32 Easter Photography Ideas for Your Family

Easter Photography Ideas

Look through these Easter photography ideas to be ready for this busy time of the year. The wonderful Easter holiday is coming up, that’s why it is the perfect time to take cute Easter pics of newborns and families.

32 Easter Photo Ideas

Realize Easter photoshoot ideas presented below in order to get amazing shots and create the most memorable Easter pics for your portfolio.

Baby Easter Photo Ideas

If you have a little baby in the family, don’t miss the opportunity to involve him/her in the Easter photo shoot. They don’t have to miss out on all the fun. These small angles captured on the camera will result in truly sweet and lovely pictures. The following ideas will help you out.

1. Baby Bunny

bunny baby easter photo ideas

Put a lovely animal costume on a baby for cute Easter pics. You will be able to find a variety of such costumes for the little ones, but the bunny one is the most appropriate for this holiday.

Bunny Costume

bunny costume baby easter photo ideas

Use this funny Easter bunny suit that is perfect for baby's 1st Easter photo session. It is made of acrylic fibers knitted fabric, soft and skin-friendly. Together with this suit you get a baby hat and carrot.


2. Holding Carrots

bunny with a carrot baby easter photo ideas

It’s not a bunny without a carrot! Give a real or artificial one to your infant while taking baby Easter pictures. The size of the carrot should be pretty big so that the baby won’t swallow it accidentally.

3. Easter Basket

maternity photo manipulationeaster-editing-newborn-photo

The newborns are too small to go and look for eggs, but you can do it instead of them. One of the baby Easter photo ideas is to find or get a huge basket and put a soft blanket inside. Then, place the baby in the basket. Add cute baby poses to the mix for adorable pictures!

4. Involve Plastic Eggs

plastic eggs baby easter photo ideas

If you don’t trust the baby real eggs, give them plastic Easter eggs. These eggs are amazing newborn photography props and they will add a pop of color to your cute Easter photos. Fill the basket with colorful plastic eggs and you will get wonderful images.

5. Inside the Bird Nest

bird nest baby easter photo ideas

It is hard to imagine a more unique shot than a baby lying in a bird nest for Easter photography. One of the most important newborn photography tips concerning this idea is to place a thick blanket inside the nest so that its twigs won’t scratch the infant’s skin. As for the nest, you can purchase it, create or decorate like you want.

Professional Newborn Lightroom Presets

easter photography preset warm toneseaster photography preset warm tones

To make photo editing faster and more professional, download these Easter Lightroom Presets for newborn photography that will make your babies’ skin soft without redness. The photo will become warm with pastel touches.

6. Baby Seated in Cracked Easter Eggshell

easter photography idea

One of the truly fantastic baby's first Easter picture ideas is placing him/her in the center of a cracked egg. To make such an egg, you should learn about DIY photography props or add necessary details at image post-processing stage. Try putting the cracked egg on top of the bird nest.

Easter Photo Ideas for Kids

Shooting children having fun at the Easter holiday is a truly wonderful activity. However, coming up with creative ideas that they will like might cause problems. Therefore, I have collected amazing Easter photography ideas for older children.

7. Capture Eggs Hunting

easter photo ideas for kids egg hunt

It is finally spring, so organizing the Easter photo shoot outside is absolutely recommended! Select the burst shooting mode in the camera settings and capture children running and actively looking for eggs. The kids aren’t supposed to look directly at the camera. Instead of using child photography poses, shoot kids’ dynamic movement as they are trying to get a hold of an egg.

8. Posing with Easter Baskets

easter photo ideas for kids easter basket

As soon as all the eggs are found, suggest the children posing with their Easter baskets full of eggs. It will be one of the greatest Easter photo ideas for kids, especially if you ask them to hold the baskets or look at the eggs closely.

9. Tasting a Chocolate Bunny

easter photo ideas for kids chocolate bunny

There are no better Easter photography props than chocolate bunnies. Children won’t refuse to taste some chocolate and you will achieve incredible shots.

10. Bunny Ears

easter photo ideas for kids bunny ears

One of the cutest Easter picture ideas for siblings is to get them to wear bunny ear headbands.

11. Incorporate the Real Bunny

easter photo ideas for kids with bunny

Happy Easter pictures are guaranteed if you bring a real bunny. To get the most out of this idea, the kids and the animals should focus their attention on you at the same time. So, ask the children to look at you.

12. Involve a Bunny Toy

easter photo ideas for kids with stuffed bunny
easter photo ideas for kids with stuffed bunny

In case you are unable to bring a real bunny for implementing Easter photography ideas, don’t get upset. You may use a stuffed bunny. They are usually found in any nearby toy stores or online.

13. Easter Chicks and Ducklings

easter photo ideas for kids

Kids will absolutely adore these cute and fluffy birds. One of the truly amazing Easter photo shoot ideas is to bring ducklings and chicks from the farm or find the artificial ones who look real. Then ask the children to pose with the birds.

14. With a Lamb

easter photo ideas for kids with a lamb

Another animal perfect for realizing Easter photo ideas is a lamb, as the symbol of this holiday too. Of course, finding a lamb won’t be easy. But if you manage to do it, you will get incredible and sweet Easter shots.

CLICK! Kids Photography

easter photo ideas for kids book

The author of this book is Rachel Devine, an experienced child photographer and a mother of three beautiful kids. In her book, she explores the art of taking pictures of children. Rachel dwells upon her exceptional vision of shooting kids in seven detailed chapters.


15. Incorporate Balloons

easter photo ideas for kids balloons

If you want to make your shots more vibrant, use such Easter photo shoot props as colorful balloons spell. With the help, your pictures will look outstanding and will play out in fresh colors. What is more, they are inexpensive. Kids enjoy having fun with them which means they would be more engaged in the photo session. Choose the balloons of bright colors or the ones that match the whole scene.

16. Easter Tea Party

easter photo ideas for kids tea party

Kids are fond of dressing up, drinking a cup of tea with a sweet treat outdoors. While children are distracted by playing, you can snap incredible pictures. To give this scene a finished look, place some Easter props or a stuffed bunny.

17. Add a Pop of Color

colorful easter photo ideas for kids

Easter is a spring holiday usually associated with bright, vibrant colors. It is your opportunity to use some colorful items as Easter background. I recommend using baskets, large eggs, flowers, garlands and similar Easter-themed props.

18. Easter Cupcakes

easter photo ideas for kids with cupcakes
easter photo ideas for kids with cupcakes

Cupcakes with eggs or bunnies on the top are wonderful Easter props. You may either photograph the process of making them or use them later in a photo session. Whatever idea you go for, the results will be stunning.

Family Easter Picture Ideas

Easter is the holiday that brings the whole family together. While all of you are gathered in one place, it might be a good idea to organize an Easter photoshoot. It doesn’t matter what you are planning to do, look for eggs or taste home-made meals, you will definitely find these Easter family photo ideas inspirational.

19. Coloring Eggs

family easter picture ideas coloring eggs

If there is a tradition of coloring eggs each holiday in your family, you should certainly use it as one of the Easter family picture ideas. Don’t forget to purchase the Easter decorations kit in advance.

20. Easter Picnic

family easter picture ideas picnic

Organize an Easter photo shoot outside by planning a picnic. It is an excellent way to unite the whole family and capture sweet moments. To convey a particular mood, incorporate typical Easter meals and props.

Easter Mini Session Marketing Board

easter mini session marketing board

We offer you a mini session board to realize your Easter family photo ideas. Play with colors and layers, customize size, add text and decorative elements to create a cute family Easter picture without much effort.


21. Flower Crowns

family easter picture ideas flower crowns

If you want to add a romantic flair to your family Easter pictures, incorporate flower crowns in the scene. Place these crowns on the top of each family member’s head. They will nicely complement any pieces of clothing and will look remarkable in the shots.

22. Flower Garden

family easter picture ideas flower garden

You won’t find better Easter holiday backgrounds for photography than magnificent fields covered with green grass and flowers. At this time of the year, the flowers and trees are in bloom, and you are more likely to find a perfect location in the nearby garden or park. Gather the whole family there and achieve fascinating images.

23. Easter Hats

family easter picture ideas hats

Consider hats as a part of Easter family picture outfits. These would be ideal for an Easter-themed photo session. Find hats with floppy and wide brims, and add some ribbons or floral elements to convey the spring mood. The hats may be worn by all family members or only by parents or children.

24. Hang Banners

family easter picture ideas banners

Search for a wide variety of printable Easter banners. These are found online and can be printed and hanged anywhere you want. The banners are perfect for creating the holiday atmosphere and implementing family Easter picture ideas.

25. Action Shots

lifestyle family easter picture ideas

Easter family shots are supposed to be slightly dynamic. Family members standing still in one line looks extremely boring and not creative at all. One of the cute family Easter picture ideas is parents standing in the center hugging or kissing while their kids are running around. Get to know the peculiarities of taking gorgeous lifestyle photography with The Complete Guide to Creating Natural-Looking Lifestyle Family Portraits by Elena S. Blair.

26. Experiment with Dressing Up

family easter picture ideas dress up

Easter photography ideas don’t necessarily have to be serious, they might be cheerful and funny. For instance, one of the adult family members can put on an Easter bunny costume, play around and pose with kids. Capture these amusing moments and you will get pictures that tell a certain story.

27. Incorporate a Teepee

family easter picture ideas teepee

Teepees are also excellent Easter props for photography. In case you are shooting outside, bringing a teepee will turn an ordinary scene into a captivating setting. Decorate it with flowers, Easter props, surround with pillows and blankets to achieve images full of comfort and coziness.

28. Involve Pets in the Shooting Process

family easter picture ideas with pets

While realizing family Easter picture ideas, make sure that you involve pets, as they are also family members. Get them to wear bunny ears and shoot the whole family wearing Easter-themed costumes. There are stores online where you can purchase costumes, hats, bows and other accessories for dogs and cats.

29. Cooking Easter Meals

family easter picture ideas cooking

Easter is associated with specific meals. If your kitchen is spacious and light, one of the Easter photography session ideas is to capture the process of cooking the holiday dinner. You may even allow the children to sit on the counter for the shot.

30. Easter Morning

family easter picture ideas morning

If you want to achieve natural and relaxed Easter family pictures, capture your morning. The family members can line up outside, sit on the sofa or lay on the bed and read the book together. There exist different variations of possible angles and the tog will be guiding you.

31. Take a Walk

family easter picture ideas outside

Go outside. Just take a walk prior to visiting a church with your nearest and dearest. During the walk, the photographer will capture the most precious and adorable moments between your family members.

32. Classic Family Shot

classic family easter picture ideas

Even though dynamic and creative family shots are highly appreciated, you will still need to pose in a regular way for classic pictures. These are typically sent as Easter cards or are put in to frames.

What to Wear: Easter Family Picture Outfits

If you think that the most complicated part is coming up with Easter photo shoot ideas, you are wrong. Actually, there are more significant photography challenges like choosing the perfect outfit for a family photo session. If you are having a hard time picking what to put on, I am here to help you.

General Easter Photography Styling Tips

Hopefully, the tips mentioned below will come in handy while selecting clothes for taking cute Easter pics.

1. Pick not matching but complementing colors.

easter family picture outfits

The key to a successful Easter photo shoot is family members dressed up in complementing colors. A uniform look can be perfectly achieved even if each family member doesn’t wear an identical outfit. However, you may put on matching sibling Easter outfits if it suits the theme.

2. Select diverse tones of the same color.

easter family picture outfits

If you can’t cope with picking coordinate colors, select different shades of the same color. As a result, the image will feature some diversity as well as uniformity in terms of colors.

3. Take location into account.

easter family picture outfits

Before you start thinking about the outfit, take into consideration the location where Easter photo shoot will take place. Is it organized in a green field covered with vibrant flowers or at the beach with neutral shades prevailing? The color scheme of the chosen clothes should match the colors and the atmosphere of the scene.

4. Avoid diverting patterns and massive logos.

easter family picture outfits

I strongly recommend you not to wear patterned clothing items and those featuring massive logos. They divert attention from the primary object and idea of the shot. Also, you aren’t supposed to wear clothes that poorly complement each other and the rest of photography props and accessories.

Color Theme Ideas for Easter Photography

As for spring photo shoot outfit ideas, soft and pastel colors are absolutely fitting for this season. They match the colors of spring flowers and won’t be distracting. The best colors are all tones of pastel blue, white, coral and pink. A floral pattern in pastel shades will also look amazing.

White and Coral

easter family picture outfits

Soft Neutrals

easter family picture outfits
easter family picture outfits


easter family picture outfits

Blue, Denim and White

easter family picture outfits

Pink and Florals

easter family picture outfits

FREEBIES for Editing Easter Photography

Once your Easter photography ideas are implemented, it is time for image post-processing stage. Enhance your photography by downloading actions, presets and overlays for free. They will make your Easter shots more memorable and eye-catching.

Light and Airy Lightroom Preset Free "Spring Matte"

Apply this preset to add a retro vibe to your imagery along with matte touch. Besides, it will improve the way your Easter portrait ideas are implemented in shots.

Photoshop Action Free "Warm"

Transform your family Easter pictures into real masterpieces with this PS action. It adds beautiful warmth to the shots.

Flower Photoshop Overlay Free "Spring Shades"

With this PS flower overlay, you will see bright green tints appearing in the image. I suggest using it for baby portraits shot outdoors in the garden or park.

Newborn Photoshop Action Free “Smooth Skin”

If you noticed that your Easter picture ideas for newborns weren’t realized perfectly, this action would help fix the problem. It removes minor imperfections preserving the naturalness of the baby’s skin.

Newborn Lightroom Preset Free “Warm Tones”

This preset adds pure magic to kids’ pictures filling them with warm shades and softness. It intensifies contrast and medium tones making baby images appear delicate and gentle.

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