Still Life Photography Ideas

Still Life Photography Ideas

Are you seeking for some innovative still life photography ideas? Give your still life subjects another life and capture them from unexpected angles. Here are 30 creative still life photography ideas to try in your next still life photoshoot.

30 Still Life Photography Ideas

Here are the craziest still life photography ideas you can use for your next projects. All of them are quite simple and do not require any special preparation or expensive props.

1. Using Different Shapes

photos of still life photography

You can compare some dissimilar subjects which have something in common. It may be shape, color, etc. For example, a CD is round as well as a globe. Believe me, this is quite a good tool in case you look for some easy still life photography ideas.

2. Make Words

photos of still life photography

Traditionally, shots must say something. It may be expressed with the help of words. So, take dimensional typography. There are so many fun photography ideas for creating text like using chocolate, flowers, confetti, etc.

3. Have Fun with Patterns

still life photography examples

All you need is to decide which pattern to use. Among the most popular ones are ceramics, fruits, sweets, accessories, etc. Be careful and arrange everything in a proper way so that the shot doesn't look boring.

4. Tell a Story

still life ideas

You can use an object that tells a lot about a person, for instance, a tool characteristic for his/her job. It means you must pick up specific items but not random ones. As a result, they will look both intriguing and magnificent.

These objects may belong to certain people, like a silversmith, an artist, a writer, etc.

5. Chalk Drawings

still life drawing images Buy Chalk Board on Amazon

Think of placing a flat drawing next to real objects. It is one of the most popular still life photography ideas. In such a way, you will create a unique reality for regular objects along with chalk lines. You only need a drawing surface, a piece of chalk and a sketch.

6. Add Some Action

still life photography concepts

Still life photography requires some dimension. Otherwise, it will look too boring. Dynamic shots are always fascinating.

So include some motion into your still life photography concept. Think of melting chocolate, coffee splashes or any similar options to make the images more interesting for the viewers.

7. Use Toys

still life photography Buy Toy Figures on Amazon

I’m a fan of old 8-bit video games. If you are also, then try to make them real as well. You don’t need any special preparation. Just take a sugar cube or anything that will resemble a pixel. Next, recreate a scene from Pack-Man or another favorite game. Finally, arrange a fight, for example for breakfast.

8. Makeup Concept

still life photography pinterest

Using cosmetics is one of the good photography ideas these days. The main aim is to demonstrate it in a positive and colorful way.

Moreover, it allows creating an attractive composition. For example, you can build frames, backgrounds or borders with the help of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines.

9. Building Own Tiny World

still life photography ideas home

Fine art still life photography has one excellent advantage. It provides shooters with an opportunity to build their own world and change reality. So feel free to arrange a plain life scene and place some tiny people in it.

10. Stationery & Art Materials

props for still life photography

If you are fond of drawing, painting or other hand-made activities, then this may be a great benefit for still life photography ideas. Just take the items which you use for your hobbies.

As a rule, they are colorful and have geometric shapes. Thus, such things may become fantastic tools for minimalistic and abstract shots.

11. iPhone Earbuds

still life photo earbuds Buy Apple AirPods on Amazon

Do you have iPhone earbuds? Why not use them and realize creative ideas for photography? I bet you have not thought of placing them into your frame. However, I guarantee you will like the result.

12. Coffee Theme

still life photography ideas with coffee

As for me, I really like choosing one object for experimental still life photography and trying to take several shots with it. You may think it's a little bit crazy, but actually, it's a lot of fun. The main aim is to reveal all the opportunities of the object. A cup of coffee is the best subject to start.

13. Flowers

still life photography flowers

Agree that flowers are always a winning option for still life photography. Prefer one-colored backgrounds.

14. Photograph Food

still life photography food

Still life ideas should include food photography. It is so versatile that you may need several days to reveal all its advantages. You can start with a favorite meal.

A pie chart from your favorite breakfast food will be perfect. Divide it into several sections. They may be for berries, oatmeal, etc.

15. Rainy Day

still life photo

If you want to add some dramatic effect to the photo, then shoot when it is raining. Still life photographers recommend placing a cup of favorite tea near the window and take a shot.

16. Household Objects

creative still life photo

Do you know what is the main advantage of photos of still life photography? It is the opportunity to take impressive shots without leaving your own house. As a rule, a kitchen is the most perfect place to find great items for realizing any creative ideas. Think of vintage crockery, wooden spoons, plates or any other similar kitchen equipment.

17. Like a Real Painting

vintage still life photo

It would be great if you have some vintage or old items at home. Such subjects will become cool props for photography. Take clocks, furniture or any other similar items into consideration. As a result, your shots will attract viewers’ attention or even make them feel nostalgic.

18. Pencils

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Use a bunch of pencils and take a picture from above. You can also shoot a flat lay of paperclips and other stationery items. Such photos will look incredible.

19. Feather or Leaf

taking creative still life photo Buy Styled Feathers on Amazon

Do you have a feather or a leaf at home? Use it for photograph ideas. Add some water droplets to the subject and enjoy the result. Use Photoshop for surrealistic results like on the photos above.

20. Travel Photo

taking creative still life photo Buy Vintage Globe on Amazon

Prepare the shots that were taken during your last trip and put them into one place. Show the overall atmosphere in a single picture.

21. Dishes

taking creative still life photo

Place dishes into the frame. Some people like matte cutlery while others prefer smooth and shiny dishes. Someone serves food on porcelain, and someone – on the rough wooden saw сuts. Anyway, try to do your best to convey the dishes’ texture in the shots.

22. Jewelry

taking creative still life photo

Think of jewelry you have. Bracelets, rings, necklaces or any other items will suit all types of still life photography. Actually, the style of the jewelry doesn’t matter. Just choose the item and start experimenting.

23. Tools & Garden Equipment

still life photo with tools

Still life objects may include not only delicate and pretty items. You can take fantastic pictures using things that can be found in the garage, workshop or garden. Play with light and shadows for deeper effect and dramatic atmosphere.

24. Keys

shooting keys

Placing the main object in the center of the composition diagonally seems to look interesting. The key on the book fits the composition and symbolizes its opening. Open the book with a key and you will find a whole world of adventure.

25. Use Chromakey

still life photo idea

Let people believe in magic having viewed your photos. Photograph your subjects without people seen but as if they are dealing with your still life objects.

26. Wine

shooting wine

What could be better than a beautiful glass of wine in the photo? Perhaps only if there are additional elements near this glass of wine, like a book.

27. Nature Elements

still life photo idea

You shouldn’t do still life photography research as nature has lots of subjects for taking impressive shots. Just be attentive during the next walk outside. Keep your eyes on small subjects like seed heads, feathers, flowers, leaves, etc. All of them will become a great addition to the pictures.

28. Set Your Objects Unusually

still life photo idea

Attract your viewers’ attention with unusual angles and placement. Let Photoshop help you with it.

29. Advertise Right

still life photo idea

Combine unusual objects to make your subject (that you’re going to sell) central. Use one-colored background that isn’t catchy.

30. Small Details on the Street

still life photo idea

Remember to take small details into consideration as well. Peeling paint and rust will help implement any creative photo ideas.

Still Life Photography Tips

Look through these basic still life photo tips to prepare for unexpected things at the photoshoot.

Work on the Angles

still life photo idea

Always watch your camera. Check the result you are going to get. Otherwise, all photos will be identical. If you don’t want to face such a situation, then try to take pictures from different angles.

For example, you can shoot from a high point or watch down over the subject, but be attentive in order not to create shadows in the images.

Make a Suitable Backdrop

still life photo idea

Think of a suitable backdrop for the subject. It influences the overall result of implementing photography creative ideas. That's why an ordinary sheet of white or colorful paper, a plain wall would be a good choice.

It is necessary to decide whether you need a background that contrasts the main item or the one that has shades complementing the idea.

Engage with Your Subject

still life photo idea

Composition plays a key role in taking great pictures. You need to make sure there is nothing in the frame but the subject and the backdrop. Only in this case, your still life composition ideas will look wonderful.

Produce a Flat Lay Still Life

still life photo idea

A flat lay style is the best choice if you want to create something extraordinary. Just put the items on the desirable background and take shots from above. Don’t forget to add some flowers or fabric. This will add interest to your still life photography ideas as well as produce a special mood.

Make Creative Photo Editing

still life photo editing still life photo editing
Order Photo Editing

Even great images need to be edited. So, devote some time to enhancing the photos or outsource photo editing to professionals. From basic color correction to creative photo manipulations.

FREEBIES for Editing Still Life Photography

Download Lightroom presets, Photoshop overlays and actions absolutely for free. They will save your time and efforts as well as make the shots eye-catching.

Vintage Lightroom Preset

These LR filters will be a perfect choice in case you want to achieve a vintage effect in the photos. As a result, they will have a slight graininess and unsaturated colors.

Lr Preset for Food Photography "Matte"

This food preset Lightroom will help bring some magic into your shots. They will have warm toning but not yellow colors.

Moreover, the preset will make an accent on a nice pale and cool mood. All Instagram food lovers apply it.

Photoshop Oil Painting Action "Drawing Details"

This unusual action can convey all the features of still life as an artistic genre. By applying it, you will get a beautiful and elegant still life photo.

Product Photo Photoshop Action "Whitening"

You can add whiteness to your still life photos with this action. As a result, shots will look impressive.

Grunge Overlay "Ink"

Use this Photoshop overlay if you need to boost the noise or add a few slight vintage scratches. Mind that the main aim of the grunge effect is reflecting the social and cultural significance of the trend.

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