20 Maternity Photo Props: Accessories for Pregnancy Photoshoot

If you are now about 28-36 weeks pregnant, it's high time to organize a maternity photoshoot. The range of ideas for such a photo session may be truly overwhelming, so finding a unique concept is a challenging task.

Anyway, if you prepare original maternity photo props, you can give even standard ideas a new life. Interested? Keep reading the overview to learn what props and accessories are worth using.

Top 20 Maternity Photo Props

Photographers actively use pregnant photo props because such items can set a proper mood and make images memorable, touching, or funny. The most frequent choice is baby’s stuff - clothes, hats, socks, booties, as well as soft toys of any size, nameplates, and inscriptions. Colored smoke, sonogram, and even pieces of light fabric are also suitable for such a photo session.

1. Toddler T-Shirt

pregnant photo props

Show off the beautiful clothes you have bought for your baby. A simple baby-size jersey looks very cute. Thus, you can show your anticipation and burning desire to see your sweetie.

2. Tiny Shoes

maternity photo prop

Tiny shoes are meaningful maternity photoshoot props, so if you’ve already bought one, make sure to include them in the frame. Actually, this is one of the best maternity photo ideas if you want to highlight the feeling of expecting. Besides, you can show whether you are waiting for a boy or a girl.

3. Sonogram

maternity photo shoot accessories

A sonogram can replace a thousand words denoting “the first meeting” of parents with their baby. Make sure you have a photo with a sonogram in your album. The main thing here is to choose an eye-pleasing yet non-distracting background. It is also a great idea to keep the background blurred.

4. Toddler’s Things

maternity shoot props

All mothers-to-be choose the first clothes for their baby with special care. The first bodysuit, hat, or socks are wonderful props for maternity shots given how colorful and bright they are. After a while, you will be stunned at how tiny all these things were!

5. Flower Wreath

maternity photoshoot props

A pregnant woman looks special, and it is a great idea to complement her image with a flower wreath. Images with a pregnant lady wearing a floral crown were immensely popular several years ago, and many photographers still recommend this prop for a gentle and touching look.

6. Balloons

props for maternity shoot

Balloons are universal maternity shoot props that can be used in many different ways. While doing maternity photography with balloons in the frame, you can experiment with their color, styling, number, etc., to achieve a tender look, a relaxed feel, or even a funny effect. In fact, you can even go for a glamorous vibe by taking photos in a stylish studio filled with balloons.

7. Toy

props to bring for maternity shoot

While selecting pregnancy photo shoot props, don’t limit yourself to particular items. For instance, you can use a toy or several toys for a touching shot. I recommend taking such photos with a husband to get a truly heartwarming image.

8. Flowing Dress

pregnancy photo shoot props

Some clothes can serve as perfect maternity photoshoot props. The best option is a flowing dress that gently highlights your special state. If you don’t have such a dress, you can buy satin fabric and use it instead. Just opt for the fabric of calming colors – white, creamy, beige, etc.

9. Letter Board

creative pregnancy photo shoot props

If you feel like taking funny images, go for it. You can use a letter board and write something laughable on it. Alternatively, you and your husband can write something for your future kid. Such a family photo idea is great both for outdoor and indoor shooting.

10. Letter Balloons

best maternity photo shoot prop

Prepare helium letter balloons, choose a picturesque location, and let your imagination run wild. If you have many letter balloons and can play with words, you will definitely get amazing photos.

11. Hat

pregnancy photo shoot accessoires

It may seem that a simple hat is inappropriate for a pregnant photo session, but in fact, it is one of the best budget-friendly pregnancy photo shoot props. The only thing to remember is that the brims of a har cast shadows, so you need to take a proper pose with lighting hitting your face.

12. Bicycle

maternity picture prop

If you have 2 bikes, a large and a small one, I recommend using them both during the shooting. The focus should be on mom and dad staying near 2 bicycles. Tie a kids bike to the adult one to metaphorically show the bonds.

13. Blanket

best pregnancy photo shoot props

Organize a photo shoot in nature in the park taking a plaid, which you can lay on the grass to add coziness to the frame. You can either just sit on it or take out your food and have a picnic.

14. Colored Smoke

maternity props and accessoires

Using colored smoke as props for maternity shoot is a great idea if parents-to-be don’t yet know the gender of a baby. You need to prepare in advance: when visiting an ultrasound specialist, ask him/her to put a note with the child's gender in an envelope and pass it on to your friends, who will choose pink or blue smoke for a photo session. To get truly memorable photos, find a beautiful location.

15. Special Caps

cute maternity photo props

This is a remarkable idea for taking photos of both parents. Such caps will make your images especially sweet and will bring tears to your eyes whenever you’ll look at them. The most fitting maternity photo pose is when a man stands behind his wife and hugs her.

16. Blocks

maternity photo prop blocks

You can also take blocks with numbers and months, thus showing the term of your pregnancy. Most often, such photographs are taken either on the street in a beautiful dress or at home.

17. Book

maternity photo prop book

A colorful children book is a wonderful example of maternity photoshoot props. You can either read a book together or, if you have numerous books, arrange them as a thematic background. In most cases, books help convey a specific atmosphere, so don’t neglect this idea.

18. Bubbles

best maternity photo props bubbles

Being of the cheap photography props, bubbles still add special charm to the scene, which you can’t achieve with other maternity photo shoot accessories. They make images livelier and even dynamic especially if there is someone blowing bubbles on a mom.

19. Swings

top maternity photo props

Swings are amazing maternity shoot props, but you can go even further and embellish them with vegetation or something like that for a more delicate feel. The best pose is to sit and look in the distance meditatively.

20. Milk Bath

best maternity picture props

Such images are gaining huge popularity among expecting mothers. To get beautiful milk bath photography results, you need to conduct thorough preparation. Fill the bath halfway with warm water, add milk powder, and corn starch mixture. Distribute them evenly in water using a whisk.