15 Easy DIY Photography Gifts Ideas

If you have a lot of beautiful images, but you do not know how to present them, we offer a way out. You can create DIY photography gifts to present as a keepsake to your friends and relatives. They will definitely appreciate and treasure such a homemade present. You can also use these photos as decor for your apartment.

Top 15 Homemade Photo Gift Ideas

All the ideas described below can be customized depending on your needs. You can create homemade photo gifts using holiday, travel, and Christmas photos.

1. Polaroid Photo Coasters

diy photo gits polaroid photo coasters

Pictures taken during friendly gatherings could be used to create great gifts for friends or young couples. You just need to use a bit of Mod Podge, photos, ceramic tiles, adhesive felt circles, and clear acrylic finish spray to create such “Polaroid” coasters. To implement this idea, you can use funny family photos.

2. Personalized Photo Candles

diy photo gits candles

If you like DIY picture gifts, try creating a personalized photo candle. It is an affordable option that won’t cost much. You can transfer your picture onto any surface with packing tape.

Once the photo is printed onto basic tissue paper, you need to apply this paper picture-side down onto a pillar candle. To transfer the image, you need to wrap a piece of wax paper and use a heat gun or blow dryer, that’s it!

You can also use an embossing gun with a wax paper barrier in between. Take a look at what you have at hand and choose the most convenient option. 

3. Creative Photos On Wood Blocks

diy photo gits wooden blocks

Wooden gifts are valued for being natural. You can use wooden blocks and a homemade picture to create a gift for your friends and family members. You can cut wood craft plaques on your own or buy pre-cut ones. To make them suitable for your interior, sand down and paint their edges. You can use glue to quickly apply a photo to wood.

If you want a gift to live longer, you can use tattoo paper. Try using photo collage apps or find a detailed tutorial on how to make a collage in Photoshop. You can print any photo on tattoo paper.

If you are using tattoo paper, a damp towel may come in handy. In about 15 seconds after the paper is applied, it will peel off easily, while the picture will be left on the wood. If you notice bubbles, smooth them out with a towel.

This method is easy since you do not need to remove the messy paper from the wood. Thanks to the wood texture, your gift will look beautiful.

4. Unique Photo Keychain

diy photo gits keychain

Small and cute DIY picture gifts will be appreciated by your loved ones. They are quite affordable and allow you to show your emotions.

For such a gift, you need to use acrylic keychain blanks and photos. You can create personalized keys for all family members. 

5. Personalized Photo Map

diy photo gits map

A photo map is a great gift for anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas. You can also use it as home decor. It could be a paper map, a wooden wall world map or a map of a specific country. You can stick the map onto a wooden board or any other material you like.

First, you need to choose photos. If you want to edit them in one style, we’d recommend contacting the photo retouching service. The next step is to print all the pictures. You should cut them in the shape of a certain country and use pins to attach pictures to a wooden board.  

6. Hanging Wall Art

diy photo gits wall art

It's always nice to create something that will remind you of the best moments spent with your loved ones. To create a wall picture, you can print out 4x4″ square images in any color scheme. Black-and-white photos allow you to give your gift an artistic look. You can use inspiring DIY photo display ideas to create your gift.

Hang photos on a string to create attractive homemade picture gifts. You can use photos of your kid or a collection of the best wedding photography. You can add photos in any order. Attach these pictures to strings and use them to decorate your interior.

7. Awesome Photo Bookmarks

diy photo gits bookmarks

If you have photos with funny poses, you can create bookmarks for magazines. To implement these homemade photo gift ideas, you need to print pictures, cut them and glue them to a piece of cardboard. To enhance the result, you can use embroidery floss and thick cardstock.

8. Personalized Wine Glasses

diy photo gits wine glasses

Such photo gift ideas DIY only require a bit of Mod Podge, nice glasses, and photos. To print a photo, you can go to a photo center or use a photo printer at home.

If you are new to working with printers, you might need to check if your device allows printing onto vellum. You can use most inkjet printers to do it. Professionals use the Canon PIXMA printer. Keep in mind that some photos can be printed directly from your phone. 

9. Picture Magnets Out of Glass Gems or Marbles

diy photo gits magnets

Magnets will always remind you of memorable moments from your life every time you have a family dinner or party with friends. You can use large clear glass gems that can be found in any craft store. Alternatively, you can use smaller ones from Dollar Tree. Besides, you’ll need some glass adhesive and magnets.

Any surface can serve as the basis for a magnet, even bottle caps. You should use glue or contact cement to glue the details together. Such DIY photo gift ideas are funny and easy to implement. Besides, they allow you to make your kitchen room brighter.

10. Romantic Luminaries

diy photo gits luminaries

A hand-made lamp will be a practical gift, especially if you add photographs to it. Use photo collage ideas to create unique photos. Then, print your pictures onto vellum, glue 4 DIY picture frames together, and attach pictures to the lamp. You can also use candles. We’d recommend choosing heat-resistant glass, such as glass mason jars and flower vases.

You can find vellum paper in the scrapbook section of any craft store. It’s similar to wax paper except for being transparent. It allows it to let light through.

Use double-sided tape to attach your photos to the top and bottom. It’s better to use horizontal photos since you can wrap them around the lamp.

These lamps look great in daylight. If you place them on a windowsill, it will help you create a natural glow.

11. Personalized Rubik’s Cube

diy photo gits rubiks cube

Such homemade photo gift ideas are great for people who are fond of puzzles. Remove colored stickers from the Rubik’s Cube, measure out each square to understand the size of the pictures you need, cut and glue them to the cube. 

12. Soup Cans Photo Vases

diy photo gits vases

Such a simple gift can be a great decoration for any room in the loft or contemporary style. You can paint used soup cans in any color. Clean soup cans and glue pictures to them. For making your gift more durable, cover it with varnish or glue. If you would like to use it as decor for the room, put flowers in the can.

13. Photo Bracelets from Popsicle Sticks

diy photo gits polaroid photo coasters

Boil wood craft sticks in hot water for an hour to make them flexible so that you can wrap sticks around the inside of a jar. Once they are soft, it will be easy for you to bend the sticks, but be ready to spend a couple of minutes creating the desired shape. Keep in mind, you do not need to bend them too much.

Before using Mod Podge to glue the photo strip, put the forms in the oven and set it to 250 degrees. For DIY photography gifts, use long wooden sticks that are 1" wide and 7.5" long. You can use either double-sided tape or glue. Then, cover the bracelet with Mod Podge or use a sealant.

14. Magic Gift Box

diy photo gits polaroid photo coasters

If you’re looking for a gift for a couple, you just need to choose special photos and messages. A DIY photo album in a box will make a great gift.

There are several ways to create such a gift box. For instance, you can take a box of any shape or size, attach your photos to a ribbon, then attach the edges of photos to the top or the bottom of the box. After opening the box, a person will pull out a photo collection. Besides photos, you can add written messages.

The second option is a multi layered explosion box that can be decorated with beautiful craftwork. When a person opens the box, all sides fold back, revealing a three-layer card, a message gift card, and space for photo cards. You can make such a box on your own or buy a ready-made option and add your photos to it.

15. Photo Puzzle Blocks

diy photo gits photo puzzle

You can also create photo puzzle blocks and surprise your loved ones. To make such a present from ready-made wooden blocks, you need a few hours. The gift is great for children.

These photo blocks allow you to display funny photos from your archive. You can also use them as decor by placing them on a shelf, coffee table, or nightstand. If you're bored, a puzzle block is a great way to have fun.