13 Unlimited Photo Storage Sites

By Eva Williams 21 days ago, Software Reviews

13 Unlimited Photo Storage Sites in 2024

Right now, the best website for unlimited photo storage is SmugMug. There is also the Amazon Photos app and if you are a member of Amazon Prime, you will definitely like it. If you are looking for a website to store photos that offers great security features, then DropboxBusiness will be the best choice for you. If you want to learn more about similar unlimited photo storage websites and apps, this article will be of great help to you.

13 Best Unlimited Photo Storage Sites

  1. SmugMug - For photos & videos
  2. Amazon Photos - For Prime members
  3. Dropbox Business - Privacy-focused
  4. Up-load.io - Unlimited download and upload speed
  5. Backblaze - Affordable
  6. Box - For business
  7. Photobucket - Universal storage
  8. OpenDrive - Quick upload speed
  9. Internxt - Compatible with all your devices
  10. Google Photos - For compressed photos
  11. Shutterfly - Free storage
  12. Flickr - For Lightroom users
  13. 500px - E-commerce tools

I have tested the most popular services for unlimited photo storage online and prepared for you the list of 13 best options. I will tell you about their pros, cons and their main features.

1. SmugMug - Our Choice

For photos & videos
  • Plenty of customization features
  • Integrates with Lightroom
  • Lack of ads
  • Fast mobile version
  • Doesn't support RAW files

Verdict: SmugMug is a paid unlimited photo online storage service and video platform. Each SmugMug plan provides unlimited uploads of images and videos and all the necessary tools to make a nice photo site, easily share your works there, order custom prints and gifts.

In SmugMug, all your images will be protected. Videos can also be uploaded there, however, you need to know that the maximum size of one video can be 3GB and the length – 20 minutes. As for the backup of RAW files, you won’t be able to do it here.

smugmug unlimited photo storage site interface

2. Amazon Photos

For Prime members
  • Provides protection of your images
  • Use it on several different devices
  • Great technical support
  • Fast uploads and downloads
  • Not user-friendly interface

Verdict: Amazon Prime Photos is an unlimited photo storage service that all members of Amazon Prime can use. There, you can store as many images as you want and have the possibility to order prints, cards, calendars, etc. and get them delivered straight to your house.

In comparison with other websites for photo storage, this one doesn’t have any restrictions regarding the size of photos. In addition, it offers a nice Family Vault feature that lets up to 5 people store images at one account.

Amazon Photos also offers a mobile app, Prime Photos. Using it, you can edit photos and add tags, and perform a machine-learning-supported search.

amazon photos unlimited photo storage site interface

3. Dropbox Business

  • A user-friendly interface
  • File synchronization on several devices
  • Good integration features
  • Distance control
  • Requires more third-party integrations

Verdict: Dropbox Business is an easy-to-use and safe file-syncing and unlimited photo storage service. If offers two plans: Advanced and Enterprise. The Advanced plan is $20 per month per user. If you pay per year, you will be able to get a discount.

The price for the Enterprise plan needs to be discussed with the Dropbox developers. These plans provide a lot of features, such as smart sync and great security for keeping your data safe.

dropbox business unlimited photo storage site interface

4. Up-load.io

Unlimited download and upload speed
  • Convenient photo organization tools
  • Up to 50GB of free storage
  • Unlimited upload and download speeds
  • Passive income
  • Lots of ads

Verdict: Up-load.io allows you to upload photos, videos, documents and other files to the platform for up to 90 days if you use a free account. Premium users can take advantage of all features without time limits. Whatever account you opt for, you can upload and download photos from the platform without speed limits.

If you choose a free account, you receive 50GB of storage. Keep in mind that this service offers fantastic possibilities for getting passive income. You can upload a photo to the platform, share the link with friends, relatives or post it on social networks, and earn money when other people download your pictures. Since earnings are based on ad views, there are a lot of ads on the file pages.

up-load io unlimited photo storage interface

5. Backblaze

  • Simple setup
  • Strong security features
  • The possibility to restore your data
  • Fast online client support
  • You can use this service with one account per computer only

Verdict: Backblaze is a great unlimited photo storage online service as it’s easy to use and offers all the necessary basic features that don’t need much effort from a user. This website provides excellent security features and the possibility to restore your data on an external hard drive for photographers in case something has happened with your PC.

Backblaze is a great backup service and has a user-friendly interface that even beginners will be able to master. It’s one of the cheapest services for storing photos available on the market now and costs about $4 per month.

backblaze unlimited photo storage site interface

6. Box

For business
  • Strong security features
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Easy-to-use
  • Universal
  • Doesn’t provide online image editing feature

Verdict: Box is an unlimited photo storage website that focuses on businesses. It offers advanced features, including secure cloud storage, file-sharing, syncing and collaboration. Aside from unlimited storage, Box also allows an unlimited number of users on all but the most standard tools.

The users of the Business Plan can also upload files with the size of up to 5Gb. This service is also great in terms of file privacy and data encryption. Registration is fairly simple. All you have to do is to fill in your contact information, payment details and confirm your email address.

When you log in for the first time, you can get familiar with a step-by-step guide on the service’s features.

box unlimited photo storage site interface

7. Photobucket

  • Lack of ads
  • Simple sharing to social networks
  • Adjustable captions and titles
  • Great image editing features
  • A lot of ads in a free account

Verdict: Photobucket is an amazing website that provides a lot of image editing features. With its help, you will be able to work with the color, contrast of your photo, change its size, fix blemishes, etc.

It has a nice interface and a lot of various tools for organizing images. In this way, you can place them in albums, stories, presentations, etc. The Expert plan provides unlimited storage without image compression and costs $12.99 per month. If you pay for an entire year at once, you can get a 10% discount.

photobucket unlimited photo storage site interface

8. OpenDrive

Quick upload speed
  • Offers private encryption
  • Fast operation
  • You can use it on several computers
  • Easy-to-use
  • Outdated interface

Verdict: OpenDrive is another good unlimited photo storage service suitable for both home and business use. It will be a nice variant for you if you value flexible storage options and fast performance. Using this service, you can select managed or private encryption.

With the managed one, OpenDrive controls your encryption key. With the private – you do it. This website has no restrictions regarding download speeds if you have a premium account. If you have a free account, your upload and download speed will be limited to 200 Kbps.

On the contrary to a lot of other similar services, OpenDrive allows you to backup and sync multiple computers to one account.

opendrive unlimited photo storage site interface

9. Internxt

Compatible with all your devices
  • 10GB for gratis
  • Management of photo downloading process
  • Backup functions
  • File storage and sharing with encryption
  • Relatively slow speeds
  • Absence of lifetime plans

Verdict: Internxt is widely regarded as the top-rated unlimited photo storage. It stands apart from the competitors with its robust security system, which is represented by a cutting-edge AES-256 data encryption algorithm.

Constant synchronization of uploaded photos with your account is another advantage. It means that you won’t have trouble when viewing or sharing through the app or the platform.

All the pictures are categorized by date, so finding an image uploaded on a particular day, month or year is as easy as a pie.

When importing photos using a mobile application, Internxt places the pics into your collection automatically. It is also great that the service allows you to select a folder for documents, for example, set the frequency of backups, upload a folder to your Internxt account.

internxt unlimited photo storage interface

10. Google Photos

For compressed photos
  • Qualitative facial recognition
  • A number of photo editing tools
  • Good-looking interface without ads
  • Auto organization
  • Reduces the image size

Verdict: With Google Photos, your computer will automatically back up all your images to your Google account. It’s free and offers unlimited photo storage options. However, it has one minus when it comes to the quality of the photos.

Each image uploaded to Google Photos will be decreased in size to 16MB. As for 4K videos, they will be reduced to Full HD 1080p. If you want to have better quality, then it might be not the best option for you. This service is still quite good though.

You can easily upload photos with their original quality. However, the full quality will be restricted to 15GB storage.

google photos unlimited photo storage site interface

11. Shutterfly

Free storage
  • Great image editing tools
  • No limit for deletion
  • It’s easy to share photos
  • Great image protection
  • Supports JPG/JPEG files only

Verdict: Shutterfly is a photo-printing and a free unlimited photo storage service. It offers an unlimited number and size of the photos and videos that you upload. When you create an account, you will be able to upload files from PC, mobile phone, iPhone, Facebook, Instagram and Picasa.

If you have a lot of photos that you want to upload, you can send them to Shutterfly via CD or DVD, and it will upload all your files to your account absolutely for free. There is one minus in this service – it supports only JPG/JPEG files.

shutterfly unlimited photo storage site interface

12. Flickr

For Lightroom users
  • Auto integration with Lightroom
  • Auto photo categorization
  • Tag locations, people and keywords
  • Good-looking interface
  • It’s not easy to use it on a Mac

Verdict: Flickr, which is now owned by SmugMug is well-known service. You can upload 1000 photos and videos there for free with unobtrusive ads that cover the cost. If you don’t want to have ads and need unlimited storage, get the Flickr Pro+ plan for $7 per month or $60 per year.

Flickr doesn’t support RAW files and project files (for example, Photoshop PSD files). But with the Pro plan, you will be able to upload unlimited high-resolution photos in JPEG, GIF and PNG formats without compression. Photos can be uploaded either manually or automatically through the ‘Uploads’ desktop or integration with Lightroom.

flickr unlimited photo storage site interface

13. 500px

E-commerce tools
  • Large community
  • You can get paid for your pictures
  • Intuitive interface
  • Nice mobile app
  • Limited options for sharing photos

Verdict: 500px is a photo online storage website that has the form of a social network. Unlike other similar services that are suitable for beginners, this one focuses on professional use. This website is an amazing space to upload your pictures and show your works to the viewers.

There are free and paid accounts. If you get a free account, you will be able to use a lot of features of the service, but you will have to deal with ads.

If you choose a paid account, for $4.99 per month, you will be able to upload an unlimited number of photos and use additional features, such as creating your photography portfolios and advanced analytics. It’s a website for professional photographers, that’s why you will have the possibility to license your images and let other users buy them.

500px unlimited photo storage site interface