SmugMug vs Squarespace

SmugMug vs Squarespace: Which Is Better?

Check out this review if you would like to learn which platform wins in the SmugMug vs. Squarespace competition. This comparison will be interesting to those, who plan to start selling photos online and are looking for a convenient and powerful platform for the task. Both platforms are good but they have some differences.

SmugMug is more suitable for beginners, who want to create a cool portfolio with minimum expenses. Squarespace has enormous potential for creating a full-fledged professional website showcasing your projects in the most beneficial way.


Platforms: Windows, macOS
Price: 14-day free trial / $4 - $30

VERDICT:SmugMug is called one of the most popular web hosting services among photographers. It was launched back in 2002.

SmugMug photography websites resemble an online gallery. This way of organizing the portfolio allows you to showcase your images conveniently and easily.

Besides, the prices are pretty reasonable. You don’t necessarily have to sell photos on this platform. You can simply use it as a platform for advertising your photo services or posting photo galleries.

This platform is an excellent choice not only for professionals but also for amateurs. Even if you just take pictures with your smartphone, you have a good chance to share your images with others.

SmugMug Key Highlights

  • A two-week free trial is available for each user. You can choose one of the offered SmugMug pricing plans with a 15% discount;
  • Each plan allows you to turn your portfolio into an e-commerce platform. A few simple steps and you can start selling your pictures online;
  • A lot of mobile-responsive templates compatible with any device;
  • A huge selection of custom features;
  • It is possible to sell your photos and print publications in an online store. Also, you can use a “Share on social networks” option.
smugmug interface


Platforms: Windows, macOS
Price: 14-day free trial/ $12 - $40

VERDICT:This service is one of the main SmugMug competitors. This platform offers many features thanks to which, it is one of the most popular web hosting sites among shooters.

A convenient and easy-to-use website builder is one of the key advantages. It includes modern templates and a wide selection of features aimed at e-commerce needs. There is another important plus – all website designs are perfectly compatible with mobile gadgets.

The platform impresses with uptime of 99.95%. The service offers solid customer support but it doesn’t work very fast. Buying an annual plan you get a free domain, SSL and WHOIS privacy. However, it is worth noting that the third option is included in all plans.

Squarespace Key Highlights

  • The website is backed up on special servers. If the main system fails, it will switch to other platforms to restore the service almost instantly
  • When deleting pages of the site, you can restore them from a special basket within 30 days
  • Squarespace contains an amazing collection of fonts from Google’s font library. You don’t need to insert embed codes to use these fonts
  • Beautiful and free templates for different business areas that look great on mobile devices
  • They offer professionally-designed templates compatible with modern mobile devices and browsers. These templates use upgraded HTML, CSS, and Javascript techniques.
squarespace interface

SmugMug vs Squarespace Comparison for Photographers

Squarespace is a more versatile service and is suitable for a variety of businesses. At the same time, SmugMug is more focused on photographers’ needs.

Both platforms provide you with space to store and display your photos. If you are going to sell prints, then you just need to buy the appropriate plan. Overall, this is a key similarity. SmugMug is an ideal choice for bloggers and photographers as this system contains all the features to satisfy their needs.

Customization Options

smugmug templates

I love SmugMug because of the wide possibilities to customize my photography portfolio. Comparing Squarespace vs SmugMug in this aspect, I note that the first platform uses built-in templates with few opportunities for modifying them. Although SmugMug also uses templates, you can change and customize them so far that they won’t resemble the original version.

Unlimited Photo Storage & Secure Galleries

smugmug security

Security and storage are very important for photographers. Such specialists are interested not only in the ability to organize and store images but also in convenient and easy uploading and sorting methods. According to numerous SmugMug reviews, this platform offers an excellent search engine and folders as well as a huge storage space for your pictures. That is why it is so popular.

Its organization principle resembles a desktop. You can customize everything to your taste and style. It allows you to create photo galleries that you can move with the drag and drop method.

Perfect Photo Quality

smugmug photo quality

I always admired the quality of photos shared on SmugMug. No matter whether you choose SmugMug Pro or another plan, your images will look great even on high-res screens. Perhaps you don’t pay attention to it, but this can be the thing that decides the deal. I would like my pictures to look breathtaking on any device, and this service copes with the task.

SEO Options

SEO features are important for business development. They include such options as tagging images with keywords or descriptions, customizing metadata for separate pages (reminiscent of a blurb on the back of a book), and making special site maps for integration with Google (they are used as a directory for your website).

Selling with SmugMug

smugmug sale option

SmugMug sale option brings this service to the lead in any comparison including that with Squarespace. It is so incredible meaning you can start selling successfully from straight away. This platform provides you with a wealth of payroll opportunities for your photos. You can sell gifts and prints without any additional integration, customize price lists for customers, and earn by permitting to download your images.

Another important argument in favor of SmugMug prints is the ability to place watermarks in pictures. This will contribute to the development of your business and help make your name known among potential customers. Cooperating with this service, you can count on 85% of the profit. This is a good way to make money on your photography skills.

How Popular Is SmugMug & Squarespace?

If we compare the popularity of these two platforms, then it should be mentioned that Squarespace is far ahead of its competitor. I used the Hypestat service to show you this difference.

Here are the traffic indicators for the SmugMug website.

smugmug popularity indicators Data for 2020

Next you will see how popular Squarespace service is.

squarespace popularity indicators Data for 2020

SmugMug vs Squarespace Pricing Comparison

It doesn’t matter which service you are interested in, you will find several tariff plans on both of them. The cheapest of the SmugMug plans is $4 per month. Besides, you have an excellent opportunity to reduce costs by 33% by choosing an annual subscription.

smugmug pricing

If you choose the annual payment for the personal plan proposed by Squarespace, you pay at the rate of $12 per month. Those, who prefer to pay for the platform services each month will spend $16/mo. For beginners, this can be quite expensive.

squarespace pricing

SmugMug vs Squarespace: Conclusion

I think my SmugMug vs Squarespace overview will be useful if you are looking for an inexpensive and powerful platform and need to choose between these 2 options. I did my best to show you the strong points of SmugMug and prove that this is the best choice for beginners in 2020. As for Squarespace, this is one of the top systems suitable for narrow purposes.

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