Famous Photographers

Famous Photographers

Who are those famous photographers whose portrait, landscape, street, and fashion photos are recognizable in the whole world? View more about these 25 best photographers of all time and inspire for your future photo projects.

25 Best Photographers of All Time

Famous photographers can be your motivation and inspiration. When you feel exhausted and lack ideas, these photographers’ portfolios will help.

1. Joe McNally

Location: USA, New York
Style: National Geographic Society photography
joe mcnally photographer His works are recognizable worldwide, appreciated and used by many authoritative publications such as The Times Sunday Magazine, TIME, Men’s Journal. He is known for his talent to work in various directions such as photojournalism, advertising, and celebrity’s photography. His regular clients are FedEx, Sony, Nikon, Adidas, Epson, American Ballet Theater, etc.
joe mcnally photo
Photo by Joe McNally

2. Erik Almas

Location: Norway, Oslo
Style: commercial and editorial photography
erik almas photographer Much of his success, Erik owes to the Academy of Art University, where he studied for 4 years and his truly inspiriting teachers that changed his direction of work from shooting city sport events to creating greater and more impressive images. Having Norwegian background, he lives and works in the USA and successfully cooperates with Microsoft, Nike, Toyota, Puma, Ritz Carton, Pfizer and other world-known corporations. He also sells the series of lectures about photographing, professional development and techniques to take professional photos.
erik almas photo
Photo by Erik Almas

3. Bob Martin

Location: England, London
Style: sport photography
bob martin photographer Bob Martin is one of the world’s best photographers. 30 years of carrier has made him a guru of sports shooting. The world community is closely following his activity through Newsweek, the New York Times, L’Équipe and other famous publishings. He excites viewers by his terrific photo reports of big sporting events such as Olympics and Wimbledon. As a result, his images are always exciting and fresh. With age, he photographs less but actively takes part in the events as an organizer of the photographing teams.
bob martin photo
Photo by Bob Martin

4. Mario Testino

Location: Peru, Lima
Style: fashion photography
mario testino photographer Speaking about famous photographers, I want to mention Mario Testino, the legend of fashion and portrait photography. He was born in Peru, since 1976 has settled in London. Testino’s works shine on the pages of world popular fashion and lifestyle magazines. Testino’s works are spontaneous, emotional and sexual at the same time, his subjects appear confidently alive. In his portrait works, we can see royals such as Madonna, Princess Diana, The Prince of Wales, the King and Queen of Jordan, Queen of the Netherlands. His works are truly a piece of art that has been exhibited at museums of Berlin, Boston, Shanghai, Madrid, Tokyo, Amsterdam and other world fashion centers.
mario testino photo
Photo by Mario Testino

5. Timothy Hogan

Location: US, New York
Style: product, lifestyle photography
timothy hogan photographer Timothy Hogan is a famous photographer of beverages and liquids, fragrance and manicure, design and electronics, jewelry and timepiece. Generally say, about 80% of his work has been focused on advertising still life and 20% are beauty works for cosmetics companies and magazines. His works look elegant and have made him an excellent reputation of the exceptional lifestyle photographer. Hogan studied photo art in college at Syracuse University. Then he moved to New York and opened his first studio in 2000. His shooting practice started in 1998 and attracted such clients as Google, HTC, Visa, Smirnoff, Chanel, Calvin Klein.
timothy hogan photo
Photo by Timothy Hogan

6. James Fickling

Location: England, London
Style: fashion photography
james fickling photographer The main feature that distinguishes James Fickling from other famous photographers is the simplicity of his works. This is a famous British fashion photographer. Originally from the north of England, photographer James Fickling moved to London 8 years ago. James began his modeling career right after high school. Currently he is a Photographic Production Manager, but often shoots agency-represented models. He has worked on creative imagery for some large retailers and companies such as InStyle Magazine, Warehouse, Karen Millen, Bastyan, Oasis, Coast etc.
james fickling photo
Photo by James Fickling

7. Chema Madoz

Location: Spain, Madrid
Style: black and white photography
chema madoz photographer Chema Madoz, the real name is Jose Maria Rodriguez Madoz, has become famous for his fresh uncommon vision of common things which makes viewers contemplate things happening around. Photographing unknown spaces and forms, he deserves a special place among famous conceptual photographers. But at the same time, his pictures are not over weighted by philosophy. Absurd, paradox and humor are the most favorite themes of his surreal images. Colleagues love his irony and say that Mandoz creates a special connection with a viewer that takes them both to the parallel universe.
chema madoz photo
Photo by Chema Madoz

8. John Shaw

Location: US
Style: landscape photography
john shaw photographer John Show has taken an honorable place among other famous photographers. His works were also highly estimated by Nikon and Microsoft. John has been a part of Epson’s Stylus Pro fine art print makers group. His works were published in National Geographic, National Wildlife, Outdoor Photographer. John Show has photographed the most remote places of the Earth. He strongly believes in power of simplified vision, hard work, practice and only then, in high-quality equipment.
john shaw photo
Photo by John Shaw

9. Trey Ratcliff

Location: US, Dallas
Style: urban, travel, landscape photography
trey ratcliff photographer Surprisingly, Ratcliff has no special art education, his main object of studying was Math, computers and Internet technologies. He has achieved success producing professional photos thanks to self-studying and tedious work, passion for urban photography and desire to share his knowledge and experience with others. Ratcliff is High Dynamic Range photography innovator. He developed the series of mobile apps, widely used computer photo editors and Internet technologies, and helps other shooters with his seminars and instructions. His images are always vagarious and amazing.
trey ratcliff photo
Photo by Trey Ratcliff

10. Iurie Belegurschi

Location: Iceland, Reykjavik
Style: landscape photography
iurie belegurschi photograher Iurie Belegurschi is one of the top photographers, specializing in landscape shooting. He grew up in Moldova and moved to Iceland in 2006. His passion for photography has a huge impact on his professional experience: his unique landscape images started to appear in books, almanacs, and business-related publishing. Winter views and nighttime are his favorite themes. As many skillful professionals, he organized a workshop, provides instructions and guiding services. Iurie Belegursch says that Island’s harsh environment is fundamental for the unforgettable landscape photography and loves to share this epic challenge on his photo sessions.
iurie belegurschi photo
Photo by Iurie Belegurschi

11. Nadav Kander

Location: Israel, Tel Aviv
Style: landscape photography
nadav kander photographer Nadav Kander photographs landscapes and portraits, although he is not bordered by these two genres only. He began photographing when he was a teenager. The impression of Kander’s landscapes often leaves a feeling of confusion. He personally visited Chernobyl to shoot the empty city. His works include various desolate places: leisure pools, study halls, hospices, even the radioactive ruins of unknown cities on the border between Kazakhstan and Russia. Kander says that his landscape nature photography is not really about nature, rather about people and how we live. Using a special composition manner, he unmasks the facts that disturb everyone, showing the shadow side of all of us.
nadav kander photo
Photo by Nadav Kander

12. David Brookover

Location: US, Wyoming
Style: wildlife, landscape photography
david brookover photographer Brookover is one of the famous modern photographers working in classic landscape style with a mixture of various printing techniques. He specializes in top-quality, handcrafted prints. David owns a gallery and travels a lot, searching for new picturesque views. His best impressions about nature are from childhood that he spent on a farm in Kansas. Later, David moved to Tokyo, where he met many outstanding people who were really great at photographing and shared with Brookover their rich experience. David stayed in Japan for 15 years. He was highly influenced by Japanese art, fashion, aesthetics and culture. Japan and its traditions were his greatest teachers.
david brookover photo
Photo by Nadav Kander

13. Carr Clifton

Location: US, California
Style: landscape photography
carr clifton photographer One of the well-known photographers and experts in the landscape genre Carr Clifton has spent 35 years investigating and reporting about vulnerable areas and wild sceneries of the planet. Carr started his activity in 1977 and has got a degree in Commercial Photography. American official institutes, science academies, museums and galleries have been displaying exhibitions with Carr's works. His images belong to the private, environmental and corporative collections all over the world.
carr clifton photo
Photo by Carr Clifton

14. Lee Jeffries

Location: Manchester, UK
Style: portrait, travel photography
lee jeffries photographer This famous photographer is fond of traveling to different parts of the world in order to take black and white portrait photos of people who are homeless. He got such interest in portrait photography after taking part in London marathon. During this marathon, he ran into a young woman wrapped in a sleeping bag and it made him completely change his perception of homeless people. As he explains, homeless people reveal a full spectrum of their emotions, which leads to incredible stories. Since then, Lee Jeffries has been shooting homeless people and helps make their lives better by raising money from his photographs. Huge respect to this photographer for being humble and noble in what he is doing.
lee jeffries photo
Photo by Lee Jeffries

15. Annie Leibovitz

Location: Washington, USA
Style: portrait photography
annie leibovitz photographer She has swelled the ranks of other famous photographers for her picture of John Lennon on the day when he was assassinated. Her works have been published in a large number of magazines and album covers. Anne Leibovitz has a special style that makes her photos stand out from other best portrait photographers. Her photographs have been exhibited in various galleries and museum around the world among which there are the National Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., the International Center of Photography in New York, the Brooklyn Museum, etc.
annie leibovitz photo
Photo by Annie Leibovitz

16. Steve McCurry

Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Style: portrait photography
steve mccurry photographer This is one of the most well-known photographers who is mainly recognized for his photo "Afghan Girl" that was published in National Geographic magazine. Initially, he was going to study cinematography and filmmaking but eventually in 1974 obtained a degree in theater arts. Steve McCurry got into photography after starting to take images for The Daily Collegian newspaper in Pennsylvania. Then during the next 2 years, he worked for Today's Post in Pennsylvania as well. After this, he went to India for a freelance job. There he realized the key to great photos. You need to wait a little bit, thenpeople forget that they’re in front of the camera and the emotions flow naturally.
steve mccurry photo
Photo by Steve McCurry

17. Bella Kotak

Location: England, Oxford & London
Style: fine art, portrait photography
bella kotak photographer Bella Kotak is a photographer, traveler, nature lover and writer. The amazing works of the artist are filled with secret femininity and permeated with the mysterious force of nature. On her photos women are fabulously beautiful, they are shrouded in a halo of magic elements, flowers, mysterious twilight light. Everything is beautiful here: costumes, models, background on which they pose. Each photo is a fairy tale whispered by a light whiff of wind. From one photo to another they change, colors, costumes evolve, characters become more and more rigid and wild until it becomes clear that nature itself is revealed.
bella kotak photo
Photo by Bella Kotak

18. Sohail Karmani

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Style: street environmental portrait photography
sohail karmani photographer He takes photos that combine courage and humanness since he shows a huge respect for people after mastering his skills to interact with strangers on the streets, inspire their trust and receive permission to take pictures of them. His images match each other with respect to lighting, composition, and posing. With his specialization in street environmental portraiture, he pays great attention to eyes. In addition, Sohail Karmani’s images show elements of candid street shots. You can even compare him to Steve McCurry, whom I have mentioned above.
sohail karmani photo
Photo by Sohail Karmani

19. Kate Crabtree

Location: Bangor, Maine
Style: wedding photography
kate crabree photographer This is one of the most famous photographers in this genre. She creates cheerful and bold wedding photos against the backgrounds of stunning landscapes in Maine. She can’t be called a dirty wedding photographer as she tends to capture genuine and short moments that show your love for your friends, family and a partner. Her famous photography works brought her awards and a recent position among the Top 50 US wedding photographers by Weddzilla. Besides, her photos have appeared in such magazines as Real Maine Weddings, Maine Magazine, Seacoast Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Junebug Weddings.
kate crabree photgraphy
Photo by Kate Crabtree

20. Nirav Patel

Location: San Francisco, US
Style: wedding, portrait photography
nirav patel photography Nirav Patel works in portrait, wedding and landscape photography genres. But paradoxically, all these styles he gets to transmit in a very similar style. He studied mathematics, but decided to link his life with photography. Girls and nature in the pictures of Nirav are always some kind of detached, calm, and sometimes even gloomy ones - but this is their unconditional beauty. The artist himself claims that he draws inspiration for today's works from early childhood: his parents were immigrants from India and his family had to live in a very disadvantaged area.
nirav patel photo
Photo by Nirav Patel

21. Ansel Adams

Location: California, US
Style: landscape photography
ansel adams photographer This photographer is one of the best photographers of all time born in the US. He created silver gelatin photos and printed them all by himself from negatives that he developed in his special dark room. The cost of his pictures varies from $4,000-$70,000. He mainly took black-and-white American West scenery photographs, shooting, particularly, Yosemite National Park. Ansel Adams together with his colleague created a zone system to perform qualitative photo exposing and contrast correcting of a finalprint.
ansel adams sample of work
Photo by Ansel Adams

22. Henri Cartier

Location: Marseille, France
Style: candid photography
henri-cartier photographer This representative of great photographers was known as a humanist photographer and a professional of candid shots. He worked with 35 mm film when the majority of other photographers still used large or medium format cameras. The photographer marked the beginning of street photography, creating“meaningful” images. Hisvision of photography helped him create a book about decisive moments. It happens when people’s visual and psychological features in a real-life scene quickly create an ideal resonance.
henri cartier-bresson photos
Photo by Henri Cartier

23. Julia Margaret Cameron

Location: London, England
Style: soft-focus photography
julia margaret cameron photographer The next in my famous photographers list is Julia Margaret Cameron. She started her professional work when she was 48 years old and became one of the innovators of photographic portrait art. She treated her lens as if it was an alive thing with voice, memory and creative power. She managed to learn how to produce negatives with wet collodion on glass wafers, preferring minor blurs in her photos and freer compositions in contrast to gleaming portrait pictures of other photographers. She got inspired by historical and modern photography artists and staged scenes from history, and literature. One of the great examples of such work is her illustrations of Idylls of the King by Tennyson.
julia margaret cameron portraits
Photo by Julia Margaret Cameron

24. Lucien Herve

Location: Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary
Style: architectural photography
lucien herve photographer He is one of the greatest and most famous photographers in architectural genre of the XX century. He designed Corbusier’s Unit´d'habitation residential complex in Marseille and in 1949 went there to check it. The stunning contemporary design inspired him,so he took650 pictures of it within one day. Ever since they worked closely together. Lucien Herve outlined the contrast between light and shadowand focused on the details of the building. By doing this, he could display the depth of rooms, the surface of walls and the durability of the frames.
lucien herve photo
Photo by Lucien Herve

25. Bernd and Hilla Becher

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Style: conceptual photography
bernd and hilla photographers These famous conceptual photographers shot industrial structures in the western parts of the world. They created the type of photography, that by means of recurrence, the viewers interacted with formal elements of the subject. Bernd and Hilla Bechertook thousands of pictures and split them into different categories according to features and coherence based on similarities, using scientific classification for their art. Their work is strictly objective but its demanding format encourages people to review the ways they arrange and get information about their surroundings.
bernd and hilla becher photo
Photo by Bernd and Hilla Becher

All these photographers revealed to the world the things that they saw in another way. This is what photography does. This is a special environment that plays a significant role in the world and forms ideas and understanding of people. Next time you take a photo, think of how important your work is.

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