50th Birthday Photoshoot Ideas to Repeat in 2022

Getting ready for the 50th birthday photoshoot, you need to devote sufficient time to planning, collecting ideas, and preparing props. A good starting point is to use a hobby of a B-day person as the main theme. You can also use sweet 50th birthday photoshoot ideas and gradually proceed with taking emotional and funny images. Make sure to show the personality of a model, choosing proper poses, accessories, and locations.

50th birthday photoshoot ideas color correction before 50th birthday photoshoot ideas color correction after

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1. “Fifty” Birthday Candles

fifty birthday candles birthday photoshoot ideas

This is the first concept that comes to mind and it fully deserves such popularity. The main props for such a birthday photography session are a birthday cake and candles. Your task is to capture a moment when a birthday person is making a wish and blowing candles. The images are bound to be candid and emotional. To make the light from candles more distinct, you should photograph with curtains or blinds closed. Of course, all light sources in a room must be switched off.

birthday cake photoshoot ideas

Pro tip: When realizing 50th birthday photo shoot ideas in scarce lighting conditions, you need to use a flash. If you don’t, you risk getting blurred images because of hand shake. So, it is necessary to keep the shutter speed up by raising ISO up to 800 or even higher (depending on the capabilities of your camera). However, if you use a mediocre camera and ratchet up ISO over 800, you are likely to end up with grainy pictures.

2. Balloon Arch Kit 50th Birthday

balloon arch kit 50th birthday photoshoot ideas

You may also use a beautiful balloon arch as the main decoration at the shooting. However, helium-inflated foil balloons keep their shape for 3-5 days, so you need to schedule the party thoughtfully. A good alternative is to use air-filled latex balloons as they last much longer. To blow up such balloons, you need to use an air pump. Once done, put them into large bags for safe storing.

example of balloon arch kit 50th birthday photoshoot ideas

Though balloons look festive by themselves, you can further decorate them with a curling ribbon or balloon weights. However, ensure the composition doesn’t look cluttered. If you have a themed photo session, you need to choose balloons and décor elements accordingly.

Pro tip: Combining balloons of different sizes and shapes can bring cool results. Doing so, you will add dimension and depth to the spot. You can find balloons ranging in size from 5 to 36 inches. There are no stringent rules on how to mix balloons, so be inventive.

3. Cutting a Birthday Cake

cutting a birthday cake 50th birthday photoshoot ideas

Cake photography is tightly related to birthday shooting. In fact, among ideas for 50th birthday photo shoot, this one is the least stressful for a model, who will be focused on the cutting process instead of feeling jittery because of being photographed.

example of cutting a birthday cake 50th birthday photoshoot ideas

You can take images of not only a birthday person but also the guests standing near him/her. I recommend using lenses with a focal length of 140mm or bigger for group images. My personal favorite among available models is Fujifilm XF 55-200mm.

Pro tip: As with most photography genres, the success of the shooting is much dependent on the quality and amount of natural light. I highly recommend photographing close to a window and using a diffuser (or a translucent material) to get a soft, flattering light. Thus, you will also eliminate harsh shadows on a cake. If a photo session takes part on a cloudy day, you don’t need to use a diffuser.

4. In the Garden

in the garden 50th birthday photoshoot ideas

One of the best 50th birthday photoshoot ideas is to use natural scenery as the background. For example, you can organize a cozy picnic photoshoot in a secluded place. The best time for such an activity is late afternoon because of the soft and warm light. Or, you can monitor the weather forecast and choose an overcast day to avoid harsh shadows.

in the garden 50th birthday photoshoot

Pro tip: For such a photo session, you should keep ISO in the 400-800 range. If you raise it higher, your photos will become grainy. The shutter speed must be at least 1/125th of a second. You need to direct a flash in such a way that a model’s face is gently illuminated. Always keep tabs on how light is scattered across the scene to prevent overexposure.

5. Candid Images with Family

50th birthday photoshoot with family

While choosing 50th birthday shoot ideas remember the candid photography principles, because it is the naturalness that differentiates great photos from trashy ones. The main aspect here is to capture person’s sincere emotions and the general mood of a party.

To see such emotions, you need to capture the moment when a model opens presents. You may not focus on the face only but also photograph details such as hands, wrapping paper, ribbons, etc. I also suggest you take images of people interacting at the celebration. This refers to making toasts, telling jokes, dancing, and more. In fact, the so-called “backstage” images typically demonstrate the most touching moments, so grab every chance to take some.

example of 50th birthday photoshoot with family

Pro tip: Sometimes a photographer has to stake out his/her models to get terrific shots. If that is your current mission, you should use a telephoto zoom lens and set the aperture to f/4. Thus, you will photograph a person from a distance keeping him/her in focus, while the rest of the frame will be aesthetically blurred. The shutter speed of 1/125th of a second allows receiving sharp images. For indoor shooting, ISO must be set to 400 or higher. It is also advisable to turn the spot metering mode on.

6. Capture Moments with Friends

50th birthday photoshoot with friends

Friends make our life better so they fully deserve to be present in birthday images. There are lots of interesting friend picture ideas that you can bring to life at the birthday photo session. Actually, you don’t need any special props to show a joyous mood. Just photograph friends chatting, dancing, looking at presents, etc.

50th birthday photoshoot with friends example

Pro tip: For such images, you should use simple and neat backgrounds that won’t distract attention from people. I prefer muted colors, pastel tones, and plain patterns. The main task is to show the bonding between the people and doing that is simple if there is nothing too flashy in the frame. For example, you can ask a birthday person and the friends to pose against a wall if you a party takes place in a house.

7. Romantic Atmosphere with Husband

50th birthday photoshoot with husband

Couple photography works best of all if you jockey for capturing intimate birthday moments. Such images have a special flair, especially if people behave naturally. It is also important to keep away from gaudy colors in order to highlight the happiness shared by two people. I recommend choosing white, light blue, beige, and ivory for clothes and accessories.

Pro tip: It is paramount to create a comfortable environment so that a couple feels at ease. Thus, they will be able to demonstrate sincere emotions. A good pose is a man standing behind his wife and gently embracing her. Another cool 50th birthday shoot idea is holding hands and kissing your partner on the forehead.

8. Mother-Daughter Photoshoot

50th birthday photoshoot with daughter

If you are on the hunt for 50th birthday photoshoot ideas that involve relatives, you should definitely show the generations. For instance, you can photograph a granny, a mother, and a granddaughter together, or just take images of a mom and a daughter. They should put on clothes of the same style but in different colors. If the time permits, they can change the attire for more diversified shots.

50th birthday photoshoot with daughter example

Pro tip: It is important to show that mother and daughter like spending time together and have something in common. Ask them about shared activities and take images while they are interacting. This can be a slow-paced walk in the park, spilling the tea in the backyard, visiting favorite stores, and whatnot.

9. Creative Images in Studio

50th birthday photoshoot in studio

Studio photography is favored by many experts mainly because of the possibility to control all the major factors. Besides, being in a studio, you can experiment with poses and props. First of all, you can ask a model to look to the side for a pensive mood. It is better to look in the opposite direction from the light source. You can also try various sitting and standing poses – just make sure a model feels comfortable.

50th birthday photoshoot in studio example

Pro tip: You can’t do without reflectors when experimenting with 50th birthday shoot ideas in the studio. They perfectly cope with the task of directing light. The most suitable options are silver, golden, white, black, and translucent reflectors that have dimensions of 14″-50″.

The smallest reflectors are typically used for close-up portrait images while larger models are best suited for half-body and full-body images as they can cover a bigger area. If you want a model to be well-lit without pointing a flash directly at it, you should use a silver reflector.

10. Capture Your Vacations

50th birthday photoshoot on vacation

If you are lucky to visit new places on your birthday, make sure to document this day. Travel photography enthusiasts advise to go to such places as Milford Sound, New Zealand; Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, USA; Moraine Lake, Canada; Eilean Donan, Loch Duich Island, Scotland; The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France; Lysefjorden, Norway; and Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA.

example of 50th birthday photoshoot on vacation

Pro tip: To make birthday photos captivating, you should employ the rule of thirds, instead of placing a subject in the very center of the frame. When a person is photographed off-center, such images spike interest and curiosity because viewers will scrutinize a shot more meticulously to grasp the whole story. Building a proper frame is easier as most phones and digital cameras have a special grid in the settings, by activating which, you will see 9 equal squares on the screen. Thus, you can better arrange all objects in the frame.

11. Don't Be Afraid to Be Funny

funny 50th birthday photoshoot

Sometimes photographers count “1, 2, 3” to help models get ready before they click a button. However, you can digress from the customary procedure and do something unexpected to make people laugh, and right after that snap a photo. Or, you can mimic smiles or laughter in order to evoke real ones in your models.

I see no point in using sweet and touching 50th birthday photo shoot ideas only. It is always great to jump from one mood to another, thus, receiving a whole variety of photos in the end. If you want to make a birthday person smile and feel happy, you can compliment his/her attire, hairstyle, etc. This always helps zap shyness and tightness.

example of funny 50th birthday photoshoot

Pro tip: If you are fond of conceptual photography and want to use it as a basis for birthday shooting, I recommend mixing these 2 genres. For example, you can build a photo session around levitation, human cloning, and shrinking plots, and complement it with funny facial expressions and outfits. Such a mixture won’t go unnoticed.

The whole essence of conceptual photography is thinking of an idea/concept and adding other components to tell a story that will allure. Though this may be challenging, the result is totally worth the effort.

12. Beautiful Images with Flowers

50th birthday photoshoot with flowers

You can add flowers to a lady’s hair or even make floral wreaths for all female guests. Alternatively, you can decorate a backdrop with live flowers or simply scatter them on the ground where a woman will pose. The easiest way to include flowers in a composition is to ask a model to hold a bouquet while you are taking images.

example of 50th birthday photoshoot with flowers

Pro tip: However, not to tire viewers’ eyes with lots of colorful items, you’d better blur the background slightly. Place your camera as far from the backdrop as possible. You can also include some sky into the frame for a beautiful visual contrast. In case you are working in a studio, opt for a white background.

13. Relax on the Beach

50th birthday photoshoot on the beach

If a birthday is in summer and a woman likes spending time on the sea coast, you can take very dynamic pictures. In addition to static poses, it makes sense to show movement by asking a model to run, jump, and just feel the adventurous vibe. Of course, she should wear clothes that don’t restrict movements – a loose sundress, oversized shirt, chiffon skirt or trousers, etc.

example of 50th birthday photoshoot on the beach

Pro tip: The best time for a beach photo session is golden hour. In other words, you need to organize the shooting 1 hour after sunrise or 1 hour before sunset. During this period, the sunlight is gentle and warm, which means you will have fewer problems with lighting in shots.


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