Product Photography Backdrops

Product Photography Backdrops

Look though these creative and classical product photography backdrops you should have for your food, shoes, and clothes photography. This approach will make your brand recognizable, surpass competitors, and increase the overall number of clients.

20 Creative Product Backdrop Ideas

Since product photography backdrops differ in size, materials and prices, I’ve tried to find suitable options to satisfy all photographers’ needs.

1. Vinyl Backdrops

vinyl backdrops for food photography
vinyl backdrops for food photography

Vinyl backgrounds for food photography have probably become one of the most popular options for such kind of shooting because they are thick and very reliable. Actually, they can be subdivided into 2 groups – marble vinyl backdrop and solid color vinyl photography backdrops. Besides, if you decide on this type of the background, you can choose among a glossy sheen and matte surface with the second one causing no reflections and glares. Most shooters like such backdrops, because you just need a wet rag to clean them, which takes no more than several seconds. Besides, they have no expiry date and can be used as many times as you wish. To keep in safe and in good condition, just roll it up and put in a dry place.

2. Metal Tray

metal tray product photography backdrop

Think of throwing away old metal trays? Don’t be so quick, as they can turn out to be wonderful product photography backdrops. The more scratches and stains they have, the more atmospheric and meaningful picture you can take. Another advantage of such items is that you can use both sides, as they are typically very different, providing you with unique textures. Mind, that such old trays shouldn’t be reflective.

3. Foam Board

foam board photography backdrop

Have you ever tried the foam board photography background while shooting? You definitely should give it a try! Since such boards are available in different colors, you can easily find a suitable option to complement the composition. You can either place a foam board behind the object or use as a surface for flat-lay photography. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

4. Paper

paper food photography backdrops
paper food photography backdrops

Have a limited budget to buy a product photography background? What if I say that you need to spend nothing and still can get professional-looking shots with a stylish backdrop? Simply put, examine your house and try to find interesting-looking papers. It can be baking paper, old newspapers or a colorful wrapping paper. Personally, I take baking paper or paper bag and make it more dimensional and textured by crumpling it. When I use newspapers as a product photography backdrop, I try to find something to match the story I want to tell in a picture.

5. Tinfoil

tinfoil food photography backdrops

To make such a beautiful product backdrop, you need wrapping paper or aluminum foil. Crumple it to get a feeling of dimension and attach to the background. You object should be placed at a distance of 6 feet from it. Set the wide aperture and take several test shots. When you are satisfied with all the settings, keep shooting. The effect you get with this product photography background makes people study the image longer.

6. Bokeh

bokeh jewelry product photo backdrop Download Bokeh Photoshop Overlay

Bokeh technique means keeping a part of the frame out of focus to make it blurred, thus drawing attention to the foreground. If you like such an effect and want to use it as a product photo backdrop, you will need the widest aperture possible for a shallower depth of field. You can combine natural and artificial lighting while taking images. This type of product backgrounds is popular among jewelry and perfume photographers.

7. Black Sand

black sand jewelry product photo backdrop

If you want to try a black product background, there are many options you can get for the shooting, but black sand is definitely the most stylish one. It is perfect if you need to take images of light jewel items, since there will appear a magnificent contrast between these 2 colors in a shot. Black sand is an example of textured backgrounds, which adds special appeal to a photo. You can find it at pet shops, usually with the “Aquarium Use” label. In the photo above, a shooter created a circular pattern and placed a ring in the center. You can try any other patterns, depending on your creative vision.

8. Fabric

silk jewelry product photo backdrop

There are so many cool fabric types (lace, leather, silk, etc.) you can use as product photography backdrops! Look attentively at the picture above. The target audience is ladies, who like trendy, colorful accessories a lot. That’s why, a bright red silk was folded in a way that it resembles a rose. A nice trick, isn’t it? Remember to iron the fabric before a photo session. Also, check if it is clean enough.

9. Gradient

gradient jewelry product photo backdrop

Gradient product photography backdrops are a perfect fit for jewelry photo sessions. Still, shooters often face difficulties trying to get an ideal gradient. Of course, you can adjust the lighting to get this effect, but it is easier to purchase an ombre photography backdrop and make the shooting stress-free.

10. Rocks

rocks jewelry product photo backdrop

Using stones as a product backdrop, you can create a conceptual photo, drawing a parallel between a high quality of watches and durability of stones. Besides, this idea is very budget-friendly, as you can find suitable stones, just walking along the road. By arranging stones in various manners, you can play a bit with the scene.

11. Greenery

greenery cosmetics product photography backdrop
greenery cosmetics product photography backdrop

If you frequently photograph various cosmetic and beauty products, I recommend accentuating their organic nature of a product by using greenery as a backdrop. You can make the composition livelier if you add several colorful flowers to it. Since it is very expensive to buy new flowers each time you have a shooting, you can just get fake flowers and beautify the product photography backdrop with them. It is also a win-win option for those shooters, who can’t keep flowers fresh for at least several minutes.

12. Liquid

Examine the unusual still-life picture above? How has a photographer managed to take such a dynamic shot? He/she mixed gold paint to the necessary extent and pressed the release button right at the moment when the item reached the paint, causing splashes. Of course, such a variant of product photography backdrops looks impressive, but you need to take several attempts to capture the right moment. If you are patient enough, have proper lighting and know what settings to tweak in a photo editor, you will be able to make a picture pop.

13. Rug

rug cosmetics product photography backdrop

Rugs are believed to be the best photography backdrops, since you can find suitable ones in your own house and they are easy to arrange in the frame. Using fluffy rugs, you can get a very interesting texture in a picture. If you want to get more creative results, opt for patterned and colorful rugs, while white ones add to a clean and balanced look of your shots.

14. Solid Colors

cosmetics product photography backdrop

A single-color product background in the photo above looks awesome. If you want to create something similar in your pictures, you need to master the background removal technique in Photoshop. This way, you can choose a matching color for the product you advertise and use it a backdrop. Bright shades make pictures playful and a product more prominent.

15. Tiles

cosmetics tabletop photography backdrops

Has it ever occurred to you that ordinary tiles can serve as a product photography backdrop? Actually, it can and it helps achieve interesting effects. Tiles are available in different colors, shapes, sizes and textures, so you can find something suitable to match your product. If you like elegant classic, black tiles will be an ideal option, while white tiles make scene harmonious, especially if you shoot products of bright color. Moreover, natural tiles add to an earthy mood of a picture and slates come in handy if you want to create an avant-garde composition.

16. Patterns

patterns cosmetics product photography backdrop

Using patterned product photography backdrops helps establish the mood in a photo. The easiest way to add such a background is to remove the original backdrop and incorporate a new one in an image editor. Mind that a chosen pattern should ideally complement your product. Besides, the item you advertise must be in the center of attention, not the background.

17. Muslin

Muslin backdrops are very popular among portrait photographers, who need the fabric that is easy to arrange and doesn’t cost a lot.

Besides, they can be used during clothes photo sessions as muslin is rather wrinkle-resistant, so you don’t need to fix this defect in photo post processing.

Using different lighting techniques, you can significantly alter the way muslin product backdrop looks in a photo, giving it either neutral or more dramatic feel.


18. Contextual Backgrounds

contextual product backdrop

Almost 40% of people, who regularly buy things online, are more likely to choose the product that is depicted in use. This is an unspoken rule for clothes photography, as people want to see a picture giving them an explanation of why then should buy this item. Have a look at the photo above. A girl is posing in a swimsuit near a pool, so customers will have a complete image concerning this thing. This is a great example of contextual product backdrop. Choosing such a background for your pictures, mind that it should evoke only positive thoughts in viewers.

19. Wood

woods backdrop

A woods backdrop is available in different forms – doors, furniture, walls, floor, etc. Clothes shot against such a background look very pleasant, while the entire picture acquires homey mood. Don’t use the first real wood photography backdrop you find, but look for different variants until you come across something really special. If there is no suitable option, try a paper backdrop with a wooden pattern as an alternative.

20. Brick

brick product backdrop

Though being very simple, a brick wall serves as an ideal product background for various items, especially clothes. Having no distracting elements, it only adds to the beauty of a thing you photograph no matter what color it is.

Freebies for Product Photography Editing

Your product should look natural and appealing at the same time. You can achieve such a result twice quick, using these image editing tools. Check the freebies described below and add them to your image editing collection.

Free LR Preset "Brightening”

free product lightroom preset brightening before afterfree product lightroom preset brightening before after

This is a real finding for food image editing. After you apply this preset, your photos will become really appetizing.

Free PS Action "Saturation”

free product photoshop action saturation before afterfree product photoshop action saturation before after

If you need to make colors more intense and saturated, while keeping objects clearer and sharper, use this PS action.

Free LR Preset "Contrast”

free product lightroom preset contrast before afterfree product lightroom preset contrast before after

Make your food pictures bright and juicy, using this preset. It alters contrast, boosts colors and sharpens the composition, which results in a professional picture.

Free LR Preset "Clean White”

free product lightroom preset clean white before afterfree product lightroom preset clean white before after

This preset is originally designed for product photography and can be used alone or in combination with other filters. All the colors become brighter and a yellow tint on white elements is eliminated.

Free PS Action "HDR”

free product photoshop action hdr before afterfree product photoshop action hdr before after

Make your product images truly interesting with the help of this preset. The colors aren’t distorted, they only become brighter. Even minor objects will become more distinct.

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