Macro Photography Ideas

Macro Photography Ideas

Don’t know what macro photography ideas to realize? I love macro photography because the camera can help you capture even the smallest details that you would never notice. Here are amazing samples of simple macro photography ideas you can try anytime.

50 Macro Photography Ideas

If you have the right skills, you can realize amazing macro photo ideas in the comfort of your home or wherever you may be. In rare cases, you might need some particular equipment, which I will write about in detail.

1. Stones

macro photography ideas

If you think only geologists love rocks, think again. Stones can become fascinating macro photography objects. Just like two snowflakes, no two stones are alike, each one has a unique shape, texture or color.

You can use them to create patterns, lay them out together or simply zoom in on a unique one. Whatever you decide, stunning images are guaranteed.

2. Lego Blocks

macro photography examples

Some very small things give you brilliant macro photography ideas. Lego blocks and Lego people look fun in macro images, especially if you put them in some unusual setting.

3. Fruit and Vegetables

unusual macro photography ideas

Every beginner photographer has taken photos of fruit and veggies, that is for sure. If you are looking for macro photography ideas around the house, just check your fridge or pantry, you will definitely find an apple or a banana lying around.

With macro shots of fruit and vegetables, you can go different ways, by exploring the colors, contrasts, patterns or textures. Nothing can compare with nature when it comes to abstract art.

4. Peeling Paint

macro photography ideas at home

Nothing shows how quickly time flies better than shots of paint that is peeling. It is a visual metaphor of the past, hinting at the fact that the place or object you are shooting has been neglected for a long time.

Moreover, this is another naturally occurring process, great for macro images just because it has a peculiar texture, colors and overall appearance.

5. Feathers

creative macro photography

As I have said it before, nature and its creations are unique and cannot be recreated to produce the same effect. That is why people of art, photographers included, have always drawn their inspiration from nature.

I bet that no one will ever guess just by looking at the image that you have feathers as your macro photography objects. They can be photographed in a way that will showcase their amazing patterns and colors.

6. Cloth

macro photography objects

For macro photography ideas around the house, why not take a look at what you have in your linen closet. The fabric of cloth napkins or tablecloths will look amazing as a close-up.

The best part is that you can create additional patterns and textures with the fabric by creating creases, folds or simply letting it fall naturally onto a surface.

7. Remote from TV

macro images

A thing as mundane as a TV remote control will help you explore a variety of lines and shapes that will look awesome as macro images. Try other objects too. Pens, pencils, headphones or a keyboard will work.

8. Living Room Macro

macro photography ideas indoors

Take a tour of your living room, try looking at it with a fresh eye. Move around what can be moved, use a flashlight to highlight objects with, and take amazing macro photos.

9. Your Office

macro photography ideas around the house

Just as your living room, your office may offer a lot of opportunities and ideas for macro photography. Just look at what you have on your desk, you can probably take a beautiful macro photo of something on it.

  • Use an old book for old-fashioned macro photo ideas.

10. Flower Vase

ideas for macro photography

Just imagine how many amazing macro photography shots you can take with just a vase. Besides the flowers in it (if you have them, of course) with their vibrant colors and textures, the vase itself is a great object to shoot.

  • Use a stylish flower vase for realizing these macro image ideas.

11. Cotton Ear Buds

close up photography ideas

Have you ever considered looking for close up photography ideas in your bathroom? Let’s take cotton ear buds, for example. Their tiny cotton heads will look great in a shot. Make a couple of shots with them and let everyone guess what they are.

12. Colored Pencils

amazing macro photography

Simple writing tools like crayons or colored pencils, can take center stage of your macro images. Arrange these items into patterns or simply zoom onto the tip of a single pencil.

13. Souvenir

mobile macro photography ideas

Holiday memorabilia, be it a fridge magnet, some jewelry or a coin, can be used for creative macro photography shots. Try placing them in a way that will make them look meaningful.

14. Guitar Macro

macro photography background ideas

Does any of your friends or family play the guitar? Here’s an amazing macro photography idea – take a macro photo of it.

15. Random Things

macro photography ideas to shoot at home

Unusual macro photography ideas do not have to include any specific items. Just take a bunch of random small objects and experiment with them. Pile them up, lay them out or simply hold them in your hands.

16. Kitchen Close-Up

unusual macro subjects

For easy macro photography ideas indoors, do not go further than your own kitchen. It is usually full of reflective surfaces that can be used as a fun backdrop. With the shallow depth of field, you will make ordinary objects look unrecognizable.

17. Washed Dishes

abstract macro photography

For creative macro photography images, use wet dishes or utensils. Look closely for the beautiful patterns created by the drops of water.

18. Glass of Carbonated Drink

unusual macro photography ideas

Use a simple glass of soda or mineral water with a couple of ice cubes. As I keep saying, even the most common things will give you stunning images.

19. Cutaway of Oranges

props for macro photography

Just like the whole fruit or veggies, shots of cut-up ones will look great. In reality, very few macro photography examples feature the inside of the fruit, unless it is an unusual one, of course.

20. Matchboxes

macro photography ideas

Matchboxes aren’t there to be played with but they will definitely give you some atmospheric home macro photography ideas. Just be careful.

21. Drop of Water (Dew, Rain, etc.)

tabletop photography backdrops

This is something you can totally fake, you do not have to wait for actual rain or start shooting early in the morning. Get some things to use as props for macro photography, like a branch or, perhaps, some leaves.

Try shooting them with the drops of water on. If you are lucky, you may capture raindrops falling on the objects. You will create a sense of scale while keeping the composition simple.

22. Autumn Leaves

macro photos

Want to take beautiful macro photos? Go leaf hunting in autumn. Just find the most colorful sample you can get and take amazing shots.

23. Ice Crystals (Snow, Hoarfrost, etc.)

macro subjects around house

For stunning macro images in winter, get outside. Ice, snow or icicles are perfect objects to shoot. They take different shapes and forms, just choose the right angle.

24. Snowflakes

nature macro photography

Snowflakes are the most fragile macro photography objects you will ever shoot. You can’t bring them inside as they quickly melt into tiny droplets of water. So, you will have to be outside, where the temperature is around the freezing point.

25. Insect Macro

macro plant photography

If you are not disgusted by insects, you can make these nature creatures your tiny models. Macro photographers love shooting them.

There are so many of them around us, which means that you can take hundreds or even thousands of photos without repeating yourself.

26. Human Macro Photo

advanced macro photography

A person may seem too big to be a model for macro photos, right? Well, not exactly. With a powerful macro lens, you can get really close with your subject and show some meaningful details.

A teardrop? Wrinkles in the corners of their eyes? Look closely at your model and you will find some good macro photography ideas.

27. Animal Textures

unusual macro photography ideas

You can also get closer to your furry friends. Their paws, teeth, claws, eyes or fur can give you a lot of ideas for macro photography. Just make sure you do not get too close to them not to get hurt.

28. Car Details

creative macro photography

Cars, old or new, will give you tons of macro photography ideas. It does not have to be your own car.

Perhaps, there is an old car show in your city or town. Just ask the owners if you can take a photo, I am sure they will be happy to oblige.

29. Small World

macro photography objects

Create a tiny world with the help of miniatures and some full-size items. I have seen this trend being used by many macro photographers and can’t stop admiring their creativity.

Challenge yourself to come up with something just as unusual.

30. Flowers

macro images editing macro images editing
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I think, flowers are perfect but a little bit overused by photographers. So, to take unusual macro photos of flowers, you really need to step up your game.

Choose what you want to highlight. Will it be the colors of the petals? How about their shape, all those amazing lines or folds? Or, maybe, the textures?

31. Leaves

macro photography ideas around the house

Do not think that leaves are just a fall thing. They make amazing macro photography subjects. Explore the structure of a leaf and try to capture it to show the symmetry in nature.

32. Dead Plants

ideas for macro photography

A dead plant isn’t something most macro photographers get excited about. I love them for their ability to create a special wintery mood, they are perfect metaphors for emptiness and coldness.

Try catching that first snow you get in late fall, when everything around is crisp and white, a perfect backdrop. Find a single dead plant and experiment with the composition in the image.

To ensure sharp and detailed macro shots, I rely on a sturdy tripod for macro photography. The tripod provides stability and allows me to carefully frame the shot, ensuring precise focus and minimizing any camera shake. This way, I can fully immerse myself in capturing the intricacies of the dead plant and the enchanting winter landscape.

33. Water Figures Macro

close up photography ideas

A water drop may be used as a magnifying glass. By placing it on a surface of anything, you will be able to highlight that object. Here are a couple of macro photography ideas for you – a drop of water on a leaf, a flower petal or a few ones on a window or mirror.

34. Small Water Drops

amazing macro photography

Water can look very attractive in macro photos. I think it is connected with its ability to refract light to create amazing colorful patterns. Just find a place with good lighting, like your kitchen, for example.

35. Water Spray

macro photography examples

You can get stunning macro images when you throw different objects into a clear container with water. Just make sure your setting and gear (you need a remote flash for that) are ready beforehand.

Place the flash above the water and shoot as soon as the objects touch the surface.

36. Oil on Water

mobile macro photography ideas

This is one of the best macro photography ideas for those who want to try shooting abstractions. It is very easy to use oil and water if you photograph at home.

Pour some oil in a shallow glass dish with water. To receive a better result, you can put colored lights or other objects under the plate.

The combination of water and oil will create a beautiful abstract macro image as you stir the solution.

37. Smoke Patterns

macro photography background ideas

Smoke bomb photography ideas is one of the most unusual macro photography examples. Before shooting smoke bombs, you should follow the safety rules during the photo session. It is better to use smoke patterns only outdoors.

38. Foam and Bubbles

macro photography ideas to shoot at home

To take breathtaking macro images, you can look around your house and find interesting items. If it is a rainy day, do not worry, you can take beautiful pictures indoors using foam and bubbles.

All you need is to organize interesting lighting conditions to receive a better effect. I recommend using colored macro lights on bath bubbles to get vibrant abstract photos with a pleasing texture.

39. Ultraviolet Shooting

unusual macro subjects

If you are in search of extraordinary macro photography ideas, pay attention to this one. At first glance, it might seem rather strange to close yourself in a dark room, but this is the way the most stunning macro shots are created.

If you decide to try this technique, you will need to use ultraviolet lighting weapons. Slow shutter speeds in dark conditions allow you to capture the natural bloom of the world around you, and the results may appear incredible.

40. Through the Flower Petals

unusual macro photography ideas

Look beyond the ordinary pictures and make your macro photography objects more appealing to the viewers. Try shooting through flower petals or leaves.

This way you can make a smooth blur of color while highlighting the subject. This method is rather simple, nevertheless, you will receive a delicate image in the impressionist-inspired style.

For this technique, it is better not to use a tripod. If you hold the camera in hands, it will be more comfortable for you to place it right in front of the plant fragment.

41. Fallen Leaves

props for macro photography

In autumn, there is a leaf carpet on the forest floor. This is a perfect scene for creative macro photography. It is necessary to look for a composite control point.

This can be one leaf that stands out from the ordinary brown fallen leaves. You may shoot a leaf lying alone on the ground.

Or you may take a photo of a colored sheet among yellow leaves. It is essential to highlight this sheet.

Then you can organize the composition around this main leaf. Spice up the arrangement by including other elements. You can add plant fragments and branches to the composition and get an extraordinary photo.

42. Tree

macro photography ideas

If you look closely at a tree or a log, you can see a lot of interesting elements, lines and grain. After some time, the wood changes its texture, size and shapes.

You have a chance to shoot these changes, like natural weathering of the wood or trunks and stumps. Furthermore, one of the most interesting ideas for macro photography is to take a photo of an ant or grass on a tree.

43. Beach Objects

macro photos

There is an endless list of objects you can shoot on the beach. It may be sand, water, shells, little rocks – everything depends on your imagination.

Pick the most beautiful shells and try to show their uniqueness. Shoot different shapes, lines, curves, textures to embody all your macro photography ideas.

The water also has different colors and shades. In addition, it will be rather interesting to capture the moment after the sand has been washed away.

44. Seaweed Macro

macro subjects around house

At first glance, shooting seaweed does not seem to be the best macro plant photography idea as such an item doesn’t always look pleasing to the eye. However, it is possible to demonstrate the gorgeousness of the object by accentuating the main areas. To get an awesome result, try to capture air bubbles and unusual forms, shapes and lines.

Seaweed along with rocks and pebbles can create beautiful carpets. If the beach has massive dumping of seaweed, take a couple of photos from above to capture extraordinary still life objects.

If you notice seaweeds around a rocky pool or along the water’s edge, use a longer exposure to give the viewer an idea of the object’s creative movement.

45. Mollusks

macro subjects around house

Different kinds of mollusks, which you can find on low-rising outcrops, can form eye-catching shapes. Take a few close-ups to capture interesting elements and patterns. I recommend using a high aperture to get dynamic and detailed photos.

Exploit all the abstract possibilities you see, use your creativity and imagination. This is one of the macro photography examples when it is essential to demonstrate the form rather than content.

It is not necessary to use a particular photographic technique or follow certain rules. There is no need to keep your subject in focus or make it recognizable.

The most important thing is to take a photo which includes extraordinary elements, unique forms and patterns.

46. Artificial Objects

advanced macro photography

If you shoot on the seashore, look for interesting artificial objects. Pay attention to beautiful harbors full of different colors.

Try to find striking color among fishing boats and log cabins, fishnets and other props. Multi-colored paint bubbles, old keyholes and rusted locks are all amazingly good things for close up photography ideas.

47. Glass Macro

abstract macro photography ideas

One of the best macro hotography ideas at home is to take a picture of glass. You can receive an image with stunning abstract shapes and reflections.

To make the photo even more interesting, you can break the glass to create beautiful lines. Another amazing idea is to fill the glass with colored water.

If you want to take an artistic macro, use a sheet of transparent but textured glass (you can buy it at stained glass craft stores). As you see, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

48. Abstraction Macro Photo Idea

unusual macro subjects

When it comes to shooting abstractions, at first glance, it may seem rather difficult. All you need is to find your own approach and then you can boast amazing macro photography skills and beautiful abstract photos.

I recommend looking for simple subjects without intricate shapes to achieve the best result.

In abstraction, simplicity enhances the impact of the photograph, encouraging viewers to appreciate the subtle nuances and hidden beauty within the subject. The challenge lies in finding unique perspectives and angles that evoke emotions and spark imagination.

49. Soap Bubbles

abstract macro photography

This is one of the most amazing macro photography ideas around the house. You can use it for vivid desktop wallpapers or catchy wall art.

To create a beautiful scene, add glycerin to liquid soap to make a long soap bubble. Also, you will need a wire loop and a background made of black fabric.

50. Reflection of Foil

macro photography ideas

Among various macro photography ideas indoors, this one is rather easy to recreate. If you want to receive awesome images, use glossy surfaces for creating reflections. Believe it or not, you won’t need any expensive items to take a breathtaking photo. Just go to the kitchen and find foil paper. With the help of foil, you can create large reflections and highlight objects.

For stunning results, you should be patient, but the beautiful photo will exceed your expectations.

FREEBIES for Editing Macro Photographs

I collected 5 free tools for macro photo editing to make your images even more attention-grabbing.

Food Preset “Saturation”

free lightroom preset for macro photography ideas free lightroom preset for macro photography ideas

If you want to balance dark and bright light details in the photo, feel free to apply this Lightroom preset to your macro photos. It makes the overall image deeper, highlighting necessary elements. This filter minimizes saturation and makes the photos pop.

Product Photography Preset "Matte"

free lightroom preset for unusual macro photography ideas free lightroom preset for unusual macro photography ideas

If you want to enhance macro images of products, this “Matte” preset will come in handy. The filter will give your photo slight roughness, which will be accompanied by color saturation and cleaning the image from the faded film.

Preset HDR "Film"

free lightroom preset for creative macro photography free lightroom preset for creative macro photography

This cinematic filter is effective for travel and landscape photography. It is rather difficult to say what kind of pictures this filter will work best with, so just play around with all of them to receive extraordinary results. The HDR preset is a wonderful way to add a perfect finish to any nature photo. It makes greens and blues deeper, highlighting trees, grass and water in your shots.

Free Product Photo Preset "Clarity"

free lightroom preset for macro images free lightroom preset for macro images

For those who want to brighten the picture and make it glossier, this LR preset will be a nice option. It adds a gray film effect and slightly blurs the overall image.

Food Action "Warm Effect"

free photoshop action for macro images free photoshop action for macro images

This filter will definitely become helpful if your shots are cold and dull. This action will make your macro photo warmer and more vivid without ruining its quality and changing the color range.

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