20 First Birthday Photo Shoot Ideas in 2023

20 First Birthday Photo Shoot Ideas in 2023

Every birthday is accompanied by a photoshoot, especially for kids. When it comes to the first birthday, we want something really special and magical.

We have prepared a list of the first birthday photo shoot ideas that will help you capture the sweetest moments. One year photos, like a time machine, will bring you to the times when your children were little and so cute.

Top 20 First Birthday Photo Shoot Ideas

If you want to get not only a visually appealing shot but also a meaningful one, choose the ideas that suit your baby’s personality. For instance, it might be something funny or, on the contrary, something serious. In general, kids look great in the natural environment. Anyway, check out the list of first birthday photoshoot ideas and choose those that you like most.

1. B-Day Cake

first birthday photo shoot ideas with cake

This idea is a timeless classic. Capture your kid eating or just smashing his/her birthday cake. Of course, there will be a mess but it definitely worth it ‒ you will get really amazing shots. Let your child do everything he/she wants.

first birthday photo shoot ideas

Prepare the background in the style of a cake or in similar colors. Clothes should also match the overall gamut and you can make good use of these family photo outfits ideas.

2. Watermelon

one year old picture ideas with watermelon

It is an ideal photo shooting in summer. You may arrange a photo session at the riverbank, in the forest or implement one of the beach photo ideas. The best thing here is that you need only cheap photography props, like a big watermelon and a blanket for picnic.

3. Basin

one year old picture ideas in basin

Undoubtedly, it is one of the traditionl first birthday photo shoot ideas but it guarantees you get amazing shots. You will also experience bright and sincere emotions watching your kid playing with water. You may use additional props like various bath toys or fruit.

first birthday photoshoot ideas basin collage

I also recommend learning some outdoor portrait photography tips to get professional-looking results.

4. Autumn Leaves

first birthday photoshoot ideas autumn

It is one of those gorgeous fall photoshoot ideas that you may bring to life when walking in the park. However, to get favorable shooting conditions with amazing lighting, you’d better organize the photoshoot at the golden hour.

Moreover, I recommend watching video guides on photo editing for beginners and use free leaves Photoshop overlays to get ideal one year old photos.

5. With Parents

one year old photoshoot with parents

To achieve stunning results, experiment with family portrait poses.

family one year old photos

Plus, you may use different props you like. These are balloons, flowers, toys, etc. Or you can do without any accessories and just frame the shot in an interesting way.

6. Airy Tulle

one year old photos for girl

If you are a parent of a girl, add this idea to you your list of 1 year old picture ideas. It doesn’t require much preparation. All you need is a tulle for a background that should be fixed higher than the frame. You may hang it on the tree if it is an outdoor shooting or ask someone for help. Besides, you can implement this idea indoors and embellish the tulle with garlands.

7. Bubbles

one year photos

Remember how happy your child is while playing with soap bubbles? It is also a great photo idea allowing you to create fantastic one year photos. Blow as many bubbles as possible and press the shutter. To simplify the process, use a bubble machine. Here, it’s important to activate a burst mode not to miss the best frames.

first birthday photo shoot ideas with bubble

However, if something goes wrong with real bubbles you may always add bright bubbles using free bubble overlay.

8. Little Unicorn

one year old photos unicorn

All children like unicorns so why not use this concept? You may arrange colorful balloons in the background and unicorn toys as additional props.

9. Winter Decor

winter one year old baby pictures

You may bring this idea to life even when there is no snow in the street. Use paper snowflakes, garlands and any Christmas photo props you like.

If you are lucky to have real snow, grasp the chance to capture it. Using such one year old picture ideas, you can conduct many creative experiments.

10. Flowers

first birthday photoshoot ideas

Surround your baby with flowers to get a bright and vibrant picture.

one year old photos with flowers

You may also take a group photo with your child in this style. Make a flower crown for your kid yourself or hire a professional florist to do that. Flowers will add a special atmosphere to the frame.

11. Air Balloons

first birthday picture props

Place your baby on any surface and give him/her several air balloons to make the scene livelier.

one year old photos

Additionally, you may use first birthday picture props, like a number-one balloon. Try to take a photo when a child lets balloons fly in the sky. It will be a fantastic pic you will look at smiling.

12. Growth Collage

creative one year old photoshoot

It is one of those 1 year old picture ideas that require patience and thorough preparation. Photograph your child every month from his/her birth. Check out these newborn photography tips to get awe-aspiring images. If there are red spots on the baby’s skin or other visible defects, approach the newborn photo editing service. Experts will take care of those problems for $5/photo.

The most important thing is to indicate the age of your baby. You ca do that with the help of fruit, flowers, and leaves, and then combine twelve photos into one using the best free photo collage maker.

13. Tea Party

one year old photos

It is a creative photography idea at home that requires a beautiful teacup set, big clock, playing cards, and books.

You may hang some first birthday picture props around the baby to create magic in the frame. Don’t forget to remove strings in the finished photo to create a levitation effect.

14. Halloween

first birthday photo shoot ideas halloween

Prepare lots of Halloween attributes. It’s recommended to use a neutral background to locate all props behind your baby. It would be great to add special pumpkin lights.

15. Sport

first birthday picture props

Here, you may choose any kind of sport your baby likes. Or it may be your favorite sport. Decorate the background with colorful items of your favorite team, add balls, bats or other things related to the chosen sports and let your baby wear a T-shirt with a team’s logo.

16. Clouds

one year old photoshoot

One of the fairy-tale one year old picture ideas perfect for girls. You need much cotton to create clouds as well as paper stars to hand above a baby.

first birthday photoshoot ideas for girls

By the way, you may create stars yourself using various colorful items, or you may buy the stars at the stationery store.

17. Magic

first birthday photo shoot ideas

To arrange a magic one year old photoshoot in a Harry Potter style, you need to get a young wizard set and several antique books for decorations.

one year old picture ideas with potter

You can implement this idea indoors as well as outdoors. To create a magic atmosphere, use sparkler overlays.

18. Pilot

simple one year photos idea

It is a creative and easy-to-realize idea that requires only several carton boxes to make a mini plane. Of course, this idea is suitable only for children interested in planes.

19. Favorite Cartoon Character

one year old photos

Depending on the child’s interests, you may purchase a Superman costume or Wonder Woman dress and decorate the background using accessories suitable for a chosen theme.

20. Covid

one year old photoshoot covid

In the light of the present-day realities, along with traditional first birthday photo shoot ideas, trendy Covid ideas are becoming more and more popular. To bring to life something like this, you may use a quarantine birthday banner, multi-colored balloons and a tape to isolate a holiday celebration from the whole world.


first birthday photo shoot ideas actions

Once you are done with the shooting, I recommend using the actions from the Tenderness Collection to enhance one year old photos.

Actions improve the face tone, remove small defects, make the image brighter and more saturated as well as add some vintage touches. To get the best results and use these tools effectively, read a guide on how to install actions on PC.

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