Top 25 Recent Photography Trends in 2024

Top 25 Recent Photography Trends in 2024

You need to know modern photography trends if you really want to impress your clients with original ideas and one-of-a-kind results. People are interested in presenting their products in a unique way and if you can help them, your photo services are sure to be in high demand. In this article, I will tell you about current trends in photography, how you can use them to your benefit to surpass your competitors and increase the client base.

25 Photography Trends for 2024

Trends in photography are changing so fast, that you need to be constantly in the loop of people’s interests and demands in order to adapt your services to them.

1. Vibrant Colors

photography trends photo vibrant colors

Photographers for inspiration: Katya Havok.

Strong, vibrant colors are what people expect to see in the future. I think in such a way, your photoscan stand out among thousands of other shots. The stronger the colors are, the more attention-grabbing your image is. However, this may seem a bit controversial since we know the growing drive for natural colors.

2. Vertical Frame

photography trends mobilography

Photographers for inspiration: World Mobile Photography.

For quite a long time in photography, a vertical frame has been associated with portrait photos and dynamic scenes. With the advent of smartphones and such a phenomenon as mobilography, a vertical frame has become more and more popular. This new trend in photography is dictated by people themselves – they are too lazy to turn the phone (frankly speaking, it’s not always convenient), and social networks are also focused on vertical shots, which is not surprising, since about 75% of the traffic is generated by mobile users.

3. Nostalgia

photography trends vintage images

Photographers for inspiration: Historic Pictures.

The visual images of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s don’t cease to inspire photographers to create unusual images.These epochs are inexhaustible sources of ideas - an eclectic combination of modernity and the past creates a unique atmosphere in the frame.

4. Symbolism

trends in photography industry

Photographers for inspiration: Victoria Siemer, Dirk Bakker.

Photographs with a certain meaning, make you think about pressing things, plunge into the world of fantasy or creative collage. One of the interesting photography trends in 2024 is the so-called Zine Culture, which came to us from the pre-digital era, but perfectly settled into the modern media space.These are unusual collages of photographs, drawings, graphics, fonts, patterns ... and, actually, anything that strikes the creator’s mind.

5. Minimalism

current trends in photography

Photographers for inspiration: José Miguel, Rachel Keeley.

“Good speech is a short speech” and this principle is applicable to photography. Laconicism and minimalism have been photo trends for many years. This approach becomes a kind of philosophy, inciting viewers to pay attentionto the photographs and think contemplating. According to WIX, photographers are moving away from overexposed and faded photos in favor of high-contrast and vibrant colors while taking minimalistic shots.

6. Saffron 14-1064

popular trends in photography

Photographers for inspiration: Yellow Color, Is It Tho.

One of 2024 photography trends is abiding the rules of color management. For several decades, shooters have been actively discussing orange and teal split toning. This color combination hasn’t lost its appeal even nowadays, but the way photographers treat them is a bit different.

Nowadays, people are anticipating photographers to use the Pantone color, Saffron. By typing in its Pantone number, which is 14-1064, you can easily find this yellow-orange color is various image editing software, e.g. Photoshop.

7. Capturing Images from Videos

2024 photography trends

If you go this path, you can earn revenue not only from stock videos, but from stock photos as well. Besides, each second of the footage comprises from 30 to 60 frames (depending on the settings you used while filming), which you can turn into an image. Make it a habit to use a tripod, while recording videos, to get sharper and clearer frames. When you edit the results, resort to Photoshop of Premiere Pro.

8. Ecology

stock photography trends 2024

Photographers for inspiration: Marko Korosec, Kelly DeLay.

The role of nature in our life is reconsidered and reassessed. This is especially noticeable in the way we consume various resources and long for ECO products. The presenting of real social and environmental issues occupies a leading position on news sites, which helped to jumpstart ecological trends photography. Large companies spend alot of money on environmental programs and the development of new green technologies.This year's motto is 3R - reduce, reuse, recycle.

9. Authentic Moments

current photography trends

Photographers for inspiration: Jose Villa.

The number of photographers interested in genuine shots, reflecting a person’s sincere emotions, is growing quickly. In our digital era, (like in any other period), people are trying to capture those authentic moments that evoke warm memories whenever you look at them.

10. Atypical Beauty & Raw Shots

best photo trends

Photographers for inspiration: Summer Murdock.

This is one of those trends in photography industry that has appeared several years ago and doesn’t lose its influence even nowadays. Actually, it is predicted to reveal its full power this year. Modern photographers, especially those taking portrait shots, rethink and change socially-accepted parameters of beauty, not only concerning humans but also visual aesthetics.

So, you strive to bewitch your audience with your works, stick to non-traditional beauty in a raw form without excessive processing.

11. All Ages Welcome

new trend in photography

Photographers for inspiration: Manfred Baumann.

New photography trends encourage people of all ages to pose in front of the camera. In fact, shooters understand that the perception of aging, which was typical several decades ago, is significantly different from how things are going on now.

Aging elegantly is no longer a dream, but a reality that is showed in many photos. Companies want to demonstrate what an active lifestyle an elderly generation leads nowadays and this marketing policy has become an important concept for photographers.

12. New Takes on Stereotypical Themes

trending photography

Photographers for inspiration: Miss Maya, Emma Donnelly.

Trying to predict stock photography trends 2024, you should understand that they all originate from 2019, but will be looked at from a new perspective. Such notions as body positivity, feminism and diversity will be on the rise. Actually, they are world-wide trends that will affect not only the photography industry, but also marketing, advertising, and even politics.

If you are fond of classic topics, such as family values, love stories, etc., you shouldn’t abandon them either. Just try to present these concepts in a new light. For example, you need to photograph a family in their habitual surroundings. It sounds like a classic portrait, but the changes in design, clothes, their activities will show a family in a different way, and this is the result of “fresh” trends.

13. “Headless” Crops

2024 photography trends

Photographers for inspiration: Martina Matencio.

It may sound rather strange, but many brands use photos where the model's face is blurredor he/she has no head at all. Why?

It gives companies the chance to show that their products aren’t oriented on a specific type of person, but will suit many people. Stock photographers also stick to this trend, as they can shoot one and the same person and his/her face won’t get overused.

14. Neon Flair

new trends in photography industry

Photographers for inspiration: Brandon Woelfel.

If you really want your photos to become popular and widely-recognized, you should incorporate neon elements into your work. Luminosity and glow will turn any image into catchy masterpieces. Try taking neon-themed portraits and you will understand how cool such photos look.

15. Express Yourself

trending photos

Photographers for inspiration: Kelia Anne MacCluskey.

Thanks to the variety of social networks, people have the opportunity to express their sincere feelingsand thoughts whenever they want. Trending photography is also related to the demonstration of your raw emotions and ideas. Your clients may ask you to present them authentically, and if you do it, your works will be in trend.

16. Macro Pictures

image editing service trending photography image editing service trending photography

Photographers for inspiration: Bill Chu, Fredrik Tegner, Karla Thompson.

To understand the current trends in photography, visit the most popular photo platforms – 1x, Flickr, Behance, Photoblur, 500px and others. If you attentively examine the images presented there, you will see that a large part is macro photos.

People take images of plants, insects, eyes, water-drops, car details, fruits, vegetables, feather and share these photos online. Macro photographers are in high demand nowadays and this is a great niche for work to get both money and recognition.

17. Relaxed Wedding

trends in photography world

Photographers for inspiration: Katie Mitchell, Corbin Gurkin.

A wedding photo session was though over to the tiniest details in the past. In 2024, it has become a more relaxed process with newlyweds and guests posing in a natural manner, while a shooter is documenting the event. Of course, a photographer can advise them in what way they look their best, but he/she doesn’t direct their every movement.

18. More Drone Activity

current trends in photography

Photographers for inspiration: Tobias Hägg, StianKlo.

The development of the drone industry has encouraged more and more photographers to use quadrocopters in their work. Of course, you need to abide by certain rules on where and when you can fly a drone, but, in general, aerial photography gives you more flexibility and freedom when you photograph a subject. The quality of shots is remarkable and you can create really breathtaking compositions.

19. Natural HDR Effets

photo trending

Photographers for inspiration: Girolamo Cracchiolo, Chuck Robinson.

HDR photography attracts many shooters, and it has become one of the photography trends. This technique doesn’t require advanced skills or special gear; you just need to use decent image editing software. Some cameras come with integrated HDR mode, which makes it even easier to produce mesmerizing photos. Most photographers take 3 pictures at different shutter speeds and then merge them into one photo during image editing.

20. 360 Photography

trending photography 2024

Photographers for inspiration: Mark Gray.

360 photography is believed to become even more popular this year. Initially, it was the favorite technique of product photographers, trying to give buyers an overall idea about the product advertised. Later, it attracted real estate and landscape photographers, giving them a huge potential of presenting a common scene in an interesting manner.

For instance, you can offer viewers not usual photos of a room, but capture a 360 view of the space and make them imagine themselves being there. Timelapse photography has also greatly benefited from this process.

21. Use Films

trends photography

Photographers for inspiration: Toby Harvard, ZhamakFullad.

Talking about photo trends, I want to highlight the importance of film photography. Though many shooters prefer digital cameras, there are still loyal professionals and amateurs, who have put their heart and soul in film shooting. Actually, film photography is matchless in some aspects – medium and large film formats capture more play and resolution that some DSLRs. Besides, film cameras produce a peculiar feeling that you can’t imitate with any Instagram filter.

22. Staged Still Life

photo trends 2024

Photographers for inspiration: Fisher Photostudio.

If you create hero header design or printed designs and are interested in new photography trends to give your projects original look, you should pay attention to staged still life images. Primarily, you need to think of the composition and prepare all the necessary items. Then, arrange them in a nice way, so that the result matches your brand or product. In fact, there are no rules concerning how you must shoot the scene, but the above angle brings the best outcome.

23. Soft Background Blur

new trends in photography industry

Photographers for inspiration: Sergio Cabezas.

Images with focus and depth have always been in fashion. If you manage to make the background blurred, either during the shooting or in a photo editing program, you will achieve the necessary effect. Blurring helps create depth of field in the background, while also directing the eye to the area of a photo that is the most important.

24. Best Cloud Storage

photography trends cloud storages

Once you grasped current trends in photography and used them to your advantage, you should think about the most convenient way of storing and transferring your pictures. The cloud is definitely the best way to do it wirelessly.

Many photographers opt for cloud-based storages, because in such a way, they can access their photos anywhere even without the Internet connection. If there one, you can not only view your works, but also edit them.

Here is the rundown of 5 most popular cloud storages in 2024.

Dropbox.This cloud has a built-in Paper service that allows you to work with documents right inside Dropbox.In addition, you can connect Trello, Slack and many other third-party services to the storage for project management and teamwork.The free space provided by Dropbox can be expanded: for each friend you invite, who installed Dropbox on his/her computer, you will receive a bonus – 500MB.

Google Drive. This is a file hosting service developed and supported by Google. Selecting Google Drive, you can use co-editing and sharing features, as well as online file storage. Google Driveoffers a set of office apps (Google Docs, Presentations and Spreadsheets) for cooperative work with web forms, documents, images, drawings, presentations, etc. The search engines index public docs on the disk.

IDrive. IDrive provides a tool for creating backups of all connected devices.It is possible to share documents with other users for collaboration. In addition, IDrive Express service is included in all plans: if you lose all your data, you will receive a hard driveto restore it quickly.

Mega. New Zealand-based Mega is really profound cloud storage with a great number of free tires and user-friendly drag-and-drop UI. You can use a mobile application to upload images and other files on the go and synchronize clients with computers. The company also provides business-oriented plans. Mega states that all your data saved in this cloud storage is encrypted on your device before the firm’s servers get it.

Box. Box has been on the market for some time now, so it is supported by a variety of popular apps such as Office 365 and Google Docs. It is possible to integrate Box with G-Suite and save and manage Docs, Sliders and Sheets in an auto mode. You can access the Box Sync client from the Downloads page for Win and Mac, or use a legal Android client.

25. Best Photo Stocks

photography trends photo stocks

Photographers often use photo stocks when they need a quality image, but lack either time or equipment to snap one themselves. There are certain sites that specialize in selling and distributing photographs and graphic content over the net. Here are photo stocks that will gain popularity in 2024.

Shutterstock. This is surely one of the biggest photo stocks you can find online. It includes more than 300 million images uploaded by pro photographers from all over the world. Here you can find pictures dedicated to any topic imaginable and a large section of commercial-oriented visual content. Shutterstock has been on the top of all photo stocks lists for over 15 years.

Adobe Stock. Adobe created this stock imagery service and integrated it with Creative Cloud apps for fast and effective work. However, you can use Adobe Stock as an autonomous service. It contains more than 100 million photos on every topic and style. These images are checked and approved, so you can be sure about their professional quality.

123RF. This stock photo service appeared in the early 2000s and since then has “accumulated” over several millions of stock files that can be downloaded and used for commercial purposes.

Photocase. This is a Berlin-originated photo stock that is famous for a great number of non-traditional, artsy images. The photos featured on this platform are highly curated and unique. Looking through the exclusive library of pictures, you can come across some intimate or even odd stock images. But this is just what you need if you are aimed at pursuing stock photography trends 2024.

Dreamstime. Having a long history (15+ years), Dreamstime hasn’t lost its deserved place on the list of top 5 image stock services. This photostock comprises over 119 million photos that correspond to the current trends in photography and are easily accessible. That’s one of the reasons, why many people select this platform.


Photography trends are very important, but they will be of minor help if your images are edited in a bad way and look unappealing. To give your pictures professional finishing, you can use the collections of free presets, actions and overlays described below.

Bokeh Collection

bokeh overlays freebie for trending photography

Use these free Bokeh Ps overlays to give your photos an artistic charm. After applying overlays from this pack, your images will acquire gentle blurriness and haziness, keeping the background items out of focus. It is quite challenging to achieve this effect on your own, but with this collection you can fulfill the task with ease.

Bohemian Film

bohemian film collection freebie for trending photography

How to give your pictures a cinematic look? Use these Bohemian Film pack. The collection contains actions with a bit different effect, so the final look depends on the lighting conditions in which the photo has been taken.

HDR Effect Collection

hdr effect collection freebie for trending photography

Boost colors in your photos with the help of these HDR actions from FixThePhoto. They work equally great with different shots – landscape, portraits, product, real estate, etc. If needed, you can configure each action.

Wedding Classic Collection

wedding classic collection freebie for trending photography

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Portrait Pro Collection

portrait pro collection freebie for trending photography

Highlight the most significant elements in your portraits by dint of this pack. You can use it to reveal the mood of monochrome shots and concentrate viewers’ attention on the deeper meaning of your work.

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