Product Photography Ideas

Product Photography Ideas

Unusual and even extraordinary product photography ideas are what make many leading brands stay demanding and make people talk about their creative product shots and buy their products. Let me tell you how to do product photography like creative product photographers do. I’ve gathered 20 original product photography techniques and ideas for any product.

What Is Product Photography?

Product photos belong to a branch of commercial photography which is about advertising a product. There are several classical ways of shooting products: product photography on a white background, ghost mannequin, lifestyle product photography, motion images, photos of the product line, tabletop photography, photos of the product being packed, 360 product photography, etc.

20 Creative Product Photography Ideas

High-quality product photography is important for you and your client. Therefore, it is obligatory to choose the right strategy to demonstrate each product. But many photographers have a moment when they need to diversify the photos or add some creative elements. Here are 20 different product photography ideas for your inspiration:

1. One Second Before

lifestyle product photography
lifestyle product photography

This is an example of creative product shots that are taken right before something unexpected: an explosion, fall, etc. That is why you as a photographer should manage to catch the moment in the second before it happens.

2. Use Smoke

creative product photography beforecreative product photography after

This product photography idea is a good way to make your product look dramatic. Use the colored smoke if it is suitable for your product design. To make smoke more accurate, use Photoshop brushes.

3. Floating Products

interesting product photography

You may hang some goods to make them look three-dimensional. Hang a product using a line, wire or rope. Then remove background or a line from the photograph of a floating product in Photoshop.

4. Association Game

best product photos
best product photos

If you need extraordinary product photo for a fashion magazine or billboard advertising, what can be better than funny surrealistic illustrations. Such photographs are typically taken in the studio using special product photography lighting kit and digital drawing techniques in Photoshop.

5. Motion Product Photography

creative product photography ideas
creative product photography ideas

This creative product photography idea is realized by means of short exposure and quick photographer’s and assistants’ actions. The photos are striking for a lot of reasons, but the thing that sticks out at first is how adding motion makes images pop.

6. Photo with Models

creative product photography ideas
creative product photography ideas

Give your product character and show the features that make it unique. Use different product photography ideas and creative lifestyle to highlight the product usage.

7. Combined Background

product photography background ideas
product photography background ideas

In addition to the familiar white background, I frequently use the background tone that is in harmony with the color of my product. These two product photographs are a good example of colors combination. You may combine the background depending on the product color increasing the image contrast.

8. Crashed or Broken Product

affordable product photography

It is pretty a specific idea for product photos and not everyone decides to use it. It attracts people’s attention and evokes pity and interest to the product. It is better to get a shot at the beginning of product crash.

9. Use Reflection

creative product ideas
creative product ideas

You may use smooth plain covers with high reflectivity as the surface. For example, your product photos may be taken on an average ceramic tile. Make sure, you work in good lighting. In order to take such image, it is necessary to choose the right angle and lighting to get excellent reflection.

10. Product Absorption


product shots
creative product shots

This product photography idea has something to do with putting an object into the sand, water or other materials when you intend to put an accent. You may also use different tiny thematic items in which the product may drown.

11. Product Series

object photography ideas

Grouping product images creates almost the same effect as zooming. Comparing several products in one photo a customer understands their main differences, volume, shape, size and other features. Moreover, it can persuade your potential customers to buy the whole kit.

12. Symmetry and Dynamics

product photos
product photos

To take this kind of product photos you have to put a camera at different angles. However, you should be careful while shooting obscure angles in order not to misrepresent the product. Put other products relatively symmetrical mixing them up with different small details.

13. Stay Funny

funny product photography ideas
funny product photography ideas

Who said that the best product photos can’t be funny? The out-of-the-box approach to your products’ usage is a fun way to relate to your younger audience.

14. Emphasize the Product’s Color

great product photography

Showing the contrast between the background and the product looks fashionable. But the main difference of this photo is an angle between the surface and the background, which creates a three-dimensional image of the lipstick. This dimensional curved shimmering paper underlines the color and the dimension of the product.

15. Sand Print

background ideas for product photography

This product photography idea requires a special background. It may be usual clay, snow, sand, mastic or similar material.

16. Use Associations

professional product photography
professional product photography

Be as much creative as you can. Here Photoshop is you best friend who will help to realize even the craziest product photography ideas as to shape ketchup in the form of a tongue or a lipstick in the form of ice-cream.

lightroom mastery

Lightroom Mastery Download

17. Include the Human Element

product image photography

image photography

The human element, like hands or legs usually makes the image more weird and mysterious. If you do not have a model, you may “add” the hand in Photoshop. You also need to pay attention to the three/two-colored background, which gives three-dimensional product image and appropriate shadow fall.

18. Use Statics

good product photography

This technique is often used in makeup product photography // photography.html. Cubes, serving as a surface emphasize statics and dynamics. Carelessly scattered cosmetics accentuate the product among typical posed photos and make the image surreal.

19. Use Colorful Background

product photoshoot

Use bright and monophonic backgrounds. Add several product in the same color pallet but with different tints.

20. Be Creative

best product photography

The best creative product ideas are those that did not appear earlier. For instance, this photograph depicts food in the form of cubes. Dutch painters invented this food photography idea for a Dutch newspaper. They cut raw products into 98 ideal cubes 2.5 х 2.5 х 2.5 cm in size, placing them symmetrically to each other, thereby creating a beautifully decorated food composition.

10 Famous Product Photographers

If you trust professionals or wish to see new and creative product photography ideas from experienced digital artists and photographers, you can look through this list of 10 best product photographers from around the world.

1. Lucas Zarebinski Website

Location: New York, NY
Lucas Zarebinski Lucas has an individual style for each product shot. All of the product images have their own unusual peculiarities: different colorful backgrounds and extraordinary details.
creative product shot
Photo by Lucas Zarebinski

2. Ben Nichols Website

Location: Scotland, UK
Ben Nichols A famous Scottish photographer who works with stage images which have allowed him to establish a reputation for both creative product photography and promotional advertising photography. He is flexible and able to take photos in his home studio or on location, using his eye to create the ideal backdrop and lighting.
creative product ideas
Photo by Ben Nichols

3. Timothy Hogan Website

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Timothy Hogan Timothy Hogan is a very famous product photographer. He emphasizes the brand and image of the company in each of his product pictures, adding elegance and brilliance to them. He inspires clients and colleagues with his unusual product image photography and enjoys sharing his professional experience.
product photography services
Photo by Timothy Hogan

4. Harold Ross Website

Location: Pequea, PA
Harold Ross Harold Ross also extensively uses statics in his product photos. Due to the professional image post production, his works look more like old drawings, or still life picture rather than modern shots. Therefore, his interesting product photography style is quite memorable and can't be imitated by others.
creative product photography ideas
Photo by Harold Ross

5. Karl Taylor Website

Location: Guernsey, GY
Karl Taylor Karl Taylor takes professional product shots. In order to implement her object photography ideas, she uses the dynamics of the pictures and photographs hanging products. Looking at this photo of cans with paint you can see how professionally she works.
creative product photography
Photo by Karl Taylor

6. Sam Kaplan Website

Location: New York, NY
Sam Kaplan Sam Kaplan's creative product photography is about laying out small products in various drawings and patterns, keeping the identical distance and symmetry. This technique gives the most ordinary products an original and beautiful look in the product images.
product photograpy
Photo by Sam Kaplan

7. Zachary Goulko Website

Location: New York, NY

Goulko Zachary Goulko most often uses a white background for product photography. Judging by the quality of the images, they weren't taken on the white paper background, but in a special lightbox with professional equipment. Besides, he involves still life in his product shots. His product photography ideas result in clean and precise images, which helps him stay top notch in commercial photography.
product shots
Photo by Zachary Goulko

8. Peter Belanger Website

Location: San Francisco, CA
Peter Belanger Peter often uses statics and dynamics in product images to emphasize the shape and harmony of an object. His favorite product photography techniques are the frequent usage of shadows and reflections. He plays with them to get an unusual effect or illusion.
creative product photo
Photo by Peter Belanger

9. Mathew Zucker Website

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Mathew Zucker In his product photos, Matthew likes to emphasize the list of ingredients and a product sphere of application. As for his product photography background ideas, he often uses the place where the product is used or anything related to it.
product photography ideas at home
Photo by Mathew Zucker

10. Nori Inoguchi Website

Location: New York, NY
Nori Inoguchi This product photographer uses the background corresponding to the color of the product. Besides, he involves water into a shot as a background using the dynamics. He has a special approach to each photo depending on the type of a product.
product shoot
Photo by Nori Inoguchi

Product Photo Editing FREEbies

If you’re going to edit your creative product photos in Lightroom, I suggest you downloading these FREE Lightroom presets. Make your images bright and professionally edited fast and for free.

1. FREE Product Lightroom Preset “Perfect White Balance

This is the best and fastest way to make whites really white. It’s very necessary for professional product photos on white background. It will help you remove unpleasant yellow or green shades caused by light.

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3. FREE Product Lightroom Preset “Clarity”

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