such as echo, amplification, and noise reduction.

The WavePad library has more than 1000 sounds that will help you with audio editing.

You can also preview the selected effects before using them.

WavePad works as a WAV or MP3 cutter and supports many audio formats.


logo ocenaudio
  • Completely free
  • Nice filters
  • Great spectrogram and file analysis
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Not an open-source program
  • Doesn’t support effect stacks

Ocenaudio is a free app that allows editing several large files at the same time without freezes and crashes.

The software has a set of built-in filters and supports VST plug-ins so that you can add even more functions.

Most MP3 cutters only allow you to cut audio tracks but in Ocenaudio you can also copy and paste audio fragments, and apply effects and filters.

Copying and pasting take only a couple of seconds and encoding and filtering are performed in the background.

This software is a great choice for podcasters and home musicians.


  • • Is it possible to access Adobe Audition without a subscription?

No, you can use this software legally only after paying for a license. Users can select between the Single App subscription or a Creative Cloud package that includes other apps as well.

  • • Can I use the Adobe Audition trial again?

No, users are allowed to install and use a free trial of Adobe Audition only one time for their Creative Cloud account.

  • • Do I need to have a lot of RAM to use Adobe Audition?

You need to have at least 8 GB.

  • • Is it risky to use unlicensed software like Adobe Audition full crack?

Yes, because it won’t function properly. It may crash at any time, which will make it impossible for you to work on your projects.

Besides, your online security will be seriously compromised because such software may infect your PC with viruses.

  • • Is using pirated Adobe Audition wrong?

If you download unlicensed software, it is similar to stealing it. You break the copyright law, which makes you no different from a person who steals products at a retail store.