Fall Photoshoot Ideas

Fall Photoshoot Ideas

Autumn is a perfect time to realize fall photoshoot ideas and take gorgeous pictures outside. Colorful leaves on the trees and on the ground will serve as a stunning background.

I’ve prepared 50 fall photoshoot ideas for family, couple, portrait and nature shooting in autumn.

50 Best Fall Photoshoot Ideas to Try This Autumn

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The following fall photoshoot ideas and their examples will surely inspire you to create eye-catching autumn pictures and convey the autumn vibes as atmospheric as you can.

1. Playing in the Leaves

fall family pictures

Find your inner child and play in the leaves along with other family members. Such fall family pictures are full of cheerful and joyful emotions. Besides, the atmosphere in the shots is more relaxed. No one will say no to jumping in the heap of leaves.

2. Fun at the Farm

farm photo shoot ideas

Organize an autumn photoshoot at the farm. Domestic animals and birds, tractors, piles of hay, a barn will contribute to the peculiar rural style. For more captivating images, find cowboy boots for the model.

3. With Pumpkins

cute fall picture ideas

Pumpkins are mostly associated with fall. The models can hold them in their hands or sit on them. Or you may just put the pumpkins in the background of the scene.

4. On the Fence

fall picture ideas for toddlers

Taking family photos outside, make clients sit or lean on the old wooden fence. It will add a country vibe to the fall pictures.

5. Apple Picking

how to take family fall pictures

The best fall photoshoot ideas are the ones where models interact with each other. For instance, a family can pick apples together and then bring them home as a treat.

6. Creating Shadows

taking good fall family photos

In autumn, the sun isn’t shining as bright throughout the day. Even in the afternoon, shadows are more prominent than sunlight. You can implement fascinating autumn photoshoot ideas by playing around with shadows.

7. Use Props

tips on taking fall family portraits

Shots taken outdoors look great, but with an unusual prop, you can turn them into truly attention-grabbing images. For instance, bring the old picture frame and ask the models to stand behind it.

  • Try this frame as prop for realizing your fall photoshoot ideas.

8. In the Park

fall family pictures ideas

A nearby park is a nice place to organize fall photo shoots. Just walk around the park and you are sure to find several suitable locations.

9. Kids’ Playtime

fall picture ideas for babies

Family fall pictures don’t necessarily have to involve all family members. You can concentrate only on children for a couple of shots. No need to ask them to pose, capture kids playing and having fun.

10. Woods

fall family pictures with baby

You can always realize incredible autumn photo shoot ideas in the forest on a bright and clear day. Keep in mind that the chosen location shouldn’t be filled with a lot of trees as they block the natural light. Besides, children will enjoy playing in the forest.

11. Similar Outfits

fall family photo ideas what to wear

Fall family pictures outfits aren’t supposed to perfectly match. Also, it is better to stay away from too bright colors and patterned clothes.

If the entire family wears quiet and pastel shades, the focus in the shots will be on the faces and surrounding colors, not on the outfit. It is a great idea to put on clothes complementing the autumn background, for instance, orange, red, dark purple or brown.

12. Family Strolling

fall family pictures outfits

The whole family being out for a walk against spectacular autumn scenery and natural lighting will result in amazing images. You can implement a number of cute fall picture ideas – photograph from different angles, ask small children to sit on the parents’ shoulders, take separate shots of either mother and daughter or father and son. Keep such images candid, without direct glances at the camera.

13. Say «Hello» to Halloween

fall photoshoot outfit ideas

Halloween is an ideal time for fall themed photo shoots. This holiday offers all the attributes you need for successful shots – from props to outfits and playful mood.

A child going trick-or-treating is a memorable moment worth capturing. Even if the child is too old for trick-or-treating, there are plenty of possibilities to take wonderful pictures.

14. Warming Up

fall themed photo shoots

Ask the couple to sit closer to each other, surrounding them with a cozy blanket or scarf to warm them both up.

15. Give Equal Part to Fall Elements

couple fall photo ideas

To involve more autumn elements in fall photoshoot ideas, try shooting from a wider perspective than usually. For example, divide the shot in half. For the bottom half, take a picture of models from the torso and up.

For the top half, take a picture of an autumn element, such as a tree with vibrant leaves. As a result, you will create a balance in the image.

16. Sit on Leaf-Covered Steps

fall photography ideas

Look for steps covered with leaves. Ask a couple to sit on them and focus on the models by shooting with a shallow depth of field. If you do it, the leaves in the background will appear faded out.

17. Surround the Details with Fall Colors

fall picture ideas

One of the greatest wedding photoshoot ideas for fall is to ask the bride to place her hand near the leaf to display her ring. Remember to include autumn colors in the scene.

18. Dance in the Leaves

fall portrait photography ideas

During any fall photo shoot, make the couple happily dance in the leaves. Try throwing up leaves in the air around the couple and shoot them going back to the ground.

19. Drinking Cider or Cocoa

autumn photo ideas

It is always a nice idea to have a cup of cocoa or a glass of an apple cider, especially in fall. Put an apple cider as a photo prop or ask a model to take a sip of some cocoa with marshmallows in the shot. Such drinks create an excellent fall atmosphere.

20. Using Blankets

fall portrait photography

Save a model from getting cold by bringing warm blankets to an autumn photoshoot. These props will add a romantic mood to the images.

21. Sit or Stand Your Model in the Middle of a Road

fall pics

Shoot in the middle of a lonely road to realize impressive fall photoshoot ideas. Check that there are no vehicles on the road, find a location with the trees or mountains in the background and take pictures.

  • Find more info on female poses that you can repeat in autumn.

22. Find a Swing

fall photography tips

Ask a model to wear her favorite autumn dress, boots and look for a swing located near the trees outside. Fantastic shots are guaranteed!

23. Find Some Water

best fall photo ideas

A nearby river, lake or a pond with plenty of greenery around is a wonderful place to implementautumn photo shoot ideas. Water will contribute to the calm mood of the shot. The colorful greenery around will emphasize the fall atmosphere.

24. Shoot Her on the Railroad Tracks

shooting girl in autumn

Ask a model to imagine that she is a country singer being shot for the cover of her album. The best fall photoshoot outfit ideas, in this case, are woolen sweaters, jeans and leather boots. You are sure to get fabulous pictures.

25. Leaning Against a Tree

autumn portrait photo

Trees often come to the rescue when you run out of fall photoshoot ideas. A model can lean around or against the tree for an awesome shot. Trees and their colorful leaves perfectly fit into the autumn atmosphere.

26. Laying Down in the Leaves

creative fall photo ideas

To get outstanding and vibrant fall headshots, ask a model to lie down in the leaves.

27. Being in a Corn Field

photoshoot ideas for fall

Have you thought of organizing an autumn photo session in a corn field? This location looks striking in the images and contributes to the authentic autumn mood.

28. Take Advantage of the Professional Retouchers’ Services

fall photo retouching service fall photo retouching service
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Nowadays, plenty of shooters delegate the task of picture post-production to online outsourcing services. The reliable companies will help you cope with the image retouching task in the shortest time possible and make your fall images amazing.

29. Take Fall Portraits in the Car

fall photo near car

Experiment with autumn photoshoot ideas in the car. It won’t be difficult to get magnificent pictures. You just need a smiling model and beautiful golden leaves as the background.

30. Shooting with Pets

fall shooting with pets

Pets are wonderful companions not only for life but for photo sessions as well. They really enhance any shot, making it dynamic and memorable.

With a furry friend around, a model will feel at ease during the shooting, so you will get natural and candid pictures.

31. Try Fall Double Exposure

fall creating double exposure idea

One of the most interesting fall photoshoot ideas is Double Exposure. You need to combine a landscape picture and a portrait.

32. Use a Crystal Ball

fall crystal ball photography

Another cool idea for an autumn photoshoot is to use a crystal ball as a prop. You can put it in the frame, focus on it and took nice pictures. Your crystal ball will turn the picture upside down.

So if you wish, you can rotate the scene vertically to have your landscape turn back to how it was. However, be aware that on sunny days, a crystal ball will have a function of a magnifying glass and it can ruin a camera if the sunlight is directed straight into it.

33. Bokeh and Macro Leaves

fall macro photography

When I started working with fall themed photo shoots, some of the first things I shot were leaves in my backyard. They had a bright red color and I took a picture of them from a close distance.

As a result, I achieved a beautiful photo with bright fall colors. In this way, with the help of a macro lens, you can shoot leaves closely and show their texture.

34. Fall Sunsets

shooting fall sunsets

There aren’t many sunny days in the fall, however, the sunsets during this time of the year are especially beautiful. They give soft and pure light.

Besides, due to the Earth’s axis, you won’t need to wait the entire evening for the sun to go down. You can enjoy taking pictures during the golden hour and go to sleep at a regular time.

35. Hyperfocal Focusing

autumn photoshoot

In the fall, landscapes look extremely fantastic because of autumn colors, so you can use this for a great fall photo shoot. To make sure that the image is sharp, find out about the best hyperfocal distance for your lens.

36. Sunbeams

fall forest photography

Another amazing variant of fall photoshoot ideas is to take photos in the woods early in the morning when fog mixes with the rising sun and creates beautiful sunbeams. For such pictures of sunbeams coming through the trees, you will have to wake up early but it’s totally worth it.

37. Fog / Mist

fall shooting fog

When nature is getting covered with autumn colors, there also appears morning fog. You can use this view for an additional environmental touch to your picture.

38. Add Sky Elements

fall landscape photography

If you want to capture movements of clouds, work with slower shutter speed. This will create leading lines and direct your look through the picture. Also, you can wait and take photos against a gorgeous autumn sunset.

39. Fallen Leaves

shooting leaves in the fall

The next option of fall photoshoot ideas is to use fallen leaves on the ground for your pictures. If you have a water location with leaves that are covering the land around or floating on its surface, work with long exposure to blur the movement of the water.

40. Waterfalls & Rivers

shooting fall waterfalls

Shoot water surrounded with beautiful autumn colors with slow shutter speed. You are sure to get a fascinating shot. Since fall is the season of rains, you might see more water on the rocks as well.

41. Reflections

fall reflections

You can easily take photos of reflections throughout the year. But fall is the best time to do it because of bright colors and interesting shapes that create the most impressive reflections.

42. Autumn Wide-Angle Landscapes

shooting fall landscapes

Fall landscapes are always full of orange and yellow colors. That’s why you should use these warm shades and shoot some fall-themed views using a wide-angle lens.

43. Abstracts

abstract fall photos

One of the most interesting autumn photoshoot ideas is abstracts. It’s not necessary to concentrate on the overall scenes. Search for places where you can capture shapes and patterns which will create another autumn look, different from the standard.

Skip the rule that objects have to be sharp and make a fall drag landscape. In such photos, warm colors of leaves will become color lines, and you will get stunning photos ideal for wall art.

44. Single Tree

how to shoot fall trees

If you are shooting in the woods or parks, focus on one particular tree. Take pictures under the canopy or shoot a tree in a wide landscape area or a field.

45. Forest

how to take forest photos in the fall

When photographing in the woods, look up and take a photo of trees using a wide-angle lens. It will look like the trees are taller and the tree trunks are about to fall out of the picture. This happens because of a special effect that the wide-angle lens has on vertical objects.

You can use this variant of fall photoshoot ideas during any season. However, with orange colors against the blue sky, your photos will be even more outstanding.

46. Play With Back Light

backlighting fall pics

There is a way to show even more autumn colors – using backlight for leaves. This will make a complex leaf vein pattern more remarkable and draw everyone’s attention to it. Also, it is a nice idea for fall photo shoots to take outdoor portrait photos with backlight so that your model stands out in the picture.

47. Paths and Roads

shooting fall roads

Paths, lines and roads can serve as great composition objects. But they will look even more beautiful with fall trees around them.

48. Time Lapse

fall time lapse

If not all leaves have turned yellow yet and look like real autumn leaves, why not try creating a timelapse? It involves taking a series of pictures several seconds, minutes, hours or days apart. After that, you combine these photos and series of pictures will create one film.

49. Go Out During the Rain

rain fall pics

Shooting on rainy days is another great variant of photoshoot ideas for fall. It’s a perfect time to take pictures of autumn colors, especially if you are shooting in the woods. Such wet weather shows colors in the best way.

Also, a huge plus of taking pictures on a rainy day is that you won’t have to struggle with hotspots or sunspots. It means that all your photos will have soft and smooth lighting.

50. Dock/Pier

creative fall photoshoot ideas

If there is a lake with a dock or a pier nearby surrounded by fallen orange leaves, take advantage of this landscape and shoot it. This will look very mysterious in shots!

FREEBIES for Editing Fall Photos

Now that you have familiarized yourself with all autumn photo shoot ideas, it’s time you start the image editing process. Here, I have selected presets, overlays and actions that you can download completely for free. Using them, you will spend less time and effort on creating outstanding pictures.

Fall Lr Preset "Warm"

free lightroom preset for fall picsfree lightroom preset for fall pics

With this preset, you can make your picture lighter. The center of the photo will be the lightest area. If your original picture is dark, you will achieve a better effect. This preset is ideal if you feel like adding a vintage look to your image. Such settings show the full beauty of fall landscapes and will be especially suitable for portrait photographers.

Fall Lr Preset "Contrast"

free lightroom preset for fall picturesfree lightroom preset for fall pictures

This preset is a wonderful image editing tool for studio portraits. Using it, you will be able to correct lighting and white balance, smoothen the skin tone, make your photos brighter and cleaner.

Fall Lr Preset "Autumn Light"

free photoshop action for fall picsfree photoshop action for fall pics

This action focuses on correcting light areas of fall pictures. It makes them warmer and adds a beautiful soft glow.

Fall Ps Action "Colorful"

free photoshop action for fall picturesfree photoshop action for fall pictures

With this action, you can adjust color effects mainly. It makes the image more lively and shows the greatness of nature. Also, it works with saturation, enhances contrast, creates richer and more prominent colors.

Fall Ps Overlay "Golden Season"

free photoshop overlay for fall photosfree photoshop overlay for fall photos

Using this overlay, you have an opportunity to fill your photos with small leaves. This will create a beautiful natural look.

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