28 DIY Picture Frame Ideas for Your Inspiration

If you want to freshen up the look of your rooms quickly and without spending much money, these DIY picture frame ideas might be of great help to you. All supplies are cheap and can be easily found in your house. To make them, you will need no more than $10-15.

Top 28 Cute DIY Picture Frame Ideas

Why have basic photo frames if you can create them by yourself and make them more interesting? Take the craft basket, get some supplies, and use these DIY picture frame ideas.

1. Laconic Wooden Frame

diy wooden picture frame idea

To make such frames, you need to use ready-made wood squares. Paint one part black and attach the adhesive tape to the front side. With it, you can fix a photo in the frame.

2. DIY Driftwood Frames

diy driftwood picture frame idea

To create this simple wood frame, you will need wood slices. Glue them to the finished frame. Such frames look harmoniously in the interior designed in a loft, country, and Provence style.

cute diy picture frame

You can use thin branches instead of wooden cuts. Place them perpendicular to the photo without leaving empty spaces between the elements.

3. Cute Rock DIY Photo Frame

diy rock photo frame idea

Frames decorated with rocks look eye-catching and unique. Glue them on glass and they will last for a long time. Other decors can be decorated in this style too. For example, you can create an interesting composition for your living room.

4. Frame Made Of Wood Slats

homemade photo frames idea

Frames made of wood slats have a fresh and unique look. The supplies are cheap and you can create frames of any size. Basically, this is a combination of wood and magnetic tape.

5. Instagram DIY Picture Frame

diy instagram picture frame idea

To create such a frame, you need pine planks, paint, and screw hooks. First, you need to make a frame, then attach the hooks to the top bar and paint the back part.

Divide your pictures into two piles and hang them on the hooks. Such a DIY photo album can be a nice decoration for your desk. You can change the order of photos or add new ones whenever you want.

6. Natural Material Frames

diy natural material frame idea

Wooden blocks can also be used to implement some DIY picture frame ideas. For example, you can paint them and decorate them with a bow. To add a retro touch, experiment with paint and application techniques.

idea for making picture frames

Another great option is a clip wood picture frame. To make it, you will need wood planks, acrylic paint, glue, and a metal clip. It’s very simple to make and it won’t take you much time.

photo frame from natural material idea

You can hang it on the wall and use mini clothespins instead of metal clips.

7. Elegant Frames on Legs

diy elegant photo frame idea

To create such a frame, you need a standard picture frame set and candle holders. You can paint the frame in any color you want. You can put it on the dresser in the bedroom and use it to decorate your living room.

8. DIY Photo Frame from an Old Book

diy retro picture frame idea

Using old books, you can also implement some creative picture frame ideas. Some libraries give them away for free. You will also need hot glue, a utility knife, old cardboard, felt, a button, and string. Cut out the frame from the cover and glue a piece of cardboard on the inside. Glue the rope around the edges of the frame and on the backside of the cover.

9. DIY Funky Frames with Popsicle Sticks

diy funky frames idea

To make them, use wood craft sticks, washi tape, glue, and magnets.

diy back-to-school photo frames idea

Wrap the sticks with washi tape, put them together, and glue a magnet on the top center of the frame’s backside. With a magnet, you can put pictures on your fridge or other metal surfaces.

10. Mosaic DIY Photo Frame

diy mosaic picture frames idea

If you are tired of simple monochromatic frames, try decorating them with mosaics. You can attach the elements with glue. You can also buy a ready-made mosaic photo frame.

11. Custom Acrylic Gallery Frame

diy acrylic gallery frames idea

Another interesting photo wall idea is to decorate the wall with an acrylic gallery frame. The best part about it is that you can change photos as many times as you wish and it will always look stylish. Such frames look as if they were taken from a gallery.

12. Nautical Frame

diy nautical frames idea

Such frames are perfect for pictures taken on vacations. For example, you can try using a shells picture frame. You can make it yourself by gluing the shells brought from vacation to it and painting them in bright colors.

13. DIY Cardboard Frame

diy cardboard frames idea

One of the best DIY picture frame ideas is to use colored cardboard. Cut out a piece of cardboard and use it to create the frame. Such multi-colored frames can be used to decorate a children's or living room.

14. Original Paper Straw Frame

diy paper straw frames idea

To do it, you need to use paper drinking straws. You can place them both vertically and horizontally. Besides, you can pick straws of one color or mix several colors.

diy original frames idea

Such frames can be used as a decoration for weddings, baby showers, or other parties. You can put them on food tables so that guests will know what dishes are on the menu.

15. Colored Button Frame

diy colored button frames idea

A frame can be decorated not only with shells or stones but also with colorful buttons.

16. Tassel DIY Photo Frame

diy tassel photo frames idea

Macrame and yarn wall art have gained popularity again, but not many people can create them. However, everyone can make a tassel photo frame, which will fully transform the atmosphere in your house.

17. DIY Yarn-Wrapped Frame

diy yarn picture frames idea

This is one of the easiest DIY picture frame ideas that will help you create a bright and colorful frame. For this, you will need to use a cereal box, 3-pack yarn, and glue. Use the box to make a base for the frame, apply glue to it, and begin wrapping.

diy yarn photo frames idea

Then, you can choose any photo or an image and put it into the frame.

18. DIY Fabric Photo Frames

diy fabric picture frames idea

To do it, you will need fabric, a wooden frame, mod podge, scissors, and a pen. Cut out your fabric frame and glue it to the base.

It won’t cost more than $5. You can choose any type of fabric and decorate the frame as you wish. With such frames, you can also create an original DIY photo display.

19. Colorful Frame from Old Magazine Pages

diy picture frames from old magazine pages idea

Use a cardboard base for your frame and embellish it with magazine pages rolled into reeds. This is one of the most creative things to do with old pictures. You can glue pages in different ways, for instance, at an angle or even as tubes on four sides.

20. Map Frame

diy map picture frames idea

Use Mod Podge and an old atlas to create and unique bright frame. You can also check a wall frame collection to decorate your wall.

This is one of the easiest ideas for making picture frames. You can quickly implement it with your friends or family. Such a frame is perfect for travel photos. 

21. Stylish Circle DIY Picture Frames

diy stylish circle picture frames idea

You can implement this idea if you have a good home photo printer. For this, you will need a round photo frame. Paint it in any color to match your photo and glue the straps around the edges.

22. Upcycled Rolled Paper Frame

diy upcycled rolled paper picture frames idea

Such frames always look interesting because they are bright and have many textures. To create them, you can use old magazines or other objects. Also, you might want to add Astrobrights Paper to make your frame even more unique.

Cut magazines into strips, fold them in half, and twist. Then glue them to a photo frame. Choose a wide photo frame so that it can fit small rolls of paper.

23. DIY LEGO Picture Frame

diy lego picture frames idea

Any child can make such a LEGO frame. All it takes is a constructor, a little patience, and photos of suitable size.

24. Kid-Made Frame Vase

diy kid-made picture frames idea

This bright spring vase is very simple to make. Your kids can paint it by themselves. For this project, take a jar, acrylic paint set, and a sheet of paper.

Cut out a heart or any geometric shape and paint the jar. Attach the photo with tape so that you can replace it at any time. You can easily implement this DIY newborn photography idea

25. Halloween Home Decor

diy halloween picture frames idea

Decorate a frame with plastic skulls. Spray skulls with golden paint to make them look more interesting. This frame will be perfect for Halloween family portraits.

26. Original Collage for Wedding or Birthday

diy photo collage frames idea

Instead of classic framed photos, you can use original homemade frames. Use a hoop as a basis or make a circle out of wood. Then attach pictures to it using tape.

You can hang this photo collage on the wall or use it as a decoration for a photo zone. Pay attention to the lighting to take great pictures at the party. You can use these budget DIY photography lighting ideas.

27. Frame Made from Toy Soldiers

diy picture frames from toy soldiers idea

One of the best photo frame ideas for children is to use toy figures, such as soldiers or animals. To create a composition in one color, you can use gold spray paint.

28. Photo Frame in the Shape of a Lamp

frame crafts idea

If you want to add some light to the room, try creating a frame using a lamp. To do it, you will need to find a lamp or lantern and a suitable photo. Use the best friend pictures to create a gift for your friend.