50 Best Model Poses from Top Models (+5 FREEBIES)

Some specific model poses characterize each photography genre and it is very important to choose an appropriate one. However, the typical feature of all fashion poses is that they are full of confidence and self-assurance.

Even if you already know some beneficial poses that always look great in the frame, remember that there is always place for improvement. Continue practicing and find more successful modeling poses for female and male models.

50 Best Model Poses from Top Models

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Who should know the model poses? I may confidently say that both the shooter and the model should be aware of beneficial model posing since the success of the shooting fully depends on them.

Different poses in the same circumstances look completely different. Therefore, the pose may contribute to the successful shooting as well as spoil it. I will tell you about the most favorable model poses.

1. Hands on Hips

models posing

If your hands are on the hips, your waist seems thinner. Moreover, circles formed by the arms mix with the background creating a slimming effect. This is one of my favorite fashion poses since the model looks powerful and superior.

Experiment with bodyweight distribution. For example, let one leg have more weight and then switch the legs.

models posing

2. Full Frontal Face (Close-Up)

model poses for photo shoots

Perhaps, some of you will say that we are not talking of model posing when it comes to close-up portraits. But it is not so, actually. Here, the eyes are primarily engaged in posing.

Every photographer knows that it is impossible to get a great portrait if you see a dead look in the frame. Only if you have thoughts in your eyes, the picture will be successful.

model poses for photo shoots

3. Being Near the Wall

poses for photoshoot

I believe that the wall is a universal background for any kind of shooting and a great surface to pose. You may lean up against it or balance on the wall.

Do everything you like experimenting with various fashion poses. Moreover, it is the best prop to work with for beginner models.

poses for photoshoot

4. Leaning on Something

model photography

Remember that the shooter’s position also influences the model’s behavior in the frame. For example, if you sit or lean against her, she changes her focal points and that is, of course, seen in the frame.

In such a way, the shots become easy and natural. If the model is constantly focused on one thing, it will spoil the shot. Therefore, it’s better when she sees various things and has thoughts behind her eyes.

model photography

5. Twirling Hair

female portrait poses

If you have beautiful long hair, you should really show it in motion. It is one of the most favorable female model poses.

You should quickly turn your head to make the hair swirl. The photographer may experiment with the exposure to get sharp or, on the contrary, blurred shots highlighting the motion of hair.

female portrait poses

6. Straighting Neck

model portrait photography

Remember that in any picture you should try to straighten your neck up ‒ it will visually make it longer. Also, you should lower the shoulders. It is a great fashion model pose that makes the shot graceful and liberated.

7. Shooting in Movement

model art

Female model posing often presupposes movement. Such shots require much time and great efforts both from the shooter and the model.

You may get the perfect shot in one button press or work for hours to receive a desired image.

model art

8. Facial Play

drawing poses female

Engage all parts of yours. You may raise an eyebrow or part your lips slightly. Change the position of your shoulders.

Experiment with facial expressions. However, faces are not symmetrical, so it’s better to determine your favorable face positions and use them while shooting.

drawing poses female

9. Relaxed Hands and Legs

poses art

Don’t create some special hand poses all the time. You may just leave them in their natural position when they are free and relaxed. The same is true concerning legs.

But mind that if the model is standing, she should distribute her body weight to one leg.

10. Using Hands

models for artists online poses

Don’t forget about female model poses involving hands. For example, you may use your hand to shape the face.

Touch the forehead or the chin. It will look great in the frame. The simpler the gesture ‒ the better the shot. I recommend these modeling poses for beginners since they create the neutral look maintaining originality.

models for artists online poses

11. Look Beyond the Camera

professional model poses female

It is a popular model pose among both professional models and ordinary girls. The thing is that you are not supposed to look into the camera while shooting.

Forget about it! Look away, turn your head, in other words ‒ pose as if you were captured accidentally.

professional model poses female

12. Working With The Shoulder

portrait model meaning

If you glance over your shoulder while shooting, the photographer will see that you know a great deal about female model posing. However, one should remember some details using this pose.

First of all, mind the lighting since shadows may spoil the picture. Moreover, don’t focus on your nose. Try to raise the hand furthest from the camera to rest on your shoulder.

portrait model meaning

13. Straight On with No Props

poses for drawing

Bend one knee and lean one leg over the other to create an “S” shape. If it is too difficult, you can cross your one leg over another. In such a way, you will create a sleek shape.

Mind that there should be some space between the arms and the body for light to move. It will focus the viewer on your waist.

14. Almost Sideways

commercial model poses

This supermodel pose presupposes standing position when the model is not looking into the camera.

In such a way, photographer may take full-length and close-up pictures. In order to show you in the best light, you can bend the knee nearest to the camera. The weight is shifted and the image depicts only the best body shapes.

commercial model poses

15. Totally Sideways

model portrait

You may also create a picture when you are peeping over your shoulder at photographer. The shot will be intimate and extraordinary.

16. Standing Back to Camera

poses for pictures

Standing back positions are rather popular female model poses. Such pictures have new emotional coloring impressing the viewer with its originality. If it is a full-length shot, mind the position of the legs.

The leg nearer to the camera should be slightly bent to shift the weight away. The hands may be on the hips or anywhere you like. Experiment with poses but control the light since it must freely flow around you.

17. Standing Without Support

model poses drawing

No matter where you use it ‒ in the studio or in the open air, it is a universal model pose. Bend one leg in the knee, place your arms and allow the light to move freely.

18. Crossed Arms

photoshoot poses

It is a commonly shared view that crossed arms and legs create a psychological barrier between the people. That is why this model pose is not highly recommended. But why don’t you try and see what results it will bring?

19. Arms Behind Back

model poses for fashion photography

It is one of the most unusual and interesting modeling poses. The image will be open and sincere. You may lean against the wall and look directly at the camera.

20. Facing the Wall

how to pose for a photo alone

It is a great model pose if you need a close-up involving arms and a face. You may lean on the wall with your head and rest on your hands. Besides, if the wall allows, you may sit on it and look away from the camera. Experiment with the wall and you will get great results.

21. Standing Near Chair

male model poses

Modeling poses make wonders but don’t forget about good old props. They are a source of original creative photo ideas opening new opportunities.

For example, you may use a chair. You can lean on it, rest your foot or hand on it, or even twirl the chair on the leg creating great movement pics.

male model poses

22. Keeping Your Poses Moving and Alive

professional photoshoot

You want to change something every three seconds. Move your hand, slightly change the pose, change the expression on your face.

A good model, with many years of practice, will correctly make these variations in poses.

23. Standing with Accessories

model portrait poses

Hats, scarves, sunglasses, handbags, etc. are also great props for shooting. Experiment with accessories and have some fun! Sometimes you don’t even know what opportunities props may offer.

24. Hands in Pockets

model portraits

If you want to show confidence, place your hands into the pockets. Put the whole hand or show some fingers ‒ feel free to play with this fashion model pose.

Actually, the position of your fingers expresses different emotions so don’t fail to depict it. As for me, it is a universal pose to show self-assurance and it looks really cool in the frame.

model portraits

25. Full Frontal

model pics

The shoulders should be squared to the camera. Make your hands do something. For example, hook the thumbs in the belt loops.

Turn your head and touch the hair with the other hand. You may also put it on the shoulder.

model pics

26. The Profile

how to pose for a picture like a model

This is an interesting perspective that can give you unexpected shapes. Try moving around, placing your weight off-center, seeing what such modeling poses result in.

See how the position of your limbs looks like on camera since its lens can cause distortions, making your limbs look shorter. Avoid pressing the limbs to yourself and they will look thinner and smoother.

how to pose for a picture like a model

27. The Three-Quarter

photo poses for girl

Three-quarter is one of the standard model poses that looks great and is widely used. You will have to stand so that one leg goes behind the other, the side of your hips is facing the lens.

Then you twist the upper body to have everything above the waist facing the camera. You can start the photoshoot with it and then do various slow transitions.

photo poses for girl

28. Hands in Camera

photoshoot ideas

There are two ways to do this model pose, serving different purposes. One is to focus on the face on the background while the hands are stretched towards the lens.

The other is just the opposite, with the focus set on the palms.

29. One Leg Up

photo poses for girls

If you’re willing to try some less common model poses, then lean against something and lift one leg. Same can be done while sitting, too, so just play around.

30. Strolling

dynamic poses

In fashion photography, one of the most requested is strolling, but this is also the one that requires some practice.

Some models might have a very tense gait, others might be too sloppy. It depends on the person and there is beauty in all such variations.

dynamic poses

31. Covering Face With Hand

runway model poses

Appropriate for both male and female model poses, a hand touching the face can accentuate and enforce the emotion in the photo. Use it to express something that can’t be shown with facial features alone.

Create unique and enchanting looks by covering your face in different places with the palm or fingers. Essentially, hands can be applied as a ready-to-use prop, emphasizing the face or image idea.

runway model poses

32. Draped with Fabric

life drawing model

It is a feminine and graceful pose. When the model poses for photo shoots in the style of glamor and nude, do not exclude the use of props.

Sometimes a stretch of fabric can serve as an excellent complement to the frame, mysteriously covering the naked body of your subject.

33. Walking Towards or to the Side of the Camera

interesting poses to draw

A common and recognizable fashion model pose is walking, with feet aligned. This pose looks better in photos when slightly exaggerated. The gaze may be directed towards the camera or away from it.

When water is in the frame, it looks great to have the model wander in the shallow area and disturb the surface with each step.

interesting poses to draw

34. Walking Away from the Camera

walking away pose

A similar type of model poses involves walking, but moving further from the photographer. You can glance over the shoulder, setting your hair or clothing in motion, which looks playful and lively in photos.

35. The Lean-Forward

how to be a model

There are variations of model poses that convey different characters to the viewer. Setting knees together and spreading the ankles, with the torso fully bending over the legs and arms encircling them will be read as misery and defeat to the viewers.

When knees and ankles are set the opposite way and the elbows are rested on the lap, with a sneering face expression, the model will radiate strong character and assurance.

how to be a model

36. The Lean-Back

creative model poses

Yet another pose to be interpreted in multiple ways, all giving a different air to your picture. If you are sprawled on the sofa, one leg over the armrest and another extended to the floor, your head sinking back, it can look playful or sexy.

Set yourself with both legs over the armrest, leaning back with a blank face and you will be perceived as haughty, cold.

Yet, pulling legs closer in the same position and hugging them will make you look more innocent and flirty.

37. The Floorwork

modeling poses for beginners

If you’re out of portrait photoshoot ideas, you can take a chair but not for just boring sitting on it. You should sit on the floor beside and lean on the chair, or with legs spread on the floor but arms lying on the seat. The angle is crucial in this case.

38. Sitting Cross-Legged

model poses for photo shoots

Another one of modeling poses for beginners: you are sitting with your legs crossed. It should be noted that the legs do not always need to be included in the frame, depending on the type of your body.

39. Sitting on/near the Water

sitting near the water

This is a classic of the beach photo shoot genre. For successful use of such modeling poses female body has to be in good shape, otherwise, all the flaws will be emphasized.

40. From a Height

fashion model pose

A very favorable position for setting the emphasis on the model’s eyes. Arranging the models posing in a particular way, the photographer can play with shadows and sunbeams on the skin in clear weather.

41. Sitting on the Knees

sitting on knees

You should sit on the knees, but not lean too much on the feet. The gaze is directed over the shoulder.

42. Sitting with a Cup of Coffee/Tea

fashion poses

The pose is perfect if you are sitting on the bed or in an armchair. For adding a certain thematic depth, you should hold a cup of coffee in your hands.

43. Laying on the Side

pose like a model face expressions

With such female model posing, you can really emphasize the curves, especially if you bring the top leg forward and bend it slightly.

A hand can prop the head, barely touching the jawline. Or the arms can frame the body, as long as you keep them soft and relaxed. Pay attention to how the clothes wrap the body.

44. Laying on the Back

model photo poses

The lying down model poses are common and easily variable, only requiring you to make sure the angle doesn’t create a double chin. As usual in such poses, you should arrange your hair and clothing neatly and look straight or to the side.

45. Lying from the Front Point

being a model

To step away from a boring portrait, you can shift things down and ask your photographer to use a frontal perspective. It looks nice with the blurred background and brings additional attention to the eyes.

46. Lying with Legs Up

yoga poses

With such model poses female legs look elongated and slenderer in the image. It is preferable to have the subject look into the lens for more expressiveness of the shot.

47. Caving in the Back

best model poses

The pose has been gaining popularity in photography for a while. In these poses model can emphasize the flexibility and beauty of your figure.

The surface doesn’t necessarily have to be the floor, other interesting variations, like a windowsill, can be found.

48. Lying In The Milk Bath

shooting in the milk bath

A bathroom is one of unusual locations and filling it with milk opens endless shooting possibilities. The effect can be reinforced by flowers or pieces of fruit set swimming in it.

49. Lying on the Stomach

lying model poses

Whatever your location, including a shot or two in this position is not a bad idea. When a model poses on your belly, lifting your feet in the air, it plays nice tricks to the figure, especially with a side angle.

This pose can also be very sensual and feminine without exposing too much.

50. Entrust Image Retouching to Professionals

fashion photo editing fashion photo editing

A crucial component of model photography is post-production and many photographers or even models prefer outsourcing this tedious work. It ensures that the photos are done in the shortest terms with the highest quality maintained.

Good photo retouching service providers can even maintain your personal style.

FREEBIES for Editing Model Photos

Here are some free filters in case you want to make improvements to the model portraits on your own.

Free Lightroom Preset Portrait "Contrast"

free lightroom preset for portrait photography free lightroom preset for portrait photography

This incredible simple preset does a wonderful job on studio portraits, setting the white balance and lighting to add a clean look to the shot. Plus, the skin tones look more appealing.

Free Lightroom Preset Portrait "Vintage"

free lightroom preset for headshot photos free lightroom preset for headshot photos

The earlier photos are known for their style. If you want to replicate it, then this preset is what you need.

Get a dramatic yet elegant picture looking as if shot on film.

Photoshop Action Color "Creative"

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For a more modern air, add brightness and cool the colors with this eye-catching action. Looks stunning in images with many color pops.

Fashion Photoshop Action "Glow"

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The renowned Polaroid shots can be imitated by this action. It tunes down brightness and saturation, softens the shot altogether. The action is applicable to lifestyle, wedding and editorial images, producing equally good results.

Bokeh Overlay Light Free "Gold"

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If the image looks too dark, use this overlay to brighten it and add warm bokeh, creating a heartfelt atmosphere.