21 Cookie Photography Ideas for Influencers and Bloggers

If you want to get professional images for your food blog, create a modern menu for a restaurant, or jazz up your feed on social networks with interesting images, make sure to learn these cookie photography ideas. Most of them are very easy to bring to life and you only need a camera or smartphone, some kitchen utensils, and cookies to get cool photos. In fact, such cookie images can even serve as materials for attracting new customers.

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Don’t Know How to Make “Yummy” Photos of Cookies?

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1. Make Cookies Fly

levitating cookie photography ideas

Though this is rather an unusual cookies photoshoot idea, it totally worth trying as you will get a dynamic image that will surely attract attention. The easiest way to realize it is to hold cookies in the air and photograph them separately. Then, you can merge shots in any photo editing software for beginners with layer support. For instance, Photoshop or GIMP perfectly cope with such a task. Examine the shot to make sure everything is OK with shadows.

In case you want to photograph several cookies levitating simultaneously or create a levitating composition in a photo, you need to fix cookies in the air with the help of wire, wooden skewers, or any other object you have at hand. Thus, you will avoid inky shadows or strange reflections. While editing pictures, you simply need to erase the support.

cookies photo idea in motion

Pro tip: You can use a smartphone or a camera to take good images of food. You should opt for a camera with a high-res sensor and screen, as well as a decent spread of focus across the frame. Of course, to have better control over the process, you need a device with manual focusing and remote-control options. Many modern cameras and smartphones have special modes for photographing food. I recommend buying Sony A7R IV, Nikon Z7 II, or Nikon D3500.

2. Photograph Fancy Cookies

creative cookie photography ideas

If you are searching for non-trivial cookies photo ideas, it makes sense to pay attention to the shape and decoration of biscuits in the first place. You can bake cookies in the shape of unicorns, rabbits, birds, and whatnot. To make the process flawless, you should use a cookie cutters set and find detailed tutorials on how to decorate cookies. YouTube offers lots of channels about baking and the most popular are Little Cookie Co, Cake House, and SweetAmbsCookies.

extraordinary cookies photo idea

Pro tip: This type of shooting requires capturing minute details, which is possible with a dedicated macro lens. A good variant is a 30mm-60mm macro prime lens with an aperture of about f/2.8 if you use a crop-sensor camera. For fixed lens cameras, you need a lens capable of close focusing.

3. Create a Star Map

cookie photography ideas star map

Use cookies instead of stars, and replace a dark sky with a tablecloth of the same color, a painted board, or a night sky backdrop. Try recreating familiar constellations, or create a picture of your own universe with cookies instead of planets, relying only on your imagination.

cookies photo idea with star map

Pro tip: Think over the lighting and props that match the theme of a photo session. If you want to show how a family is having breakfast before leaving home for work and school, you should choose soft light and spacious rooms. In case your aim is to demonstrate evening before-going-to-bed rituals, you’d better put some cookies and a glass of milk on a tray, complement the composition with a fairytale book, and photograph in a place with dimmed lighting.

4. Choose a Proper Angle

angles for cookie photography ideas

When it comes to a good food photography angle, there are several variants you can try for such a photo session:

  • Flat-lay – staying above an object you are going to photograph.
  • Straight on – pointing the lens directly toward cookies.
  • 45-degree angle – something in between flat-lay and straight on angles. You can keep a camera either below or above an object.

If you are dealing with cookies that have ornate decorations, you should definitely choose a flat-lay angle. You can put them on a tray, wax paper, a baking sheet, or a beautiful plate.

best angles for cookies photo ideas

Pro tip: If you want your images to become noticeable among thousands of similar shots, you have to place cookies on interesting surfaces. For instance, marble paper is a universal option that you can use in a range of projects. Another good variant is weathered wood backgrounds that can add rustic touches to any composition without going overboard.

5. Come up with Characters and a Story

cookie photography ideas with story

This cookies photoshoot idea requires thinking outside the box but the result is totally worth all the time and efforts spent. You need to think of a story, namely an adventurous one, where cookies will become important elements of a plot. For example, you can make cookies in the shape of boats and capture a sea battle, or decorate them as spaceships and document an intergalactic journey.

story for cookies photo idea

Pro tip: If the lighting in a room isn’t good enough for the shooting, I recommend you to use a lightbox. Such lighting equipment serves several purposes at once – softens the light reaching an object and provides an interesting background. While choosing a lightbox, get the one with multiple backdrops and sufficient interior space.

6. Draw a Story on the Chalkboard

chalkboard cookie photography ideas

If you only have a chalkboard and several cookies, you can still take very cool images. Draw a bicycle and use cookies as its wheels or make an air balloon and make a cookie its part.

cookies photo idea with chalkboard

Pro tip: This is one of the easiest cookie photography ideas but your pictures will still require some adjustments. You can improve colors and add some details in photo editing software for PC or Mac. For desktop use, you can select Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, while Photopea and Pixlr are great online tools. If you frequently work on the go, I suggest you use apps like Photoshop Express, Snapseed, A Color Story, and VSCO.

7. Show Perfect Cookies

perfect cookie photography ideas

To bring this food photography idea to life, you need to bake cookies several times. Thus, you will get several portions with slight defects, be it jagged edges, incorrect shape, etc., and one tray with flawless cookies. Next, you need to combine such cookies on a one-color background, focusing attention on the perfect pastry.

8. Arrange Cookies in an Unusual Way

unusual cookie photography ideas

Instead of simply putting cookies on a plate or a table, you need to think about a creative way of presenting them to viewers. For example, you can hang cookies with clothespins, put them into a hat, or attach them to a curtain.

Pro tip: To hang cookies as in the photo, choose pastries that don’t crumble. If you are going to bake your own cookies, add butter to the dough.

9. Lay out the Word with Cookies

typography cookie photography ideas

There are two variants to realize this cookies photoshoot idea. You can either “write” a word using standard cookies or bake them in the form of a specific word. For the second option, you should use alphabet cookie cutters and thematic accessories to complement the composition.

10. Add Creative Touches in Photoshop

cookie photography ideas with photomanipulation

First, you need to come up with an interesting idea, making cookies an indispensable part of a scene. For instance, you can make a cookie a museum piece, the last element of a treasure map, etc. After taking photos, open Photoshop and finish your story. By editing your food photos in Adobe Photoshop, it is possible to add some details, improve contrast and brightness, and replace the background.

photoshop cookies photo idea

Pro tip: If you want to improve your editing skills, you should check out Photoshop tutorials. There are lots of them on the Adobe website, as well as such channels as Daily Photoshop Tutorials, Photoshop Creative TV, and PHLEARN.

11. Choose Your Props, Considering the Colors

props for cookie photography ideas

Typically, cookies have warm colors. These can be chocolaty dark, golden yellow, and other tones in this range. You can create eye-pleasing color contrast in images by complementing cookies with backgrounds and props of colder shades. To create a beautiful composition, learn more about complementary colors.

Since orange is a contrasting color to blue, you can arrange a winsome scene with sandy-tone cookies against a bright blue background. Sometimes, a darker blue backdrop is also a suitable option. Another alternative is a neutral gray background with transient blue, green, or purple touches.

cookies photo idea with props

The same principle is applicable to props, including napkins, teacups, or baking utensils. Photos of cookies on a blue ceramic plate will surely spur the appetite. Such a combo not only highlights the contras in colors but also in textures.

12. Garnish Cookies with Chocolate Drops

cookie photography ideas with chocolate drops

You can use chocolate drops, lemon zest, sugar or cocoa powder, nuts, glazing, sprinkles, and lots of other materials to garnish your cookies.

Those afraid of using complicated techniques can take advantage of chocolate drops. Take a small syringe, fill it with liquid chocolate, and make drops in any way you like. Creating whimsical patterns is a breeze.

chocolate drops for cookies photo idea

Pro tip: Chocolate looks delicious in any form. You can simply decorate a composition with chocolate pieces or melt it and draw chocolate circles with a food ring.

13. Sprinkle Cookies with Powder or Flour

cookie photography ideas with coconut flakes

Put cookies on a plate and sprinkle with powder, coconut flakes, or flour. This is also one of the easiest cupcake photography ideas that you can use while taking images of cookies. By adding a themed element, e.g., a snow globe or an ice yurt, you can create an original winter composition.

Pro tip: To bring this cookies photoshoot idea, you need a camera, a tripod, and a light source. If you are going to shoot at high speed, make sure to get 2 speedlights with a strip box and a large diffuser. Besides, you will need a remote release or an assistant to help you in the process.

14. Show the Cooking Process

cookie photography ideas near the oven

Shoot how you form cookies, put them on a baking sheet, and take them out of the oven. Add details that will help images look realistic: casually spilled flour, rolling pin, kitchen towels and potholders, cookie cutters, etc.

cookies photo idea at the kitchen

Pro tip: For such a picture, you can keep some objects in a focus, while making the rest of the frame blurred to add visual interest. If you take images with a phone, you need to tap on your subject for such an effect. In the case of a camera, zoom in a bit and focus the viewfinder on your subject.

15. Make a Little Mess on the Table

mess cookie photography ideasmess cookie photography ideas

This cookies photoshoot idea relates to the previous concept. People really like observing how different meals are cooked, and there is a certain magic in backing cookies. Of course, the process involves making some mess on the table and I highly recommend capturing flour covering the surface, scattered utensils, etc. However, you need to stick to composition standards, with the rule of thirds being the most popular ones.

Simply put, you need to divide the frame into 9 equal squares by visually drawing 3 horizontal and 3 vertical lines (see the sample below). Next, locate the key elements at the intersection of lines so that they immediately draw viewers’ attention.

cookies photo idea with mess on the table

Pro tip: Another method to make images attention-grabbing is to use the rule of odds. You need to arrange an uneven number of cookies in a pile and separate one cookie from the group. Besides, you can highlight the value of patterns by placing cookies in a “rhythmical” manner.

16. Make an Accurate Pile of Cookies

pile cookie photography ideas

If you are photographing cookies without garnishment, you should arrange them in stacks. However, simple piles will look uninteresting, so you should put 3-5 cookies on the edge of a teacup, near a glass of milk, or any other matching beverage. Thus, the composition will look great and natural. For such shots, hold a camera at a lower angle close to a frontal view.

cookies photo idea with a pile

Pro tip: For very high piles of cookies, you need to shoot from a very low angle. Thus, you will accentuate the height of the construction even more.

17. Bite a Cookie before Photographing It

take a bite for cookie photography idea

If you want to add a human component to the frame, this is the best cookies photoshoot idea to try. You need to take a bite of one cookie and lean it on the stack. Or, you can capture how you dip such a cookie into a glass of milk. Alternatively, split a cookie into 2 halves and decorate them with chocolate paste for an aesthetic mess.

cookies photo idea with bitten cookie

Pro tip: Textures are very important for such shots. You can demonstrate them by using proper lighting or physically adding textures to the setup. For example, you can crumble paper, break cookies, leave crumbles, etc.

18. Add Milk to the Frame

milk and cookie photography ideas

Cookies and milk make a perfect duo. Simply place cookies next to a glass of milk, dip a cookie into a glass, or hang it gently on a glass milk bottle.

cookies photo idea with milk

Pro tip: Create a dynamic composition, by showing how a cookie falls into a glass and milk is splashing. Or dip a cookie into a glass of milk and capture the movement. You can choose any lens for food photography for the task. Personally, I prefer long-focus lenses such as 105 mm models.

19. Experiment with Patterns and Symmetry

cookie photography ideas with patterns

Cookies can have different shapes and patterns, so don’t miss a chance to arrange original compositions. Besides, by taking images from a non-standard perspective, you will surely get captivating photos.

20. Arrange Cookies Neatly

cookies photo idea with jar

Place cookies in a glass jar or open box and take a photo. Using such a dessert photography idea, you can enliven your food blog, recipe book, or website.

21. Bake Christmas Cookies

christmas cookies photo idea

Prepare cookies in the form of Christmas trees, snowflakes, and candies, and create an interesting Christmas composition. Add details such as spruce branches, cones, candles, Christmas decorations, and a glass of milk. Such cookies photo ideas are easy to bring to life and the result is always fantastic.

Free Tools for Cookie Photography

free tools for cookie photography

If you want to improve your cookie photos in a quick way, these actions will definitely come in handy. They affect white balance, exposure, light, colors, and other parameters without making images look unrealistic. You can customize the actions if you want and start editing your pictures in Photoshop CS3-CS6, Creative Cloud, and PSE 11-1.