17 Best Cloud Storage for Photos to Manage in 2024

By Ann Young 20 days ago, Photography storage

Busy photographers can take several thousand shots a year and edit many of them. This means that they need about 250GB of storage space for their new pictures. Most people have 8GB of RAM. To get more space for pictures, professional shooters rely on the best cloud storage for photos to meet all their requirements.

Top 17 Popular Cloud Storage for Photos in 2024

  1. Dropbox - The best cloud service for photos
  2. SmugMug - Retains the original quality of uploaded photos
  3. Google Drive - Contains a lot of additional features
  4. Mega - Additional storage for reasonable prices
  5. Internxt - Up to 10GB for free
  6. Microsoft OneDrive - Convenient platform for managing Microsoft files
  7. iCloud - Specialized storage for Apple devices
  8. Amazon Cloud Drive - Free unlimited storage for photos
  9. Box - Photo restriction options
  10. Nextcloud - Storage service for file synchronization
  11. SpiderOak - Easy-to-use for beginners
  12. iDrive - Good value for money
  13. pCloud - Has enough bandwidth for high-resolution images
  14. MediaFire - Offers good storage space for free
  15. Tresorit - Provides a high level of encryption
  16. Flickr - Storage with social network features
  17. Backblaze - For backing up photos

If you are not using cloud storage for professional purposes, then 1TB is a good option for you. This is more than enough even if you store 50,000 photos. On the other hand, 2TB seems like a pretty small amount for professional retouchers and photographers.

1. Dropbox – Our Choice

The best cloud service for photos
  • Suitable for iOS and Android devices
  • Supports lots of file formats
  • Your history is stored for 120 days
  • Includes file recovery features
  • None

Verdict: Dropbox is one of the most popular online file storage and backup platforms. This is a great solution if you are a professional photographer looking for the best cloud storage for photos. The incredible reliability of the platform is its main advantage over the competitors. The AES-256 encryption algorithm and the SSL protocol provide fast and secure transfer of your files.

The service has a limit on the size of the uploaded file. You cannot upload anything more than 10 GB. You will need to install a mobile application or program to work with larger files. This situation can occur when storing images as one large archive file.

To get access to 2000 GB of cloud storage for pictures you will have to pay $9.99 per month. Moreover, there are several ways to expand the space. You can invite new users to the platform by sending them a special link. You get 500 MB of cloud space for every invitee who signs up for the service. This method allows you to add 16 GB for free. Plus, you'll get an initial 2.5 GB of cloud storage if you use someone's referral link.

dropbox cloud storage for photos interface

2. SmugMug

Retains the original quality of uploaded photos
  • Mobile friendly
  • Great option for selling photos
  • For uploading images without any restrictions
  • Original picture quality
  • A bit tricky customization toolset
  • A free plan isn’t available

Verdict: This service was launched in 2002. Thanks to the ability to preserve the original quality of the image, this website hosting for photographers is one of the most sought-after options on the market. Many users also note that pictures are fantastically sharp even when they are viewed on high-pixel screens. This may not be such a significant feature, but you will find it only on some services.

For example, comparing SmugMug vs Zenfolio, you will discover that the latter offers the quality on displays not wider than 1920 pixels. Of course, not all users have monitors with such a high resolution. However, they can become a common thing over time. You can enjoy unlimited cloud storage for photos for only $9 per month.

One of the many SmugMug features which has always amazed me is how the platform preserves the high quality of shots once they are uploaded. The sharpness appears stunning as well, even on high-pixel computers. It isn’t the most significant advantage, but it isn’t offered by that many similar platforms.

smugmug cloud storage for photos interface

3. Google Drive

Contains a lot of additional features
  • No limits on uploading photos and videos
  • User-friendly photo organizing options
  • Device synchronization
  • 15GB is available for free
  • Could be easier to use

Verdict: If you are looking for the best cloud storage for photos without any limits, then Google Photos is a good option to consider. You can store high-res pictures up to 16MP there. This is a good collaboration solution as it supports co-editing and sharing features. Besides, it has online file storage.

You can use 15GB of memory for free to store various files including images, videos, audio, text documents, etc. If that's not enough, you can buy an additional 100GB for $2. Google Photos app allows you to create collages, movies, online albums, GIFs, edit pictures, and share them.

Another advantage of this solution is convenient visual search. With this tool, you can easily find the files you need by browsing the storage. Notification about pictures and collages made earlier is another useful option. Thanks to the integration with Chromecast products, you can view images on your TV if it supports this option.

google drive cloud storage for photos interface

4. Mega

Additional storage for reasonable prices
  • “Live” encrypted backup
  • Open-source code
  • Compatible with various browsers
  • Reliable real-time interaction
  • Poor bandwidth
mega cloud storage for photos logo

Verdict: Reliable protection of your data through end-to-end encryption makes this service the best online storage for photos. Developers and other unauthorized users do not have access to your files. The built-in browser extension is another strong point of this platform. Plus, you can take advantage of several free options.

50GB of Kiwi free storage is available to everyone. To get more space, you need to upgrade to one of the paid packages. They include from 200GB to 8TB. Their cost does not exceed $25 per month. Moreover, you can get a discount by choosing an annual payment.

However, the bandwidth is limited to 10 GB (updated every half an hour), which can be a serious disadvantage of this service as you may encounter delays while uploading and downloading files.

mega cloud storage for photos interface

5. Internxt

Up to 10GB for free
  • Convenient encrypted storage
  • Great customer support
  • Reasonable pricing plans
  • Desktop, web, and mobile versions
  • No advanced features
internxt cloud storage for photos logo

Verdict: Internxt is a great place to store, share, and spice up your photos. Privacy and security are the priority of the service. You can switch your admin features and work with other members privately. Plus, you can set a limit on the number of shares or the link's lifetime. In this way, you will make your photo available only to your target audience.

The service is available in web, mobile, and desktop versions. This means that you can access your pictures at any time. You can work from any device and all your photos will be saved or updated thanks to the automatic sync option.

internxt cloud storage for photos interface

6. Microsoft OneDrive

For managing Microsoft files
  • Affordable storage up to 1TB
  • Stunning integration with other Microsoft products
  • Features remote control option
  • Customizable access control
  • Competitors offer more image backup capabilities
microsoft onedrive cloud storage for photos logo
Microsoft OneDrive

Verdict: Formerly known as SkyDrive, OneDrive is a photo hosting website launched by Microsoft in 2007. 5GB cloud storage is available for free. 1TB of space starts at $59.99 per year. One of the advantages of this cloud photo storage is a convenient preview option. You can look through the images as thumbnails or slides. Moreover, you can customize the access level for each folder or file, making it public or private.

OneDrive also supports Office Online. Besides, you can create, edit, download, and share MS Office files. Through integration with other Microsoft products, you can create, view, and edit files right in your browser.

This cloud storage for photos allows you to save files using a web app or by simply dragging them. You can also remotely access files stored on a Windows-powered PC if they were added to OneDrive upon request. What's more, you can view files in explorer without downloading them to the device.

microsoft onedrive cloud storage for photos interface

7. iCloud

Specialized storage for Apple devices
  • Automatic sync with all Apple devices
  • Editing options
  • Excellent optimized storage
  • Backup capabilities
  • Poor functionality
  • Too many bugs and glitches
icloud cloud storage for photos logo

Verdict: Even if you are not the owner of Apple devices, you can use this web version of this storage and synchronization service. Create a single account for your iOS gadgets, Mac and Windows computers to automatically sync files across all your devices.

Unfortunately, this platform is not available for Android users. The prices are quite reasonable. You will pay $0.99 for 50GB.

Compatibility with Windows, Mac, and iOS products is perhaps the main advantage of this photo sharing app. Constant crashes and limited functionality are the main cons. Poor bandwidth, problems with uploading pictures and videos, expensive photo storage are the things that frustrate users of this cloud storage for pictures.

icloud cloud storage for photos interface

8. Amazon Cloud Drive

Free unlimited storage for photos
  • Contains Prime Photos interface for your images
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • RAW pics are supported
  • Photo sharing features
  • Only 5GB of free storage space for any files
amazon cloud drive storage for photos logo
Amazon Cloud Drive

Verdict: This online solution from a world-known brand can be a worthy OneDrive alternative if you need free storage with unlimited possibilities. It provides access to your files from many devices including mobile, desktop and Fire gadgets. With an Amazon Prime Photo membership, you don't have to pay to use this service.

All Amazon Prime members can use 5GB of storage for docs, photos, and other files. You can also choose one of the offered paid packages. The minimum plan is $19.99 a year for 100GB of space. If you need more, you can buy 1TB for $59.99. The Family Vault option allows you to share files with friends or relatives. This is great photo cloud storage for personal use. However, if you are looking for a solution for business purposes, you should consider other options.

Keep in mind that you will lose access to the service if you don't renew your membership or terminate it. All files uploaded by you are counted by the system. You can use the Storage Management settings to upgrade to another plan if you've exceeded your limit.

amazon cloud drive storage for photos interface

9. Box

Photo restriction options
  • Impressive functionality
  • Easy navigation
  • Fantastic managing options
  • E-signatures to protect your photos
  • Downloading limits on a free account file
box cloud storage for photos logo

Verdict: This file sharing service allows you to share documents, images, and other important media without using email. Upload the file to the platform and provide a link to the person you want to share it with. Although it's not the best cloud storage for photos in terms of available space, Box has impressive functionality. The ability to download files from a mobile application, task management, and other functions are the undoubted advantages of the service.

You can share photos and other files, as well as specify a period of access after which the document will be automatically deleted. Moreover, automatic management of older file versions is available to you. This means that you can return to the original file at any time during editing. This is possible since all the data is stored until you remove it manually.

This is the best option to work in a team. You can give permission to edit or view files with colleagues or share them with other members. This is a good option for business use as you can share images with customers or contractors without worrying about privacy. Plus, it allows you to assign jobs to specific users, so you don't have to install other software for small groups. You only need to pay $15 to enjoy all features and 5GB of space.

box cloud storage for photos interface

10. Nextcloud

Storage service for file synchronization
  • Wide range of functions
  • Open-source service
  • Ability to edit MS Office files simultaneously
  • Decent integration features
  • Expensive
nextcloud cloud storage for photos logo

Verdict: This service can be a reasonable choice if you need a Google Photos alternative. You can use it for file and content synchronization. You get a free software with convenient and easy navigation. It allows you to download and set up cloud storage services on your own server. Thanks to the possibility of using an open-source code, you can establish smooth, well-protected teamwork.

Beginner users can buy a pre-configured Nextcloud unit from the website. This is a great 1TB hard drive for photographers to store their data. The annual cost is $41 per user starting at 100 users.

When it comes to ease of use, this cloud storage for photos is not ideal. You can’t upload pictures, documents, videos, and other files with a single click. You should keep in mind that you will have to pre-configure the server yourself to get access to all the necessary functions and applications.

nextcloud cloud storage for photos interface

11. SpiderOak

Easy-to-use for beginners
  • Solid backup service
  • File restoration
  • Sharing and syncing capabilities
  • Strict privacy policy
  • Free version has limited functionality
  • Open source isn’t available for the public access
  • Costs too much
spideroak cloud storage for photos logo

Verdict: This is a great option if you need cloud storage for Linux supporting Mac and Windows devices as well as gadgets running on Android and iOS systems. Please note that iOS and Android users can only view files without syncing and downloading them.

If you doubt whether SpiderOak is the best online storage for photos, you can test the service for 21 days for free. The trial version gives you access to the full functionality of the service. In general, this is a simple and convenient solution for synchronizing, sharing, and storing files. You need to pay $6 per month for 150GB of storage.

To prevent unwanted people from accessing a particular file, you can use a password. You can also customize libraries for certain users. For all devices except smartphones, the service offers the possibility of unlimited backup of the external drive. However, Android and iOS users can access files through SpiderOak mobile apps.

spideroak cloud storage for photos interface

12. iDrive

Good value for money
  • Excellent functionality
  • Reasonable price
  • Photo backup option
  • Speedy upload
  • Free version is limited to 5GB
idrive cloud storage for photos logo

Verdict: Although this cloud photo storage was one of the first to appear, it has retained its popularity. With iDrive, you can keep your files in sync even on network drives. The platform also includes tools for file sharing via social media networks and email. If necessary, you can set up automatic uploading of files to the service. This option allows you to save documents or images that you accidentally deleted from your PC.

iDrive Express is another feature that will come in handy for many users. If you lose all data, you get a physical hard drive with backup copies of all your files to restore quickly.

Although this service is quite easy to navigate and use, it offers an impressive package of features. Convenient usability and affordable prices are undoubtedly the advantages of this platform. If you're on a budget and want to get more for your money, then iDrive is for you. You can buy 2TB storage for only $6.95.

idrive cloud storage for photos interface

13. pCloud

Enough bandwidth for heavy images
  • You can use 20 GB of storage for free
  • Great functionality
  • Inexpensive
  • High-end security
  • Synchronization sometimes fails
pcloud cloud storage for photos logo

Verdict: pCloud is a smart choice for those who are looking for cheaper Dropbox alternatives with similar functionality. This platform is easy to use because, unlike many of its competitors, it does not offer any unnecessary features. However, its flexible functionality is enough to meet the needs of most people.

This cloud storage for pictures and documents is a good option for storing, sharing, and creating files. This is a convenient way to access the files you need anywhere. You can do this from any mobile device or computer connected to the Internet. Monthly subscription to Premium Plus 2 TB plan costs $9.99.

Many users praise this service for its unlimited bandwidth. pCloud has no limit on the file size you upload. This allows you to upload both high-res images and high-quality videos. In addition to a large cloud storage space for photos, the service provides a wide range of features, such as the ability to generate special download links, set expiration dates, protect files with a password, and so on.

pcloud cloud storage for photos interface

14. MediaFire

Plenty of free storage space
  • Free plan is pretty good
  • Affordable prices
  • Decent mobile app
  • Impressive transfer speed
  • Lack of info about data protection
  • Free accounts contain ads
mediafire cloud storage for photos logo

Verdict: The main advantages of MediaFire are its affordable price, a good mobile app, and the ability to use 50 GB of storage for free. You will pay $2.50/month for 1TB of storage. This service is practical, convenient and easy to use. After creating an account, several folders appear immediately and you won't need to do anything else.

This photo cloud storage has decent functionality and contains all the features you need. The downside is the file download limit. You cannot download files larger than 4GB. This means that downloading high-quality videos is not available to you.

Although MediaFire was launched over 10 years ago, its creators still do not provide any info about data protection. Despite the statement that all your data will be protected (you get it when you create an account), the developers do not disclose their security methods. Another disadvantage of the free version is annoying ads.

mediafire cloud storage for photos interface

15. Tresorit

Provides a high level of encryption
  • 2-week trial2-week trial
  • Solid encryption
  • Variety of corporate packages
  • Amazing functionality
  • Often freezes
  • Weak preview options
tresorit cloud storage for photos logo

Verdict: Tresorit is the best online storage for photos when it comes to top-notch encryption and advanced security. This is a reliable solution for both personal and business purposes. If you need the proper and accurate data encryption, then you should consider this private photo sharing app. Zero-knowledge encryption allows you to see and share your data.

Two-factor authentication gives you solid security for your account. Download limits, the ability to give selected users access to a specific pack, expiration dates, link passwords, and other useful features make this a worthy option to consider.

Tresorit is suitable for both experienced and novice users. It's quite simple, but you can always turn to technical support for help or ask questions on the forum. This cloud photo storage is quite expensive. 1TB of encrypted storage costs $14.50 per month for each user. By the way, you can test the service using a 14-day trial version.

tresorit cloud storage for photos interface

16. Flickr

Storage with social network features
  • 1 TB of free storage
  • Full encryption
  • Tons of functions
  • Great photography community
  • Limited support
flickr cloud storage for photos logo

Verdict: This service provides 1 TB of free photo cloud storage for every new user. You can add tags/keywords, a short description, a title to each image to make searching easier. Plus, you can make notes right in the picture. If necessary, you can add descriptions to several objects in the image.

Flickr has a convenient search system that allows you to find pictures by keywords. You can also search photos by multiple keywords simultaneously. Another plus of the service is the ability to use individual images or photo collections on your sites. The system will generate the HTML code of the link to a separate photo when you need it. Then you can copy the resulting code to the desired page.

This cloud storage for photos is incredibly popular due to its ability to show your pictures in a stylish image stream. Similarly to the social network for photographers, Flickr allows you to make photos private or public. You can only upload JPEG, GIF and PNG files as this platform was created not only for storing photos but also for presenting them. You can choose a paid or free package from Flickr. Paid options cost $5.99 per month or $49.99 a year.

flickr cloud storage for photos interface

17. Backblaze

For backing up photos
  • Files of any size
  • Backup and archive capabilities
  • Simple file management
  • Restoration options
  • One account is required for each computer
backblaze cloud storage for photos logo

Verdict: Backblaze is an amazing option for backing up pictures. The main advantage of this service is its smooth operation and process automation. All uploaded photos are backed up without any additional actions.

This photo cloud storage offers unlimited storage space. At the same time, there are no restrictions on the file size you upload to the platform. However, the downside is that the account is connected to one device. So if you want to have access from several gadgets, you need to create a separate account for each one.

The platform has several plans for personal and business use. You get a variety of management tools without any extra features. The service works on a subscription basis. You pay $0.005/GB per month, which makes it quite affordable.

backblaze cloud storage for photos interface