20 Photography Office Ideas for Creative Photographers

If you want to create a convenient working environment that will spur your motivation right after you step inside, as well as demonstrate to clients how creative and skilled you are, you should definitely study these photography office ideas. You will learn about original lighting, proper wall decorations, how to arrange shelves and adorn the background, and more. With these ideas in mind, you will manage to use the available space as efficiently as possible.

1. Show Your Best Works on the Wall

show your best works on the wall to create an office for a photographer

While designing a photography home office, you get endless possibilities for self-expression. For example, you can use the works you are most proud of, and arrange them in an interesting manner on the wall. Thus, every person visiting your office will immediately see your best photos and can evaluate your craftsmanship. If you like this concept, you can look through different cute photo wall ideas for a smooth start.

2. Make an Equipment Rack with Ice Light

use led backlight to create an office for a photographer

Since photography is a creative sphere, it makes sense to add captivating touches to your workspace. For example, you can incorporate an LED backlight into the rack for your equipment, which is sure to make your office more welcoming. If you frequently pull an all-nighter, this accessory can even serve as an additional light source.

3. Use Shelves of Unusual Shapes for Equipment

use shelves to create an office for a photographer

It is hard to imagine a photographer home office without a single shelf. In most cases, there are several shelves on the wall, and I highly recommend choosing those of offbeat shapes to create an original office. Currently, you can order bespoke picture ledges that will perfectly fit your space. Once they are attached to walls, put books, cameras, lenses, figurines, and other photography-related knick-knacks there.

4. Make Your Office Spacious

make use of the large free space to create an office for a photographer

Having a personal office is great, but having one that is spacious is real luck. If that is your case, make sure to accentuate the available expanse instead of filling it with multiple objects and pieces of furniture. While selecting décor items, stick to a minimalistic philosophy.

5. Place a Note Board at Your Desk

place a note board at your desk to create an office for a photographer

While choosing photography office ideas, you shouldn’t fully concentrate on the aesthetic aspect but also keep functionality in mind. You are likely to make lots of different notes during the day and chances are high that you want to have them well-structured and easy to find. For this, I recommend purchasing a note board and placing it near your desk. While choosing a board, pay attention to its colors, so that all elements in your office match up.

6. Add an Extra Shelf for a Monitor

add an extra shelf for a monitor to create an office for a photographer

Since a part of your day takes place in an office, it is of paramount importance to create a super convenient workspace. If you have to slouch or your shoulders and back are constantly tense, then it’s high time to make adjustments to the angle at which you look at the monitor. The easiest way to do so is to purchase a special shelf for a monitor. The best part is that such a shelf will become an elegant addition to the overall office design.

7. Use Ergonomic Chairs

use ergonomic chairs to create an office for a photographer

While furnishing a photography home office, you should be extra careful with the quality and convenience of different objects. This is especially important for an armchair. If you spend lots of time at your desk, a good ergonomic chair is a must. Today’s market abounds with modern, durable chairs, which support your spine and follows the curves of your back. Besides, thanks to varied design options, you can easily find a suitable model for your office.

8. Buy Dedicated Equipment Storage Boxes

buy dedicated equipment storage boxes to create an office for a photographer

Being engaged in photography or videography professionally, you are sure to have different types of lenses, cameras, etc. Storing them all in your office becomes easier if you purchase dedicated boxes with special divisions for such items. Thus, you can arrange the best lens for portraits, landscape, and other genres, as well as additional equipment in a perfect way. Besides, such a storage method minimizes the chances to damage your high-dollar gear.

9. Use Several Computers for Work

use several computers to create an office for a photographer

Sometimes, storing all photos and other info on one computer causes many inconveniences, as locating the needed file takes much time. Not to experience such problems, you should use several computers or a desktop and a laptop for more efficient work. One device can serve for communicating with clients, handling financial operations, etc., while the second will become your computer for photo editing and related tasks.

10. Place Your Desk Near a Large Window

place your desk near a large window to create an office for a photographer

If you are lucky to have a large window in your photographer home office, you should definitely place your desk near it. Thus, your working space will be always well-lit, which is a huge advantage. Besides, sunlight is great from the psychological point of view, setting you in the proper working mood.

11. Use a Small Desk or Varnished Board

use a small desk or varnished board to create an office for a photographer

If you are a beginner photographer and can’t afford to buy branded furniture for your office, don’t get frustrated. You can just find a reasonably priced, simple desk and put it in your office or room. Next, add some books, pictures, and bits and bobs for a specific mood.

12. Combine Studio with Office

combine studio with office to create an office for a photographer

One of the best office photography ideas for those with a tight schedule is to combine an office with a studio. Thus, you can easily switch between shooting and image post-production without wasting time commuting.

13. Use Furniture Made of Wood

use furniture made of wood to create an office for a photographer

Wooden furniture is proliferating and that is for a reason. Such items look very elegant and can serve you for many years in a row. If you are a proponent of such a style but want something extraordinary, you can purchase a wooden desk of a non-geometric shape. Make sure to complement your workstation with live flowers.

14. Among Equipment

among equipment to create an office for a photographer

Regardless of the style, you choose for your photography home office, it won’t hurt to add some vintage or even out-of-use equipment to the design. You can use old tripods, vintage cameras, lenses, lighting setups, etc. Thus, a client will instantly feel your love for what you do.

15. Make the Most out of Space

make the most out of space to create an office for a photographer

Renting a spacious office isn’t an option for every photographer, so sometimes you need to arrange a workstation in part of your room. For instance, you can put a small desk in the corner and locate your PC, notebooks, a camera, and other stuff there.

16. Place the Hard Drive on Your Desk

place the hard drive on your desk to create an office for a photographer

Transferring images from a hard drive to your computer/laptop is an integral part of a workflow. To do it quicker, make sure to keep a hard drive within easy reach on the desk. What’s more, if there are several external hard drives for photographers on the surface, your clients will assume that you handle photos very accurately and they will trust you more. Besides, you can add stickers to hard drives or write needed info, using markets to specify what photos are stored on every drive.

17. Decorate the Office in Boho Style

decorate the office in boho style to create an office for a photographer

Boho style enjoys immense popularity nowadays, so using it in your office is a win-win option. Since it doesn’t require purchasing multiple expensive items, you can create the needed atmosphere without going bankrupt. The main thing here is to use light colors and choose furniture made of natural materials, e.g., wood. Besides, you should hand eye-pleasing pictures on the walls, and put books and lenses on the shelves. Everything should look harmonious and unobtrusive.

18. Show Your Hobby in an Office

show your hobby in an office to create an office for a photographer

While some people remove all personal stuff while designing a photography home office, others leave objects that give a hint of their hobbies and don’t lose. Remember that people coming to you for the first time are likely to feel shy and uneasy, and when they see any personal item in your office, they will quickly retune and you’ll hit it off. This is som19. Use Stylish Office Decorehow related to our inner nature, but it always works this way.

19. Use Stylish Office Decor

use stylish office decor to create an office for a photographer

If your main specialization is fashion or model photography, every object in an office should express this. Choosing furniture and decorations of black color is a great variant, and if you dilute such a design with stylish stands, shelves, and lights, you will definitely amaze your clients. People like cooperating with professionals who are fond of their and, highlighting your passion for photography this way, is worth the time and effort spent.

20. Decorate the Walls

decorate the walls to create an office for a photographer

This is probably the first photographer home office idea that comes to mind but some people still discard it as something too simple. However, sometimes to create an inviting working space, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just choose pictures that are in line with the general design of your office and you’re good to go.