20 Best Photography Workshops to Visit in 2020

20 Best Photography Workshops to Visit in 2020

photography workshops

A photography workshop is a place to master your skills and expand your creative vision. It connects like-minded people and everyone is ready to help at any time and teach something new. If you like traveling, here are the best photography workshops for you.

1. Wild Alaska Escape: A Voyage from Sitka to Juneau

photography workshop in alaska VIEW MORE

Date: May 16-21, 2020; June 20-25, 2020

Price: $4,420

Number of participants: up to 62

Location: Alaska

Alaska is the most northern and the largest state in the USA. It’s famous for its woods, mountains and various landscapes. This photo workshop lasts 7 days. During this time, you will be able to see icebergs and glaciers, woods and mountains.

You will sail in the sea and have a chance to see whales. You will be able to capture beautiful landscapes from a bird's eye view. Also, you will be able to participate in landscape photography courses and more.

2. Across the Bering Sea: From Katmai to Kamchatka

photography workshop in katmai and kamchatka VIEW MORE

Date: July 17 – August 7, 2020

Price: $27,440

Number of participants: up to 102

Location: Chukotka and Kamchatka

This is an incredible cruise trip along the shores of Chukotka and Kamchatka. This photo workshop lasts 22 days – a long adventure on the ship. During this trip, you will see unusually beautiful landscapes and scenery.

You will be able to see volcanoes that emit smoke and local marine life: walruses, sea lions, whales. You will visit a village that is engaged in deer breeding. This workshop includes walking, visiting cultural and historical attractions.

You will see the wild shores of Kamchatka and Chukotka, where you can hardly ever find a man. On the way back, you will sail through the famous Bering Strait.

3. National Photography Adventures

national photography adventures VIEW MORE

Date: varies

Price: $1,195

Number of participants: 7

Location: Grand Teton National Park, Glacier National Park

National Photography Adventures is a workshop of Kevin Vandivier, a 40-year-old photographer. He introduces people to new methods of photography and gives everyone a different task for shooting. These adventures take place all over the USA: Grand Teton National Park, Monument Valley and Glacier National Park.

Each adventure includes 7 participants, which guarantees everyone the opportunity of individual work with the master. National Photographic Magazine publishes photos of each member. In the end, each participant gets a few copies of the magazine so that they can share their photos with their families and friends. Since groups are small, it is very important to book seats in advance.

4. Vietnam Backroads and Byways

photography workshop in vietnam VIEW MORE

Date: September 13-26, 2020

Price: $4,800

Number of participants:up to 10

Location: Vietnam

North Vietnam is a place with the most breathtaking scenery. It is ideal for landscape painters and travel enthusiasts. This type of photography workshops lasts 14 days. You will know the travel plan in advance and you will have a unique route.

You will also visit Halong Bay – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During this workshop, you will be able to see the unique scenery, magnificent mountains and breathtaking waterfalls. Get to know the ethnic minorities of Vietnam: Red Dao, Black Tay, Flower Hmong that are unique distinctive subcultures.

You will see them closely, try their local cuisine and visit their houses. This adventure will end on the ship where you will be sailing for 2 days.

5. The Colors of India

photography workshop in india VIEW MORE

Date: March 2-15, 2020

Price: $5,800

Number of participants: up to 10

Location: India

The next type of photography workshops takes place in India and lasts for 14 days. The adventure will begin with the tomb of Hamayun, which is a UN World Heritage Site. You will get acquainted with the architecture of India, visit Jama Masjid – the largest Muslim mosque in Delhi.

Of course, you will visit the world’s famous Taj Mahal. But the most important part, in my opinion, is the Holi-Indian festival of colors. Holi is celebrated once a year as it’s a holiday of the arrival of spring. All guests of the holiday have fun, throw colored powders at each other and enjoy themselves.

That’s why you need to manage and capture all the bright moments. You will visit the banks of the Ganges River and travel through the Thar Desert riding camels. Ken will always advise the best ways to take pictures.

6. Desert Storm-Namibia Photo Workshop

namibia photo workshop VIEW MORE

Date: June 18-27, 2020

Price: $7,090

Number of participants: up to 8

Location: Namibia

This variant of photographic workshops offers you 10 days of exciting and unforgettable adventures. A professional landscape photographer Erez Marom will take you to the most beautiful and difficult to access places of Namibia.

What you will see there can make you doubt that you know this world well. You can’t even imagine how beautiful the landscapes of Namibia are.

You will fly a helicopter over the oldest desert in the world and drive in comfortable SUVs. As a result, you will be able to take amazing and unforgettable pictures.

7. Disierto Colorado-Argentina Puna Photo Workshop

argentina photography workshop VIEW MORE

Date: June 15-22, 2021

Price: $6,790

Number of participants: 8

Location: Argentina

This type of travel photography workshops offers you 8 days of unforgettable adventures in Argentina. During this period of time, a professional photographer will work with you to teach you the art of photography.

You will drive in comfortable SUVs with professional English-speaking guides. Also, you will have time to visit the most magical places in Argentina: Labyrinth Desert, Ojos del Campo, Pumice Stone Field, Arita Cone and Hornocal rainbow mountain.

All these places are specifically selected for shooting as their views and landscapes are simply mesmerizing. The workshop takes place in the middle of winter, which means that the weather will be good and not hot.

8. Peru: Andes to Amazon

photography workshop in peru VIEW MORE

Date: May 7-20, 2020

Price: $6,200

Number of participants: up to 10

Location: Peru

Peru is a country in South America. There are huge rainforests and Machu Picchu, the ancient Inca city on its territory. The workshop lasts 14 days. Throughout the trip, you will have an opportunity to observe the wildlife of the jungle, the greatness of the Andes mountain range and more. The groups are small so everyone will be paid attention to.

You will be able to personally meet the contact tribes living in the Amazon forests. Of course, a lot of time will be provided for shooting and exploring the history of Machu Picchu. There is plenty of wild animals, rare plants and flowers in the rainforests.

You will ride horses on the 7 Lagoon trail. Experienced photographers will tell you when and how it’s better to take photos.

9. Danube River Cruise Budapest to Nuremberg

photography workshop across danube VIEW MORE

Date: June 11-18, 2020

Price: $4,995

Number of participants: up to 163

Location: Germany, Chech Republic, Slovakia

Traveling by ship is wonderful. This variant of photographer workshops lasts 8 days, but it will be enough to see all the beauty of the Danube. You will cruise along the Danube River from Budapest to Nuremberg. You will explore everything on your way.

You will find out the history and culture of Prague, see the palaces and their magical gardens in Vienna and Salzburg. You will observe fabulous landscapes and attractions on your way.

National Geographic photography masters will work with you and give you recommendations on the techniques of photographing urban landscapes. Throughout the journey, you will live in comfortable cabins and eat delicious food.

10. Best of Tuscany Photography Workshop

tuscany photography workshop VIEW MORE

Date: April 19-26, 2020

Price: €3,295

Number of participants: up to 12

Location: Tuscany

Tuscany is a region in Italy where some of the world’s most famous works of art and architecture are located. The workshop lasts 8 days and these will be the most unforgettable moments. For those who like watching beautiful landscapes and ancient houses in historical cities, this is an ideal option.

Professional photographers will bring you to the most iconic places: Villa Gladiator, Podere Belvedere. You can also capture landscapes in San Quirico, take a course in photography and photo post-processing.

The groups are not large, everyone will have enough attention from specialists. During the workshop, you will have decent accommodation, transportation and four meals a day.

11. Arctic Exposure Iceland Workshop

arctic exposure iceland workshop VIEW MORE

Date: all year round

Price: $4,500

Number of participants: 10

Location: Island

Arctic Exposure holds tours and photography workshops in Iceland all year round. A professional guide will take you to the most magnificent places in Iceland where you will be able to see breathtaking landscapes.

Professional photographers will work with you too. Workshops will be held at such famous places as Reykjavik, National Park, Golden Circle, Glacial Lagoon and many more. If you attend this workshop, you will gain experience in the Arctic, which not every photographer manages to do.

Throughout the entire time, you will drive in a comfortable transport and eat delicious food. You will plunge into the history and culture of Iceland.

12. New Zealand Photography Workshops

new zealand photography workshop VIEW MORE

Date: all year round

Price: $4,000

Number of participants: 9

Location: New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most breathtaking places on Earth. With New Zealand photography workshops, you will be able to explore the South Island – a paradise for landscape shooters. The trip includes 9 national parks, mountains covered with ice, thick woods and sparkling lakes.

Tours last 12 days and 11 nights. provide comfortable accommodation, transport and delicious food throughout the entire trip.

Since the groups are not large, you can master your skills in landscape photography individually. Highly qualified photographers will work with you and help you with everything. New Zealand will be an unforgettable adventure for you.

13. Autumn Photography Workshop in Portugal

photography workshop in portugal VIEW MORE

Date: October 18-25, 2020

Price: €3,195

Number of participants: up to 12

Location: Portugal

Portugal is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Most of Portugal’s architecture was built in the XVI-XIX centuries. This workshop will last 8 days. During the trip, professional guides and photographers will try to show you all the beauty of this country and teach you different shooting techniques.

You will try local cheese and drink real Portuguese wine. You will wait for the sunset to take great pictures on the coast of the ocean. Also, you will go to the city of Sintra, which is considered the most romantic one.

You will plunge into the busy Lisbon capital, visit a lot of castles and historic buildings. In addition, you will see breathtaking landscapes and enjoy nature. Accommodation, transport and food are included in the price of the trip.

14. ApertureXplorer Expeditions

aperturexplorer photography workshop VIEW MORE

Date: all year round

Price: depends on the tour

Number of participants: 5-7

Location: upon your choice

The uniqueness of Aperturexplorer Photography is that you can order any master class at any time. If you want to visit the Alps, look at the glaciers of Iceland or visit some other place, James Conomea will help you with it.

He is a standing leader of the workshops. Groups are small, which means that James Conomea will work with each photographer individually. He will find an approach to everyone, whether you are a beginner or already a professional.

You will be introduced to the techniques and nuances of daytime photography. You will also take a course in picture editing and learn all the subtleties of how to show all the beauty in the foreground. In case you want to go on a trip soon and don’t want to wait, then Aperturexplorer Photography will be a great choice for you.

15. Patagonia Fall Colors

photography workshops in patagonia VIEW MORE

Date: April 15-27, 2020

Price: $9,500

Number of participants: up to 10

Location: Patagonia

Traveling around Patagonia is an unforgettable adventure. The trip will last 13 days, which is a lot compared to other courses. During this photo workshop, true professionals will work with you. At first, you will take a Lightroom course and then set off for the trip.

You will visit the world’s famous places, such as the National Park Torres del Paine & Los Glaciares National Parks.

You will drive in SUVs, walk and even have 3 days of riding a horse. Also, you will be able to take part in a unique trip through the glacier. You will see breathtaking mountain landscapes, local wildlife, be able to learn about the local culture and their customs.

You will see and remember Patagonia from a completely different perspective.

16. Best Loon Photography Workshop

best loon photography workshop VIEW MORE

Date: July 18-23, 2020

Price: $2,995

Number of participants: 3

Location: Northern Ontario, Canada

This is another great variant of photographer workshops that lasts 3 days, which is enough time to take a sufficient number of photos. Since loons are aquatic birds, you will also photograph them from the water.

There will be boats that are specifically designed for shooting. You, two other photographers and two professionals will hunt for the best shots. The professionals will help and teach you how to photograph birds properly.

You will be amazed by the beauty of these birds and their little chicks sitting on their parents' backs. In general, it is a very good experience for those who like taking pictures of animals.

17. Creative Photo Academy Africa Safari

photo academy Africa safari VIEW MORE

Date: April 1-9, 2020

Price: $ 10,500

Number of participants: 8

Location: Africa

Creative Photo Academy offers all kinds of services – from photography to multi-day adventures with photography workshops. This company offers workshops in all genres of photography. Only professional photographers work in this company.

They will give you an opportunity to learn how to photograph almost everything – from landscapes to portraits. The guide will lead a group deep into the bush, where you will find lions, zebras, elephants and other wildlife representatives of Africa.

In addition, you will be provided with great food, luxurious rooms and transport. You will learn about the culture and get to know the locals of one of the most incredible places on earth.

18. Camargue White Horses Workshop

camargue white horses workshop VIEW MORE

Date: May, 2020

Price: $3,490

Number of participants: 5-8

Location: Provence, France

This type of photographic workshops lasts about 5 days, for you to have time to enjoy the nature of Provence and its wildlife. Camargues are white wild horses that live in a herd. You will have a chance to find these fabulous horses in the south-west of France, on the Mediterranean coast.

A professional photographer with more than 20 years of experience will lead you to places where you can take fantastic pictures.

Aside from horses, you will be able to see the bulls of Provence, take pictures of a running herd of bulls and feel all their power in action.

19. Kenya Wildlife Safari Photo Workshop

kenya wildlife safari photo workshop VIEW MORE

Date: February 8-20, 2020; February 20-March 3, 2020

Price: $9,477

Number of participants: up to 6

Location: Kenya-Amboseli and Masai Mara

Kenya is a country in eastern Africa that has a huge number of lakes and savannahs. This workshop lasts 13 days, for you to have time to visit residents and take photos of many animals in Kenya. You will visit the shelter for elephants where you will be able to not only photograph but also play with them.

You will see Kenya amid the green season when it is the most beautiful. Also, you will be able to capture a large number of birds and playful monkeys, see huge herds of elephants at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

That is something you won’t see in any documentary about nature. A professional photographer and guide will work with you throughout the entire time.

20. Churchill Polar Bears

photography workshop on polar bears VIEW MORE

Date: October 28-November 3, 2020; November 4-10, 2020

Price: $6,750

Number of participants: up to 4

Location: Churchill, Canada

Churchill is a town in Canada that is considered to be one of the largest habitats for polar bears. This photography workshop will last 6 days. The groups are small, so photographers will work with each participant individually.

During the course, you will learn the basics of photography in the classroom and outdoors. You will have almost no time to rest, so get ready to work. You will be outdoors from dawn till dusk looking for a perfect shot of a polar bear.

This workshop is designed specifically to devote as much time as possible to shooting. During the entire trip, you will drive in SUVs with experienced guides in order to find polar bears.

Why Attend a Photography Workshop?

Attending photography workshops, you have an opportunity to communicate with different people who are professionals in this field. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional photographer.

It will always be interesting for you to interact with like-minded people, share your experience or learn something new from others. Among good people and with your favorite activity, the time spent will be beneficial for you.

Forget about your worries and different problems, take a camera and enjoy every moment. Traveling is always fun and interesting. Explore the world and share your experiences with others.

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