35 Creative 3D Printing Ideas to Get Inspiration

3D printing ideas can be easily implemented at home by creating physical objects and tools with the help of a 3D printer and your gadget. This collection of 3D printing projects encompasses a handful of useful ideas. Regardless of whether you’re using a resin-based or filament-based 3D printer, you’ll have no trouble implementing these 3D projects.

You’ll receive some everyday objects and gadget accessories as well as several quirky and creative tools. This list can be used by students, teachers, 3D printing establishments, workspace organizers, and 3D printing enthusiasts.

1. 3D Keychain

3d printing ideas trinket

A keychain is one of the handiest items that you can create with the help of 3D printing. Such an item can be easily made by using the simplest and most convenient 3D printer for beginners. Even a kid can print out such a keychain and this useful little accessory will help you store your keys in one place while enjoying a stylish design. Such a keychain can also be a terrific souvenir gift for close friends.

2. Opener

3d printing ideas opener

3D printing is a terrific opportunity to restock your kitchenware with useful items. An opener is a handy tool that will help you open a can of your favorite drink in a single motion. You can also create several such openers if needed.

3. Tea Holder

3d printing ideas tea holders

You can use a 3D printer to make cute, creative teabag holders. Print out multiple copies for all your family members or friends to organize comfy tea parties.

4. 3D Cookie Stand

3d printing ideas cookie stand

3D printing technology allows creating such utility items as cookie holders that are attached directly to your mug. Now you don’t have to carry multiple plates with different treats for your coffee or tea drinking sessions to the living room, as you can simply put your favorite cookies onto a stand and attach it to the cup.

5. Spoon Stand

3d printing ideas spoon stand

A spoon stand can become a terrific organizer for your kitchen that will help sort your tableware while also serving as a stylish accessory. It will naturally fit into any design and look like an organic part of any kitchen since the selection of possible 3D printer filament options is quite huge and allows you to pick the exact color you need.

6. 3D Cookie Forms

3d printing ideas cookie forms

If you want to surprise your family or guests with unique cookies, then you should prepare beforehand and create special cookie forms. They can be of all possible shapes and designs including thematic shapes and letter silhouettes.

7. Lightbulbs

3d printing ideas ampoules

One way to do home improvement creatively is to create lightbulbs with the help of 3D printing. Such bulbs can be done in different colors and shapes, allowing you to show off your creativity and create unique lighting for any room.

8. 3D Flower Stand

3d printing ideas flower stand

A 3D printer can be of great help for creating original flower stands. You can use different 3D printing templates and receive unique stands for your favorite plants in the form of dinosaurs and other animals, abstract shapes, etc.

9. Vase

3d printing ideas vase

Vases are cool things to 3D print if you constantly find yourself forgetting to buy a beautiful vase and end up putting your bouquets into regular bottles. Since such an arrangement doesn’t look particularly aesthetically pleasing, consider giving this decorative vase a shot. With its help, you no longer have to worry about the look of your bouquet.

10. 3D Desktop Lamp

3d printing ideas lamp

3D printing can handle the creation of an original, rather stylish desktop lamp that can fit into the décor of your bedroom or other space. Of course, you’ll have to learn how to work with 3D modeling software and apply some skills to make such a lamp produce light with the help of electricity or batteries.

11. Stylish Painting

3d printing ideas painting

If you dedicate a bit of your time and effort, you can print out a painting that will fit the rest of your apartment, house, or office perfectly. Prepare some mockups ahead of time and pick a design that matches your wall the best.

12. Socket Decor

3d printing ideas decor for socket

If you're a fan of various interesting items, you can spend a bit of your time creating small decorative outlet pads. You can make them in any color you want while ensuring your sockets have an artistic, eye-catching look to them.

13. 3D Bookend

3d printing ideas bookend

Such a bookend can serve as a stylish organizer that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Additionally, printing out such an object barely requires any time at all. You can find other kinds of such bookends online to ensure the chosen design matches your interior.

14. Stand for Makeup Accessories

3d printing ideas stand for cosmetics

Such a stand can bring order to your makeup collection or bathroom. You can put in all your essential makeup brushes or use it for storing toothbrushes. Besides, such a stand looks incredibly stylish and tasteful.

15. Photo Stand

3d printing ideas stand for photo

Such a mini organizer will help you manage your photographs and store all your favorite memories in one place. The organizer has a Ferris wheel shape and allows you to easily browse through different photos. It can also serve as a natural addition to any shelf, table, or drawer.

16. Belt Fastener

3d printing ideas fasteners for belts

A belt fastener is a useful part of any wardrobe, as it allows you to easily find the desired belt. You’ll no longer need to go through a bunch of belts all bundled up together while trying to find that specific one. The fastener can be conveniently mounted onto any even surface, including the interior wall or door of your wardrobe.

17. 3D Memory Card Holder

3d printing ideas memory card holder

A memory cardholder will be of great help to photographers, designers, videographers, tourists, and everyone else who tends to store a lot of data on SD cards. Such an organizer will help you sort your memory cards in any order you want and you can even sign each cell to quickly find the desired card in the future.

18. Pen Stand

3d printing ideas stand for handles

A pen stand is one of the most popular 3D print ideas. Such a stand has an original design, separate slots for each pen, and will perfectly fit into your workspace or can serve as a fantastic gift idea. People also often use such stands for their makeup brushes.

19. Case for Eyeglasses

3d printing ideas glasses case

Such an accessory will be of use to absolutely everyone even if they don’t have poor eyesight. This organizer can be just as easily used for sunglasses while offering a stylish place to store them. You can also place such a case on your bedtable if you like to read before bed or simply keep it on your computer or writing desk.

20. Hub for Wires

3d printing ideas hub for wires

Everyone occasionally runs into the problem of entangled wires so preparing a special hub for them can help you easily solve that issue. The printing process won’t take a lot of time and mounting such a hub is also extremely simple so it’s probably one of the most useful 3D printing ideas included on this list.

21. Honeycomb Stand

3d printing ideas honeycomb stand

Such a stand has a unique honeycomb design, which allows you to conveniently store charger wires, headphones, and other small items. This stand doesn’t require a lot of shelf space while being able to fit quite a lot of small accessories.

22. Cable Clamp

3d printing ideas wire clamp

A wire clamp allows you to prevent your charger cables from breaking and extend their service. Such clamps can be printed very quickly and produced in any color you want.

23. 3D Zipper Slider

3d printing ideas doggy for lightning

If you’re a fan of any kind of accessories, you can use 3D printing to create an original slider for your zipper. Moreover, you can experiment with any design or symbol you want. The most popular options you’ll find online include avocados, cactuses, other kinds of fruit, and cartoon characters.

24. Stylish Lady Handbag

3d printing ideas ladies handbag

Many girls want to stand out as much as possible while carrying a unique accessory. Since shopping in a store increases the chance of you having the same item as someone else, you can take advantage of 3D printing to create a unique accessory that matches your style. You can even create a stylish clutch with a unique print that will complement your look and image.

25. Showerhead Cover

3d printing ideas shower sprayer

Such a showerhead attachment can serve as a great accessory for children since you can create it in the shape of a dragon head that exudes water. Taking this kind of fun shower will make the process of washing themselves more interesting for any kid.

26. 3D Door Lock

3d printing ideas door lock

A 3D printer can be of use in any household since you can employ it to create a padlock for a locker, wardrobe, or fence gate. You can freely choose any color you want while being certain that the produced lock will be sturdy enough to serve its purpose for a long time.

27. Colorful Smartphone Case

3d printing ideas phone case

You can decorate your phone while also making it more secure by using a 3D printer for creating a smartphone case. Doing so is incredibly simple, doesn’t require a lot of time, and you have full control over the color scheme and the pattern of the case. Just be sure to input the correct phone size parameters so that the case fits it properly.

28. Bookmark

3d printing ideas bookmark

A 3D printer allows printing even the simplest and most useful items like bookmarks. You can create them in any design you want, as there are options suitable for school, office, and home reading. Create a unique bookmark in the shape of a skeleton hand or use a more lighthearted design in the form of animals or different shapes.

29. Hidden Cache

3d printing ideas cache

If you're in search of a reliable place for hiding your cash, take advantage of 3D printing technology to create a special cache. Such an item won't look suspicious among other souvenirs on your shelf and since it's designed to fit bills, you'll have no problems putting the money inside.

30. Original Wall Hooks for Clothes

3d printing ideas wall hooks

Wall-mounted hanging hooks will add originality to your hallway and won’t be left unnoticed by your friends and guests. You can print out such hooks in a variety of designs including rhino heads, character silhouettes, cute parrots, and other shapes. Choose the desired 3D model and print out a creative and useful decoration for your home.

31. 3D Chess

3d printing ideas chess

3D printing capabilities are limitless and any large format photo printer with 3D support can use multiple colors or materials to create large objects and even make different games for your friends or family to enjoy. One of such fun things to 3D print is chess. You can find plenty of different chessboard and chess piece designs online so pick the one you like the most and you’re bound to have a fun and interesting evening.

32. Soap Bubble Maker

3d printing ideas bubble

If you're getting ready to create a fun bubble party, then you should use a 3D printer to make special shapes that will allow you to blow a lot of bubbles at the same time. Such tools can bring a lot of joy when used at parties, especially children ones.

33. Hand Bracelet

3d printing ideas bracelet

Tons of 3D printing ideas can help any girl create beautiful jewelry for themselves. One of the most popular jewelry types for 3D printers is bracelets. You can find lots of beautiful bracelet templates done in different patterns and colors. Feel free to experiment and treat yourself to a beautiful piece of jewelry.

34. 3D Princess Decoration

3d printing ideas decoration for princess

When planning a party for kids, you can print out some 3D props and decorations. A princess circlet can help your girl feel like a star while complementing her party outfit.

35. Everyday Slippers

3d printing ideas slippers

If you need to quickly get some shoes for walking around the house, your 3D printer can come to the rescue. You can use it to easily create slippers and wear them around your house and backyard. The only thing you have to do is choose the proper size and desired color.


  • • Can you earn money using your 3D printer?

Yes, you can earn money with the help of a 3D printer. There are many ways to do so, either by selling 3D printed objects, digital products or by offering 3D printing services in your area.

  • • Is 3D printing expensive?

The cost of printing a 3D object ranges from a couple of dollars to multiple thousand dollars. It’s hard to estimate the exact price without knowing the specific 3D model you plan to print as the cost is determined by factors like materials, model complexity, and labor input. 3D printing services can sometimes be more expensive than a beginner-grade 3D printer.

  • • Is it hard to learn 3D printing?

3D printing is still in its early stages so it's not very convenient for the user. Printers are fragile and finicky, which is why they might seem unsustainable to beginners. Those who want to create their own projects also have to dedicate time to study specialized and often complex software.

  • • How much does it take to create a 3D print?

On average, printing a 3D object takes between 30 minutes to 12 hours. Sometimes the process can even take up several days depending on how complex and detailed your 3D model is.