17 Tips for Using Repetition in Photography in 2023

17 Ideas & Tips for Using Repetition in Photography

By creating compositions using repetition patterns, you can give familiar, ordinary things new artistic meaning. You just need to look around and you can see many objects that you can use to bring your creative ideas to life.

1. Emphasize the Patterns

emphasize the patterns in repetition photography

If you want to give your image a sense of size then you can use the pattern repetition method. To achieve the desired effect, you need to make the picture as pattern-like as possible. Duplicate objects should completely fill the frame to create the desired impression.

This method involves capturing repeating objects which you can see everywhere around you. These can be bicycle wheels photographed at a certain angle, people's faces in the street, glass wine bottles bricks on a wall, and more.

patterns in repetition photography

In the case of bottles, you can create the impression of an almost limitless field of glass bottles, although you have used just a few dozen.

2. Breaking Patterns

breaking patterns in repetition photography

Photographing interference with the integrity of the pattern is another way to take a repetition image. For example, you can create a composition of dozens of red apples with an emphasis on one green or vice versa.

You can find suitable patterns around you or create the compositions you want artificially. Typically, this method can be implemented in two ways. First, you can create a pattern from repeating objects and delete one. Another way to break the repetitive order is to add a contrasting color, texture, or shape.

breaking patterns for repetition photography

Choosing the break location is one of the important factors for getting a successful image. Experienced photographers recommend following the rule of thirds in this situation. Try to shoot a little wider to help you get the job done easily. Moreover, don’t always go for the maximum zoom.

The focal point is another key moment to keep in mind. Using the broken pattern technique, pay attention to focus to make your picture look sharp.

3. Use Shapes

use shapes in repetition photography

There are many ways of using shape repetition in photography. If you want to create a more dynamic image, you should use contrasting shapes. Otherwise, consider looking at similar or identical shapes for still compositions. The position of the pattern in the frame depends solely on your choice. It can be a picture filled with repeating shapes from edge to edge. Another option is to leave free space.

uncommon shapes in repetition photography

If you want to get something exclusive and eye-catching, you should step aside from classic shapes. Choose unusual shapes instead of traditional squares and circles. Look around and you will find tons of interesting natural or man-made things suitable for pattern and repetition photography.

4. Don’t Forget about Colors

color in repetition photography

Color is a powerful tool for creating cool designs. Well-thought-out color combinations allow you to convey the right mood and create an appropriate atmosphere.

Applying color repetition is one of the most effective ways to create stunning visuals. This approach gives you almost unlimited possibilities. You can start by repeating the same color in the frame, or play with different colors and shades to create a more dynamic picture.

use color in repetition photography

Check the color wheel to get perfect combinations of contrasting colors. Choose a pop of color. Bright colorful backgrounds help you achieve impressive results. Decide on dominant and receding colors.

5. Use Organic Patterns

organic patterns in repetition photography

If you don't want to bother creating artificial patterns, you can find tons of great ideas by looking around. The natural environment contains thousands of gorgeous patterns that you can use for your designs. Walking through the woods or city streets is a great way to get photography inspiration.

photo collage ideas friends

You can find amazing organic patterns almost everywhere - stones, leaves, fruits, vegetables, flowers and more. Just turn on your imagination and you will get a lot of fantastic ideas.

6. Don’t Forget about Abstract Patterns

abstract in repetition photography

Abstract designs are a great option for those looking to unleash their creativity and make repeating patterns on their own. You can find dozens of examples of abstract patterns if you look carefully at various organic and inorganic objects.

Here are some abstract photography ideas:

abstract in repetition photography

Ocean waves. You can implement many original abstract ideas using different variations of weather and light when shooting the ocean from the air. You can photograph water and coastlines from an airplane, helicopter, or using a drone. You will end up with unique images for your abstract designs.

abstract in repetition photography

Sand dunes. A desert is a great place to bring your texture photography ideas to life. Experiment with different lighting conditions and you will find many patterns, textures, lines, and shapes for your abstract-oriented project.

abstract in repetition photography

Nature. Flowers, trees, natural materials, and other environmental objects contain many ideas for your photographs. Look closely at frozen water or a maple leaf and you will find unique abstract patterns to photograph.

7. Make Rhythm in Portraits

rhythm in repetition photography

Few think about portrait photography when they want to experiment with the repetition technique. However, there are some cool ideas you can try to bring to life while photographing people.

people in repetition photography

When taking group shots, you should consider the types of rhythm in photography. This way, you can make the picture truly interesting and attract more attention.

active rhythm in repetition photography

For example, you can form some kind of geometric shape (triangle or circle) by placing people in the right order. Adhering to this approach, you can make a family portrait more attractive and unique.

8. You Should Get Rid of Distractions

get rid of distractions in repetition photography

To achieve impressive results using repetition in photography, you need to keep the audience focused on your pattern. Try to remove all unnecessary objects from the frame, so that they don’t distract the viewers. Your frame should only be filled with a pattern and nothing else!

You can experiment with a lens and shoot from different angles to crop out distractions. You can also change your position or try other relocations. If you can get rid of all the unwanted things while shooting, you can spend less time editing the picture later.

9. Carefully Find Patterns

chairs in repetition photography

Repetition patterns are around us, but we often miss them and simply pass them by. Try to be more attentive and take a closer look at the objects around you. With a bit of practice, you can easily find interesting things to photograph. Look at the fruit on the stall or rooftops. There are many amazing patterns around you!

You can find suitable objects in various places including:

buildings in repetition photography

Buildings. You can capture doors, windows, columns, steps, roof tiles, and even the entire buildings if there is a good place to shoot from.

souvenirs in repetition photography

Markets. Go to the fruit and vegetable stalls, souvenir shops, etc.

beach rocks repetition in photography

Beach. Look for stones, pebbles, sand patterns, seaweed, and more.

birds repetition in photography

Sky. You can photograph flocks of birds, clouds.

10. Don’t Forget about Light Pattern in Photography

light pattern  in repetition photography

Don't just focus on things! To create a pattern in photography, you can use light, too. For example, you can capture streaks of light coming through a blind.

Plus, you can experiment with shadow photography and achieve outstanding results. Moreover, light can not only create a pattern, but it can also disrupt it.

For example, you are photographing a row of trees. This is a great repeating pattern. However, clouds can block the sun, and the beam hits only one tree.

photo collage ideas letters and numbers

If you need dark and dramatic shadows in the bright background you should take photos in harsh sunlight. Shooting during golden hour is perfect for long shadows. You can take a great repetition image if you find unique patterns by looking closer to the shadows on the floor or walls.

If you need to capture shadows indoors, we recommend using light coming through the window. Choose a light-catching background to direct the light onto your subject. Stock up with a reflector. It can help you to bounce natural light back on the necessary object.

11. Photograph both Obvious and Subtle Patterns

noticeable patterns in repetition photography

Some patterns are instantly noticeable while others can be very subtle. You can use both types for snapping incredible images. You immediately notice a pattern of flowers planted in even rows. However, you should get closer and see how the petals unfold. Here's a fantastic subtle pattern to shoot.

subtle patterns in repetition photography

You should look carefully for both types to get the most out of repetition in photography.

12. Include Textures

texture in repetition photography

Details are important in everything, including photography. Pay attention to textures when you photograph a repetition pattern, such as a row of bicycles or apples in a basket. Make your textures pop regardless of their type. They can be smooth, shiny, soft, rough, etc.

Using a texture photo background is also a good option. It helps give pictures dimension, depth, and make them more intriguing. However, you should be extra careful with light when you embody your texture photography ideas.

13. Maintain Symmetry

symmetry in repetition photography

Symmetry is one of the main components of the pattern. You can balance your picture and improve the composition if you follow the basic rules of symmetry photography.

symmetry pattern in repetition photography

14. Add Lines and Curves

lines in repetition photography

Use curves and lines to draw the audience's attention to the subject. Thanks to the lines, the flat picture will receive additional dimensions. Be careful when arranging lines.

horizontal lines in repetition photography

Remember that horizontal lines draw attention to the center and vertical lines direct viewers’ eyes upward and focus on depth.

15. Focus One and Blur the Rest

focus in repetition photography

Use this method to make your pattern repetition more interesting and get rid of the monotony. Focus on one object instead of using color contrast or adding a break.

Choose a portrait mode with the selection dial. Your camera now has a wider aperture for blurred backgrounds. Most DSLR cameras have this mode. If your device lacks it, you need to do this manipulation manually.

repetition in photography sample

Select the aperture priority mode if your camera has this option. As a rule, this mode is marked “A” or “Av.” Choose the desired aperture value keeping contrast in mind. For example, the f2 aperture provides a soft blurred background. If you want the background to stay in focus, adjust the aperture value to 8. When all the settings are ready, you can start taking pictures.

16. Illustrate Varying Tones

varying tones in repetition photography

When we talk about patterns and repetition photography, we must remember that it can be both interesting and monotonous. To make the image look more attractive, you should experiment with light, tints, and colors.

different colors in repetition photography

Combine different colors: green with red, dark and light, soft with bright, etc. This approach helps you avoid monotony and give your photos a unique touch.

17. Zoom-in

zooming in repetition photography

Zooming-in is one of the most frequently used manipulations when photographing patterns. This approach requires an understanding of the basic principles of macro shooting. Thanks to the zooming feature, you can emphasize repeating elements and make them look more exciting. By using various macro photography ideas, you can make subtle patterns more visible to viewers.

macro shoot in repetition photography

Buy the right macro lens, find a suitable subject. If you capture living subjects, go for a longer focal length.

Use appropriate accessories, take care of the focus point and be patient.

Freebies for Repetition in Photography Samples

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The repetition method is often used in various genres of photography and other branches of art. By using the same shapes, sizes, colors, or other elements, you can give your concept new meaning. To make your repetition image breathtaking and improve the overall look, you can apply various filters and effects.

For example, Photoshop actions with HDR effect will add stunning depth to your pictures. The contrast in photography is one of the important parameters. Using this pack of actions, you can adjust contrast and brightness in just a few clicks.