Ridiculous Photoshopped Instagram Photos: Photoshop vs Reality

By Tata Rossi 11 days ago, Photoshop Tips

Instagram is in the top 10 of the most visited websites in the US. In 2021 it had approximately 0.9 billion visits per month in this country alone. Every person wants to look more attractive in images than in reality. For this purpose people do bright make-up, improve their appearance with plastic surgery, or photoshop their images to achieve great results. Take a look at the funniest photoshopped Instagram photos and learn how to avoid such mistakes when using this social network.

Top 20 Photoshopped Instagram Photos to Laugh At

Many people have tried to improve their selfies with stunning filters or other effects to attract more views and likes. However, such minor changes cannot be compared to odious Photoshop fails that are quite common on social media networks nowadays.

At the end of this article, I will show you several examples of how FixThePhoto retouchers managed to improve photos and underline the natural beauty of a model using Photoshop.

1. Zombie with Slim Waist

instagram photoshop before and after

This is one of the examples of how people overuse Photoshop trying to enhance their images before publishing them on social media networks. No matter whether they decide to make such “improvements” because of their insecurity or narcissism, but here is what we have in the result.

This is one of the most frequent retouching mistakes to avoid. Make sure not to alter your appearance beyond recognition. Photoshop and other photo editing software should be used for underlining your natural beauty and not for transforming you into some ridiculous creature.

2. I Want to Have Nice Curves

photoshop vs reality sample

I would say that this is a slightly edited version of the first photo. Fortunately, here, the changes are not so exaggerated, but the proportions have altered noticeably. Well, what’s wrong with the TV in the background, and why it has been replaced with the picture featuring a shapely girl?

3. Girl Strives for Perfection

real vs photoshop

As you understand both photos feature the same girl who is ready to do everything to get a perfect body even using Photoshop and a common Instagram photo pose. Besides, the model’s face has been “refined” greatly as well.

4. Zombie’s Return

instagram before and after photoshop

Whereas the first sample only features body transformations, in this one, the elements of décor have also suffered. Let’s lose weight together! Maybe someone from Photoshop trolls performed the job.

If you want to get photoshopped Instagram photos of high quality to amaze your subscribers, contact professional retouchers. No matter what services you require: skin retouching, color correction, minor defect removal, our specialists will help you within a few days.

5. Cool Make-Up Using Photoshop

instagram picture photo before and after

Like many other Instagram models before and after Photoshop, this girl tried to refine the photo with heavy make-up. Moreover, instead of visiting the hairdresser, she photoshopped her hair as well. Remember, if you want to have a successful Instagram, try to retain your natural look and do not overdo with retouching, otherwise, you are likely to get on the list of Photoshop fails on Facebook and other social networks.

6. Skinnier Arms

photoshopped insta photo

Everyone knows that almost everything on Instagram is fake to some extent. This social media network is full of photos refined with various filters, deeply retouched selfies, images of tattoos greatly improved using Photoshop to get more clients, etc. Instagram is the favorite net of liars and scoundrels.

In this case, even the size of the arm was reduced. Perhaps, the model does not accept herself at all.

7. Interesting Sky

photoshopped instagram image

It's funny when people retouch their bodies and faces, but the photoshopped background in this photo looks particularly eye-catching. The effect of a poorly retouched background might spoil any photo even if it was taken in one of the best photography locations. If you want to refine your photo, make certain to contact professionals or learn how to remove background in Photoshop.

8. Let’s Lose Weight Together

photoshopped instagram photo

These two friends know well how to use Photoshop for sure. Look how slim they look now! Their bodies and faces are half the size. It is amazing, isn’t it?

9. The Camera Does Add 10 Pounds

photoshopped celebrity instagram pic

The reason why she has altered herself so much is not clear, as she looks stunning in reality. Every time I come across such photos, I come closer to deleting my account from this social media network.

10. Strong Britney

photoshopped instagram photo of celebrity

In this photo, Britney looks so fragile after assuming this female pose. She pumped her legs and reduced the size of her butts. At the same time, her cupboard changed a bit. Trying to showcase her great figure to the whole world, Britney did not take into account that not all of her subscribers are as bad at Photoshop as she is.

11. Ideal Woman

photoshopped instagram photo of britney spears

You must admit that in this case the picture was refined in Photoshop quite professionally. At least, nothing has been blurred in the background. Besides, a model pose contributes to Britney’s stunning look.

12. Young Madonna

too much photoshop instagram

If you think that you retouch too much, take a look at this photo of Madonna for the cover of one of the magazines. Of course, the flaws need to be hidden, but what about the naturalness? The photo looks very vulgar, and the retoucher made too many edits in Photoshop.

13. Kim Was Left Without Her Hand

instagram models before and after photoshop

Everyone knows that the members of Kim’s family are fans of Photoshop and use this program regularly to refine every photo. In the shot above, Kim’s hand mysteriously vanished behind her sister’s hand. Someone may say that she hid it by chance, but I think that this is not the case. This is a typical Kim Kardashian Photoshop fail.

14. And Kardashian Again!

instagram models photo before and after photoshop

Nowadays, with the popularity of photography post processing services, women began to think that the perfect body and ideal face do happen. However, by comparing Photoshop vs reality photos, we should admit that this kind of perfection is not possible. Even famous people who look ideal in magazines are not perfect and have flaws.

Look at how the figure, hair, and face were refined. Still, Photoshop alternatives can work wonders.

15. Greatly Retouched Appearance of Leighton Meester

before and after photoshop instagram models and celebs

Apparently, the actress Leighton Meester forgot to do her makeup for the event. And the retouchers or the actress herself decided to fix it. By the way, the retouchers also added some curves. Only her look became kind of tired.

16. Brad Pitt Is Against Overuse of Photoshop

brad pitt against too much photoshop

Some superstars, such as Brad Pitt, don’t use Photoshop to improve their appearance. W Magazine published the photo of an actor with all his imperfections and wrinkles. This was the decision of the celebrity. Brad Pitt even cooperated with Chuck Close who is well-known for his extremely detailed portraits that capture all the model’s imperfections.

17. Woman From the Future

sample of photoshop vs reality picture

This is the first example of quality photo retouching that can be only performed by professionals. Such shots usually attract the attention of Instagram users, as they are quite creative and unusual. By contacting our service, you will get beautiful surrealistic photos for an affordable price.

18. Surreal Pics of Photographers Daughters

photoshop vs reality comparison

Today many photographers create amazing photos using Photoshop and acquire worldwide fame. A perfect example is John Wilhelm who takes pictures of his girlfriend Judith and their three young daughters – Lou, Mila, and Yuna, and makes surreal and eclectic manipulations.

19. Advertising Photos - Fix a Picture in Crazy Way

photoshopped insta advertising photo

As is expected from the creative industry, many advertising companies order product retouching services because they want their photos to stand out from the rest. For example, many business owners order jewelry photo retouching services. If you need to create high-quality prints to advertise your products or services, it becomes even more important to enhance your photos beforehand.

Humorous ads continue to be one of the few effective ways of engaging customers. This is an area where the audience is far more open and still willing to pay attention.

20. When Everything is in Moderation

sample of photoshop vs reality photo

High-end retouching services will come in handy for those who need to order beauty, makeup & hair retouching, color correction and creative manipulations. If you want to refine high-resolution shots for publishing them on the web or printing, we recommend turning to professional photo retouchers for help.

This shot is an example of excellent retouching of studio photography for a magazine cover. Let’s remember photoshopped Instagram photos featured at the beginning of our article. Do you see the difference?

Of course, photo retouching is necessary for creating images used in advertising. However, when people overdo and change their appearance beyond recognition, it is not good.

Bonus Tools

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To make sure that your shots won’t get into the list of ridiculous photoshopped Instagram photos, pay special attention to post-processing. If you want to quickly change colors, adjust brightness and contrast, use these actions that are popular among Instagram photographers.

By using them, you won’t need to spend much time enhancing your photos. The package consists of includes 45 professional plug-ins that can refine any image so that you can publish it on Instagram or other social media networks.