365 Photo Challenge Ideas

Have you ever heard about a 365 photo challenge? If you decide to accept it, you should take a photo every day for one year. Many people capture photos and post one picture daily. Such projects are perfect for implementing your creative ideas. Besides, they allow you to improve your skills.

Most photographers start working on a 365 photo project on January 1st, but you can begin whenever you want.

365 Photo Challenge Calendar

Sticking to this challenge is difficult enough without having to come up with your own ideas. That’s why I compiled 365 photo ideas for each day. With these daily prompts you won’t have to stress about what to shoot. They are conveniently divided by months, and all you have to do is download and print them.

January Photo a Day Ideas List

january 365 photo challenge calendar

February Photo a Day Ideas List

february 365 photo challenge calendar

March Photo a Day Ideas List

march 365 photo challenge calendar

April Photo a Day Ideas List

april 365 photo challenge calendar

May Photo a Day Ideas List

may 365 photo challenge calendar

June Photo a Day Ideas List

june 365 photo challenge calendar

July Photo a Day Ideas List

july 365 photo challenge calendar

August Photo a Day Ideas List

august 365 photo challenge calendar

September Photo a Day Ideas List

september 365 photo challenge calendar

October Photo a Day Ideas List

october 365 photo challenge calendar

November Photo a Day Ideas List

november 365 photo challenge calendar

December Photo a Day Ideas List

december 365 photo challenge calendar

Top 365 Photo Challenge Ideas

If you want to explore one topic for a year, try accepting these creative photography challenges. They made many photographers famous so make sure to implement these 365 project ideas to improve your skills.

1. Recreating Iconic Photos or Artwork

365 photo challenge ideas recreating famous photos

If you want to capture eye-catching shots, recreate the most iconic photos taken by your favorite photographers or some pictures that you like. Try recreating an image using objects that you have at hand. Make sure to copy the pose and the composition.

365 photo challenge ideas recreating famous photos

Recreating someone’s photo doesn’t seem to be original. However, by doing so, you can improve your skills and understand how other people came up with brilliant ideas. Besides, you can learn how to use new photography techniques.

2. Mirror Self Portraits

365 photo challenge ideas mirror selfie

By implementing these 365 photo challenge ideas, you can polish your photography skills and take great mirror selfies. This idea is often used by self-portrait photographers. Many famous photographers, like Vivian Maier and Brandon Woelfel, captured themselves in front of a mirror.

365 photo challenge ideas mirror selfie

For a 365 photo project, you may use a cracked mirror, a framed mirror or any reflective surface, such as glasses, water sunglasses, windows, polished granite or metal. To get high-quality results, study your reflection and select the best angle. Use these photography composition tips to make your images more professional.

3. Polaroid a Day

365 photo challenge ideas polaroid

By using instant cameras, you can implement amazing 365 photo ideas. For instance, you can use Polaroid photos to create a calendar. Such cameras are easy to operate. Besides, you will see a picture right after taking it.

365 photo challenge ideas polaroid

The famous photographer and filmmaker Jamie Livingston used a Polaroid camera to document his life from 1979 to 1997. The biggest benefit of using Polaroid pics is that when your project is over, you will have 365 amazing photos.

4. Strangers

365 photo challenge ideas strangers

This idea is quite challenging since it requires strong communication skills. You need to take photos of a stranger every day. Before doing that, you have to ask them for permission. If you succeed, you will get cool shots. You may ask people to pose and take documentary-style images.

365 photo challenge ideas strangers

You need to master communication skills since they are essential for any photographer. If you plan to become a professional, you should be ready to contact new clients and communicate with them. When taking photos of strangers, you will learn how to find great backgrounds and capture the best moments. Check out the works of popular street photographers to find inspiration.

5. Color Palette

365 photo challenge ideas color palette

This is one of the easiest 365 photo ideas that you can implement without additional help. Choose any color you like and take pics of similar or completely different objects that share the same color theme. You may also use a limited color palette or choose various objects each day and change the color every day.

365 photo challenge ideas color palette

If you are interested in complementary colors photography, you can experiment with various techniques. It won’t be easy and requires time, but the results are worth it.

5. Same Location

365 photo challenge ideas same location

Anthony Bourdain is a famous photographer that visited the same place several times always telling a different story about it. You may apply this method when working on your 365 photo project. For instance, go to a street corner every day but always capture something new and unique. You will be impressed by how different each shot looks.

Mark Hirsh is known for taking photos of a tree every day for a year. He photographed it from various angles. As a result, he created a project called “That Tree.” It was published as a book and a calendar.

6. Sunsets

365 photo challenge ideas sunset

It is one of the most beautiful 365 photo challenge ideas. Capture the sunset every day for a year and you will get an impressive collection of photos. Take photos at various focal lengths.

You can use wide angle lenses to get great landscape images or 70-200mm lenses to focus solely on the sun in the frame. Keep in mind that it’s almost impossible to get high-quality results without a tripod.

365 photo challenge ideas sunset

In 2019, the photographer Bugsy Sailor worked on the “Year of the Sunrise” project. He visited Lake Superior every day and captured the sunrise. Although this region is known for severe weather conditions and low temperatures, he managed to take stunning photos.

7. Alphabet

365 photo challenge ideas alphabet

To implement this 365 photo project idea, you need to capture a subject that corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. For example, F stands for a fireplace, V for a vase, etc. If you can’t find an object that corresponds to a letter, use an abstract concept, like B for Bright.

365 photo challenge ideas alphabet
Although this idea seems to be easy, it might be challenging to find objects for your shots. However, it is one of the best 365 photo challenge ideas that you can implement without leaving your home.

8. Clouds

365 photo challenge ideas clouds

Taking photos of clouds is one of the most interesting ideas for a 365 photo challenge. You can take a new image every day. However, capturing the right colors is not that simple and requires skills. Kelly DeLay has successfully implemented this idea and took amazing landscape photos.

365 photo challenge ideas clouds

Kelly captured a shot or a video every day. However, he didn’t finish his cloud project after the end of the year. He had been taking photos for more than 5 years. For this incredible project, Kelly DeLay was nominated for the Webby Awards.

365 Photo Project Tips

After accepting this challenge, you need to use some tips that will help you complete your project. Read on to learn how you can take amazing photos.

1. Use a Compact Camera

365 photo project camera

Compact cameras are the best solution for 365 photo projects. If you use a heavy DSLR camera, it might be difficult to carry it around, and one day you might forget it at home.

If your camera is lightweight and compact, you can easily carry it around and take shots faster. Besides, if you need to walk a lot, it is better to use a small device. I prefer using mirrorless cameras and micro four-thirds cameras.

2. Keep Your Camera Easily Accessible

365 photo project camera strap

When working on a 365 photo project, you should always keep your camera at hand. When you go for a walk, always take your camera with you. You can also use a camera bag or get a comfortable camera strap.

Don’t forget to adjust your camera settings beforehand. If you want to capture portraits of strangers, you need to use the right camera settings for portraits.

3. Create a Schedule

365 photo project camera schedule

To take amazing photos every day, you need to have a schedule. Think about what objects or places you are going to shoot and decide when you are going to take photos. This way, you will easily complete your 365 photo project.

I like taking pictures at around 10:00 a.m. In the morning, I am not tired. Besides, there is enough light to take high-quality shots. Use my schedule as an example and create your own one.

4. Connect with Other Photographers

365 photo project community

It would be great to communicate with other people who are working on 365 photo projects. Besides, you can join groups on Flickr, Google+ and Instagram. Check out the #photoadaychallenge or #365photochallenge hashtags.

In these groups, you will find numerous ideas, challenges, themes, etc. It would be easier to complete a 365 photo project if you see photos taken by other professionals.

5. Don’t Expect All Your Photos to be Amazing

365 photo project photography

Be ready that you will not create a masterpiece every day. When you start working on a 365 photo project, you need to understand that it’s impossible to succeed every time. That’s life and there is nothing you can do about it.

When I am not satisfied with a photo, I remember the words of Ansel Adams. He said that if you took 12 great images for a year, it’s a good result. So, I stick to this rule. I am happy if I take at least one impressive shot per month.

6. Make a Photo Book in the End

365 photo project photo book

After completing your project, you can publish the best photos. Learn how to make a photo book and use your best images to illustrate it. This way, you can show people what you are capable of.

Besides, your works will look much better on the pages of a photo book than on social networking platforms. For example, Instagram compresses photos, which affects their original quality. If you have taken great photos, you may even sell your 365 photo book. It will motivate you to improve your skills.

7. Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

365 photo project

Don’t worry if you forget to take a shot one day. It’s not the end of the world. Don’t give up on your 365 photo project if something prevents you from capturing a shot.

Continue working when you are ready; anyway, you may always take two or three photos a day if necessary. Move towards your aim no matter what happens. Believe me, when you complete the project, you will be proud of yourself.

8. Don’t Share All the Images

365 photo project photography

When working on a 365 photo project, there is no need to post every photo. You should focus on your goals. First of all, you should find your original style. Then, you should polish your skills and improve your technique. Of course, you won’t take an award-winning photo every day.

You may post one photo a month to show people what you are working on, however, there is no need to do it daily.

Photo Editing FREEBIES

photo editing freebies for lightroom and photoshop by fixthephoto

If you have accepted the 365 photo challenge, you won’t have much time for editing your images. This collection of tools for Photoshop and Lightroom will help you make your photos more eye-catching. These presets, actions and overlays can enhance your photos and make them look professional.