15 Best Food Photography Blogs To Read In 2024

By Tata Rossi 7 days ago, Food photography

The majority of people, who have a food photography blog, are food stylists and photographers. As a rule, they have prestigious jobs and know how to photograph for slick magazines, so that you want to eat a photo.

A blog is just a hobby, with reports on travels, gastronomic tours and videos. Some have turned their food photography blog into a real encyclopedia with the interpretation of cooking terms, others even managed to create printed magazines from blogs.

Top 15 Food Photo Blogs You Should Read

  1. Christina Peters - Best masterclasses
  2. Cannelle et Vanille - With own cookbook
  3. A Thought For Food - With unique style
  4. Betty Liu - Simple and stylish
  5. Clare Barboza - Great layout
  6. Tara Donne - SVG animation previews
  7. Carla Choy - Up-to-date design
  8. Francesco Tonelli - Commercial style
  9. Noel Barnhurst - Tumblr-inspired blog
  10. Libby Volgyes - With great categories
  11. John Valls - Useful articles
  12. We Eat Together - With useful lighting techniques
  13. Robin Chase & Sue von Brachel - Creative ideas
  14. Off Beet Blog - With breakfast photo category
  15. Béatrice Peltre - Rustic style

It is very important to follow competitors. In this way, you may be inspired by ideas to try out new food styling techniques, save interesting props and just enjoy the beautiful food shots. Below you will find 15 food photography blogs that will satisfy all of the above-mentioned needs.

1. Christina Peters – Our Choice

Engaging master classes
  • An easy-to-navigate layout
  • Amazing photos
  • Various photography techniques
  • A limited number of articles

Christina Peters has been organizing master classes since 2011, starting with simple answers to questions by email. For over 25 years, she has been working with serious clients, such as McDonald's, Burger King and Taco Bell. Her blog is entirely focused on learning the basics of photography.

peters food photography blog

2. Cannelle et Vanille

Comes with an online cookbook
  • Informative content
  • Useful tutorials
  • Helpful cookbook
  • Rarely updated

Aran's works have been featured in numerous publications, such as The New York Times, Vogue, Food and Vine. She is also the author of the cookbook and co-author of several others. Her food photo blog focuses on the emotional component of meals and everyday life through visual stories.

You can read more about food photography ideas ideas and use these tips to make your food images yummy and tasty.

cannelle et vanille food photography blog

3. A Thought For Food

With a signature style
  • Founded by an experienced photographer
  • Handy photography tips
  • Well-thought-out categories
  • Doesn’t have many tutorials

Brian started his food photography blog as a place where he could share his culinary creations with friends and family. Since then, blogging is like a journey for him, where he constantly self-develops and teaches others. On top of that, Brian has a degree of a documentary filmmaker. If you need more tips or guides, you may read the Photographertouch blog with helpful tutorials for beginners.

a thought for food photography blog

4. Betty Liu

Streamlined and attractive layout
  • Comprehensive tutorials
  • Information about the recent photography trends
  • Well-designed layout
  • Rarely updated
betty liu blog logo
Betty Liu

Betty started her recipe blog with pictures to document her cooking experience. Therefore, her food photography blog is dedicated not only to recipes but also to stories about cooking. She specializes in traditional Chinese cuisine and shares an abundance of photos of the cooking process. Betty is constantly developing her style and varies the food photography props in order to match what she is looking for.

betty liu food photography blog

5. Clare Barboza

Convenient layout
  • Clear tips
  • Information about the latest trends
  • Easy-to-navigate layout
  • Irregular updates
clare barboza blog logo
Clare Barboza

Clare's passion is visual stories, whether it's documenting a busy kitchen or a working farm. However, she posts plenty of studio food blog pictures. Claire has a degree in fine arts that justifies the naturalness of her work with color and texture.

clare barboza food photography blog

6. Tara Donne

With impressive Instagram
  • Easy-to-implement photo ideas
  • Many categories
  • Useful content
  • Basic layout
tara donne blog logo
Tara Donne

Tara was raised among gourmets, in a family of excellent chefs and bakers who most of all appreciate the time spent at the table. In addition to BFA in the field of artistic photography, Tara has also has been honing her skills as a photo editor for many years. She is interested both in the field and studio photo shoots, which is reflected in her food photography blog.

tara donne food photography blog

7. Carla Choy

Edgy design
  • Well-written articles
  • Professional photos
  • Regular updates
  • Not very informative
carla choy blog logo
Carla Choy

Carla was born in California and graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography. Her photography experience is quite impressive – she has been in the sphere for more than 10 years. Carla is a real pro when it comes to product, architectural and food. Aside from it, she posts images of various interiors, and sometimes a combination of both directions.

carla choy food photography blog

8. Francesco Tonelli

For e-commerce photographers
  • Professional photographer
  • Commercial photos
  • Advanced photo editing tips
  • A small number of articles
francesco tonelli blog logo
Francesco Tonelli

Francesco Tonelli is a well-recognized Italian chef, passionate about photography. After getting valuable lessons and a love of cooking in early childhood, Francesco now collaborates with cookbook publishers, attends food exhibitions and conferences. Besides, he judges at contests, gives advice to commercial clients on food recipes and the intricacies of photography. Francesco undoubtedly has one of the most beautiful food blogs.

francesco tonelli food photography blog

9. Noel Barnhurst

Perfect for Tumblr fans
  • Handy tutorials
  • A variety of stories
  • Easy to navigate
  • Occasionally they publish rehashed articles
noel barnhurst blog logo
Noel Barnhurst

Noel currently resides in Oakland, California. He collaborated with such well-known brands as Taco Bell, Driscoll's Berries, Kashi, Dreyers, Peet's Coffee & Tea and others. He specializes in a wide variety of styles, which is the main focus of his food photo blog.

noel barnhurst food photography blog

10. Libby Volgyes

Many helpful categories
  • A variety of topics
  • Useful photo ideas
  • Professional content
  • Rarely updated
libby volgyes blog logo
Libby Volgyes

Libby is a photojournalist, who became a culinary photographer. She started a project called Libby Vision dedicated to the fine art all over South Florida. On her food photography blog, Libby shares the information about prominent restaurants, chefs, markets and cuisines along with presenting aesthetically pleasing imagery.

libby volgyes food photography blog

11. John Valls

Informative articles
  • Stories with tutorials
  • Unique photo ideas
  • Guides for winery photographers
  • Basic layout
john valls blog logo
John Valls

John approaches every setting and every shooting as an idealist. If some people see the market, John sees a blooming array of colors and spectrum. Where some see the dish, John sees the collaboration between the ingredients and the chef. On his food photography blog, he shares valuable tips on working in the studio and the intricacies of creating interesting concepts.

john valls food photography blog

12. We Eat Together

Handy lighting tips
  • High-quality graphics
  • Easy-to-understand articles
  • Unique ideas
  • Seldom updates
we eat together blog logo
We Eat Together

Skyler started his blog as a college teacher because he felt a serious lack of quality information on the web, namely food photography websites, for a novice culinary photographer. Skyler works as an editorial photographer specializing in food and travel and has been providing award-winning images for some of the world's best publications and brands for over 10 years. So, her articles will teach you how to edit food photos.

we eat together food photography blog

13. Robin Chase & Sue von Brachel

Original ideas
  • A variety of topics
  • Easy-to-implement ideas for food photographers
  • Professional content
  • No tips
robin chase and sue von brachel blog logo
Robin Chase & Sue von Brachel

Robin and Sue are a team of photographers involved in photography and styling. Their goal is to produce magnificent imagery without having to organize difficult studio photo sessions. On their food blog photography, they show and prove that it is possible to take truly delicious pictures on your own, without the assistance of a big group of people.

peters food photography blog

14. Off Beet Blog

Breakfast photo tips
  • Pro-level articles
  • Useful tutorials
  • Great layout
  • Categories are difficult to navigate
off beet blog logo
Off Beet Blog

Through the food blog pictures, Dominique conveys her great passion for creating and shooting meals in all their beauty and honesty. It is worth noting that she prepares and decorates all the dishes. Most of the recipes are inspired by already existing ones and great chefs, thus paying tribute to a peculiar culinary artist on her food photography blog.

15. Béatrice Peltre

Rustic style
  • Experienced photographer
  • Rustic photography tips
  • Advanced photo editing tutorials
  • Advanced photo editing tutorials
béatrice peltre blog logo
Béatrice Peltre

Béatrice Peltre is a writer, stylist and photographer working at her home studio in Boston. Beatrice has published two cookery books and is tightly associated with the French culture.

Her works have appeared in many popular publications such as Food and Wine, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. Her site belongs to the list of beautiful food blogs which are worth checking out.

béatrice peltre food photography blog