Unphotoshopped Pictures of the Kardashians and Jenners

By Tata Rossi 15 days ago, Photoshop Tips

Kim, Kourtney, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie, and Kendall Jenner have over 900 million Instagram subscribers combined. It’s no wonder their photos constantly grab the attention of the media and their followers.

It’s also interesting that Kim has published an entire book on selfies so it goes without saying she’s quite good at taking photos. At one point, Kim said can take dozens of shots before getting the result she wants. She isn’t always happy with how the images turn out and her subscribers and professional photographers have noticed multiple times that the pictures Kim has posted on her Instagram were photoshopped.

Top 15 Unphotoshopped Pictures of the Kardashians and Jenners

These sisters know how to have a successful Instagram and a lot of subscribers but they are still often caught overly relying on Photoshop for their images. Below you’ll find a list of the most impressive unphotoshopped pictures of the Kardashians and Jenners that got the whole world talking.

1. Photoshopped Mirror

unphotoshopped pictures of the kardashians

Kim was accused of editing her butt in this one due to the bent mirror in the background. However, we're going to side with her on this one, because mirrors have a way of making things look bizarre.

2. Cellulite Removal

unphotoshopped pictures of the kardashians sample

This photo was made for Complex Magazine in March 2009. After a Kim Kardashian unedited photo was leaked online, the magazine acknowledged the airbrushing by putting up both pictures on their website. The cellulite removal is the biggest thing, but at least the mag fessed up to their mistake. We recommend you to learn YouTube portrait tutorials in Photoshop to edit photos realistically and naturally.

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3. Fan Photo

kim kardashian unedited photo comparison

A more detailed examination of this photo shows that Kim relied on retouch too much. You can notice an unrealistic curve on the sidewalk while the car in the backdrop was pancaked into what looks like a futuristic motorcycle.

Kim did explain the reason behind such excessive retouching, saying she got the original image from a fan who used a mirror filter that caused the distortion.

4. Perfect Figure

unedited photos of kardashians

Even though the Kardashians are frequently blamed for retouching their photos to have the perfect figure, Kim stepped forward with a counter-accusation, saying that the "horrible" photos taken by a paparazzi during her Mexico visit in 2017 were photoshopped to make her look worse than she actually does.

When commenting on the images of her in a thong bikini, the mother of 4 kids admitted she didn’t have her best figure at the time the photos were taken due to not working out for over 4 months.

5. Make Butt Look Bigger

kim kardashian unedited pic

The image of Kim Kardashian balancing a champagne glass on her perfectly-sculpted derriere alongside the hashtag #BreakTheInternet sent a sharing shockwave through the web. Her photo retoucher has proven to a master at photoshopping portraits realistically.

6. We’re All Human

unedited pictures of the kardashians

The Kardashian sisters often accuse the paparazzi of overly editing their photos to make them look a lot uglier than they are. But what about this photo? Is this poorly-done retouching or simply one of the unedited pictures of the Kardashians that show how the star really looks like?

7. True Miracle

kim kardashian unedited pic

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As you can see from this example, Kim managed to do the retouching on her own, but when you compare the result to the original, you might think those are 2 different people. It’s hard to recognize a true social media start in the girl on the left.

8. Two Different People

example of unphotoshopped pictures of the kardashian

This is a great example of a Photoshop vs reality image. Once this photo was posted, her subscribers unanimously agreed that Khloe’s face looks heavily edited, with some even stating that she doesn’t look like herself at all.

Being one of the most prominent examples of Kardashian Photoshop fails, these photos had fans highlighting a retouching mistake on the left image (taken in May) that proved her new look was created in Photoshop and wasn’t a result of surgery. Khloe’s original look was later revealed on the Kardashian TV show later in August.

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9. Kylie's Pool Party Knees Lift

unphotoshopped pictures of the kardashians and jenners

Kylie had no choice but to remove an Instagram post within 20 minutes after uploading it once the subscribers noticed a weird alteration in the photo. The warped pool edge was a dead giveaway that a photo editing app like FaceTune was used for editing the image and making the star’s figure look better than it is.

10. Six Toes Photoshoot

unedited pics of kardashians

This image was taken in 2019 when Kim and her sister were wearing stylish single-legged bodysuits, but the one detail that caught the eyes of their subscribers was Kim’s left foot, which looked like it had an extra toe. By the way, later in 2020, Kim shared a video of her feet in to put rumors about them to rest and prove that she doesn’t have six toes on her left leg.

11. Family Photo

unphotoshopped images of the kardashians

On the Notebook Magazine Cover in February 2014, all three Kardashians are clearly edited: Khloé looks a lot skinnier around the waist area, as do her arms. Kim's waist also looks tinier. Kourtney's arms are unnaturally skinny. We know magazine covers are ALWAYS airbrushed in Photoshop, but this one strays a bit too far from reality.

12. Object Removing

unphotoshopped pictures of kim kardashian

The removed object is probably Kim’s biggest Photoshop fail. The vain reality star managed to completely cut off her right arm while posing for a picture with Jonathan Cheban. The shot was so confusing that even Kim was baffled: "Ummm where's my arm lol. This is one of the most frequent retouching mistakes to avoid when posting images online.

13. Kourtney Imitation

unphotoshopped picture of the kardashians

This popular image shows the Kardashian-Jenner family on holiday near Lake Tahoe. They took a group photo that features Chris, her boyfriend Corey, Kendall, Chloe, Kim, Scott, and Kourtney.

The only problem is that Kourtney looks like she was pasted in from a different image. This fact caught the attention of not only the family’s followers but the popular TV personality Gibson Jones as well. That said, insiders state that Kourtney was indeed on the same trip with the rest and just looks so out of place because of the lighting.

14. Where is Kim’s Arm?

kardashian photoshop fails

This is yet another image of Kim with her sisters. It’s no secret that all of them retouch almost every picture they post. The internet is full of Kim’s Photoshop fails on Facebook and Instagram that allow you to compare original photos to their retouched versions. The same frequently happens to the other Kardashians and Jenners as well.

In this case, you can notice how Kim’s arm suddenly disappears behind her sister’s arm. Some fans come up with an excuse that she just accidentally hid her hand, but I think the issue lies somewhere else and even stunning model poses couldn’t help solve it.

15. Again with the Toes!

kim kardashian photoshop fails

At first glance, you’ll just see Kim at one of the beautiful photography locations she’s known for, standing in a seductive Instagram photo pose. But what if you take a closer look? You’d think there should be more than 4 toes, right?

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