26 Best Tumblr Photography Blogs to Follow

26 Best Tumblr Photography Blogs to Follow

It’s really difficult to find inspiring Tumblr photography blogs to follow. Most of the blogs you find on the Internet are either inactive, or the quality of their content leaves much to be desired.

However, I managed to select 26 photography Tumblr blogs that are worth your time.

Top 26 Tumblr Photography Blogs

These photography Tumblr blogs I have found are unending sources of up-to-date info and useful recommendations from experienced and aspiring photographers. They’ll stir the imagination and help you approach the shooting process with renewed vigor.

1. Amazingly Beautiful

amazingly beautiful tumblr photography

Genre: landscape, travel

Frequency: about 100 posts/month

If you are keen on travel and landscape photography, hurry up to check this Amazingly Beautiful blog. It contains hundreds of images from the most picturesque places of our planet.

Here you can not only admire the breathtaking views captured by a professional photographer, but also find locations, which you can attend during your next adventure trip.

The main idea of this blog is to show that every place on the Earth should be treated with the respect it deserves. This principle is also applied to all submissions.

2. Original Photographers

original photographers tumblr photography

Genre: portraiture, landscape, fashion, architecture, documentary, food, street, travel

Frequency: about 130 posts/month

Original Photographers will become a real finding for shooters looking for amazing Tumbler photography samples on a day-to-day basis.

Fay Freshwater started this blog to make sure his hard-working, passionate and persistent colleagues, both beginning and professional ones, get a portion of daily motivation to pursue their career path.

You can send your photos to Fay, and once they are accepted, they will be posted within 2 weeks. All submissions are credited.

On average, you can see 3 new pictures every day. This is quite enough to get inspired by top-notch shots and grab your own camera to practice your skills.

3. Lensblr

lensblr tumblr photography

Genre: portraiture, landscape, fashion, architecture, documentary, food, street, travel

Frequency: about 308 posts/month

Lensblr is a real gold mine full of quality photos belonging to different genres. Created and managed by a team of volunteers, this Tumblr photography blog has become one of the most influential curators among photographers.

Here you can find almost 60,000 pictures featuring people, architecture, fashion, food, landmarks, and more. Lensblr doesn’t work according to a submission system, giving preference to reblogs. In such a way, the original shooter can learn what other people think about his/her work.

4. Dear Photograph

dear photograph tumblr photography

Genre: portrait, lifestyle, architecture, landscape

Frequency: about 3 posts/month

Dear Photograph was initially a platform with 6 old family photos line up in their original setting. What started as a nostalgic impulse, 8 months later became one of the most popular photography Tumblr blogs with millions of hits and submitted images.

Such a rapid and growing popularity allowed Dear Photograph to join the list of the best sites of the year according to Time magazine. However, one year later, the man who started this blog, took the idea off and released a book.

5. Harper’s Bazaar

harper’s bazaar tumblr photography

Genre: photojournalism, fashion

Frequency: about 15 posts/month

If you want to stay informed about all the trends and news of the fashion world, you can not only read Harper’s Bazaar, but also keep an eye on its informative blog. It is full of high-fashion photos and news about celebrities.

Here you can find Tumblr pictures that are related to the most provocative and talked-about events happening around. This is also a perfect place to boost your knowledge about makeup, hairstyle and clothes.

6. Photodoto

photodoto tumblr photography blog

Genre: wedding, travel, wildlife, portraits, landscape, newborn, food, etc.

The Photodoto blog has several categories, including inspiration, photography skills, gear, and image processing. Here you can find compilations of interesting photos, read interviews with trend-setting experts, and learn about the latest inventions. Th website belongs to the list of the top 50 blogs about photography.

There is a separate section with educational content. Such a division makes finding the needed material very easy. Besides, you can instantly locate the tab with presets and actions for Adobe programs.

The blog is maintained by experts in web development, photography, and writing. Skilled photographers and a marketer collect and organize materials into easy-to-read posts.

7. Get Wedding Photography

get wedding photography tumblr photography

Genre: wedding

Frequency: about 1500 posts/month

This is definitely an amazing photography blog on Tumblr that seems to post first-class wedding photos non-stop. In general, you receive 50 cool shots every day if you follow Get Wedding Photography.

It is also possible to submit your own works. Actually, this blog not only features amazing wedding images, but also serves as an advertising platform for wedding photographers, whose photos may be noticed by potential brides, looking for a shooter to cover the Big Day.

8. Xuebing Du

xuebing du tumblr photography

Genre: portrait, macro, nature

Frequency: about 8 posts/month

Photographer Xuebing Du‘s perceives elements and phenomena of the natural world as the main subjects of her photos. She likes photographing plants and flowers, deserts, gardens, fields, forests, etc.

Xuebing Du tries to reveal and emphasize the gracefulness and tenderness of nature by playing with colors, textures and light. Learn how she organized her photography portfolio and use some of the principles for your own work. All in all, this is the best photography Tumblr blog if you are also interested in capturing the surrounding world, but need some help with controlling light and color.

9. Daily Deliciousness

daily deliciousness tumblr photography

Genre: food

Frequency: about 250 posts/month

If you think that you’ve tried all the possible methods to photograph food, you absolutely need to check this photography Tumblr blog. Daily Deliciousness is an eye-pleasing place with many mouth-watering shots of all kinds of food.

Photographers like this blog because of professional food images that make not only your stomach but also brain “hungry”. The bright, vivid colors, detailed textures, fantastic compositions – all these features make Daily Deliciousness so popular.

10. The Nordroom

the nordroom tumblr photography

Genre: interior

Frequency: about 60 posts/month

The Nordroom has become one of the best interior photography blogs on Tumblr comprising a huge variety of stylish and beautiful images of houses.

The photos are posted every day and you can contact a curator via email to ask whether you can submit your own shots. Just spend several minutes on this blog, and you are sure to find an interesting idea for your next photo session.

11. Good Morning, Hypocrite

good morning hypocrite tumblr photography

Genre: nature, landscape

Frequency: about 15 posts/month

Vinnie is a professional pilot, who likes taking images of remote, beautiful places while being on his travels. His Good Morning, Hypocrite blog is devoted to landscape and nature photography, and focuses on budding shooters, who need some inspiration or guidance.

In the “Ask me anything” section, you can drop a question about anything related to his portfolio.

12. PWH3

pwh3 tumblr photography

Genre: street

Frequency: about 10 posts/month

PWH3 features a Tumblr blog with the best pictures of night New York. The curator is in love with nighttime shooting because of a beautiful contrast between surrounding darkness and bright lights entering the frame.

He works hard to capture a magnificent spectrum of colors and contrast, as well as lively bustle around. Unlike most photographers, the creator of PWH3 perceives photo editing as a more enjoyable part of the process than the shooting itself. His fascination with Photoshop image processing is obvious from eye-catching photos he shares online.

13. Boohwanj

boohwanj tumblr photography

Genre: interior, landscape, travel, food

Frequency: about 15 posts/month

A photographer managed to cover several genres on his Boohwanj blog, so wither you are looking for interior, food, or landscape photography ideas – you can find them here.

All the images are very professional, with textures and colors preserved. There is also the “Ask” section, where you can learn from a curator about his Tumblr photoshoots and get some valuable tips.

14. Photographers on Tumblr

photographers on tumblr photoshoots

Genre: landscape

Frequency: about 130 posts/month

If you don’t have much time to monitor several photography Tumblr blogs, but still need a reliable source to keep well-informed and inspired, you can follow Photographers on Tumblr curated blog.

Here you can find the reblogs of the most interesting and eye-catching original photos conveniently grouped in one place. In such a way, you can receive a necessary dose of aesthetic motivation for your work without wasting time, browsing through dozens of accounts.

15. Vogue

vogue tumblr photography

Genre: fashion

Frequency: about 8 posts/month

Vogue is a world-known fashion and lifestyle magazine with lots of interesting and timely news related to fashion, culture, beauty and runway.

If you specialize in fashion photography, you should absolutely subscribe to this Tumblr photography blog to be one of the first people seeing the latest fashion shoots and magazine covers.

16. Tobishinobi

tobishinobi tumblr photography

Genre: architecture, street

Frequency: about 5 posts/month

Tobi Shinobi award winning street photographer and videographer has many followers, watching his work on social media.

Thanks to his exceptional vision of symmetry, a keen eye for magnificent architecture, and ability to find beauty in ordinary streets, he managed to surpass many rivals. On his photography blog Tumblr, he often tells how he took a particular photo.

17. Breathtaking Destinations

breathtaking destinations tumblr photography

Genre: landscape, travel

Frequency: about 150 posts/month

Breathtaking Destinations can boast a 1-million audience and the title of one of the best Tumblr photography blogs for adventurers and landscape photographers.

The blog is Anna’s pet project. She is a German traveler, who has visited 50+ countries. She shares images taken by other photographers, giving them a proper credit in descriptions. She always tags locations, so people can also go there and feel the spirit.

18. Mayan Handball Court

mayan handball court tumblr photography

Genre: portrait, landscape, street, car, film photography

Frequency: about 40 posts/month

Mayan Handball Court appeared thanks to the effort of Rob Simons, a writer and content creator.

He attentively chooses the content for his blog, option for images showing the connection between photography, film, architecture and design. Most of the photos are analog shots taken by other artists.

19. Freddie Ardley

freddie ardley tumblr photography

Genre: portrait, landscape

Frequency: about 4 posts/month

Freddie Ardley gladly shares the results of his concentrated artistic work on his Tumblr photography blog. He specializes in portraiture and landscape photography, adding peaceful and dramatic vibes to his projects, which, as a result, resemble paintings.

You can also buy his prints, following the links attached below them. He complements all his posts with a poetic description, so people can better understand his creative style.

20. Tokyo Street Photography

tokyo street tumblr photography

Genre: architecture, street

Frequency: about 50 posts/month

Tokyo Street Photography started off as a personal blog of Lukasz Palka, a shooter engaged in street and urban photography. He is known for producing candid, lively and gritty images of the capital of Japan.

Street photographers can find here many interesting shots to get inspired by as well as learn about camera settings that Lukasz used during shooting (hover over a picture to see them). You may also use such platforms as Graphic Design Junction if you are looking for inspiration for creating an attention-grabbing logo.

21. Archipelagoes III

archipelagoes iii tumblr photography

Genre: portrait, fashion

Frequency: about 20 posts/month

Those looking for guidance in portrait photography can derive benefit from Archipelagoes III amazing Tumblr photography blog run by Ian Garrick Mason.

He worked with Olsen Europe, magazines Elegant and Rocketlight, designers Raphael de Lacroix, Andrada Bodea, and Niapsou Di, and agencies like The Lions NY, which positively shaped his style.

22. Pour Le Plaisir De Ma Vie

tumblr b&w photography

Genre: black and white, street

Frequency: about 100 posts/month

Pour Le Plaisir De Ma Vie is truly the best Tumblr B&W photography blog, which has proven to help many photographers upgrade their b&w photography skills.

The author of the photos is Dieter Krehbiel. Thanks to his particular focus on lighting, composition, and perspective, his images always look one-of-a-kind.

23. Kyle Thompson

kyle thompson tumblr photography

Genre: self-portraiture

Frequency: about 2 posts/month

Kyle Thompson is a 25-year-old surreal photographer from Chicago. He uses only his original images on his Tumblr, which has become an embodiment of his surreal conceptual photography ideas.

Thompson has gained recognition in self-portraiture photography and is best known for choosing abandoned, empty and silent places for his photoshoots.

24. If You Leave

if you leave tumblr photography

Genre: portrait, landscape, architecture, film, nude

Frequency: about 100 posts/month

If You Leave Tumblr photography blog was created by Laurence Tarquin Von Thomas and now comprises the pictures of over 250 talented photographers.

Images show the beauty of regular objects, faces, and landscapes, giving viewers a chance to get a glimpse of their intimate worlds. On the first days of a new year, you can see a selection of Tumblr best pictures that were highly popular among viewers.

25. Wedding Riot

wedding riot tumblr photography

Genre: wedding

Frequency: about 25 posts/month

As the name implies, “Wedding Riot” is meant to satisfy the needs of wedding photographers being at a loss while getting ready for another photo session.

There are many top-level images that can spark a thought and encourage you to look at the shooting process from a new perspective. This photography Tumblr blog was created to share experience and give motivation, and over time, it has turned into one of the most popular wedding photography resources.

26. We Believe in Film

we believe in film tumblr photography

Genre: film

Frequency: about 20 posts/month

If you are loyal to film photography and are looking for a community of like-minded people to share your ideas with, then you will absolutely like We Believe in Film Tumblr blog.

Here you can find many film shots and ever submit your own pictures if you want.