Photo Color Correction Services

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    Only $0.20 per color correction. Fast 1-3 day photo color correction service. Learn more >>

    These photo color correction services are for photographers who need fast turnaround and high-quality services. If you don’t have time on adjusting shadows, tones, white balance and other color settings on your photos, FixThePhoto will take care of all your requirements quickly and efficiently!

    Photo Color Correction Services We Provide:

    • HDR editing and blending Services

    photo color correction services sample photo color correction services sample
    Our retouchers will blend two shots taken at two different exposures into a single spectacular picture with bright highlights and deep shadows.

    • Sharpening and contrast correction

    color correction services sample color correction services sample
    If the image is devoid of color and appears blurry, the retouchers will make it more vibrant and bring back the sharpness.

    • White balance adjustment

    post production color correction sample post production color correction sample
    In cases when white balance is set incorrectly and a photo turns out to be overexposed, these issues will be efficiently fixed.

    • Culling & custom color correction

    color correction photography sample color correction photography sample
    The experts will select only the most successful photos and correct the colors to get rid of unappealing yellow undertones.

    • Basic/advanced retouching

    photographers color service sample photographers color service sample
    With this color correction service you may forget about bleak and boring colors in portrait shots, unhealthy looking skin and inexpressive eyes.

    • Noise adjustment

    professional photo color correction sample professional photo color correction sample
    Retouchers won’t discard a nice photo that it is ruined due to excess noise – they will adjust and fix it instead.

    • Straighten photos

    photo color correction company sample photo color correction company sample
    The distorted perspective of any shot will be corrected by means of straightening and aligning elements in the frame.

    • Tints and shadows editing

    color correction service sample color correction service sample
    After the retouchers’ manipulations shadows in photos won’t look so harsh anymore and the overall toning will look more appealing.

    • Highlights

    color correction companies sample color correction companies sample
    We will remove distracting highlights made by harsh sunlight to make your wedding photos look good with gentle light leaks.

    • Saturation correction

    photo editing color correction sample photo editing color correction sample
    If the photo lacks saturation, the FixThePhoto retouchers will adjust this parameter without going overboard.

    How Does It Work

    retouching headshots 1
    Upload photos
    retouching headshots 2
    Write color correction instructions
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    Get your photos
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    Submit for revision if necessary

    Color correction step comes next after photo culling which you do working with any photography genre. The full potential of your images can be reached through smart color correction. But if you’re a demanded photographer, you’re busy every day to edit thousands photos and adjust their color palette, FixThePhoto understands you and offers online support that will save your time and effort and ensure that you won’t drown under hours of editing.

    We adjust exposure, color tones, vibrancy, saturation, highlights, shadows, contrast and sharpness to help you get the most out of your every image. Use our professionalism and 15 years of photo color correction experience to your advantage. Work smarter, not harder!

    Our Wedding Photo Color Correction Pricing

    Culling (If Needed)

    Color Correction Service
     Color Correction Companies
    Photo Editing Color Correction
    $ 0.05 per photo
    View Examples
    Services applied:
    • You Pay for Each Submitted Photo
    • We Get Rid of All Broken/Duplicate Files
    • Following Our Clients' Demands
    • Star Images Selection (for LR Catalogue)
    • Culling in Several Steps (If Needed)

    Color Correction

    Color Correction Services
    Photography Color Correction
    Post Production Color Correction
    $ 0.20 per photo
    View Examples
    Services applied:
    • WB (White Balance)
    • Contrast/Exposure Correction
    • Cropping
    • Straighten Photos
    • Sharpen Images
    • Noise Adjustement
    • Following the Clients' Style

    Our Wedding Photo Editing Packages:

    Wedding Light

    Wedding Pack Light
    $99 per Wedding
    Wedding Pack Light Includes:
    • Color correction up to 700 photos
    • No contracts and hidden fees
    • Turnaround time 3-5 days
    • Save up to $41 per wedding

    Wedding Pro

    Wedding Pack Pro
    $159 per Wedding
    Wedding Pack Pro Includes:
    • Color correction up to 700 photos
    • Basic retouching up to 20 photos
    • High end retouching up to 5 photos
    • Save up to $71 per wedding

    Fast Photo Color Correction Quotation Without Registration

    Would like to know how much money you will pay for photo color correction services we offer? Refer to our managers, attach your raw photos with examples of the photo editing style you want to repeat, mention all detailed requirements, mark out the necessary areas to edit and add your special instructions. We accept all photo formats. Our quotation service is a simple but quick way to find out the price without registration, just mentioning your email address and a name.

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    Photo Color Correction Online

    Adjusting colors is the main issue for all photographers who optimize the photos’ look. If you chose wrong camera settings, your photo may look dull and uninteresting. Here comes color correction services that save you especially if you’re a wedding photographer who can’t take more photos of the event.

    Color correction services for photographers help fix all visible photo defects, but not every beginning photographer can show proficient results in this sphere. That’s where wedding photo editing services like ours come in handy.

    If you feel that color correction of your photos drives you crazy and you can’t deal with numerous images on your own, feel free to contact FixThePhoto experts and let them do everything for you. We will highlight the key elements of any picture diverting attention from what is non-essential while making colors vivid and beautiful.

    Photo color correction applied:

    • Contrast and exposure correction
    • Saturation work
    • Making vibrancy and temperature settings higher
    • Tints and shadows adjustment
    • Highlights
    • Sharpness and clarity balancing

    Retouching Services for Professional Photographers

    When the colors are off or lifeless - it can cause danger to your photography services, leave you with no client base. Proper color correction can help lay an emphasis on the most crucial parts of your photos, add another dimension to them. It is absolutely necessary if you want to create a professional and consistent look in your work.

    For those experiencing long and tiresome image editing, FixThePhoto Company offers professional services at a very moderate price. You can choose different packages depending on your requirements and freely volunteer your specific demands if you are after creative photo post-processing.

    We are ready to take care of the technical part of your profession while you are engaged in creative shooting.

    Color correction applied:

    • Blinks adjusting work
    • Making photo vibrant
    • Tints and shadows adjustment
    • Correction natural light look
    • Sharpness and clarity editing

    Detailed Color Correction Service

    All photos should be edited, at least their color settings. There’s no way a client is going to accept the pictures that have not been touched up.

    We realize how such subtle details like vibrancy, saturation, highlights, shadows, contrast and sharpness can influence on the final result and the impression that the images give off, especially if we work with wedding photographs.

    Your clients expect to get mesmerizing photos with colors being lively and vibrant. If you can’t produce such images and need professional help with detailed color correction, our team will be glad to assist.

    We will study each inch of the picture and make sure that colors in the foreground and background create a harmonized unity which is bound to leave your viewers satisfied and return to your services.

    Color correction applied:

    • Clouds contrast adjustments
    • Green color correction
    • Making photo vibrant
    • Tints and shadows editing
    • White balance correction on the bride’s dress and clouds
    • Sharpness and clarity adjustment

    Juicy Color Correction Services

    Even slight changes in settings can make the photo vivid. It’s important to pay close attention to the littlest things, as the leaves on this photo. The line between amazing color correction and overdone, artificial image is very thin.

    Luckily for you, our services for professional photographers can help you not cross that line, as we have the required experience and taste to achieve the perfect photograph.

    If you have a burning ambition of becoming a popular photographer but face difficulties with color grading your images, you may rely on FixThePhoto experts who have extensive experience in this field. We will improve the overall coloring of an image, accentuate certain details and do all possible to make your photos produce a whiff of interest on your clients.

    Photo color correction applied:

    • Contrast correction
    • Working over green colors and tints, make them vivid and bright
    • Making photo vibrant and juicy
    • Correction white balance
    • Adjusting too dark zones

    Your Personal Image Color Correction Services

    Before color correcting your images our team will discuss all the details with you, to make sure that everything is done to your taste. Keeping your vision intact is crucial for natural editing. We always cooperate closely with our clients to ensure that their personal style, preferences and individuality are reflected in the final product.

    Our highly-trained editors will take your wishes and desires and help you shape them. We are always available for further revisions to meet your needs.

    This process requires a thorough understanding of complementing colors, proper White Balance settings, right contrast and saturation, etc. If you can’t boast knowing all the subtleties of advanced color correction, why not delegating this task to the experts?

    Photo color correction applied:

    • Contrast correction
    • Exposure and saturation enhancement
    • Temperature adjustment
    • Shadows removal
    • Clarity work

    Outdoor Photo Color Correction

    The most common setting in outdoor photography is exposure. Photographers often over- or under expose their images. Our team can recover such photos in no time.

    It’s impossible to attract clients with unsaturated images. Increasing the vividness engages the viewer.

    While editing outdoor images, there are so many settings to keep in mind that you may easily get frazzled after improving a couple of shots. If you don’t want to spend your energy on such tasks, visit FixThePhoto website, choose the necessary service, place an order and get your images masterfully improved in several days.

    Sounds incredible? Send us a test photo and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

    Photo color correction applied:

    • Contrast adjustment
    • Saturation correction
    • Temperature rising
    • Increasing warn colors (yellow, red, white)

    Professionally Color Corrected Photo is Guaranteed

    With vibrance adjustments we intensify the muted colors, leaving out the well-saturated areas. By correcting color tone we ensure that the skin color is natural. The same photo with warmer and colder color temperature evoke completely different emotions. That’s why we make sure to get it right. Shadows and highlights can bring out the needed details and place the unnecessary ones in the background.

    With our color correction services, you can achieve consistency over all shots from the same photo shoot, for instance, a wedding one. We will make sure that the skin tone of the bride and groom, as well as the color of the dress doesn’t look different in each photo which may confuse viewers.

    If you prefer colder or warmer tones, indicate it when making an order and we will take it into consideration while performing color correction. You can fully depend on the elaborate taste of our expert team who has already corrected colors in tons of images, know the latest tendencies and ensure that the colors they choose fit into the theme of the photoshoot.

    Photo color correction applied:

    • Contrast and shadows adjustment
    • Saturation editing
    • Working over cool temperature
    • White balance correction
    • Adjusting the rocks’ colors, make them vivid

    Fast Color Correction Images Service

    Clarity helps us affect the mid-tones, by adding contrast to them without adding noise. Contrast adjustments intensifies black in your photos and saves them from looking flat. White balance adjustments help us make the colors as accurate as possible, without any distortions.

    Color correction is highly relevant if you are going to send the edited photos to magazines or print them later. Moreover, sometimes you may need to even out the colors of photos so that they don’t differ much when viewed from a PC and a mobile device. Taking all that into account, the professional FixThePhoto team works their magic with white balance, contrast, exposure and other significant parameters.

    We stick to the balance between an overly and properly saturated photo so that the colors don’t appear too “fake” and there are no too bright spots. The same as with all other services provided by FixThePhoto, our goal is a natural but, at the same time, vivid and appealing result.

    Photo color correction applied:

    • Sky contrast adjustment
    • Saturation enhancing
    • Removing too bright white zones
    • White balance correction
    • Adjusting the rocks’ colors, make them natural

    Realistic Color Correction Images Service

    Photo editing services described above are sure to improve your raw images whatever they were: faded or poor quality. Our color correction company will apply color settings changes to make your bridal and family images astonishing.

    At FixThePhoto we believe in the value of a proof-level shot. This is a photo that is consistent with the other pictures throughout the photoshoot, first and foremost focused on good skin tone.

    Color correction is not an easy task, especially if you are only taking the first steps in photography and photo editing. You are supposed to know the basics of adjusting saturation, clarity, brightness, contrast, white balance, etc. In case you don’t have free time to figure it all out, entrust the entire process to color correction specialists from FixThePhoto.

    We will successfully neutralize all the yellow and uneven tones while sticking to the color preferences you have indicated.

    Photo color correction applied:

    • Making color matte
    • Saturation editing
    • White balance correction
    • Making bright color vivid (bouquet)
    • Cool effect adjusting

    High Quality Color Correction Images Service

    Each and every photograph could have many minutes or even hours spent on editing it, our purpose is to return a balanced, tonally well outcomes ready for any finishing retouching you add on as the creative photographer. Our experienced editors use only pro softwares and leading post production approaches - we have already successfully edited thousands of pictures.

    Color correction services offered by FixThePhoto is a must-have for photographers of different genres. Take a closer look at the provided before/after examples to see the work of our professionals in action. Join the array of happy and long-standing clients who have already boosted the success of their businesses by means of our services.

    Send us your RAW images along with the necessary instructions/wishes and receive an excellent result in due time. Bring back the vivid color to photos without much effort on your side! The FixThePhoto expert team will do everything for you while you will be engaged in more interesting and productive activities.

    Photo color correction applied:

    • White balance adjustment
    • Saturation correction
    • Too dark zones adjusting
    • Balancing skin colors, make them natural

    Why should you choose our photo color correction service?

    With thousands of online editing services, why ours is the one you should trust? Firstly, we are known for setting a standard in the industry by providing professional photo editing for our clients in all photographic genres. Our company has been around since 2003, so we, like no other service have the experience and deep understanding of the services for photographers. With every passing year we become more confident and more efficient. However, such low fees don’t mean low work quality! Here, we offer user-friendly registration, 24/7 online support and fast turnaround. No delays! Our unique workflow helped us win over clients all over the world. Join our happy customers now!

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