19 Best Free Photo Hosting Websites

19 Best Free Photo Hosting in 2023

Do you want to find the best free photo hosting? Such websites are created for you to store pictures in one place and share them with friends, relatives, or even the entire Internet community. An album on Facebook or a post on Instagram can’t always help with this.

I have collected 19 free image hosting websites that differ in the number of photos you can post and download time. Each of the platforms is available completely for free and doesn’t have any restrictions.

1. SmugMug

With e-commerce tools
  • Unlimited storage
  • You can set up your online store
  • There are photo editing tools
  • There are tariffs for beginners and professionals
  • A 14-day free trial period
  • Customization panels are a little complicated

Verdict: SmugMug is an online picture hosting service for storing and displaying photos with a customizable homepage and a lot of design templates. The service offers a set of simple image editing tools. It can’t replace Photoshop in terms of photo editing but it’s suitable for standard procedures.

One of the interesting features is that you can set up an online store to sell print publications or photos. There is also a “Share on social networks” function.

smugmug interface

2. Free Image Hosting

No time limit
  • You don’t need to register to upload photos
  • Unlimited storage time
  • Fast photo loading
  • Simple interface
  • The homepage of the website is outdated
  • Lacks hyperlink shortener

Verdict: Free Image Hosting is a free and simple image uploading website. You don’t need to create an account to upload images and the storage time for images is unlimited. You can get an HTML link to your photos to exchange or share them on other websites with ease.

Free Image Hosting has an interesting function for American photographers: you can add your business to its Commercial Photographers directory.

free image hosting interface

3. Adobe Portfolio

To showcase projects
  • A lot of storage options
  • Has a subscription to Adobe programs
  • Hosting is unlimited
  • Bandwidth
  • You can’t sell photos on the platform
  • Poorly adjustable templates

Verdict: Adobe Portfolio is one of the best free photo hosting services for Creative Cloud users. With its help, you can create an online portfolio and share your photos.

Adobe Portfolio offers unlimited hosting and a personalized URL. Also, you have the possibility to automatically resize your photos in order to optimize download and viewing time.

adobe portfolio interface

4. Imgbox

Easy and fast hosting
  • Unlimited storage space and time
  • Hotlinking
  • Registration-free
  • You can’t create a title or description
  • Supports only 3 image formats

Verdict: Imgbox is another free service for uploading and displaying images. It has such tools as drag and drop, direct links, user-friendly codes, and image galleries. Also, using Imgbox, you can share your pictures on social networks and leave comments.

On this online picture hosting service, you can permanently store photos. You don’t need to have an account to upload images. You will have to register in order to access your photos next time. Besides, the account allows you to upload photos with predefined settings faster.

imgbox interface

5. ImageBam

Unlimited uploads
  • You can upload as many photos as you want
  • Downloads are unlimited
  • You can upload multiple photos
  • Generates thumbnails in the JPEG or GIF format
  • Supports 3 image formats
  • You need an account to use additional features

Verdict: ImageBam is a free hosting service for an unlimited number of JPG, GIF, and PNG images. The service has one “trick” that distinguishes it from others – the possibility to download compressed ZIP files with the size of up to 250MB.

This image uploading website mainly focuses on posting photos rather than creating a community. Registration is not necessary but registered users can use additional tools to manage and organize pictures.

imagebam interface

6. ImgBB

Minimalistic hosting
  • Direct links, BB codes, and thumbnails
  • Simple interface
  • Unlimited upload
  • Supports all main image formats
  • 32MB photo size limit
  • Lack of photo editing tools

Verdict: ImgBB is a minimalistic hosting website where you can upload photos to share with other users. You can upload an unlimited number of photos, however, there is a size limit – less than 32MB. Your photos can remain on the site without time limits.

You don’t have to register on this service, but all your pictures are reviewed by editors. Another great thing about this service is the absence of annoying advertising. There are only a couple of ads on the main page but you can quickly hide them.

imgbb interface

7. ImageTitan

Browser-based interface
  • Completely free
  • Simple interface
  • No file number limit
  • Unlimited storage time
  • Photo size limit is 1.5MB
  • No community

Verdict: ImageTitan is one of the best free photo hosting services for uploading images up to 1.5MB. To test the service, you don’t need to register. There is no limit concerning the number of files you can upload. Images stay online for an unlimited time.

Hotlinks are supported but ImageTitan doesn’t provide direct links. This free hosting is suitable for quick image posting at auctions, message boards, guestbooks on websites, etc.

imagetitan interface

8. ImageVenue

Simple hosting for JPEG
  • You can upload a large number of photos
  • Unlimited storage time
  • Tools and filters for photo organizing
  • A lot of upload options
  • Accepts images up to 10MB
  • Storage capacity is 3GB per month

Verdict: ImageVenue is hosting for uploading JPEG images. This service allows you to resize large photos and maintain their quality when downloading. You can upload as many images as you want. Here you can share digital photos with friends, post images on message boards and blogs.

ImageVenue allows users to organize their images using the «ADULT content» and «FAMILY safe» filters for safe viewing and uploading.

Photos remain on ImageVenue servers forever. However, if you lose access and don’t use the server for over 1 year, then the photos will disappear without the possibility to restore them. A lot of bloggers, forum users, and eBay sellers choose ImageVenue to upload photos to share them with the public.

imagevenue interface

9. Gifyu

For images up to 100MB
  • Gives direct links, HTML codes, and BBCodes
  • 100MB photo size limit
  • Supports batch uploads
  • You don’t need to register to create an album
  • Images outside albums are published in a shared gallery
  • Supports only 4 image formats

Verdict: Gifyu is a service for hosting files from your computer or using a URL. It supports GIF, PNG, JPG, and BMP files with a size of no more than 100MB.

Using Gifyu, you can upload several images at once and after that you will get direct links, view links, HTML codes, and BBCodes. All images are published in a shared gallery or a private album that is available only through a special link.

gifyu interface

10. Photobucket

Also for editing
  • Offers photo editing and e-commerce tools
  • You can share photos on social networks
  • You can add tags
  • Tools for photo management
  • The free period is 14 days only
  • Annoying advertising in a free version

Verdict: Photobucket is a paid service for storing and sharing photos that can be tested for free for 14 days. In a free version, the storage size is limited to 250 photos.

The developers created not only a service for storing images but they also added photo editing tools there. Moreover, Photobucket has a smart color brush that selectively adds colors to a black and white image.

photobucket interface

11. PostImage

For sharing on forums
  • Online and desktop versions
  • You can share photos on social media and forums
  • Batch image uploading
  • Image sharing and screenshot tools
  • You can upload images smaller than 12MB
  • No photo editing tools

Verdict: PostImage is another sample of free photo sharing sites for photographers, which you can use without registration. There are both an online service and a desktop version.

PostImage allows you to create a gallery or individual photos with a unique link to share with other users. You can resize your photos while uploading them. By default, pictures are stored on the website with no time limits but you can also set the terms yourself.

PostImage is a great free image hosting for forums and message boards. There is an image upload mode on the website that will help you share photos within seconds.

postimage interface

12. Dropbox

Cloud storage
  • A lot of storage space
  • There is a mobile application for Android and iOS
  • Collaboration tool
  • The offline viewing mode
  • No photo editing tools
  • Lacks photo tagging

Verdict: Dropbox is a virtual box for storing your photos. You can use this service for free to store up to 2GB of photos. Images are kept on the cloud and you can access them at any time and from any gadget. The backup is done automatically.

To share a photo, just copy the link. Moreover, you can share both the whole folders and separate images. There are no photo editing tools in Dropbox free image hosting service but you can discuss and share images with the team.

dropbox interface

13. 500px

For pro photographers
  • A social network for photography lovers
  • You can sell your photos on the website
  • Affordable prices for a subscription
  • The main focus on photography
  • You can upload up to 7 photos per week for free
  • No direct links

Verdict: 500px – is one of the best free photo hosting services for professional photographers. Its main function is to showcase images, without sharing them on social networks. You can’t generate links to other sites, however, you can share your photos on the website and leave comments.

An interesting feature of this site is the possibility to earn on your photos. You can create a profile and license your photos as stock ones. You will be paid up to 60% commission for any sale.

Limitations for free use: you can upload up to 7 images per week and store up to 2000 images in total. The service has an application for Android and iOS.

500px interface

14. ImageShack

Pinterest-like interface
  • User-friendly interface
  • You can add tags
  • There are mobile and web versions
  • Simple photo organization
  • You can use it for free for 30 days only
  • Up to 10GB of storage space in a free version

Verdict: ImageShack free image hosting service has a Pinterest-like interface and is used for uploading and sharing photos. You can organize your photos in albums and add tags to track images. You can also hide images from other participants or share them only with the selected audience.

After downloading, you get a URL that you can add to the bulletin board or a website. This link gives particular users access to images.

15. Pixabay

For upload and share
  • There is an online community
  • No attribution needed
  • You can select the resolution of the photo before uploading
  • A lot of free images for commercial purposes
  • 40MB limitation
  • Max number of downloads per day is 100

Verdict: Pixabay is a mix of hosting and online community that publishes high-quality images and videos without copyright.

Your photo must be checked by the editor whether it meets the quality requirements of the website before you can publish it. The size of the photos can’t exceed 40MB. There is also a limit on the number of downloads per day - up to 100 pictures.

pixabay interface

16. Flickr

Hosting and community
  • Nice choice of tools
  • Extensive tagging functionality
  • Plain interface
  • It’s easy to organize images into albums
  • You can upload up to 1000 photos for free
  • No batch download tool

Verdict: Flickr free image hosting service is used for storing and sharing pictures. You can organize images into albums or edit them in the application. Another advantage is the social network, where you can join groups by genre of photography, share your photos and leave comments for your favorite images.

Thanks to the statistical engine, you can track, who views your photos. Also, there are simple drag-and-drop tools that will help you organize the space. You can download up to 1000 high-resolution images for free.

flickr interface

17. Imgur

For direct linking
  • Supports different formats, not only JPG
  • Offers direct linking
  • Supports the majority of social networks
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Some photos are compressed
  • Doesn’t support the PSD format

Verdict: Imgur is an online service for uploading, storing, and sharing photos. The number of photos that you can upload is no more than 50 images per hour from a single IP address. File storage time is unlimited. You don’t need to have an account to upload images, you can register for free to create albums and add signatures.

Besides storing photos, Imgur free image hosting allows searching to find funny pictures, cropping or resizing your photos using the online editor. Imgur differs from similar services as it allows direct linking. Each image has its own URL, which you can post on social networks or within the Imgur community. This service has applications for Android and iOS.

imgur interface

18. Google Photos

Unlimited photo hosting
  • Unlimited space and uploads
  • Offers standard photo editing tools
  • Sharing functions
  • Great mobile apps
  • You can upload photos less than 16 MB for free
  • Integration with popular CMS systems could be better

Verdict: Google Photos is a service for storing an unlimited number of images. This website has an automatic backup feature, so that you don’t need to worry about losing photos. Here you can edit and organize your photos in a way so that you can easily find them when needed.

The more you use Google Photos free image hosting service, the “smarter” it becomes: technology will recognize your habits and automatically sort your photos, making it easy for you to organize them. For mobile users, developers have created a separate application that syncs photos with your Google account.

google photos interface

19. iCloud Photos

For Mac and iOS users
  • Several users can easily add photos
  • Simple photo sharing tools
  • You can tag people, places, and things
  • Syncs photos between Apple devices
  • For Mac and iOS only
  • Amount of uploading space is 5GB

Verdict: iCloud Photos is a service for uploading photos on Mac and iOS devices, although you can use the basic functions on Windows OS. You can upload photos and share them with friends, tag users in photos and locations. The amount of available space is 5GB.

The advantage of this service is automatic upload. You take a photo or video and it is uploaded to the cloud library.

icloud photos interface

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