37 Fall Photoshoot Ideas for Models

If you're on the hunt for some creative fall photography ideas to spark your inspiration, this guide will come in handy.

When leaves start to show off their vibrant hues, it's the ideal time to embrace snug sweaters, go apple picking, and indulge in all things pumpkin spice.

Consider incorporating those inviting warm colors, like rich golden shades, lively reds, and deep oranges, into your shots.

1. Chase Golden Hour Light

fall photoshoot ideas golden hour

Photographers like the hour before the sunset when everything is lit with warm golden hues. It allows professionals to emphasize the beauty of their models using soft light and deep shadows.

Doing golden hour photography in the fall enables photographers to capture a magical atmosphere with beautifully lit leaves of different colors in the background.

Pro tip: When taking photos of nature, use a narrow f/14- f/22 aperture to achieve better depth of field. If you want to make the background blurry and create a bokeh effect, lower the aperture to f/1.8 or f/2.8. To capture more detail, opt for a higher aperture, as it will allow you to focus on the background better.

2. Create a Leaf Umbrella

fall photoshoot ideas umbrella

If you are looking for creative fall photo shoot ideas, take an umbrella and attach leaves to it using glue or tape until the entire umbrella is completely covered. It may take a while, but the result is worth the effort!

Pro tip: If you are looking for a simple variant, you can just decorate the umbrella's edge with leaves. This approach takes less time.

3. Incorporate Fall Florals

fall photoshoot ideas florals

When we think about flowers, our minds usually jump to spring, but don't overlook the beauty of autumn blossoms. As for fall flowers, you can look forward to a vivid display of deep jewel tones, rich burgundies, and radiant golden yellows.

4. Take a Hike

fall photoshoot ideas hike

The fall season offers fantastic hiking weather, and the changing leaves create unbeatable views. No matter if you're out on the East Coast, the West Coast, or somewhere in between, seek out a scenic forested spot or a vantage point, experiment with fall poses, and you're guaranteed to take a mesmerizing shot.

Whether you decide to venture into the mountains, take a stroll around a nearby lake, or explore a national park, you're bound to come across a wide array of amazing locations. Plus, it's a good idea to prepare some cool hike picture poses.

5. Throw Leaves

fall photoshoot ideas throw

You can't go wrong with this timeless idea (and age is no limit to enjoying it). Have your photographer or set a self-timer to snap a bunch of photos in quick succession while you toss some leaves into the air, and you'll definitely capture a few that come out perfectly.

6. Find a Forest Path

fall photoshoot ideas forest

By taking a short forest stroll, you can come across some lovely fall foliage and get fantastic photo opportunities at every twist and turn. For realizing such fall pic ideas, consider setting up your shots right in the heart of a quiet, deserted road.

Pro tip: If the autumn leaves nearby aren't as vivid as you'd like, don't be disheartened. You can adjust the color and intensity of the foliage in your forest photos to give them a more autumnal feel.

7. Stand on the Road

fall photoshoot ideas road

Autumn can turn a dull road into an enchanting scene that resembles those of a fairy tale. Just make sure there are no cars on the road, find a spot with trees or mountains in the background, and start taking images with your camera.

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8. Fun at the Farm

fall photoshoot ideas farm

Set up a fall photoshoot out on a farm. Include farm animals, birds, tractors, heaps of hay, and a classic barn in a frame to give your photos a unique rural vibe. Besides, you can add more charm to your shots by asking a model to wear cowboy boots.

9. Go to the Pumpkin Patch

fall photoshoot ideas pumpkin

Taking photos at your nearby pumpkin patch is a no-fail choice. After all, the ideal props to realize fall photoshoot ideas are literally sprouting from the soil.

Here are some suggestions for poses with a pumpkin:

  • Toss a pumpkin in the air
  • Strike a pose with the pumpkin covering your face
  • Kiss a pumpkin
  • Take a seat on a pumpkin
  • Hold two pumpkins and let your followers decide which one is better
  • Capture a candid moment of you selecting your pumpkin

10. Pick Some Apples

fall photoshoot ideas apples

Much like a pumpkin patch, an apple orchard is a fantastic place for a fall photoshoot. Capture some spontaneous moments of you and your pals plucking apples, strolling through the orchard, or enjoying a sip of apple cider. There's a range of garden-themed photography opportunities during the fall season.

11. Get Lost in a Corn Maze

fall photoshoot ideas corn

While you're navigating through the maze, why not make the most of the time spent searching for the exit by having a spontaneous photoshoot? Ask a friend to take some pictures of you walking towards the camera inside the maze. The maze itself can serve as a perfect background, naturally framing your photos.

Pro tip: Get inspired by "The Children of the Corn" or opt for something a bit more family-friendly; in any case, these photos are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

12. Pose on a Hay Bale

fall photoshoot ideas hay bale

There's just something about hay bales that truly embodies the essence of fall. If you have a few on hand, they're an excellent way to add some flair to a photoshoot and implement your fall portrait ideas. You can perch on top of one, lean against them, or even use them to create a thematic background.

13. Capture Fall Recipes

fall photoshoot ideas recipes

In fall, you can take photos both in the studio and outdoors. If you don’t want to venture outside, try taking pictures of mouthwatering dishes. Food photography will help you advance your skills and take great fall photos.

14. Make a Leaf Crown

fall photoshoot ideas crown

If you’re like me a big fan of interesting DIY photography hacks, this leaf crown idea is absolutely amazing. Gather the most beautiful leaves, and attach them to a headband using glue or ties. You can go for a single-color theme or embrace all the vibrant hues of fall.

15. Cover Face with Leaves

fall photoshoot ideas cover

When you come across an ideal autumn leaf, it's a golden opportunity to share it with your followers. Once you've got the leaf, just stretch out your arm with it in hand to capture a fantastic photo. The leaf may partially shield your face, but your adorable outfit will still shine through for everyone to appreciate.

16. Set Up a Fall Picnic

fall photoshoot ideas picnic

Even though arranging a picnic setup may demand some extra time because of all the props and food needed, people truly love these kinds of photos. Going for a fall picnic photoshoot is undoubtedly a worthwhile endeavor.

You have a wide array of items to choose from when setting up a fall-themed picnic photo. Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Pumpkins and apples
  • Pie or doughnuts
  • Candles and books
  • Comfy sweaters or a plaid blanket
  • Baskets
  • Autumn blooms

17. Try a Fall Flat Lay

fall photoshoot ideas flat lay

You can utilize any of the props mentioned earlier and have a great time taking unique autumn-themed flat-lay images.

18. Show off Your Shoes

fall photoshoot ideas shoes

Whether you're battling a bad hair day or itching to flaunt your adorable new boots, here's a perfect idea to implement. Position yourself amidst a vibrant heap of leaves or pick a couple of favorites to highlight against the pavement.

Just capture a shot of your feet standing beside the items you want to see in your photo. You can also arrange a pumpkin or some mums on the ground instead of using leaves.

19. Create a Leaf Skirt

fall photoshoot ideas skirt

There are 2 ways to take such photos. Firstly, you can ask a friend to take a picture of you while holding a leaf in front of you. This method can be a bit more challenging when using a regular camera, as either you or the leaf may end up blurry. To get the most out of such fall photo shoot ideas, it is better to use a smartphone camera.

A simple approach is to take a photo of your hand holding a leaf and then separately snap a picture of yourself posing. Afterward, you can superimpose images in Photoshop. Many creators achieve this effect this way.

20. Drink Cider or Cocoa

fall photoshoot ideas drink

Enjoying a warm cup of cocoa or a glass of apple cider is a wonderful idea. You can use apple cider as a prop in your photos or have a model take a sip of cocoa with marshmallows during the shoot. These beverages help set a perfect autumn mood.

21. Be a Pumpkin Head

fall photoshoot ideas head

People really like pumpkin head photos, and the good news is they're quite simple to create. In fact, some individuals even carve openings at the pumpkin's base and slide their heads inside for a playful effect.

However, you can just hold the pumpkin in front of your face. Besides, take your time to explore creative pumpkins head photoshoot ideas on the net.

22. Get Witchy

fall photoshoot ideas witch

Halloween wouldn't be the same without a touch of witchy magic. So, why not wear a witch's hat, get spooky makeup, and venture over to a cemetery for some eerie fun? If graveyards aren't your thing, you can always make your way to a creepy forest.

23. Incorporate a Smoke Bomb

fall photoshoot ideas smoke

Taking smoke bomb photos in autumn can yield fantastic results, but it's important to be careful. You can either place a smoke bomb inside a carved jack-o-lantern and let the smoke seep through the openings, or you can hold it in your hand to introduce a burst of vibrant hues to your photos.

Opting for fall colors such as orange, yellow, red, or purple is definitely a worthwhile choice.

24. Pose with Festive Food

fall photoshoot ideas food

Food can be an excellent centerpiece if you want to implement family-themed fall photography ideas. There are a bunch of delicious fall treats that look great in pictures, like caramel or candy apples, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, or a warm beverage such as apple cider or a pumpkin spice latte.

It's a two-for-one deal: you will get some fantastic Instagram-worthy content and savor a tasty autumn delight.

25. Get the Grandparents Involved

fall photoshoot ideas grandparents

Naturally, grandma and grandpa always cherish receiving pictures of their beloved family members. But why not include them in this year's fall photoshoot? These family photos will undoubtedly become treasured memories for everyone.

26. Warm Up by The Fire

fall photoshoot ideas fire

Autumn is the ideal season for snuggling up by a campfire. Besides, it offers excellent opportunities for photo sessions. You can get creative with the warm, flickering firelight and the swirling smoke to take impressive and distinctive pictures.

Pro tip: Consider adding a comfy flannel shirt, a warm mug of hot cocoa, some delectable s'mores, or a cozy blanket to the scene. Besides, you can take spontaneous shots of yourself either genuinely constructing a fire or playfully pretending to do so, showcasing your outdoor expertise and leaving your friends in awe of your skills.

27. Take a Bike Ride

fall photoshoot ideas bike

Such fall photoshoot ideas are perfect for an energetic family or a dynamic couple. Seek out a picturesque trail adorned with vibrant autumn hues and embark on a bike ride.

Ask a friend or a photographer to take action-packed cycling shots throughout the journey. A bonus: it's a surefire way to keep the kids from uttering those dreaded words, "We're bored."

28. Take the Wheelbarrow

fall photoshoot ideas wheelbarrow

Next time you're tackling a pile of leaves, consider hopping into a wheelbarrow for fun-filled images. You can strike a pose in an empty wheelbarrow, get a loved one to give you a push, take a snapshot within a wheelbarrow filled with leaves, or showcase some creativity by pushing a wheelbarrow laden with pumpkins. There's plenty of room for imagination!

29. Prop Up Your Feet by the Fire

fall photoshoot ideas feet

This is one of the simplest fall pic ideas you can find. You don't have to fret about ideal attire or fussing over your hairstyle. Simply get every family member to sport some cheerful socks and kick back by the fireplace, propping up their feet.

30. Warm up with Your Partner

fall photoshoot ideas partner

Ask a couple to move in closer to each other and wrap them in a snug blanket or scarf to keep them warm. These props will help create a romantic atmosphere in pictures.

31. Sit on Leaf-Covered Steps

fall photoshoot ideas steps

Here's another fantastic couple photo idea. Seek out steps blanketed in fallen leaves and have the couple sit on them. Make the models the focal point by using a shallow depth of field when taking a shot. If you do this, the leaves in the background will have a blurred and dreamy appearance.

32. Make Photos with Pets

fall photoshoot ideas pets

Pets make fantastic companions in both life and during photo sessions. They can improve any picture, adding a dynamic and unforgettable touch to it.

When you have a furry friend by your side, a model will feel relaxed during a photoshoot. Therefore, you’ll be able to take genuine and unposed photos and experiment with pet photography ideas.

33. Take Photos with Fog

fall photoshoot ideas fog

As the natural world dresses up in the rich hues of autumn, morning fog often adds to the scene. You can take advantage of this misty backdrop to add a specific mood to your image.

34. Add Sky Elements

fall photoshoot ideas sky

To capture the fluid motion of clouds, choose a slower shutter speed. Thus, you will get guiding lines within your photograph, directing your gaze through the image. Alternatively, you can wait and take landscape photos against a stunning autumn sunset.

35. Find a Single Tree

fall photoshoot ideas tree

When you're photographing in the woods or parks, try to zero in on a single tree. Snap pictures beneath its leafy canopy or capture the tree as a focal point in a broad landscape or open field.

36. Take Macro Leaves Photos

fall photoshoot ideas macro

As you start playing with fall photography ideas, vibrant red leaves in your backyard will surely attract your attention straight away. You should seize the opportunity to snap a close-up picture of these leaves in all their fiery glory.

You will end up with a gorgeous photo featuring the vivid colors of autumn. By using a macro lens, you can get up close and capture the leaves, showcasing their intricate textures.

37. Find a Fall Abstractions

fall photoshoot ideas abstractions

A really captivating idea involves delving into the world of abstract things. You don't have to solely focus on the broader landscapes. Instead, scout for spots where you can capture intriguing shapes and patterns, offering a fresh and distinct take on the traditional autumn imagery.

Forget the notion that everything must be perfectly in focus and consider creating a blurred fall landscape. In these photos, the warm leaf colors will transform into beautiful streaks of color, perfect for wall art.

Bonus Tools for Editing

fall photoshoot ideas bonus

To take stunning fall photos and develop your signature style, you can use a variety of professional fall filters that will allow you to quickly give your pictures a professional feel.

Using them, you can improve the brightness levels to make your landscape and portrait photos more attention-grabbing. They are compatible with different versions of the software, including Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC.