Pet Photography Ideas – Popular Pet Photographers’ Interviews

Pet Photography Ideas

It’s difficult to find a person, who doesn’t like animals, so pet photography and videos always attracts much attention on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube.

27 Cute Pet Photography Ideas

If you want to impress your followers with sweet images of cats or dogs, promote your Instagram online store with goods for pets or let people know about your animal photography services, realize one of these pet photoshoot ideas.

1. Rainbow Vibes

pet photo ideas

If you aspire to take great pet photos, you don’t need to shell out on expensive accessories, for instance, a prism. You can simply use a regular CD and get cool effects.

creative pet photoshoot ideas example

Prepare several disks and start moving them until you see colorful stripes on your pet. You can complement the setup with a flashlight and get a truly mesmerizing photo.

2. Macro (Details)

pet picture ideas

What is your pet’s best feature that you want to show in a photo? Take a macro lens and take a detailed image of it.

pet photography ideas example

No matter what you want to focus on – be it cute ears, wet nose or smart eyes – such images are bound to look captivating. Also you can try other macro photography ideas to show your talent as a photographer.

3. In Harmony with Nature

best pet photo ideas

If you are interested in dog photography ideas that don’t require much preparation, you try this one. Actually, you just need to find a picturesque place, choose a proper angle and snap a shot. Images with natural background always look beautiful.

pet photography image

You can choose a flower field or a blooming park as a shooting location. The main thing is to show that your little friend is also fond of being there.

4. Bubbles & Pets

cute pet photo ideas

You pet will definitely appreciate such an idea. Filling the frame with soap bubbles that add colors and dynamics to the picture is a great thing to do.

funny pet picture ideas

When an animal starts chasing the bubbles or tries to bite them – the effect is hilarious and you will definitely take lots of funny images. You can also check the animal photobomb to get inspired.

5. Pets in Motion

pet photoshoot idea

Don’t stick to “stand-still” pet photo ideas. You need to show your models from different angles and making them run or jump can bring really cool results.

best pet photography idea

Show your fluffy in motion! Pets are usually very active and you should encourage them to move during a DIY pet photo shoot.

6. In Bed

cute pet photoshoot idea example

If you manage to capture this moment, you will get very sweet pictures. This is a kind of pet photo ideas that work best for kittens and puppies.

interesting pet photography ideas

You can photograph your pet’s entire body or focus on individual parts, e.g. nose, ears, eyes.

7. Yawning Pet

cool pet photo ideas

Take a photo of your yawning pet. These are cute pet photos that will definitely receive lots of likes and comments.

If you are interested in horse photography and want to use this idea for this animal, you should learn horse photography tips first.

creative pet photo idea

Though such images aren’t so easy to take, you just need to be patient and attentive and you will manage to seize the moment.

8. Funny Pet

pet photo ideas example

Such creative dog photography ideas require some time until you figure out what works best for your cutie. Just be inventive and good results are guaranteed.

9. Meet a New Family Member

cute pet photoshoot idea

If you or one of your friends has got a long-awaited pet, I advise you to organize such a thematic photoshoot to honor its arrival. Use a tablet where the name and date of birth of the pet is written.

10. Being Together

pet picture ideas

The connection between the pet and the owner is always cosmic. Show this in your photos. For instance, you can take a close-up shot of the eyes.

11. Catch Moment

pet photography example

Cute pet photos are definitely popular, but there are so many of them that people want to see something different. Why not take a funny shot of your animal and share with your followers?

funny pet photography idea

You can pretend that you are playing cards with your cat or reading a story to your dog. Actually, the number of concepts is limitless. Just note that you will need to prepare special props.

12. Focus on Eyes

creative pet picture ideas

Not only human eyes can be called the mirror of the soul. Pets also have very beautiful eyes and you should take several images focusing on them.

best pet photography examples

Remember that such pet photography idea is easier to realize at the end of the shooting, when you animal is tired and can stay in one place for at least several seconds.

13. Pets with Flowers

pet photo idea with flowers

Use floral accessories to show how graceful your pet it!

pet photography ideas with flowers

This idea can work not only for cats but also for dogs, or other animals you have at home. You can get really eye-catching pet portraits, so devote some time to creating decor.

14. Pet Photography Series

pet photo idea collage

If you want to show what your pet does during the day or show how it grows, you can create a photography series. This is also a nice way to combine contrasting colors and designs.

pet photography series

Look through these photography series ideas to find something suitable for your little friend.

15. Selfie

selfie pet photoshoot ideas

We are all accustomed to ordinary selfie ideas, when people pose in front of the camera. But how about taking a selfie-style image of your pets? Frankly speaking, such photos look very interesting.

16. Cute Holiday Pets

pet picture holiday ideas

Accentuate the festive atmosphere by taking some themed shots with your pets.

gorgeous pet photography ideas

There are lots of cool cat and dog Christmas photoshoot ideas that are worth trying. For example, you can take red baskets and put animals inside. Or place them near a Christmas tree and put a Santa hat on the head. Your imagination is the only limit.

17. Wearing Glasses

creative dog photography ideas example

Show what a smarty your pet is putting on glasses. You are unlikely to take successful shots on the first try, so spend some time setting your pet in the right mood and once it feels relaxed, everything will be great.

creative dog photo ideas example

Your pet wearing glasses may not only look respectable, but also funny if you know where to put on glasses!

18. Catch Yummy

cute pet photo idea

You can easily repeat this creative photography idea with your own pet. Just prepare something scrummy for your little friend.

pet photography idea examples

Keep your camera ready to capture the moment when it smells the treat, tries to lick it and opens a mouse to eat. Choose the best shot and share it online.

19. Super Hero

funniest pet photography ideas

This is one of the pet photography ideas that allow you to show how cute and funny your animals are. You should prepare superhero costumes and additional props to fully convey the idea you have in mind.

20. Glass Table (Bottom View)

creative pet photoshoot

Place your pet on a glass table and take a photo from below. It looks very impressive and unusual!

pet photography ideas glass table

I recommend you to use a black background so that the emphasis is exclusively on the animal.

21. Pet and Owner

pet photography creative ideas
best pet picture ideas

There is a general belief that animals and their owners look similar? If it is true in your case, you can take really jaw-dropping photos posing together with your pet side by side. Remember to select your outfit accordingly.

22. Underwater

best pet images ideas

This is one of dog photo ideas, as cats don’t really like spending time in the water. So, if your dog enjoys swimming and diving, you can take really hilarious photos.

best pet photography idea example

Though you can’t practice pet photography poses in this case, the main idea is to show your pet feeling good and behaving naturally. Just prepare special equipment and find a canine-friendly water source.

23. My Big Friend

creative pet photo ideas and poses

A dog is the man’s best friend! Show how warm your relationship is posing together. It isn’t a kind of a shot when you both look directly into the camera, but a one showing your synergy.

what is the best pet photography idea

Show that your dog is an integral part of your everyday routine. You can also try shooting from a distance to show the difference in size between an animal and the owner.

24. Beautiful Accessory

pet photo ideas with props

Take several photos of your pet with different accessories. You can use ties, bows, and glasses. This idea is perfect for pet portraits.

pet photography ideas with props

You can take such an image both indoors and outdoors.

25. Double Exposure

double exposure pet photo ideas

Learn how to create Double Exposure in Photoshop Info and your pictures of animals will never get lost in the variety of similar photos.

double exposure pet photography ideas

This concept can also be used for wildlife photography.

26. Photo with a Hat On

best pet photoshoot ideas ever

This idea is perfect for the thematic photo session. It can be used in your Halloween photography ideas or Instagram photo ideas.

how to shoot pets

Transform your pet a bit and take some cute shots.

27. With a Human

pet photography ideas and poses

The invisible connection between an animal and a human is very special. Capture your games and rituals to save these memories forever.

creative pet photo ideas and poses

Such photos will undoubtedly bring you many likes and positive comments.

At present time photography embraces a wide range of different branches and here we cannot but mention such kind of the photo art as pet photography. All of us like to take pictures of our pretty little (or big) creatures, having sometimes really amazing pet photography ideas, because they are our friends, our love and support.

Evidently they can be very active and quick and therefore it isn`t easy to photograph animals. In other words they don`t pose or stand still in order for you to get a mesmerizing shot. It is important to realize that you will spend much time and efforts during your pet photo session and moreover your images will certainly need post production photography services.

For sure there exist some tips how you should photograph and make your pictures look professional and appealing. So, before you choose pet photography poses and take photos, observe these pieces of advices and avoid mistakes in future.

Basic Pet Photography Ideas

Animals should Be Clean

Do you know how to take a selfie with your cat? By all means your dog or cat should be clean and well-groomed. You may wash it, comb the fur and, of course, stroke the pet. In that case your friend will be pleased and ready for good pictures or even for Most controversial photos of all time.

Editing Tip №1. Given these points you should realize, that there can be dirt, grime or even mud stuck to pet`s fur. Enhancement artists who specialize in dog photo edit, for instance, should hide or remove them. There can also be other manipulations with fur – its color can be brightened or adjusted. Besides if your pet has black fur, you should get rid of blue casts on it in order for your black dog or cat look perfect. If you doubt whether to Use Nature Editing Service or Keep Photo Unretouched? you should understand that in case with fur the photo should be definitely edited.

Use the Right Light

Whether your subject is human or pet, it is always crucial to see the light. The appropriate lightning is essential, it is one of the aspects which makes the difference. By and large you should see the difference between indoor and outdoor shots and use various light techniques – photograph in bright light, but not when the sun at its Zenith, so to say, or use various lightning sources (if you are inside the studio). It goes without saying that you should also avoid such thing as fluorescent lights and this is one of a most important cat photography tips. Do your best if you want you images to become Amazing examples of Black and White photography.

Editing Tip №2. When you edit pet photographs, don`t forget that in the long run they should look truly better. Don`t play with light, brightness or contrast too much or your basic retouching sample may turn into a freak image! To put it differently you have to tone the photo down. If you hesitate what to choose, Photoshop & Reality – do we need photo retouching services? you should keep in mind that dog photo edit or cat photography editing are sure to be quite useful.

One of some more helpful editing cat photography tips is that you shouldn`t use vignettes ‘in abundance’. Don`t make your pet a resident of the dark world, but try to demonstrate its beauty and kindness using the proper light and brightness. With this intention your pets will certainly boast funny and playful pictures making people more cheerful on Happy World Smile Day - Keep on smiling.

The appropriate background. If you don`t know how to take a selfie with your cat first thing you should remember is the right choice of the background. Don`t use black or dark wall if you have a cat or dog with dark fur and vice versa, don`t shoot with white or light-colored background if your pet has light fur. Make your pictures charming and cute to mesmerize everybody on Happy International beauty day!


Editing Tip №3. In terms of dog photo edit it must be remembered that you should remove some background drawbacks or distractions if it is needed. Moreover you may isolate your pet and change the background.

Be on the right level. You should also remember that if you want to answer the question how to take a selfie with your cat properly, sink to the level of your pet. This one of the evident cat photography tips, but not all use it. Try to take picture at the eye level of our cat or dog, because eyes are windows to the soul and convey the character of the animal.

You may resize or crop some area of a picture to make the eyes more prominent. Another key point is red eyes. Needless to say, that you must remove them.

pet photo ideas

We hope you`ve enjoyed the tips and they will be useful personally for you!

Best Pet's Photographers

They know how to take funny and natural photos. Pet photo making is able to be done not by every photographer, even by the most professional one. This sphere of image art industry requires a great combination of being a skillful and insightful professional from picture makers. Bur still there is an impressive range of various photographers that have tried their best in pet photo art. And here we will present you the most recognizable people that have definitely succeed in this industry and who certainly know how to give a photo an amazing glamour look.

The first pet photographer, who is worth your attention, is Kaylee Greer. She is believed to be internationally recognized commercial and private pet photo maker.

Kaylee Greer Website

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Kaylee`s images have been published in various magazines that have gained world-wide popularity. She has traveled around many countries teaching how to select best pet photography poses. Nowadays we can see her photo works on greeting cards, calendars or packaging.
This gifted photographer works mainly in Boston, Massachusetts and she is sure to know Everything about USA photography industry. But her talent has enabled her to present her pet photos all round the world.
Photo by Kaylee Greer

For more than 8 years she worked as volunteer in animals shelters and there she realized that her photo models can be only pets.

Kaylee Greer photo

She is known for vibrant colours and a bright talent in choosing exactly proper pet photography ideas that show off funny animals` characters.

The next popular animal photo maker is Holly Montgomery. She has gained her recognition due to the usage of particular photo themes.

Holly Montgomery Website

Location: New York, NY
Holly is deeply in love with great outdoors images, as a lot pet photography ideas can be applied there. Nature is generous in providing you just outstanding photo locations that do not require outsource photo editing. There is no need either to remove background or delete unwanted items.
Photo by Holly Montgomery

Moreover, Holly Montgomery likes capturing true love between an owner and his/her pet. Only those people, who love their animals as if they are family members, are able to show sincere emotions during photo shooting. Here there is no need for long selecting various pet photography poses. Shining eyes will do everything instead of you. That is her most famous photo “to hug or not to hug”.

The impressive part of her pet portfolio is images done in studios. The matter is there photographer is able to use more professional picture making equipment. Clear photo backdrop is also a vivid advantage. After shooting there is almost no need for sending photos to digital picture editing companies, in case they do not require color correction or removing various drawbacks.

The next photographer that is famous in the sphere of pet photo making is Sara Riddle.

Sara Riddle Website

Location: New York, NY
Since 2009 she has been the successful pet photo maker. Her love for animals is just amazing. For that reason only Sara is able to co-work even with the most shy or even wild animals. She is considered to be real master in capturing unconditional love and rare moments of just perfect pet photography poses.
Her photo shooting are always interesting both for pets, as they have a possibility to feel like a real star with love and everybody`s attention, and for their owners.
Photo by Sara Riddle

Pet photography ideas used by this professional photographer are truly amazing and worth attention. Her clients have a unique possibility to become happy owners of brilliantly done bright photos.

And the last but not the least pet photo maker that mentioned in this article is Allison Shamrell.

Allison Shamrell Website

Location: New York, NY
She offers her clients only soulful and funny pet photos. Allison believes if your dog or cat is happy, than you will definitely feel happiness.
The main part of her photo sessions are hold outside or in professional studios. Here she tends to use only best pet photography ideas that enable her to depict unfeigned emotions. That makes her photo works really eye-catching.
Photo by Allison Shamrell

All these shooters can be added to the list of Top 10 remarkable Instagram photographers as they are high-skilled and really outstanding professionals! They work with our small brothers and sisters, our true friends and it`s amazing. Surely these photographers are great masters of High-End Level of retouching as their works capture our attention and touch with its beauty.

FixThePhoto is a team of professionals who are the people you will enjoy to work with. We are glad to communicate with you at any convenient time, offer wide range of services and reasonable photo editing prices. Create and be creative!