50 Maternity Photo Poses for Body Positive Pregnant Women

Maternity Photo Poses

Having many maternity photo poses to offer to your clients while shooting, you get more chances to take interesting and memorable pregnant images as well as set friendly relations with your clients, so they fill address you in the future.

If you attentively study the maternity picture poses listed below, you will understand how to focus on the belly or couple while adding a creative touch.

50 Maternity Photo Poses to Try:

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To guide your future mothers through the entire photo session, you absolutely need to know different maternity picture poses. Think about them in advance to make your maternity photoshoot as stress-free as possible.

1. Mom Only

maternity picture pose

This is the first pose in this maternity posing guide, which you should suggest to your future mom to get tender and meaningful pictures. Place a woman at 45° from a camera, so you can capture a charming silhouette of her bump.

This works especially great if her bump isn’t big enough. Ask your model to embrace her belly and talk to her baby, which will surely result in very candid and sweet shots.

2. Dad Touching the Belly

maternity picture pose

Taking this kind of photos, you mainly focus on the belly. But adding a dad-to-be to the frame, posing near a belly is a really good decision. Ask him to kneel and gently embrace the belly.

He can also talk to his baby and show any other feelings that he has. This is absolutely a very special moment that should be captured.

  • Try one of these charming couple poses.

3. Add Props or Accessories

maternity picture pose

Remember that your clients are enjoying a very special period of their lives, so anything that can accentuate their happiness and excitement should be absolutely used while posing. This can be props and accessories related to their baby’s gender, name, etc.

4. Choose Appropriate Clothes

maternity picture pose

Some clothes items are good for maternity photo poses, while others aren’t. Talk this over with your clients long before the shooting. Ask them to choose the outfit that can highlight their special state best of all. There are many cool ideas on the net that they may use.

5. With Siblings

pregnant photography pose

If you clients already have children, it is such a nice idea to shot the entire family spending time together. Having set everybody in the proper mood, you can take really memorable, tender and fun pictures, which will become the highlights of the family photo album.

6. Keep Everything Natural

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Even if you managed to get creative photos that show sincere emotions, you should be very mindful about the way you edit them, not to spoil the results with excessive photoshopping.

Adobe Lr and Ps offer the entire set of tools and functions to keep everything natural.

It is also a reasonable decision to address a trustworthy service like FixThePhoto and have everything done by professionals and very quickly.

7. Add Some Fun

fun pregnant photography pose

At the beginning of your sessions, you are supposed to take tender and lovely photos, that will make your clients’ eyes water when they remember those moments. But when you’ve done with these shots, encourage models to have some fun.

They can dance together or simply walk around talking about funny moments happening during their married life. A woman can pay compliments to her husband and vice versa.

The moment they forget that they are photographed, you can get some really playful images showcasing how happy these people are.

8. Make a Heart with Hands

creative pregnant photography pose

A heart is often perceived as a symbol of love, so let your future mom and dad build it with their hands. This will look really meaningful and cute. Though it doesn’t require special preparations, being one of the easiest pregnancy picture poses for couples, the images you get will leave nobody indifferent.

9. With Sonogram

pregnant photography pose with husband

A sonogram is like a first meeting of parents with their baby, so it definitely deserves to be in your future parents’ album. Just choose a proper background like a field, a garden or a clearing.

10. Showing If It’s a Boy or Girl

unique pregnant photography pose

I think if you decorate the model’s belly with a bow, no one will doubt that your client is waiting for a daughter. But trainers or a mustache drawn on a belly will tell the world about the imminent birth of a little man. Or you can use letters to show who you are waiting for.

11. Embracing Painted Tummy

creative pregnancy photography pose

I really like cute maternity poses ideas with body art on the bump or decorating it with funny inscriptions. It looks like a message straight to the future! Read more about the most famous pregnancy moments in history.

  • Use some of these studio portrait photography poses.

12. Together with Pets

pregnancy photography pose

People, who have different pets, know that they are really intelligent and can somehow predict future situations. Most animals feel really curious about a woman’s belly and even demonstrate protective behavior following a lady wherever she goes.

If your clients have such a furry faithful friend, it would be a pity not to take some photos with it. This is one of those maternity poses ideas that will feel hearts with warmth!

13. Holding Balloons

pregnancy photography pose accessories

Take a whole bunch of helium balloons of different colors, go to a picturesque forest clearing or, for example, in a field, and let your imagination run wild there. These props offer many variations of maternity photoshoot poses.

  • Use Balloons to take colorful and vibrant images.

14. Use Glitter

outdoor pregnancy photography pose

Another cool way to fill your images with bright colors is to use glitter. You can cover just the mom’s belly to demonstrate the feeling of being blessed with the baby or other body parts as well to accentuate the party mood.

  • Take advantage of Glitter when you photograph future moms.

15. Showing Hobbies

pregnancy photography pose

If your model has a hobby, show it. For example, a pregnant woman loves to go in for sports. Just show how excited the pregnant is about doing her favorite activities.

16. Looking Straight at the Camera

pregnancy photography pose

Ask a pregnant woman to choose the props that will emphasize her belly. When photographing, concentrate on it, asking the pregnant woman to gently hug her tummy with both hands.

17. 3/4 Perspective

cute pregnancy photography pose

A great angle for maternity photo poses to demonstrate a round tummy and a pregnant woman in all her beauty.

18. A Tip-Toe Pose

pregnant photo shoot pose

Ask a pregnant woman to stand on her toes, which will make her body look elegant and graceful both in color and black & white. Concerning her interesting state, this will add emotions to photographs.

19. Near the Wall

beautiful pregnant photo shoot pose

Since taking images near walls is really popular nowadays, you can use this idea for outdoor posing. This will look quite bold, especially if you take care of corresponding clothes in advance.

20. A Couple Posing Close to Each Other

great pregnant photo shoot pose

Quite a nice and, at the same time, funny way to photograph future parents. Ask a man to stand as close as possible to his wife. Mind that they both should feel comfortable. Play with angles and take full length, half body and close up photos.

21. Dad Kissing the Belly

pregnant photo shoot pose

This is one of the sweetest pregnancy photo poses with husband that help show the excitement of a man about his being a dad.

22. Walking

professional pregnant photo shoot pose

If you see that your clients are a bit uptight in front of the camera and you want to make them feel relaxed, there is no better way than a common walk across the city, in a park, etc.

When your clients interact with each other naturally, you don’t really need to worry about pregnancy photo shoot poses, everything goes as it should be and results in sincere shots.

23. Incorporate Flowers

pregnant photo shoot pose

A pregnant woman looks different than she used to before her interesting state and you can complement her goddess look with beautiful and gentle flower crowns and wreaths. Think about appropriate pregnancy picture poses beforehand to get the most of this idea.

24. Compare Bellies

pregnant photo shoot pose with family

This is another idea for funny pregnancy poses with husband and kids. Take a picture of a married couple comparing their bellies. You can also include kids to this photo.

25. A Silhouette Shot

pregnancy picture pose

Forget about front-view angle if you want to take unique photos. Opt for the silhouette approach to demonstrate the rounded lines of a woman’s body. Such images will remind your client how graceful and special she was at that moment.

26. Looking Down

outdoor pregnancy picture pose

Ask the woman to face the camera at aslight angle and look down, so you can photograph the profile of her bump. Such beautiful pregnant poses evoke only sincere emotions.

  • View more classical female poses.

27. Closing Eyes

beach pregnancy picture pose

Ask a woman to close her eyes and think about her baby. This maternity pose may symbolize a woman thinking about the future.

28. Looking Sideways

pregnancy picture pose

Ask a woman to embrace her belly and look to the side. A simple and quite natural pose.

  • Read my maternity photography tips to become a true experts in this genre.

29. Profile Pose

creative pregnancy picture pose

Another example of pregnancy photography poses that help focus attention on the rounded figure of your model and her cute bump. The mum should be perpendicular to the camera, so you can see her profile.

The back must be bent a bit and shoulders put back. She can either look directly at the camera or pensively study her belly.

30. With Husband in the Kitchen

pregnancy photo shoot pose

The kitchen is a great place to take photos at home. Let the pregnant woman sit and her husband hug her. The result is very atmospheric.

31. Photograph in Motion

pregnancy photo shoot pose with husband

Taking dynamic shots require good timing skills and knowledge of flattering pregnancy photo shoot poses. Talk about model posing with your client in advance, so you both understand how to achieve the necessary look. It may take some time to have some practice, but the results are worth the effort.

32. Hands Behind the Back

outdoor pregnancy photo shoot pose

Hands behind the back are an unusual but interesting idea for maternity poses that will give images a sincere look. The model should lean against the wall or stand in the middle of something.

  • Check out more positive maternity photo ideas to realize these poses.

33. Using a Hat

pregnancy photo shoot pose

If your model has chosen a hat as a prop, you can just ask her to use it and take several nice shots. This pose is absolutely wonderful for all pregnant women. All you need is light & airy color correction.

34. Covered with Fabric

studio pregnancy photo shoot pose

A feminine and graceful pose. Covering a model’s body with light fabric will add special atmosphere to the photo, highlighting her tender state.

35. Going Away From the Camera

beautiful pregnancy photo shoot pose

Photograph a mom going away from the camera. This looks somehow melancholic and meaningful like her approaching a new period of her life. You can add movement to the frame if a woman plays with hair or clothes.

36. Arch the Back

maternity posing guide

If your future mother is very flexible and can gracefully cave her back, why not show it in? Just find an interesting surface for your model to pose there conveniently.

37. Lying with Husband

maternity photo pose for couples

This pose also includes the presence of her husband in a photo shoot. Ask the couple to lie down on the bed and take some gentle and romantic pictures.

38. Reclining on the Side

maternity photoshoot poses

A good example of maternity photo poses to emphasize the curves and bends of any pregnant woman's body. Ask her to keep her body directly at the camera, pay special attention to the position of her legs, as they should be placed as straight as possible.

39. Laying Down

maternity photo pose

One of the most standard pregnant photography poses that enables women to feel comfortable and look their best in pictures. A model can place both her hands on the belly or keep one behind it and another one on it. Experiment with angles to find those that add special appeal to this pose.

40. In the Milk Bath

creative maternity photo pose

I like how stylish a milk bath look in a shot. It can add certain texture and mood tomaternity images. Fill the bathtub with warm water. When it is about a quarter full, add milk powder and a mixture of corn starch.

Then use a whisk to evenly distribute all the elements. You don’t need to bother about maternity outfits and the woman’s body will be invisible in the water.

41. Sitting by the Sea

maternity photo pose

Ask the pregnant woman to sit on her knees near the pond. This is a very beautiful and romantic pose for all portraits.

42. The Lotus Pose

indoor maternity photo pose

This isn’t one of the classic maternity photo poses and not the one that is used in yoga (though it resembles it). This pose is good, especially if the clothes don’t hide the belly.

In this pose, the bump is in the very center of the frame and photographs of a pregnant woman express tenderness and care for the baby.

43. On the Beach

maternity photo pose

These poses are so popular because this location offers cool colors and textured for a photo. If you have problems with lighting, just wait for the golden hour and you won’t go wrong.

44. On the Swing

cute maternity photo pose

Beautiful swings decorated with flowers will be a greatlocation to realize creative maternity poses ideas. While you’re taking images, a woman doesn’t have to sit, she can walk around the swings, smile, and dreamily look up.

45. Classic Sitting Pose

maternity photo pose

A wonderful pose to demonstrate the closeness of a mother and her future child. Just check whether a woman is OK with it.

46. Sitting in the Arm-Chair

maternity photo pose

Let a pregnant woman sit in an arm-chair and lean back. Add homemade props and play with angles.

47. Sitting on the Windowsill

maternity photo pose with pets

Windowsill is a great place to take romantic photos. Thanks to the natural daylight, the photos you get are soft and full of light. A pregnant woman calmly sitting on the windowsill will look truly captivating. Besides, you can complement the scene with interesting props to get original images.

48. Sitting on a Bench

maternity photo pose

A park is a perfect place to experiment with sitting maternity photo poses. There are many beautiful places to take incredible photos of pregnancy. You can ask the model to sit on a bench near the beautiful flowers.

49. On the Bed

maternity photo pose

This pose is the best one if you want to get gentle portraits at your client’s house. Place a model on the edge of the bed and ask to hug her belly with both hands dreamily.

50. Sitting on the Bed with Stretched Legs

candid maternity photo pose

A good and simple pose which results in beautiful horizontal images. By changing the position of a hand, the direction of gaze and the head, you can get interesting variations of this pose.

Freebies for Your Maternity Photo Poses

Using the freebies presented below, you can cope with maternity photo editing pleasantly fast.

Free Preset "Contrast"

free lightroom preset for maternity photo posefree lightroom preset for maternity photo pose

A real finding for indoor portraits. It helps improve the skin tone, regulate WB and lighting, as well as add a clean look to the shot.

Free Preset "Vintage"

free lightroom preset for maternity photo posefree lightroom preset for maternity photo pose

Going after a retro look in your photos, you can’t do without this preset. Bringing a vintage vibe, it equally suits outdoor and indoor pictures.

Free Action "Portrait"

free photoshop action for maternity photo posefree photoshop action for maternity photo pose

This is a truly universal Ps action that will be of great help for creative photos. Use it to brighten images and accentuate objects in the center of the frame.

Free Action "Creative"

free photoshop action for maternity photo posefree photoshop action for maternity photo pose

If you have a picture with many elements, use this action to focus the attention on the model.

Free Overlay "Yellow-White Bokeh"

free photoshop overlay for maternity photo posefree photoshop overlay for maternity photo pose

Take a photo with even lighting and then apply this overlay. Colorful particles will beautifully hide the distracting objects in the background.

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