Wedding Photography Poses

Wedding Photography Poses

wedding photography poses

Even the most creative and inventive photographers sometimes lack ideas for wedding photography poses, especially if they have to perform similar photo sessions again and again. Still, unique wedding photography poses may turn an ordinary photo into the eye-catching masterpiece.

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So, it’s always advisable to develop professionally and find new wedding poses to satisfy your most demanded clients. In this article, you will find top 60 wedding photography poses you should add to your wedding photography checklist.

1. Blind Folded by the Bride

unique wedding photography poses

People believe that the groom mustn’t see the bride before the ceremony. Why not use this tradition for your photo session? You may ask the bride to cover the groom’s eyes right before the moment he’ll see her. Such photos look so sincere and touching. It is the moment of breathless delight and, capturing it, you may create really unique wedding photos.

2. The First Glance

wedding photography poses list

The moment when the groom sees his future wife in a wedding dress is so sweet and romantic. The newlyweds would definitely like to have such a photo in their album. You may ask them to take this picture in private for them to behave naturally.

3. In the Grass

wedding photography poses ideas

Wedding poses may be a fun thing to do. For instance, you can ask the couple to lie in the grass and look into each other’s eyes. People tend to smile when they see their beloved partner. They may hold their hands together and the bride can slightly rest her head on the groom’s shoulder. Follow drone wedding photography ideas to realize this pose as beautiful as it can be.

4. The First Dance

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It is a very important moment of the wedding. Usually, it takes place at the reception, but there are lots of guests around and you may fail to take cool shots. So, ask the newlyweds to repeat their first dance during the photo session.

5. The Forehead Kiss

wedding poses photography

Sometimes you get the wedding photography shot list template but can’t realize most ideas as the couple feels very shy and constrained. Fortunately, I know one win-win pose. Ask the groom embrace his bride and kiss her on the forehead. This looks very sweet and helps to show connection, romance and tell the story of their love. I recommend using Lightroom presets to make colors more vivid and the background more saturated.

6. The Walk or Running

wedding photography poses ideas

You don’t need to use only static poses, so diversify the photo session with movement. It is really great if there is any water body nearby and you can try beach wedding photography poses. Just ask your clients to walk/run naturally and talk about anything they want, while you are taking photographs. Such a surrounding will be a wonderful background for the photos. This pose suits great for any pre wedding photoshoot.

7. The Shoulder Rest

wedding poses ideas

It is so natural when the bride rests her head on the groom’s shoulder. Still, you need to be very attentive and choose the appropriate light for this kind of photos outdoors.

8. The Basic V

traditional wedding photo poses

This is one of the traditional wedding poses. Make the newlyweds touch near the waist and thigh area. Taking this pose, they can hold each other or lean in. Of course, there are lots of variations of V-pose you can try with different couples. The only point is to guide the couple and help them place their hands naturally. Follow other wedding photography tips to make awesome portrait photos on the nature background.

9. Strolling Hand in Hand

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Add this idea to your wedding poses PDF list, as it has a very symbolic meaning. The newlyweds walking together along one road is like traveling in life hand in hand. You may try shooting your clients approaching your or vice versa from behind. It is great to organize the photo session in the park, near the lake or the river.

10. Intimate Looks

wedding photography poses ideas

There will be lots of such looks at the wedding. You may try to capture them at the ceremony, but still, try to recreate this idea in a more peaceful environment. Primarily, the bride and the groom need to face each other. They may openly smile or just slightly giggle. Anyway, the photos will be great.

11. Bride in front of the Groom

wedding poses photography

There are lots of outdoor wedding photography ideas you may try. Ask the groom embrace the bride from behind, while they are both looking into the distance. It is like they are pondering on the future, which is really meaningful on their wedding day.

12. Close-Up

wedding photography poses ideas

It is a really traditional pose, as the couple stays very closely while facing each other. Take this photo at the Golden Hour for a more romantic look.

13. Holding the Bride

wedding photography poses ideas

Every lady likes when her man demonstrates strength and gallantry. So, ask the groom to carry his bride, which will add some movement to the photos.

14. The Lifestyle Photo

wedding couple poses photography

If you take photos at night, mind the proper wedding photography gear to take photos of high quality.

15. A Lifestyle Smile

wedding poses photography

What can be simpler? The newlyweds is smiling and saying jokes, while you are taking photos.

16. Look at Each Other

wedding photography poses ideas

This is one of the best wedding poses for showing true love. Take a photo hidden behind something, as if the two loving hearts don’t understand they are being photographed.

17. In the Car

wedding poses for bride

Try shooting a couple in the wedding car. It is like the beginning of their happy family journey.

18. Take Hands

wedding photography poses ideas

Though this pose has become a standard, many couples still want to have such a photo in their album.

19. The Groom Hugs the Bride from Behind

wedding poses photography

Wedding photography poses list would be incomplete without this one. It is great for the two loving hearts looking into the distance. Choose some wonderful landscape to get better results.

20. Kiss

wedding photography poses ideas

Beach Wedding Photography Poses

What can be more perfect for wedding photography than a photo session on the beach? Feeling the sand under your feet and sea air in your curls is like a real paradise. Such beach backgrounds are majestic, regardless of the destination. Whether it is a tropical atmosphere of Hawaii or the romantic scenery of Australia, there are a lot of unique wedding photography poses that will help you make all the photos flawless. Here are some of them.

21. The Movie Shot

outdoor wedding photography ideas

There are many interesting and gripping film scenes with the seaside, and it would be an awesome idea to recreate one of such compositions, and take memorable wedding photos.

22. The Bedrock Shot

outdoor wedding photography ideas

The bedrock seems to be a great metaphor for the marriage, and it adds a tender and fresh look to the unique wedding photos.

23. The Walk-on-the-Beach Shot

wedding photography poses ideas

Every couple should have a photo session with romantic wedding photography poses on the beach.

24. The Breathtaking Sunset Shot

beach wedding photography poses

Try to create a photo that will seem like a painting. Let the beautiful and bright sunset become the background for your wedding poses photography.

25. The Coastline Shot

beach wedding photography poses

Big waves, seagulls and a widespread coastline will help you to capture the most beautiful wedding photography poses with this stunning scenery.

26. The Sand Dunes Shot

wedding poses photography

Tell your newlyweds to try different wedding photography poses ideas on sand dunes. It will be especially enchanting during the sunset.

27. The Reflection Shot

wedding photography poses ideas

It is a great idea for the couple to take the wedding photography poses during the high tide and capture the reflection of the newlyweds.

28. The Running Shot

beach wedding photography poses

Why not exercise a little on the wedding day? You can take the photos with creative wedding poses of people running along the seashore towards their happy family life.

29. The Trash-the-Dress Shot

beach wedding photography poses

Suggest the newlyweds to take a swim into the wild blue and take the unique wedding photos of the moment it all came together.

30. The Palm Trees Shot

best wedding poses

Take the photos under the magical arc of silhouetted palm trees.

31. The Panoramic Shot

wedding couple poses photography

Make the newly wedded feel like they are on top of the world, taking their beach wedding photography poses with a stretch of broad blue sky and sea around them.

32. The Close-Up Shot

wedding photography poses ideas

Do not forget about the close-up photos as well. You can take the pictures even without complicated wedding poses for photography, just capture their sincere emotions and love against the wonderful backdrop.

33. Capture Birds Flying on the Background

wedding poses photography

In case you have such a setting on your beach, you just have no right to miss it. The wedding photography poses will look especially magical with the jagged coastline and ocean sprays.

34. The Splash Shot

wedding couple poses photography

One of the best outdoor wedding photography ideas against the ocean splash when the waves crash on the rocks.

35. The Profile Shot

beach wedding photography poses

Profile wedding photography poses can help you to capture the magic of the ocean and beautiful veil and dress of the bride flying in the wind.

36. The Sandy Shot

beach wedding photography poses

Suggest the newly wedded jump right into the sand, take unique wedding photography poses and imagine that there is no camera. You are guaranteed to get really romantic and tender shots.

37. The Lone Rock Shot

professional wedding photography poses

If there is a cloudy day, do not worry, as the overcast and empty beach can be also exciting. Explain your clients how to take different professional wedding photography poses and get amazing results.

38. The Climbing Tree Shot

professional wedding photography poses

Did you think that it is only for children? Let your two loving hearts try such an idea from the wedding photography poses list.

39. The Far Out Shot

wedding poses photography

This wedding picture pose will look even more spectacular against the colorful sky and quiet sea.

40. The Docks Shot

wedding photos

Ask the two loving hearts just to go for a walk onto the docks and try different wedding photography poses ideas there.

Wedding Party Photography Poses

The wedding photography poses for one person may seem difficult if you’re a beginner shooter? What about posing all the guests? It is scary even to think. However, there are a lot of tips and ideas for professional wedding photography poses, so that you could create really memorable shots during the wedding.

41. Wake Up, It's Your Wedding

wedding photography poses ideas

Even on their special day, the newlyweds may let themselves such a childish thing as jumping on the bed with their best friends. In such a moment, you don't even have to tell them to pose, just allow them to have fun, while you are capturing these happy moments.

42. Head Over Heels

wedding poses photography

Such a photo seems to be taken immediately, but if you take a closer look, you will see that everything is thoroughly prepared. Suggest the couple to reproduce such kind of unique wedding photography poses to get really amazing shots.

43. The Umbrella Effect

wedding photography poses ideas

Help your clients and their guests relax with the help of the props, such as an umbrella. Pick up the appropriate color, and you can be sure that they will only supplement the marriage couple photo style.

44. Wedding Preparation

wedding poses for bride

Trying some not traditional wedding photo poses is always a good idea. In such a way you’ll be able to accentuate the beautiful dress of the bride, the location, and the bridesmaids at the same time.

45. Band Together, Stand Apart

wedding poses ideas

What about some interesting wedding poses ideas for the groomsmen? Make them look like the invincible superheroes with the help of white space and distance.

46. Fly, with a Little Help from Your Friends

wedding photography poses ideas

Ask the groom how much does he trust his friends? Why not check? Such a flying picture will become a real test, and the best one in the wedding poses list.

47. Vow to Be True

unique wedding photos

In order to get really touching photos, try to capture the reaction and the emotions of the guests while the couple is reading the vows.

48. The Ring Reveal

creative wedding poses

Another great and funny idea for men’s wedding photography poses is to capture the moment when the groom shows his ring for the first time, and his friends start crying with joy and hugging their married friend.

49. The Brady Bunch

wedding poses photography

Here is how they really feel after the weeks of smiling, nodding and getting through different crises. It would be a great idea to give everyone some time with the camera and see what they come up with!

50. Circle of Friends

wedding photography poses ideas

Make your clients remember the photos they took once at college. Use some unique wedding photography poses and put the couple upside-down instead of being front-and-center.

51. The Kiss They've All Been Waiting for

wedding poses photography

What are the wedding poses without their kiss? It can become even sweeter with dozens of the admiring spectators.

52. Frame within a Frame

creative wedding poses

Frame within a frame shot is a great idea that will help you include the special guests in the picture. Ask them to hold a frame, while you are photographing a couple.

53. Spell It Out

wedding photography poses list

Suggest everybody at the wedding party hold up a banner or a letter in order to spell out some message as a group.

54. The V Pose

wedding photography poses ideas

Arrange the wedding party in a V shape and place the couple in the center. Make the ‘maids and ‘men put their hands up and scream.

55. Jump for Joy Pose

wedding poses photography

Do not forget to use the wedding photography poses for a jump shot. Such an idea will provide your clients not only with a great photo but with fun memories as well.

56. The Holding Hand Photo

wedding party photography poses

Arrange all the guests in one, holding hands together and place the kissing newlyweds in the middle.

57. The Last Name Idea

traditional wedding photo poses

Such an idea is definitely worth realizing. Give the wedding party the cut-out letters so that they could arrange the last name of the couple. Let the newlyweds stay ahead to create wow-effect.

58. Adorable Bouquet Peek

wedding poses list

Shots with bride’s bouquet are a must-have idea in the wedding photography poses checklist. Take a picture of the bridesmaids looking at the adorable flowers of the bride.

59. Confetti All Around

wedding photography poses ideas

Confetti is always a great option! Give out such props to the guests and the couple, and try to capture the moment when they all go off.

60. Surrounded in Support

wedding poses photography

Anyway, the best wedding poses are those, when the couple is surrounded by their closest friends. Sometimes it is possible to get the most sincere and memorable shots.

One more important thing about the wedding photography poses is that you should concentrate on the couple during the photo session. It is not so important to try all the poses, but make them enjoy the shooting.

Wedding Photography Poses List

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Professional Wedding Photography Poses

Do you know what makes the wedding poses successful? The romance they show, the story they tell and the connection they have. In fact, even one of these elements helps photographer take awesome wedding portraits, but you must try to combine them all if you really want to take your customers aback.

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