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Verdict: TheAppWhisperer is one of the leading web platforms for mobile photographers where you can sell and promote your works. The authors are professional photo technology journalists. In addition to being inspired by the professional and aesthetic works that photographers share, I found here a lot of interviews, ratings, and useful tutorials on shooting and editing photos on a mobile device.

  • Wide range of mobile photo galleries
  • Prints order option
  • Detailed profiles of photographers
  • Interesting articles and materials
  • Handy tips and guides
  • High prints cost
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TheAppWhisperer is now the most famous and trustworthy web resource dedicated to mobile photography and art. Its team includes over twenty editors led by the creator Joanne Carter, a professional journalist and photographer. It has won the love of the world for its helpful articles and a curated library of the best mobile photography and art. In this TheAppWhisperer review, I will take a closer look at this online platform and its advantages.

TheAppWhisperer Review: Main Features

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TheAppWhisperer is already something of a handbook for most of the art community, photography industry, glossy magazines, and related websites. This product is a leader in the field of mobile photography and art, which continues to expand every day.

Online Photo Gallery and Print Sales

theappwhisperer gallery

TheAppWhisperer Print Sales is a top-level online gallery. Here you can find exclusive works created by mobile photographers and artists that are not sold anywhere else. The diversity of the gallery’s collection will please even the most demanding collectors.

All are limited edition prints accompanied by a numbered holographic certificate digitally signed by the artist in addition to the TheAppWhisperer Archive logo, providing limited edition provenance, particularly relevant should the artwork change ownership in future.

This solution is available for storing, displaying, and sharing artworks. Many famous photographers consider it to be a special place where they can share their photos with potential customers, as well as buy prints in the online store.

The design of photo galleries is just amazing, especially since you can choose the option that you like best. You will easily puzzle out how to use it, whether you are a photographer, a client, or just a visitor.

Among its clients, there are many collectors who are looking for unique artworks to decorate their homes and workplaces with. The platform also allows you to purchase limited-edition photos of any genre signed by their authors.

Comprehensive Mobile Photographer and Artist Portfolio Profiles

theappwhisperer portfolio profiles

TheAppWhisperer mobile photographer and mobile artist portfolio is one of the main features of the platform. At this site, you can find information about an artist, see some of their works, and read their interviews.

If you want to be part of this professional community, just send 12 examples of your artworks, an artist’s statement, or a description of your work, and links to your social media accounts.

TheAppWhisperer’s mission is to bring forward today’s most gifted mobile photographers and serve the needs of art lovers. Over time, the service grew and found its fans. The support of the community played an important role here.

Lots of Interviews from Mobile Photography Experts

TheAppWhisperer regularly interviews mobile hardware manufacturers and photography app developers to learn about their innovations. The team also invites mobile photographers and mobile artists to share what apps they use to create their masterpieces. You can find all of these useful articles in the Interviews, Features, and Tutorials section.

Also on the platform, there is an interesting section called “Mobile Artists on Their Artistry.” It’s a collection of interviews of famous mobile artists who answer twenty questions about their lives, social networks, and even working during the pandemics.

Thematic Articles, Columns and Groups

theappwhisperer columns

TheAppWhisperer is not only a gallery but also a popular mobile photography magazine with many articles and columns on various topics. More than 20 sections are dedicated to portraits, photo in motion, macro photography, and many others.

Also, the website has something special for lovers of lines in photos. There is the “Draw the Line” group dedicated to mobile photography. These lines can appear in many ways: as drawn, or as patterns, or even as marks. Lines often become the centerpiece of composition, highlighting the meaning of the artwork.

“Streets Ahead” is an interesting column where you can enjoy the wonderful work of gifted women. Their new unusual take on this genre will not leave you indifferent.

Cara Gallardo Weil and Gina Costa are representatives of this new trend, with a very natural style and incredible talent in creating mobile photography. In their opinion, it is time for urban photography to develop. You can learn more about the new methods they use when taking urban photos.

Useful Tutorials with App Art School

theappwhisperer tutorials

Increasingly, the use of smartphones is taking precedence over professional-grade cameras when taking photos and videos. For example, this trend is observed among bloggers, who now prefer devices with remote access. TheAppWhisperer App Art School has created several hundred free lessons on shooting, editing, and modifying photos on your mobile device.

Creating pro-level video clips on your smartphone is now also possible. This is especially true for promoting your business on social networks and not only. On the official website, you will learn about the pros and cons of shooting video with a mobile phone, handy tips, as well as the trends that are gaining popularity.

In addition to all of the above, you can also read about different smartphone models, learn how to adjust camera settings, and choose the photo editing app that suits your needs perfectly.

Merchandise Store with Many Unique Products

theappwhisperer store

TheAppWhisperer also has an online store. Here you can find unique clothes and accessories for women, men, and children. There is also a large selection of souvenir items, such as cups, posters, and pillows. You can choose any print and quickly ship your order on-demand.

TheAppWhisperer Prices

TheAppWhisperer is free to use, but there is a donation form on the site. Thanks to it, photographers and artists can contribute to the development of the platform. Each of these donations plays a big role in the development of the service.

If you want to order a limited-edition print with a photographer’s artwork, it will cost from $93, depending on the size and your location. Delivery is carried out to the United Kingdom, the USA, Europe and the Far East.

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