30 Best Female Poses for Successful Photoshoot

Are you looking for universal but fashionable female poses for any figure? I’ve collected only the best women poses practically for all types of photoshoots.

If posing is tricky for you, look though these 30 body poses that will highlight your assets.

30 Female Poses for Your Photoshoot

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Don’t be scared to treat the following ideas as a starting ground: combine them and add your own twist to them!

1. Standing without Support

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This is a basic female pose which is suitable both for a studio shooting and for outdoors. Have one leg of a model slightly bent and arms placed to allow the light to move easily.

2. Looking Back

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Such poses for women will emphasize the model’s back and focus on her eyes and hair. Nature, architecture or even an ordinary photo booth can serve as a background in such photos.

3. Leaning Against the Wall

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I like to use this pose during a fashion or commercial photo session. This is a support that a model can lean on and balance. Besides, it gives a model full freedom.

4. Facing the Wall

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This kind of women poses allows you to show body curves and give an opportunity to play with angles and arms position. For a better result, use an old door, a wall with different textures and arches as support.

5. Support for Hands

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Such female model poses are suitable for any model. For this, a girl needs to rest her arms on any support such as a table or high handrails. With this pose, you’ll get a very lively portrait.

6. Turning Away from the Camera

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I advise using this pose if you want to make a photo more mysterious and emphasize the model’s back. I recommend doing it in the open air with an interesting background such as a forest or a sea.

7. Moving Away from the Camera

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If you have a street photo session, try such female poses. Especially in places with rather narrow streets.

Walk behind a model and take a picture of her from behind but ask her to look in your direction from time to time.

8. Playing with Hair

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If your model has long hair, ask her to “play” with it and fix with her hands. This will add more dynamics to your shots and emphasize such beauty.

9. Hands in Camera

portrait poses female

These female photo poses have become quite popular lately. Many models and photographers like them. The point is that you have to capture the face of a model between her folded hands in front of the camera or simply capture them in the foreground.

10. Making Faces to the Camera

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When your model is accustomed to the setting and relaxed, ask her to make some funny faces looking in the camera. Photos will be quite emotional and lively.

11. Sitting on the Stairs

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It’s a great female posing idea for street photography when you want to show you model’s beautiful legs.

Also, in this case, a model can rest her hand on a stair to straighten her back and give her posture a better look.

12. Sitting with Knees Bent

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I recommend capturing this pose from a half-face angle. In this way, you can emphasize a posture, arms and give some mystery to the face depending on where the model looks at.

13. Sitting in the Armchair

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This photoshoot pose for girl is universal. It allows to place legs absolutely differently and gives the possibility to “play” with arms to get an organic photo. This pose greatly emphasizes legs.

14. Legs Crossed

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This female photography posing idea will emphasize the model’s posture and her chest. For this, a girl needs to straighten her back and look directly into the camera.

15. Sitting on a High Surface

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If you can pose your model above the eye level, this is a great chance to take several shots from a lower angle and show her from a slightly different perspective.

She can look into the distance if you’re outdoors and directly into the camera if indoors.

16. Sitting on a High Chair

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With any bar chair, you can get a few shots that will emphasize the model’s long legs.

Such female poses make them visually longer. Arms can be placed on a chair as support.

17. From a High Point

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It’s the best pose for a street shooting with a focus on the model’s face and eyes. For such photos, I like to use additional shadows that can be caught on a sunny day.

18. Back to the Camera

how to pose for a good picture

Such female posing variant can be used during a studio shooting with a semi-nude back or somewhere in nature. Such pictures are popular in social media because of a mystery touch.

19. Posing Sideways

model poses for fashion photography

By placing your model sideways to the camera, you can emphasize her posture and still capture her face and mimics.

For this, a girl should straighten her back and legs slightly to make them look visually longer.

20. Laying in Almost Full Height

poses for women

By selecting a point above a model, you can photograph her in almost a full height. I like to have a girl lying on her back, so that I can capture both her face and a body.

As a background, you can use a glossy floor, wooden surface or nature.

21. Lying from the Front Point

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Using this angle, you can create a lively portrait of your model and add more mystery by blurring the background. Such portrait poses help emphasize the eyes.

22. Bending the Back

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It’s a quite popular pose that is often used in candid photo shoots. For this, a model has to bend her back to show her flexibility and emphasize her body.

This can be done on the floor, long window sill or another interesting surface.

23. Focusing on the Top of the Head

portrait poses female

This angle and a pose are ideal for creative street photos but I like to photograph models in this pose on the bed, table or any unintended for this place.

Thus, you focus on the girl’s face and hair.

24. With Legs Up

female poses editing female poses editing

Such female poses are quite popular as they can make legs visually longer and more expressive. It’s better when a model looks directly in the camera and instead of gazing away.

25. At Home

cute female poses

If you have a chance to shoot your model at home, do it. You can capture her lying on her bed and be sure that a picture will look “candid”.

26. In the Milk Bath

female model poses

For feminine poses, I often like to use different accessories and non-standard approaches. Posing in the milk bath is one of them.

To get a more interesting shot I recommend adding flower petals, fruit or other details into the bath.

27. With Favorite Things

how to pose like a model in selfies

Posing with favorite musical instruments, accessories that show hobbies or interests will help you get bright pictures. You can arrange shooting anywhere and props will emphasize any pose.

28. With Umbrellas

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If the weather is bad on a shooting day the, don’t cancel it. Posing with big bright umbrellas will add an interesting element to each photo.

You can photograph a model from practically any angle.

29. With a Mirror

fashion poses

Using this accessory, you can show your model from different sides and get quite original pictures. She can stand opposite the mirror or next to it.

The most important thing here is to capture different angles in one shot.

30. With Favorite Jewelry

portrait photography poses

You can create impressive female portraits using a girl’s favorite jewelry and focusing on it. She can wear it or you can ask her to bite a necklace and shoot her from the front.

Freebies for Editing Female Portraits

After a successful shooting, photo editing is also important in order to make photos pop.

Free PS Action “Smooth Skin”

female poses female poses

This free action will improve the skin within a few seconds and make it smoother and natural.

Free PS Action “Glow”

female poses female poses

Great action for editing street photos. It adds brightness and makes pictures more saturated and lively.

Free LR Preset “Soft”

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This free preset will turn your photos into black and white in a few clicks. Pictures will become soft, contrast and you won’t have to worry about losing any important details.

Free LR Preset “Contrast”

female poses female poses

This preset will increase contrast in your photos, improve white balance and saturation of bright areas creating a harmonious composition.

Free LR Preset “Sun Flares”

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This preset greatly improves photos taken in the fresh air, eliminates too light parts corrects white balance and saturation.