50 Selfie Poses and Tips to Try in 2023 (+5 FREEBIES)

Selfie Poses

These 50 funny and creative selfie poses will become very useful no matter what camera you’re using: a DSLR or your smartphone’s camera. If you often feel lost taking selfies alone or with your friends, it’ll be useful to set a list of your favorite selfie poses or ideas to take that perfect selfie.

50 Awesome Selfie Poses and Ideas

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The number of selfie poses is practically limitless. You need to start from what you want to emphasize or, conversely, to hide in the picture. I’ve prepared the best poses and tips on how to take good selfies easily.

1. Old-Age Face

selfie poses ideas

Justin Bieber - @justinbieber - 209m followers 

Take a simple selfie and download the FaceApp (Android, iOS) that is a popular app that lets you age your face. After posting this photo in Instagram, don’t forget to add ♯faceappchallenge to your photo.

2. Use Snapchat Filters

selfie poses

Kendall Jenner – @kendalljenner – 204m followers 

Download the Snapchat app (Android, iOS) to add unusual and funny filters and stickers to your photos. It will make any selfie pose unusual.

3. Add Your Phone in the Frame

selfie poses for instagram

Ariana Grande - @arianagrande - 282m followers 

Sometimes the very fact of creating a selfie can tell a story. Ask someone to take a picture of you while you're taking a selfie. Or you can make it near reflective objects like mirrors.

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4. The “Rule of Thirds” Selfie

different types of selfie poses

Kylie Jenner - @kyliejenner - 289m followers 

To get a perfect shot, your face should be in the top-right or top-left corner but not in the middle of the image. Remember this principle while preparing selfie poses.

5. After the Gym

selfie poses for men

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - @therock - 282m followers 

Who doesn’t like those gym photos that tell the world you’re have a healthy and sport lifestyle. Your pose should be unusual and near training apparatus.

6. Smile Sincerely

selfie photos

Do not forget about advantages of a sincere smile. I think it is more important than any selfie pose. Don’t force it, just think about a happy moment or a person dear to your heart, and it will all come to you. If it doesn’t work, just breathe deeply and relax, it will definitely help you get in a happier mood.

7. Fish Lips

selfie poses ideas

Zendaya - @zendaya - 113m followers 

This is the selfie pose we get from magazine pages. You can try open-mouthed, toothy face expression to look more trendy and stylish. See for yourself and decide whether you like it.

8. Kissy Face

selfie poses for girl latest

Maisie Williams - @maisie_williams - 10m followers 

Kissy face is among the most popular selfie poses. It has been used by many girls from the time selfie has appeared. Send a kiss to subscribers. This pose will help highlight the cheekbones and get "slender" face.

9. The Bedfie

selfie style pose

Gigi Hadid – @gigihadid - 71m followers 

This pose will render the relaxation and even some negligence in the photo. This idea will help you feel yourself a superstar and take perfect body selfies.

10. Brow Too Strong

how to pose for selfies female

Tom Holland - @tomholland2013 - 52m followers 

Tilt your head to the side, slightly raise your eyebrows, inflate your lips. It'll look like you're trying to seduce someone.

11. The "I'm Bored"

good selfie poses

Zendaya - @zendaya - 113m followers 

When you are bored, waiting for something and have nothing to do, try taking selfies and experiment with selfie poses. That will make time go faster for you and, in addition, you will have nice shots.

12. Bring Some Friends

creative group selfies

Beyoncé - @beyonce - 224m followers 

Real emotions are always a good decision. Gather with your friends, have fun and take selfies.

13. Just Woke Up

selfie pose

Lady Gaga - @ladygaga - 51m followers 

This is a new trend in selfie-photography when girls are taking pictures of themselves just after waking up. No make-up, just healthy natural look without any extra details and elaborate selfie poses.

14. Pose in the Mirror

how to take good selfies

Nicki Minaj - @nickiminaj - 164m followers 

If you don`t know how to pose for selfies, try taking a selfie in the mirror. Practice in advance: find such poses that will emphasize your good sides and beautiful facial features. Good lighting is really important for mirror selfies. To make the skin on the face look matte and healthy, use cold light with a flash. Natural light from the window is the best option but you can also try putting a lamp next to the mirror. Another good tip is looking at yourself in the mirror, not at your smartphone, that's how you will see the photo.

15. When Nothing Looks Right, Go Up

selfie from the above

Perrie Edwards - @perrieedwards - 14m followers 

This is a perfect way out if you want to take a selfie, but you lack a cool background, your hairdo doesn’t look really nice and all other angles seem inappropriate. Besides, shooting from above, you can look slimmer.

16. With Your Pet

how to take selfie

Miley Cyrus - @mileycyrus - 154m followers 

Playing with a pet can give you plenty of good selfie poses because their behavior is usually very unpredictable. I always find photo sessions with my cat to be quite difficult to control as she is such an active creature. However, she has also taught me to appreciate and capture spontaneous moments during a photoshoot.

17. Embrace Minimalism Using Everyday Objects

female selfie poses

Millie Bobby Brown - @milliebobbybrown - 47m followers 

You don’t need too many props to take a photo like this. Similar selfie pose images can be done with just a few objects around you and some creative use of light. A potted plant, your tinted sunglasses, curtains, basically anything can become a great tool in creating amazing selfies.

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18. Focus on the Background

selfie tips

John Legend - @johnlegend - 14m followers 

You can try make a selfie behind beautiful background, such as building, churches, etc. If you are a lucky owner of the best selfie drones, you can capture really breathtaking views.

Gather your friends for a fun-filled photoshoot and showcase the bonds of friendship in a single frame. Whether you're striking a pose at a party, adventuring in nature, or simply goofing around, with this selfie idea, you can celebrate the happiness and laughter shared among friends, making it a perfect way to cherish those special moments forever.

19. Mirror on the Wall

mirror selfie

Kim Kardashian West - @kimkardashian - 269m followers 

You can take body selfies in the mirror at home or just selfies in the car mirror. You will get a double selfie or a selfie that shows you from various angles at the same time, which is also quite unusual.

20. Photograph Your Figure

best selfie poses

Georgia Toffolo - @tofftalks - 2m followers 

Shots of shadows look their best when the sun is right behind you. Try to find a good surface that will show your shadow. The concrete surface is just suitable, but lake or a sandy beach will bring even more distinct shadows. Now you only need a creative selfie pose and some imagination.

21. Figure Out Your Best Side

choosing best side for selfie

Dua Lipa - @dualipa - 76m followers 

The greatest thing you can do when you learn how to pose for selfies is finding out which side of your face looks better in the photo. It shouldn’t take you much time just try looking in the mirror, tilting and turning your head at different angles. Once you decide which side you prefer, move it closer to the camera. At the same time, try moving either of your shoulders away from the camera to find the best angle altogether.

22. Tilt Your Chin Down

best tips for selfies

Beyoncé - @beyonce - 131m followers 

A very good-looking selfie pose will be the one where your chin is tilted a little downward. Together with a slightly lifted camera, your cheekbones will harmoniously flow towards the lips. I find this angle very flattering when the forehead is on the shorter side.

23. Extend Your Neck Slightly Forward

how to take selfie photos

Emilia Clarke - @emilia_clarke - 27m followers 

In order not to have double chin try extending your neck forward. Even though it will definitely feel a bit uncomfortable, but trust me, together with other selfie tips, this one will guarantee that your face looks perfect in all shots.

24. Pose Your Eyes

selfie photography tips

Miranda Kerr – @mirandakerr - 13m followers 

Good selfie poses look even more beneficial when you pay attention to what your eyes do. You can look in the camera if you want to seem friendlier. You can also look away and a bit down to appear more mysterious or coy. You can play with different expressions to look surprised, innocent, scared, etc.

25. Try Different Dynamic Facial Expressions

series of selfie

Camila Cabello - @camila_cabello - 59m followers 

Play with different facial expressions. No one said you need to pose for selfies just with a regular smile. You can frown or bite your lip, stick the tongue out or wink. Really, jazzing up your selfies like this will show your creative side to followers.

26. Two-Handed Selfies

selfie ideas pinterest

Taylor Swift - @taylorswift - 191m followers 

You can take a selfie holding the phone with one or two hands. The first option is more popular but you need to be careful and not to cover the lenses. When taking a selfie with two hands, you can visually create a frame for your shot which is one of the best selfie poses for girls.

27. Pose with Something New

selfie poses that guys like

Cara DeLevigne – @caradelevingne - 43m followers 

Attract the attention of the audience by shooting something new. Just bought a glasses? Why not capture that? Just done a new haircut? Then you can show that in selfie and post it for your friends to see it. To focus on a new hairstyle, you have to choose a favorable angle. To demonstrate the new glasses, you need to take a photo in full face, and to show the new earrings – the view should be half-turned. Properly chosen selfie poses will complement your look.

28. Only Face Close-up

selfie poses for girls

Sophie Turner - @sophiet - 15m followers 

One of the problems with selfies is that the background usually has all sorts of unnecessary things and diverts attention from you. Shot yourself by keeping the camera away from your face and then just zoom in slightly on your phone (zooming in will reduce the detailing of the shot). Now the parts of your face look proportionate, and you got rid of unnecessary background!

29. Found My Light

selfie poses ideas for girl

Margot Robbie - @margotrobbie - 16m followers 

The right light is the key to good photography. Lighting flaws can ruin your selfie. Always try to take a photo in natural light. You can also try catching the sunrays and take a nice selfie with a summer atmosphere.

30. Squinch

how to pose for instagram selfies

Justin Bieber - @justinbieber - 209m followers 

Another seductive and playful selfie pose. Keep the eyes narrowed slightly, as if looking at the sun, open your mouth and smile slightly.

31. ‘Walk with Me’ Selfie

look selfies

Love traveling? Tell your audience about unusual places, ancient monuments, cool events not only with the help of words but using visual images and good selfie poses. The "walk with me" style suggests a cool view, a charming girl and a photo will definitely become gorgeous.

32. In the Car

selfie poses

Selena Gomez - @selenagomez - 280m followers 

If you're risky, try this pose. Attention! Do not drive while taking this selfie.

33. Show Your Tongue

selfie pose

Be crazy and show your true emotions to the fullest!

34. Take the Photo from Slightly Above

selfie photography tips

Kylie - @kyliejenner 143m followers 

Even the best pose for selfies can’t guarantee you wonderful photos if you shoot from below. You should hold your camera slightly higher than your face, but don’t go too far or your proportions will be distorted.

35. Place Your Face in the Corner of the Shot

girl selfie

Lily Aldridge - @lilyaldridge - 6m followers 

When you pose for selfies, make sure your face and your eyes are not directly in the center of the photo. This kind of composition does not look good. Get yourself either in the top right or left corner of the image with your eyes just at the one-third of your photo from its top. This way the image will look pleasing to the eye.

36. In the Water

selfie poses for guys

David Beckham - @davidbeckham - 70m followers 

Take a selfie when swimming in the pool on your back or relaxing by swaying in the water. You can also prepare a bubble bath, lie down in the water and take a picture of your face framed by bubbles. This is also a great chance to take funny body selfies with the help of your friends of a timer.

37. Swivel a Bit to the Side

choosing best pose for selfie

Vanessa Hudgens - @vanessahudgens - 43m followers 

If you take body selfies, don’t stand front and center in the image, but put forward either one side of your body. You can also get a flattering posture by shifting the weight onto one foot.

38. Pout a Little

choosing best pose for selfies

Beyoncé - @beyonce - 224m followers 

Pouting defines your cheekbones and gives visually fuller lips. Try mouthing the word ‘prune’ to get the pout just right. But don’t go overboard, otherwise, you can get a ‘duck face’, which will ruin your selfie pose.

39. The Claw

selfie pose images

Kylie - @kyliejenner - 143m followers 

The latest trend in selfie poses for a girl is when the hands are raised to the face, showing perfect manicure and hiding a part of your face. This will create a stylish, mysterious view.

40. Making Hairdo or Make-Up

selfie pose images

Kaley Cuoco - @kaleycuoco - 7m followers 

If you are visiting a stylist or making a stylish make-up, take a behind-the-scenes selfie photo in the mirror. Ask your stylist to pose you as well.

41. Hide Your Face

selfie pose images

Kendall - @kendalljenner 115m followers 

If you find difficult to show your face or you don’t have a make-up, cover your face with your hands or cloth. Probably, it’s one of the most popular selfie poses among teenagers.

42. Drinking

selfie pose

Why not drinking cocktails or milkshakes with your mates? Use colorful drinks for awesome sunny mood!

43. Use a Selfie Stick

using selfie stick

You can take great body selfies with a selfie stick as they can be held quite far from your body. If you lift your camera on a selfie stick quite high, you will get a very slimming shot.

44. Bend Your Arms and Legs

shooting with timer

Dua Lipa - @dualipa - 76m followers 

When looking for good selfie poses, we sometimes forget about our bodies. If you put your hand on your waste, you will make it seem visually narrower. By putting your hand behind your head, you will show off your arm. Bending knees or crossing legs with add dynamics to the photo.

45. While Cooking

selfies while cooking

Usher - @usher - 9m followers 

Take unusual selfies while cooking at your kitchen. Be careful and don’t drop your camera.

46. Stay Close

selfie poses

Kesha - @iiswhoiis - 3m followers 

Why not? If you don’t have problems with skin, take several selfies like the photo above. Looks especially cute if you have eyes of different colors.

47. In the Car

selfie pose

Selena Gomez - @selenagomez - 280m followers 

If you’re waiting at the car, why not taking several cute snapshots right in the car.

48. Hugs

group photos ideas

For amazing group photos, stay as close as you can and smile!

49. The One to Make Your Single Friends Cry

selfie ideas for couples

Katy Perry - @katyperry - 144m followers 

Show the romance just turning the front camera. Take a sweet couple selfie, and your friends will definitely become a little bit jealous.

50. Cheek to Cheek

body selfies

Show that you love your boyfriend/girlfriend and stay closely – check to check.

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