23 Product Photography Ideas To Boost Your Sales

Looking for some new and fresh product photography ideas? The market is highly competitive, which is why you need to do something unique and out-of-the-box. Products need to be photographed in a way that is different from the traditional approach. That’s why I’ve compiled these unique ideas that will help you and your work stand out among the competition.

23 Creative Product Photography Ideas

The list below contains both simple and more creative and complex ideas for all levels of product photography. Just by realizing several of these ideas, you’ll make your shots irresistible.

1. One Second Before

product photography ideas one second before

This innovative idea is to photograph the product one second before something happens: an explosion, fall, jump, etc.

product photography ideas one second before

This can be used to illustrate how durable the product is, show off its qualities, as well as create an eye-catching image by evoking suspense in viewers.

2. Use Smoke

fixthephoto smoke photoshop overlays example fixthephoto smoke photoshop overlays example

This product photography idea is a good way to add a dramatic or even mysterious atmosphere to your shot. Use the colored smoke if it is suitable for your product design. To create smoke much faster, you can download Photoshop and install Adobe Photoshop overlays.

3. Hire Models

product photography ideas with models

Especially if you’re working with clothes, jewelry, or beauty products, it's highly important to hire a model to realize your product photography ideas. Using a model can give potential clients an idea about how the clothes are going to fit their body type. And if you've captured fantastic photos, any imperfections like dust or undesirable reflections can easily be removed through special services, such as jewelry retouching, ensuring your images are flawless and captivating.

product photography ideas with models

And, the model can generate creative model poses for displaying the product in the most appealing way.

4. Use Reflections

product photography ideas reflection

Reflections add depth to an ordinary shot. You can create a reflection effect by applying Photoshop reflection actions, or you could try working with mirrors and glass.

product photography ideas reflection

Use colored filters on your lights, to enhance the reflection or fine-tune the color as needed.

5. Symmetry

product photography ideas symmetry

Symmetry is one of the most powerful photography composition techniques. Such compositions are very pleasing to the eyes and easy to grasp.

product photography ideas symmetry

Symmetrical compositions are all about balance and equality. So when composing a product photo, make sure it’s balanced equally on all sides.

6. Color Blocking Background

product photography ideas color blocking

Everyone is getting a bit bored with that classic white Amazon product photography backdrop, so you have to attract clients with something more interesting, like color blocking. It is when two or more contrasting or complementary colors are combined. For example, if you’re working with a product with lilac packaging, you could opt for a mint green or light yellow backdrop.

7. Use Stands

product photography ideas stands

Laying out products on stands, like cubes or stones, is a great way to add dynamics to a photo. This technique is often used in makeup product photography.

product photography ideas stands

Carelessly laid-out brushes and makeup palettes help differ from formal product placement and make the image unique.

8. Shoot from Unusual Angles

product photography ideas angles

The classic approach is to place a camera for product photography at the same level as the product so that the final image comes out at eye level. I recommend you to try and explore unusual angles to stand out from the competition.

For example, you can try shooting from above or vice versa, go underneath the product. However, when shooting from unusual angles, always be aware of the possibility of distorting your product.

9. Incorporate Broken Elements

product photography ideas broken elements

This idea certainly won’t suit most products but is definitely eye-grabbing. You can either break the product, or position it among broken glass, or ceramic pieces. Make sure to take all the precautions not to damage your lens for product photography.

10. Shoot Flatlays

product photography ideas tabletop photography

Tabletop photography is among the most trendy photography styles out there on the internet. Here the product is laid on the table and the camera is placed right above it to get a birds-eye view of the product. Enhance your flatlays with thematic props for more visual interest.

11. Add Texture

product photography ideas texture

Consider adding texture to your product photography ideas by putting the products in sand, snow, grass, stones, wood, water, etc. A textured background is great for branding and expressing a mood. You can use this idea for iPhone product photography since it’s so easy to realize.

12. Try Lifestyle Shots

lifestyle product photography ideas

The key to a successful product shot is making your potential customers imagine themselves using the product in your photo. A buyer, who’s interested in purchasing a table to furnish his house, will struggle to imagine using the table that’s advertised against a white background.

lifestyle product photography ideas

Alternatively, they can very easily imagine themselves dining at the table that’s advertised with the help of lifestyle product photography. You can also group several of your products in lifestyle shots. It can even convince your potential customers to buy several items.

13. Use Humor

funny product photography ideas

Using humor in product shots can make the brand look more approachable. Besides, funny product photos have the potential of going viral, which will ultimately result in attracting a great number of clients. Brainstorm puns, and unusual uses of the product.

funny product photography ideas

However, you have to be careful that you don’t use anything that would be offensive. Many photographers choose something neutral–like animals that they place with the product in a funny way.

14. Emphasize the Product’s Color

product photography ideas color emphasis

A tip you’ll find in every product photography tutorial is that you need to convey the colors accurately. That’s why it’s always a good idea to additionally emphasize the color. The curved shimmering paper in the photo above masterfully highlights the color and showcases the dimension of the item.

15. Freeze the Motion

product photography ideas motion

Motion is a great way to achieve stunning photos since it allows you to capture images that the human eyes cannot. You can create splashes with water, sand, powder, or anything you can think of.

product photography ideas motion

Remember, to try high speed photography you need to know proper camera settings for product photography. You’ll have to set fast shutter speed, so use 1/400+ to get a sharp photo.

16. Show Ingredients

product photography ideas ingredients

Showcasing a product with its ingredients is an important step towards being transparent with potential buyers and making a successful sale.

product photography ideas ingredients

Take this idea one step further by laying out the ingredients in the shape of the product.

17. Include the Human Element

product photography ideas human element

Another interesting product photography idea is to incorporate some body parts, like hands or arms. This can complete the image with a mysterious element.

product photography ideas human element

You can use this idea to show how the product is supposed to be used, or add creativity, by making it look as if the hand is coming out of nowhere to grab the product.

18. Use Paper Craft Backgrounds

product photography ideas colorful background

Another way of making shots more appealing is by using creative product photography backdrops, like painted backgrounds with paper crafts. For example, if you are shooting sunscreen products, creating a pool or beach scene would be the most fitting.

product photography ideas colorful background

Such backgrounds can be a great means of boosting the visual appeal of the product and adding more character to the brand - though it may take some brainstorming to craft the perfect scene.

19. Floating Products

product photography ideas floating

By hanging products, you create more of a three-dimensional look, and it can be used to add movement to the image as well. Such a photo can be taken using a fishing line. It may take you several attempts to get it right.

Afterward, you can edit out the line in free apps to remove unwanted objects from a photo.

20. Focus on Feelings

product photography ideas feelings

When learning how to take product photos, it’s vital to pay attention to the feelings you want to evoke with your images.

For example, this headphones product photo is based around the idea of escapism and the feeling when your music distracts you from things happening in your life and takes you somewhere else.

21. Convey the Atmosphere

product photography ideas atmosphere

Try to immerse the customer in the atmosphere of the product. Lighting and props are key to establish the tone, and mood of a product.

product photography ideas atmosphere

Try conveying the taste or the smell of the product, as well as highlighting its textures, and colors. For example, a rich, fresh perfume can be shot with moody lighting, while a floral scent would be better suited to bright, youthful lighting.

22. Use Associations

product photography ideas association

Try writing down every association you have for the product. At first, you’ll probably have only standard associations come to mind, but eventually, you’ll come up with out-of-the-box ideas, like creating an ice cream out of lipstick swatches.

product photography ideas association

This type of images require extensive digital editing in combination with set design, that's why you need to carefully plan out your idea before the shoot.

23. Surreal

product photography ideas surreal

If you need an original photo for a billboard or a fashion magazine, there’s nothing better than realizing some surreal photography ideas.

product photography ideas surreal

Such photos go hand in hand with photo editing, but if you’re not a good retoucher, you can address our photo manipulation service to do the heavy lifting for you.

Inspirational Product Photographers to Follow

If you trust professionals or wish to see new and creative product photography ideas from experienced digital artists and photographers, you can look through this list of 10 best product photographers from around the world.

1. Lucas Zarebinski

Location: New York, NY
lucas zarebinski product photography

Lucas Zarebinski is a photographer from New York who specializes in food, beauty, cosmetics, and product photography, and videography.

lucas zarebinski product photography

Photo by Lucas Zarebinski

2. Ben Nichols

Location: Scotland, UK
ben nichols product photography

Ben Nichols is a professional photographer from Scotland, who has gained popularity thanks to his creative product and promotional advertising photography. He can implement various product photography ideas and take beautiful pictures in any location, whether it is at home or studio. He is also famous for arranging nice background and flattering lighting.

3. Timothy Hogan

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Timothy Hogan is a photographer from America famous for his creative works. He deals mainly with commercial photography and always tries to show a product in the best way possible by combining light and such natural elements as fire or water. Before shooting he analyzes different natural materials and their forms and uses them to take unique, professional pictures that fully reveal the philosophy of a brand.

timothy hogan product photography

Photo by Timothy Hogan

4. Harold Ross

Location: Pequea, PA
harold ross product photography

Harold Ross is a fin art photographer who has been in business for over 20 years and is famous for using a special technique called “painting with light”. It means catching the light on and around objects in darkness during a time exposure. This way, he produces deep, detailed, and dimensional product pictures.

harold ross product photography

Photo by Harold Ross

5. Karl Taylor

Location: Guernsey, GY
karl taylor product photography

Karl Taylor is a professional photographer who has been working in the industry for more than 25 years. He is respected and popular among the largest world companies for his detailed pictures and refined work with light. 

Karl Taylor has made a significant impact in the field of product photography. With his vast expertise and creative vision, he has established himself as a leading authority in this specialized genre.

Karl Taylor's portfolio showcases his mastery in capturing products in captivating and visually striking ways. Through his meticulous attention to detail, he brings out the best features of each product, emphasizing textures, highlighting intricate details, and presenting them in their most appealing light. His work exudes professionalism and a keen understanding of commercial aesthetics.

Also, Karl Taylor has developed numerous workshops, seminars, and online courses, where he shares his knowledge and techniques with aspiring photographers. Karl Taylor's teaching style is known for its clarity and effectiveness in conveying complex concepts, making him a sought-after mentor in the industry.

 To bring to life his product photography ideas, he uses challenging and complex settings and adds movement to pictures.

karl taylor product photography

Photo by Karl Taylor

6. Sam Kaplan

Location: New York, NY
sam kaplan product photography

Sam Kaplan is a photographer from New York, while likes photographing food, drink, and beauty products on solid backgrounds with harsh lighting. When shooting, he places small objects on different designs and patterns and makes sure there’s proper distance and ideal symmetry between them.

sam kaplan product photography

Photo by Sam Kaplan

7. Zachary Goulko

Location: New York, NY
zachary goulko product photography

Zachary Goulko is a still life and product photographer who uses light to add form and volume to 2D images. He loves creating a special mood in his images and frequently observes shapes, lines, and light to achieve unique results. His pictures are detailed, clean but strikingly intimate at the same time.

zachary goulko product photography

Photo by Zachary Goulko

8. Peter Belanger

Location: San Francisco, CA
peter belanger product photography

Peter Belanger is a professional photographer who is known for taking photos featuring Apple products. Besides Apple, he worked with eBay, Nike, Pixar, and Square. When working, he tries to reveal the story under each product he shoots and does it with the help of light.

peter belanger product photography

Photo by Peter Belanger

9. Mathew Zucker

Location: Brooklyn, NY
matthew zucker product photography

Mathew Zucker is engaged in digital products, still life, and beauty/nude photography. He shares his images on the net and in various catalogs. When implementing his product photography ideas, he focuses on the ingredients of the products and the sphere of application.

matthew zucker product photography

Photo by Mathew Zucker

10. Nori Inoguchi

Location: New York, NY
nori inoguchi product photography

Nori Inoguchi has gained world recognition for his refined and minimalistic style. He worked with the largest fashion, cosmetics, and electronics brands in Paris, London, New York, and Japan, his homeland.

He has been in business for more than 10 years now and has taken many clean and detailed photos for various ad campaigns.

nori inoguchi product photography

Photo by Nori Inoguchi

Helpful Tools

tools for editing product images

To make your product shots beautiful and fix common issues, you can either address product retouching services or use ready-made Lr presets. Such tools can speed up your workflow and help you get an attractive color correction in all photos.