Easy Instagram Poses Used by Instagram Models

Easy Instagram Poses Used by Instagram Models

Do you feel awkward and unsure of yourself while posing for your Instagram photo session? Even if you look perfect, inappropriate or bad posing may result in a terrible photo, that won’t get any likes and comments. Keep reading this article to learn how to pose for Instagram in a flattering way.

Top 25 Instagram Poses

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After consulting with some well-known Instagram photographers, I created this review of 25 fresh poses that will make your photos more appealing and capture the attention of many Instagram users! These include a range of portrait photography poses that will work well for everyone no matter your body type.

1. One Foot Forward

how to pose for instagram standing one foot forward

If we speak about Instagram poses, the most natural-looking body posture while being photographed is to put the foot forward. Moreover, this pose makes you look more elegant and visually lengthens your legs. No one will even think that you stand with one leg in front of intentionally, but the effect of such a posture is simply amazing.

2. The Catwalk Pose

how to pose for instagram standing catwalk pose

This is one of the trendiest Instagram photo ideas, as it is the greatest way to demonstrate your outfit of the day. To imitate this pose, imagine that you are a super famous model walking down the runway.

Make each step with confidence toward or past the camera, so that a photographer will succeed in catching the natural beauty of your movement.

3. Use Props

how to pose for instagram standing with props

Many people do not know what to do with their hands to achieve good Instagram poses. One of the most popular hand posing tips is to use such props as an umbrella, a book, a glass of wine, a bag or a bunch of flowers, etc. There are many cheap photography props that you can use for your creative photo shoot. If you want to be even more creative and original, check out DIY photography props ideas.

4. 45 Degree Angle

how to pose for instagram standing 45 degree angle

If you do not know how to pose for Instagram, simply turn your body 45 degrees away from the camera. Such a posture makes your silhouette slimmer and more graceful, highlighting the natural curve of the body.

Do not forget about the position of your head: tilt it up or down for more bonus points. This angled pose underlines the beauty of a woman’s body and looks great in every photo.

5. Cross the Legs

how to pose for instagram standing crossed legs

Cross your legs, and they will look skinnier and longer in the photo. This simple technique is one of the most favorite Instagram poses that has many advantages. It not only flatters your silhouette but also enhances the natural curves of your body. Such positioning of legs will work well for both male poses and female poses.

6. Give It a Twirl

how to pose for instagram twirl

To pose on Instagram, choose your attire thoroughly as it can either ruin or greatly enhance your photos. Twirl in a long dress or skirt to add some movement to an image, make it livelier and more dynamic. The only thing you should remember is that to capture a twirling without any blur, you should check if the shutter speed of the camera is high enough.

7. Kick Your Leg Out

how to pose for instagram kick leg out

By kicking your leg out you will create a funny but original Instagram pose. This small movement will not only make your photo more dynamic and livelier but will provide you with a great opportunity to show your new shoes at their best.

8. Hands On Waist

how to pose for instagram standing hands on waist

One of the best poses for Instagram is placing your hands on the waist. This is not so common posture as compared to more frequent “hands on hips” pose. To achieve a natural effect, flip your hands upwards as if you support the back. By pressing your hips a little bit, you’ll make them tilt slightly upwards elongating your body and underlying the elegance of your back.

9. The Over-The-Shoulder Look

how to pose for instagram standing over the shoulder look

Turn your body halfway and give an alluring glimpse over the shoulder at a photographer, and you’ll get a tender photo perfect for any social media. Try to make it naturally and look over the shoulder as if someone has called you. An over-the-shoulder look is also one of the most favored model poses.

10. Lean On Car

how to pose for instagram leaning on car

To lean on a retro or fashionable car is a great idea for those who have already tried many Instagram poses and want some fresh photos. Such a relaxed body posture will look more appealing and natural in a photo.

Feel free to experiment with angles here, but decide on the low angle to make your legs visually longer and to add some confidence to an image.

11. The Walking Away Shot

how to pose for instagram walking away

This is of the greatest poses for Instagram as it saves you the trouble of worrying about your facial expression or not wearing make-up. You can often read about this in travel photography tips, as it allows the viewers not only to concentrate on the model but also contemplate the beauty of the tourist attractions.

12. Hands in Pockets

how to pose for instagram standing with hands in pockets

While modeling, many people complain that they do not know what to do with their hands. If this is a problem for you, wear an outfit with pockets so that you can put your hands there and feel comfortable during the photo session.

For a more appealing look, keep your thumbs out or stick them into the belt loops. Putting all your fingers in a pocket will make your limbs look shorter and thicker than they actually are.

13. Sit On the Stairs

instagram poses sitting on the stairs

Stairs are a great setting for many good Instagram poses. They will add some symmetry to a photo and let you play with the visual perception of your body. Stretch out one leg sitting on the stairs to make it look longer. Put one arm on your knee and let the other hang loosely between the legs.

14. Sit On a Curb

instagram poses sitting on a curb

If your photo session takes place in the city, simply sit on a curb and you will get a great pose for modeling. This is one of the easiest relaxed poses for those who do not have any idea about how to pose on Instagram.

Place your elbow on one knee supporting the head, and put your arm on your other knee and turn the head towards the camera. Ask the photographer to take a shot from a slight angle for achieving a more captivating picture.

15. The Backward Chair

instagram poses sitting backward chair

Place the chair backward and position yourself on it facing the camera. To create a more casual and relaxed atmosphere, lean onto the back of the seat. This pose will make you look nice and contemplative.

16. Womenspreading

womenspreading instagram poses sitting

Womenspreading, which is widely known as IG sitting pose, is one of the most provocative Instagram poses. To imitate it, sit as men usually sit: spread your legs wide taking up much space. Womenspreading is also one of the most popular boudoir poses.

17. Sit in a Shopping Cart

instagram poses sitting in a shopping cart

Modeling in a shopping cart is one of the most amusing couple poses ideas. Simply go to the supermarket, sit in a shopping cart and ask your friend to drive you along the shelves. Such a fun-loving photo will be a great addition to any lifestyle photography blog.

18. The Bambi Pose

instagram poses sitting bambi

The Bambi pose is among the greatest beach photo ideas for creating tempting photos. Get down on your knees, round your back to lengthen your body and underline the beauty of its curves.

Keep your knees apart or together, whichever you prefer. Simplicity and appealing look make it one of the most popular Instagram poses.

19. Back to Back

instagram poses sitting back to back

If you’re browsing the Internet in search of best friend picture ideas, this pose is what you need. One model should face a camera and the other should look straight ahead. For a more emotional effect, keep the hands in a central position.

20. Squat

instagram poses sitting squat

It is one of those Instagram poses than can enhance your look and make your photo more original. Squat down and place your knee close to the ground, push the other leg forward or to the side.

Do not be afraid of experimenting, modify you pose by resting the chin in your hand or placing your elbow on the knee. Keep in mind that the squatting pose will only work if a photographer points a camera upward.

21. The Fish-Hooking Pose

instagram poses for selfies fish hooking

Dangle your fingers provocatively in front of your mouth to achieve a fish hooking pose. As the statistics say, this is one of the most popular selfie poses. This technique will make you look casual and careless in the photo. It also provides you with a great opportunity to brag about your stylish manicure.

22. The Judgmental Look Pose

instagram poses for selfies with sunglasses

This pose is as follows: you should put the sunglasses down the bridge of your nose and look as though you evaluate something or someone. This pose is often preferred in editorial photography.

23. Mirror Selfie

instagram poses for mirror selfies

This is one of the best Instagram poses for showing off your stylish outfit or some new items of your attire. The good thing is that you can make a mirror selfie without some extra help, modifying your pose and adjusting other factors that will make your images more appealing.

Moreover, such photos always get great engagement, so if you were curious about how to have a successful Instagram, incorporate this pose into your feed.

24. Block the Sun

instagram poses for selfies blocking the sun

To imitate this pose, you just need to raise your hand protecting your eyes from the sunrays. A slight shadow will appear on your face due to such a motion. You can also use two hands shielding your eyes from the sun.

25. Play With Your Hair

instagram poses for selfies playing with hair

Choose this one among the wide range of Instagram poses for a photo session that takes place in windy weather. Play with your hair, pretend that you fix your hair or run your fingers through it. You can also place your hands on your neck to hold the hair and prevent it from getting tangled in wind.

Freebies for Improving Your Instagram Poses

Don’t get too comfortable just because you know how to pose on Instagram. Of course, this is a useful skill, but the photos can be greatly enhanced with editing. Here are three freebies that will allow you to improve the images fast and easily achieving professional results.

Fluffy Clouds

photoshop sky freebie for instagram photography photoshop sky freebie for instagram photography

Have you taken a cool photo, but the sky is dull and gray in it? No problem, the “Fluffy Clouds” overlay will fix this issue in a matter of seconds and create the sky with a quilt of white clouds.

Orange and Teal

lightroom freebie for instagram photography lightroom freebie for instagram photography

This helpful Instagram preset can adjust the intensiveness of orange and blue colors, improving your photo greatly. Make your image warmer or colder so that it looks more attractive. You can use this preset for photos shot outdoors or indoors.


photoshop warm freebie for instagram photography photoshop warm freebie for instagram photography

This Instagram action can adjust the white balance of your image and make it lighter. Try it and you will notice that your photos have become softer, cleaner and more natural.