Photoshop vs Reality – Can you imagine a world without Photoshop?

Photoshop vs Reality – Can you imagine a world without Photoshop?

In this article we’re going to discuss pros and cons of photo editing services, how retouchers have changed our history, we’ll see photos which are questioned to be real, and talk about portrait photo retouching which our celebrities use. 

Can you imagine a world without Photoshop? A society where we can take every photograph at face value and believe that there was no image manipulation services, no professional retouching, no body retouch, nothing? Photoshop has totally transformed our visual beliefs. Photographers now use this program to generate complex imagery that would have been impossible some years ago.


In this article we’re going to discuss pros and cons of photo editing, how retouchers have changed our history, we’ll see photos which are questioned to be real, and talk about portrait photo retouching which our celebrities use. 



History of professional photo editing services

Photoshop has been used since 1988, when Thomas and John Knoll found the idea to fix the picture. Ever since then it has taken over the mass media and artists commerce by a tornado and now, after two decades of its creation, there have been discussions over whether or not Photoshop has a lasting impact on society’s beauty standards.  Also we recommend reading about 10 Best Photo Retouchers In The World. We have not mentioned all of the professional retouchers in the world, but have tried to single out the best ones.


Today many photographers creaty amazing photos by means of Photoshop and became popular in the world. A perfect example is John Wilhelm who takes pictures of his girlfriend Judith and their three young daughters – Lou (5.5 years), Mila (2.8 years) and Yuna (6 months), and makes surreal and eclectic photo manipulations.



Advertising photography – fix a picture in crazy way

As is expected from the creative industry, many advertising companies order product retouching because want their photos stand out from the rest, for example, it's critical for jewelry photo retouching.

For any agency trying to get their product or amenities out in print format, the mission is ever more challenging and hard.


Aquafresh Flexigel: Ear


Humorous ads continue to be one of the few effective ways to engage customers in a very saturated advertising market. This is an area where the audience is far more open and still willing to pay attention.


Here, we’ve gathered the list of comical and really innovative ads for your enjoyment taken from

Softlan ultra: Wrestling


Zoom - Olympus

fix-picturesBook anytime, go anywhere


How do we fix a photo in Instagram

From Maine to California and Florida to Alaska, more than 90 million Americans have joined Instagram since the photography site launched in 2010. Unfortunately, not all photos we see in this website are real. Here are examples of how photo retouching services can change a photo. It's not just photo color correction or remove background but proper image cropping. 




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Do celebrities use photo retouching services?

Today, with the use of photography post processing services, women have been cheated into thinking that perfect beauty of body and face does happen. But in reality, this kind of perfection is simply impossible. Even superstars have imperfections, but that’s not what we often see in the magazines.

fix-my-picturesKim Kardashian


Some celebrities, such as Brad Pitt, have taken action against digital changing of their forms. Brad Pitt broke one of Hollywood’s golden rules in a recent issue of W Magazine by revealing all his imperfections and wrinkles. He even personally requested to be photographed by Chuck Close, who is famous for his extremely detailed portraits that reveal all skin flaws.


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Photoshop Live - Street Retouch Prank

Every year Adobe arranges an event called ‘Creative Days’ to promote its creativity-enabling products such as Photoshop.

One Photoshop magician - Erik Johansson, one bus stop and lots of hidden cameras.

Incredible pictures without professional retouching

We have collected for you photographs in which the combined efforts of mother nature and talented photographers have captured magic moments showing the wondrous diversity of modern life and the natural world.

A galactic tennis ballphotoSource:

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, North Korea’s founder

fix-photosForests without end, Russia

photographHello there, sister


A ghost town, San Francisco, USA


Read how to enhance your portrait photo shooting.

If you want to make a natural skin, remove stray hair from your model’s face and body or create dramatic, grunge or glitch effects in Photoshop FREE, learn it by watching YouTube Photoshop portrait tutorials.


Nevertheless, if you’re interested in beauty and fashion photography, you can open Photoshop or Photoshop alternatives and create a magic image, or outsource photo editing and find the best photo retouching prices for post production for photographers.

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