Photography Inspiration – Best Photographers

Photography Inspiration – Best Photographers

Photography is an art perfected over time. And like the student of any art, you need to have a master to fine tune your skills, to guide you down the correct path. In the following lines we bring to you the fifteen masters of this field.

15 Photographers that Will Inspire You

You stand to learn a great deal and open doors to opportunities. Look though these photographers’ portfolios to find photography inspirations for your future projects.

1. Alex Coghe: Website | Instagram

Location: Mexico
Specialized in: Photojournalism, Street, Editorial, Fashion, Erotica, Portraits, Events
photo inspiration photographerBased currently in Mexico, Alex Coghe has been working on capturing the human condition in different strata of society for quite some time now. He is of an Italian nationality and has travelled the world in regards to his work. Being a photojournalist has been his passion and profession for quite some time now.
His resume is full of inspirational photos and candid moments. He has worked with many reputed names in the print world and has been striving to bring about a positive change in the world around him through the medium of his work. Even though his schedule is always tight, he makes up time to meet for new assignments and project discussions. You can download his street photography tips ebook for free.
inspiration photography shot
Photo by Alex Coghe

2. Nino Batista: Website | Instagram

Location: USA
Specialized in: Model and Automotive
photographer inspiration Nino Batista is an all round man when it comes to the world of photography. Not limiting himself to just behind the camera, he is also widely involved in teaching students about retouching photos and educating people through the medium of vividly written tutorials.
His work is exemplified by his wide spread popularity in the USA. He is one of the few international photographers who have also been a model in their career. Nino focuses on not only seeking photography inspiration but also on including a certain element of class and flavor in his photos.
You might find his work to be a bit risqué, but that is his forte, to represent a picture in that light without ever letting it go over the top. He has worked with many prominent media houses and magazines.
inspirations in photography
Photo by Nino Batista

3. Frank Doorhof: Website | Instagram

Location: Netherlands
Specialized in: Fashion, Celebrity, Glamour, Portraits, Street, Travel
inspiration photo shooterFrank’s studio is a hub for inspirational photos. You can find everything in there. As a photographer, he is focused mainly on fashion but has not kept himself limited to just that. Apart from indulging in luxuriant photo sessions and some very striking street photography, he also has a YouTube channel that showcases the work of his studio.
Frank’s genius lies in the fact that he can use the lighting to create stunning effects. You can get photography inspiration ideas from his work on Norway. The place is a natural beauty and he has worked exceedingly well to capture the essence of the place.
His travel and street faces collection go on to show that he still takes time out to connect with the place that he has come from.
photography inspiration ideas
Photo by Frank Doorhof

4. Charlie Borland: Website

Location: USA
Specialized in: Commercial
photography inspiration portraitsThe first thing that you notice about Charlie’s work is the presence of colors, vivid and perfectly aligned. His photos capture the daily world; a world that is no different from ours but yet we have failed to see it the way Charlie shows us. If you visit his website, you will find a lot of peppy collections to choose from. As far as inspirational photos go, Borland’s photography would sure make you want to step out with a camera.
From secluded locations to daily sights, the colors really do stand out the way he portrays them on his canvas (which is obviously, his work). His collection is also a great place to chance upon some photography inspiration ideas.
If you have run out, his work will be like an education to you. There is so much present around us, if only we try to see!
inspiration photography ideas
Photo by Charlie Borland

5. Lindsay Adler: Website | Instagram

Location: USA
Specialized in: Commercial, Fashion, Editorial
inspiration for photographersHer name will be known to anyone who is familiar with the New York fashion world. Lindsay’s work has been the face of many fashion shows and magazines. She is a regular when it comes to portraying specific fashion trends for the cover pages of international magazines.
What sets her apart from others is the fact that her work is never compromising, quality always takes residence over quantity. The subjects in her pictures stand out and it is clear from the very first glance as to what the rush is all about. You can look up to her for photography inspiration. In her own words, she is always trying to be clean and elegant about her work. And this is evident from her photos.
fashion photography inspiration
Photo by Lindsay Adler

6. Stephanie Stafford: Website

Location: USA
Specialized in: Baby
inspiration photography studioShe is one of those few photographers who have managed to keep their niche separate from the mainstream industry. You would not find her on billboards with fashion brands. Instead, you will find her with a child talking to him/her about his/her fantasies.
That is what she does. She has the ability to make every child’s imagination come true with the help of her pictures. Her subjects are always full of innocence and imagination. This is what sets her apart from the others in her field. If you ever have a photo shoot planned for your child, be sure that you contact her. Also, if you are a student and are looking for a mentor, she should be ready to help you out.
beautiful photography ideas
Photo by Stephanie Stafford

7. Alister Benn: Website

Location: U.K.
Specialized in: Landscape and Nature
photo inspiration peopleThe subject of his photography is completely different from those on this list. His work centers around one thing and one thing alone, landscapes. But he does absolute magic in that area! There is no one coming even close to his standards and the work that he does. You can visit his website and check out his gallery to get some photography inspiration ideas.
Another thing that sets him apart is the topic of his photos that is sheer poetry, the effort that he puts into his work! If you are a fan of natural landscapes then you are going to spend a long time in his work and galleries
nature photography theme ideas
Photo by Alister Benn

8. Josh Rossi: Website | Instagram

Location: USA
Specialized in: Commercial
instagram photographersJosh Rossi can easily be an idol to follow in this field. He is a perfect example of the fact that it is ok to take your time to find what really ignites your interest.
Having moved around during his early life, he finally found his calling in advertising where he went on to discover that he could actually recreate the images that were dancing inside his head.
After that there was no stopping him. He has gone from strength to strength and some of the biggest names today are his daily clients. What sets him apart is his distinctive style that cannot be found anywhere else. He has created many amazing digital campaigns
shot with fun photography ideas
Photo by Josh Rossi

9. Michael Zelbel: Website | Instagram

Location: Germany
Specialized in: Boudoir, Portrait, Editorial
photography inspiration shooterMichael Zelbel is not a professional photographer. This is the statement that is often put out whenever his name comes up. But what one should pay more attention to, is his work. He is one of the best photographers when it comes to portraits. Most people tend to miss that over the topic of his photo shoots. He is one of those few photographers on this list who have taken the human body as their muse.
Another thing about him is that he is always ready to help out budding photographers and is always ready to share tips with them. He is a great person to contact for photography inspiration ideas.
fashion photography inspiration
Photo by Michael Zelbel

10. Anne McKinnell: Website | Instagram

Location: USA
Specialized in: Travel, Wildlife, Landscape
photo inspiration peopleAnne is someone whose story everyone should read about. Not because it challenges great odds but because it is as beautiful as her photos.
She has completely redefined her life with the help of her work and continues to share her happiness with the world. She had a good career in software engineering but she traded that and became a photographer. But that did not translate into what she is today. Initially; her pictures where about what she could see around her but gradually that perspective changed.
Now, she focuses on the good in every place that she goes. She lives out of an RV and continuously travels around the country. She not only has a hub of inspirational photos but is also an author and has penned many successful books.
photography theme ideas
Photo by Anne McKinnell

11. Neil Creek: Website | Instagram

Location: Australia
Specialized in: Portrait, Astrophotography, Nature
inspiration photographerNeil is not just a photographer. He is also an educator. His website is a good place to ask your doubts and get some excellent tutorials. Centering his work on nature, Neil has carved a certain respect from the people around him.
There are certain things that stand out about him. The first one is that you don’t get to see people as friendly as him. He posts tutorials to guide young professionals and aspiring photographers. He has also penned several eBooks to spread the theoretical knowledge of his field.
On his website, you can go through his portfolio to get to know about his work. His online chat room is a great place to get some advice and if that does not prove to be enough, you can also learn from his free workshops and online tutorials.
inspirational star photography ideas
Photo by Neil Creek

12. John Farrar: Website

Location: U.K.
Specialized in: Editorial, Portrait
photographer inspirationIt can be said about John that he has dedicated his entire life to photography. He has been at the center and front of changes in the industry. Today, at even years past his retirement, he is trying to find that one thing that photographers try to do all their time. And that is - the search of something different.
He yearns for his singular muse, that very thing that is going to set him apart from all the other photographers. In his own words, the problem with his work was that for many years, he had been clicking the same pictures that all others were.
It took him a long time to realize that it was not what he wanted. And since then, he has a certain personality in his work that singular out his pictures. He is the person to follow for discovering photography inspiration.
photography inspiration ideas
Photo by John Farrar

13. Michael Grecco: Website | Instagram

Location: USA
Specialized in: Portrait, Sports, Cars, Fashion
inspirations in photographyHe is one of the top people on this list. Michael has made a name for himself as a celebrity photographer. His clientele includes famous personalities and people from all over the world. He is an Italian and that transcends directly into his work. Michael is famous not only because of his approach to his work but also for the way he executes it. In his photos and videos, you will find an exquisite appeal to the artistic aspects.
His way of shooting is more like telling a story through the medium of a single slide. He loves to move around the city on his vintage Vespa and shoot for long hours.
photography inspiration portraits
Photo by Michael Grecco

14. James Brandon: Website | Instagram

Location: USA
Specialized in: Travel, Landscape
photographers to inspireJames is a nature enthusiast and that is evident from his work. In his own words, his specialties are outdoors, nature and travel. The reason for him having more than 20,000 photographs in his newsletter is that he is honest and modest about his work.
He is conscious of the fact that he has a long way to go and the pictures that he has clicked are nothing in comparison to the ones that he is going to capture.
He is also an educator and loves to take lessons out in the open where his imagination is free to roam. Apart from photography, he is also proficient in photo retouching and editing.
photography inspiration for beginners
Photo by James Brandon

15. Bernie Raffe: Website | Twitter

Location: U.K.
Specialized in: Headshots, Maternity, Baby
photo inspiration photographerRaffe is a popular photographer. He is a portrait master and also an ex wedding photographer. He has won awards and written texts guiding the young. Also, he is a guest speaker at many colleges and formal associations. This legacy has been built over the years and years of professional commitment.
He loves to pass on the knowledge that he has accumulated. Not only has he shot inspirational photos but also has amazing photography inspiration ideas for all of us.
He loves to capture ceremonies and do single photo shoots. Most of his work comes from referrals; this fact alone is a testimony to the popularity of this man amongst his people.
shot by inspiration photographer
Photo by Bernie Raffe

So there you have it! Each of these masters has had their own challenges while growing. If there is one thing that you take away from here, let it be the message of never giving up. Getting that perfect frame will take time, but every day you spend in its pursuit is one day less from the fruition of your efforts.

The photographers mentioned above are all academic geniuses too, and they all share the same story. It takes time to get where you want to. Download amazing photography freebies here to keep your motivated.

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