14 Candle Photography Ideas for Perfect Candlelight Shots

By Tata Rossi 2 days ago, Photography Tips

If you are looking for a source of inspiration to take candle pictures for your blog or online trading platforms, check out these candle photography ideas. Using them, you’ll be able to take attention-grabbing images, which will stand out among similar product photogs.

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1. Capture the Process of Candle Lighting

candle photoshoot ideas lighting

To realize this idea, you need an assistant or shutter remote control. Take a picture when lighting a candle to build a strong association that induces viewers to do the same.

For a more impressive result, focus on a candle rather than on body parts. Eliminate other light sources to add more warmth and highlight a natural shade produced by a candle.

2. Use Fabric to Match the Packaging for a Beautiful Background

candle photoshoot ideas fabric

To get a picture with a perfectly balanced color scheme, look for a light and airy fabric, the color of which matches the shade of a candle packaging or is a bit darker. This is a great option for filling out every gap in a shot without straining viewers’ eyes or distracting attention from a product.

Besides, it is also important to choose the fabric that will “match” a candle aroma. For example, a heavy smell and dark packaging may require a background with rough fabric to convey the desired mood.

3. Photograph a Candle on a White Background

candle photoshoot ideas white background

Capturing a candle on a white background is one of the win-win candle picture ideas. White surfaces and backdrops can enhance the look of candles greatly. Moreover, if your shot features models, make sure that their attire is of light shade as well. Even if a candle itself or its shell is light in color, you can play with tones or even apply shadow photography principles.

candle photoshoot ideas minimalism

Proper illumination is a key aspect of every photo, so professional shooters try their best to spread the light so that it covers every corner of a scene. Harsh shadows can destroy a composition unless they are meant to be its part. Furthermore, diffused lighting allows you to achieve a perfect white balance, unlike a spotlight.

4. Take a Photo of a Candle in Hands

candle photoshoot ideas in hands

Human hands can liven up a picture. In such a way a candle acquires history, character, and mood. Depending on how a product is held, you can display different states. For instance, by placing a candle on a palm, you can get a cozy shot, and by grabbing it firmly with both hands, you can convey a sense of confidence and persistence.

5. Show the Process of Opening a Package with Candles

candle photoshoot ideas package

Including a package in the composition, you can not only show a product but also the service in general. A great package with some additional bonuses like cards, notes, and small souvenirs reflect a seller’s care about a customer.

A craft box with a filling is one of the most classic props for realizing various candle photography ideas. Candles in such a shot can be well-packed or photographed near the burning ones.

6. Convey the Smell through Associations

candle photoshoot ideas natural scent

Associations and symbols are great for displaying the idea behind a photo. If you are shooting aroma candles, a corresponding color or even a product can help convey the smell. For instance, you can include raspberries, if your candle has a raspberry scent.

candle photoshoot ideas scented

A sprig of lavender, dry flowers, honey, or citrus are ideal props for candle photography. It is not necessary to take fresh food and herbs; just make sure they should look as natural as possible in a picture.

7. Add Volume by Including Books

candle photoshoot ideas with books

Books convey coziness and a sense of home environment. They are associated with warm and positive emotions you feel when relaxing in your place of power. To create such an atmosphere, put a book next to a candle and add some matching details.

candle photoshoot ideas book

Besides, books serve as a filler for the background. You can put some backdrop components on them to improve the overall composition.

8. Take a Photo in a Simulated Interior

candle photoshoot ideas interior

To take eye-grabbing pictures, a candle should blend with the interior, so try to create such a scene. A part of table setting for a romantic dinner or a bathroom is one of the possible options.

People observing how a candle complements the composition will want to have the same aesthetics in their home. Don’t spend hours searching for an appropriate location, as creating some component of the desired setting, like a part of a makeup table with a mirror and cosmetics, is more than enough.

9. Show the Size of the Flame

candle photoshoot ideas flame size

Fire photography is quite a challenging genre, as an open fire imposes a potential threat and can cause some incidents. The point is to show the size of the flame that a candle produces.

candle photoshoot ideas flame

This is one of the candle picture ideas that involve using zoom. As aperture changes together with zoom, it's probably better to use a wide-angle lens than rely on zoom. Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Art DC HSM is an ultra-wide-angle lens that allows capturing the greatest amount of light. Besides, it perfectly copes with shooting in poorly lit environments.

10. Tell about the Components of a Candle

candle photoshoot ideas details

The essence of this candle photoshoot idea is to demonstrate important details that may be neglected. A picture of a wick is one of the best options. Various types of wicks burn and look differently, and people follow this process with interest. A picture can feature a candle with the cover to the side so you can snap an original image that showcases both the candle and the cover.

11. Include More Candles for a Well-lit Scene

candle photoshoot ideas settings

By including more candles in the frame, you can achieve the desired level of illumination. In such a way, you will not only get a stunning shot but will enjoy flexibility with aperture configurations. Try to keep your ISO under 400 if possible, for crisp pictures. In a still environment, a 1/15th shutter speed is OK.

12. Incorporate Mirrors or Reflecting Surfaces into a Picture

candle photoshoot ideas mirror

Try putting a mirror or silver items on the surface where candles are arranged. Learn popular product photography tricks to learn how to leverage reflection cast by these objects as an additional source of lighting. When including some props, place them as close to the candle as possible, in the area of light that it emits, to emphasize the shape of an object in the picture.

13. Feel Free to Show the Entire Process

candle photoshoot ideas process

Showcasing behind-the-scene workflow is one of the most successful candle photoshoot ideas. In case you conduct a photoshoot in a factory or a home lab, where candles are brewed, try to snap pictures in daylight to avoid much fuss installing additional sources of illumination.

When showcasing the process of candle crafting, caring for every detail is not a good option. Scattered pieces of fabrics, beads, and tools can add a sense of welcomed negligence. Show the interim period before the label is applied to the jar. Capturing the production process, you will get powerful and meaningful images.

14. Create a Levitation Fine-art Composition

candle photoshoot ideas composition

Mimicking levitation is one of the most complicated yet fascinating candle photography ideas. Although the realization of such a concept imposes many challenges, the result will be amazing. Use regular items to hold candles and accessories and delete them during image editing. To install a candle at an angle, put a supportive element like a piece of foam or small timber behind it. Other elements can be mounted on plasticine, but if they are too weighty, use wires.

candle photoshoot ideas fine art

There’s no limit to how creative you can get. It is important to maintain a balance in the picture to avoid an irritating impression of a falling candle. Besides, you need to think of a proper combination of colors. For example, emerald and gold shades always look cool together.

Bonus Tools

candle photoshoot ideas bonus

To refine your candle photos, use pre-made tools and presets. This bundle was developed to improve various product photos, including candle images. You can lighten or remove shadows, increase brightness, saturation, and sharpness with just one mouse click. Moreover, they allow achieving HDR effect to focus viewers’ attention on the finest details.