15 Groomsmen Photo Ideas to Try at the Wedding in 2023

By Tata Rossi 19 days ago, Photography Tips

If you are wondering how to occupy yourself while a bride is getting ready for the wedding, take a look at these groomsmen photo ideas that will help you take fun and interesting pictures.

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You can use these ideas for a photoshoot involving a groom and his friends. Using them, you can add hilarious pics to your photo album and have fun.

1. Capture a Photo of the Groom Hugging His Friends

groomsmen photo ideas

At the wedding, even the most reserved men allow themselves to express emotions and feelings. Take a photo of them giving each other hugs. It’s one of the best wedding photo ideas for showing the strength of the bond between friends. You can also ask groomsmen to lift the groom up and capture them looking happily in the camera.

2. Just Be Yourself

funny groomsmen photo ideas

There is no need to come up with complex groomsmen picture ideas as men just need to dress in the same style and use the same accessories. They might pose in a V formation or form a row with the groom standing in the center. The most important thing is to act naturally and smile.

3. Lift the Groom Up

creative groomsmen photo ideas

Such photos will stand out among all other pictures in the wedding album. While they might look messy and unorganized, it will make it clear that they aren’t staged. The groomsmen should try lifting the groom up in the air. It will allow you to capture their facial expressions and get funny photos.

4. Giving of Gifts

groomsmen photoshoot ideas giving gift

In the U.S., there is a tradition that involves a groom giving gifts to his friends. He may give them some accessories or other presents. This moment will look great in photos, as a photographer can capture genuine emotions.

5. Don't Forget About the Walk with Groomsmen

groomsmen photoshoot ideas walking

If you want to realize an unusual group photo idea, capture a photo of men walking to the wedding venue. Ask them not to hurry, otherwise, it might be difficult for you to capture the whole group. To add some dynamics, take a picture when the group approaches you.

6. Make Sure to Tie the Bow Tie

groomsmen photoshoot ideas tie the bow tie

If you are looking for attention-grabbing wedding photo poses that are easy to implement, shoot pictures of groomsmen assisting the groom in tying his tie. To make it look more natural, ask the groom not to look at the camera.

7. Capture Groomsmen Toasting the Groom

groomsmen photoshoot ideas toasting

When the groom and his friends are waiting for the ceremony, you can capture a candid photo of groomsmen toasting the groom and having a great time together.

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There is no need to ask them to pose, instead, it’s better to experiment with different angles to take an attention-grabbing shot.

8. Show Free-For-All Combat

funny groomsmen photoshoot ideas

To implement such groomsmen photoshoot ideas, you need to ask men to make it look as if they were fighting. They might pretend that they got hit and suffer from pain. The more emotions, the better. Be careful, though, and make sure to avoid traumatizing each other at the wedding!

9. Behave Like Women in Photo

groomsmen photoshoot ideas behave like women

Guys love portraying girls. They can pose as if they were taking selfies, painting their lips, or examining their manicure. This idea is perfect for wedding photos. You may ask the groomsmen to act delighted when looking at the wedding ring, fix the groom’s hair, or kiss his cheek. They can do everything they want. The main important thing is to have fun!

10. Take a Photo in Mafia-Like Style

groomsmen photoshoot ideas mafia like style

In such photos, you can often see luxurious armchairs, serious facial expressions, and a groom posing with his groomsmen as if they were mafia members. You can improvise and use different wedding photo props when posing as a mafia clan. Ask men to stand in a round, smoke cigars, or drink some cognac. If you opt for the latter, you might need to capture a photo from the first try to ensure that everyone looks sober. It’s also a good idea to use cigarette smoke, especially if you can take this photo against a dark background.

11. Creative Cheerleaders at the Wedding

groomsmen photoshoot ideas creative cheerleaders

While having fun in the company of their friends, men are ready to do everything! You may suggest they perform an acrobatic trick. This idea is perfect for those who like crazy wedding photography. You can easily implement it if you use the famous cheerleader pyramid as a sample. It will look incredibly cool!

12. Use Superhero Ideas

groomsmen photoshoot ideas superheroes

Do you know what is a surprise effect? It’s when the groom and his groomsmen show that they are wearing a superhero costume under their stylish suits. They may also wear red boxers or unusual socks. You can easily implement such funny groomsmen photo ideas if men put in some effort and get their superhero outfits out of their closets.

13. Take Game or Sport-Themed Shot

top groomsmen photoshoot ideas

If the groom enjoys doing sports, a photographer may capture him among his pals holding sports gear. It will make them feel more relaxed in front of the camera as they will feel that they are just getting ready for some exercise.

14. Make The V Formation

groomsmen photoshoot ideas v formation

To give the groom and his friends a more imposing look, a photographer may capture them standing in a V formation. Make sure to ask the groom to stand in the center. While such groomsmen photo ideas are perfect for locations with stairs, you can also implement them in the park or any other place.

15. Capture a Photo of Celebration

groomsmen photoshoot ideas celebration

After the ceremony, the guests feel happy and relaxed. It’s a perfect time to capture them celebrating this important event. Take photos of them dancing, laughing, or just talking to each other. You can get nice candid pictures of the groom among his groomsmen who are having a great time together.

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