Top 56 Sites for Free 3D Models

Top 56 Sites for Free 3D Models

Not everyone has to become a professional designer to create realistic 3D models as you can simply use one of the multiple websites that offer free 3D models instead. Regardless of whether you need to design 3D furniture, buildings, a mechanical part, or even a human figure, check out this list of 55 websites that can help you with that task.

Below you’ll find my collection of sites, archives, and stores that offer 3D models free.

Autodesk Online Gallery 3D Printing, Architecture Free
Thingiverse 3D Printing Free
Adobe Stock Graphic Design Free
Free3D Architecture/Visualization Free
3DExport Graphic Design Free
Evermotion Graphic Design Free Animation Free
Unity Asset Store Animation Free
3D Warehouse Electronics Free
Hum3D Engineering Free

Each option on the list allows you to browse through galleries of high-quality 3D designs that can be used for video games, animations, 3D printing, and all kinds of other projects. Some of the websites are actually stores that you can use to sell your own creations.

1. Autodesk Online Gallery

autodesk online gallery free 3d models website

This option was developed by Autodesk and offers over 44 thousand designs. Moreover, you can upload your own creations here as well.

2. Thingiverse

thingiverse free 3d models website

This expansive website opens up a whole world of 3D models that contains over 50 thousand objects sorted into thematic collections.

3. Adobe Stock

adobe stock free 3d models website

You can find more than 3500 professionally-made 3D assets on Adobe Stock. A solid portion of them was made by the loyal community members and is available for free.

4. TurboSquid

turbosquid free 3d models website

TurboSquid hosts 3D designs in all popular formats including 3DS, C4d, OBJ, and several others. With over 18 thousand sorted, easily findable models, you’re bound to find exactly what you need.

5. GrabCAD

grabcad free 3d models website

GrabCAD includes astonishing 2.8 million designs thanks to constant work of the biggest community of 3D creators and engineers in the world.

6. Threedio

threedio free 3d models

Threedio stands out as a premier resource for free 3D models, offering a meticulously crafted and ever-expanding collection of .FBX models. Created by 3D professionals, the pack includes over 600 subdivision-ready models, covering a diverse range from everyday objects and finance elements to gadgets and web components. Threedio is an invaluable asset for designers, offering a seamless, high-quality library of 3D assets for motion and graphic design applications.

7. CGTrader

cgtrader free 3d models website

CGTrader is a storefront for purchasing and selling 3D models. It’s not restricted to STL files and includes a broad collection of free three-dimensional designs that can be easily downloaded and printed out. Additionally, you can download scripts and plug-ins that will boost your artistic capabilities. If you can’t find the exact model you need, you can order it from the local job market.

8. MyMiniFactory

myminifactory free 3d models website

This website is both a community and storage of free 3D models for printing. The featured designs were created by professionals, who ensure the models were thoroughly tested before being uploaded. You also have the option of requesting a particular 3D model for printing that the local designers can later create. Another upside of this website is its availability in 7 languages.

9. Cults

cults free 3d models website

This French site was created to help users find a free 3D model for their printing projects. The name of the service (when read backwards) refers to Saint Luc, who is a patron of the arts. The website offers a lot of unique, high-quality designs, even though some of them are also posted on other similar platforms.

10. Sketchfab

sketchfab scanners free 3d models website

This website boasts a collection of over 19 thousand designs offered in 3DS and GSM. It allows you to search for specific models, but the collection isn’t divided into categories like in most other options.

11. Artec 3D Model Scanners

artec 3d model scanners free 3d models website

This service contains high-res 3D scans in such popular formats as OBJ, STL, and WRL. You can find anything here from anatomical parts to various industrial objects.

12. GB3D Type Fossils

gb3d type fossils free 3d models website

This repository stores three-dimensional scanned fossils that can be found in collections across the United Kingdom. Each entry comes with zoological information about the species and a 3D model. While you can’t exactly find a print-ready 3D model download of a T-Rex skull, the offered files are still very interesting.

13. MorphoSource

morphosource free 3d models website

Originally created by anthropologists, this service is aimed at helping researchers share their 3D models free. You can sort the database by scientific taxonomy, anatomy area, type, and bibliography. The files are also sorted according to the projects of their creators. The database contains high-quality 3D files of both extinct and still existing species.

14. gCreate

gcreate free 3d models website

This 3D-printer developer has created an array of stunning home décor items. I’m personally a huge fan of the bonsai planter. 3D designs available on the website can be downloaded free of charge and printed on any suitable 3D-printer.

15. Orchard

orchard free 3d models website

This innovative website takes a different approach to 3D design as it avoids the confusing presentation of remixed models that make such venues as Thingiverse very clunky. In this case, all modified designs are presented on the page of the original and offered in the shape of a branching tree.

While the concept itself is amazing, it’s not particularly useful as currently, the overall number of designers on this platform isn’t that large. After you’ve created an account, you can immediately start downloading 3D print designs for free.

16. TurboSquid

turbosquid free 3d models website

This is one of the best venues for getting both paid and free Blender models. Designers use it to sell their creations and get their name out there. A unique feature of this service is the “Check-Mate” quality assurance system. It describes a series of requirements (scale, resolution, etc.) that allow evaluating the level of quality of each design.

17. Free3D

free3d free 3d models website

The main thing that sets this website apart from the rest is the clean, well-crafted user interface. Finding free three-dimensional designs is simple thanks to the implemented category management. 3D artists have the option to make their portfolios public to display their work. The competitive nature of the website is further supported by the available voting system. Dive in and you’re bound to find a plethora of free 3D assets for your project.

18. ArchibasePlanet

archibaseplanet free 3d models website

This site finds, maintains, and showcases more than 9 thousand architecture designs that are divided into convenient categories like beds, wardrobes, couches, etc.

19. Archive 3D

archive 3d free 3d models website

This is yet another venue that offers free three-dimensional assets that can be used for creating animations and graphic design projects. The available free models are quite impressive and include furniture, household items, clothes, buildings, cars, and more.

20. Sweet Home 3D

sweet home 3d free 3d models website

This website offers over a thousand different 3D designs for your convenience. Inside you’ll find professionally-made free Blender models of tables, couches, armchairs, dressers, etc.

21. 3D CAD Browser

3d cad browser free 3d models website

This site hosts hundreds of professional assets for 3DS Max and Maya as well as Blender models. All designs are searchable and split into relevant categories.

22. Design Connected

design connected free 3d models website

You’ll find hundreds of impressive 3D designs here as well as previews of designer furniture pieces, including stuff like lamps, mirrors, and all kinds of decorations.

23. SketchUp TEXTURE

sketchup texture free 3d models website

With over a hundred designs to choose from, you can download objects like tables and sofas, entire rooms and even buildings.

24. Digital Life

digital life free 3d models website

This site offers more than 100 three-dimensional models of all sorts of furniture and decoration items like tables, dressers, ovens, etc.

25. Viz-People

viz-people free 3d models website

This option contains an impressive 3D model library, offering about 100 free assets. The catalog includes electronics, furniture, kitchenware, and much more.

26. Renderpeople

renderpeople free 3d models website

Renderpeople allows you to buy 3D models of people, with most of them also wearing clothing or standing in a pose. The latter type of design is particularly useful for creating realistic scenes for graphic design and architecture projects. Such models are created with the help of photogrammetry scanners, which is why they’re so high-res. Sadly, the number of free designs currently only stands at 3.

27. 3DExport

3dexport free 3d models website

Mainly created for professional 3D designers, this storefront allows buying and selling paid 3D models. Additionally, you can use the filter to locate the small selection of 3D designs that can be downloaded for free, but those are mainly jewelry items and different kinds of ornaments. Should you not find what you’re looking for on the website, you can order the needed design from a professional 3D artist.

28. Evermotion

evermotion free 3d models website

This Polish visual effects company mainly deals with photorealistic three-dimensional renders. While the biggest part of their site is dedicated to designer portfolios and blog posts, if you’ll search hard enough, you’ll find a section with 3D models that you can get free.

29. Craftsmanspace

craftsmanspace free 3d models website

This site hosts 3D designs that are available for download in various popular formats. Their list of over 100 assets includes designs of furniture, people, accessories, etc.

30. VWArtclub

vwartclub free 3d models website

VWArtclub comes with more than fifty top-notch 3D assets and includes such items as lightbulbs, lamps, trolleys, racks, mirrors, and chairs among many others.

31. 3Delicious

3delicious free 3d models website

This website offers a broad collection of free-to-download models that are perfectly suited for architectural projects. The offered assets can also be useful for graphic design and animations. The types of objects include everything from furniture and technological devices to all sorts of cars and even people. The quality of all designs is also surprisingly high. Even though 3Delicious has a minimalistic UI, it’s full to the brim with fake download links so click carefully.

32. Human Alloy

human alloy free 3d models website

If you’re looking for high-quality 3D game character models, then this is probably the best website for you. Each design featured on HumanAlloy has up to 20million polygons, while also giving you the choice between 6 mesh resolutions to find the perfect combination of quality and rendering performance. All textures are divided into 10 individual masks, giving you the freedom to entirely change the color of all models. You can download 2 of their models for free to see if this site is a good fit for you.

33. 3D CAD Browser

3d warehouse free 3d models website

If you’re in the market for architectural, product, or scale 3D assets, then I suggest checking out this website. It mainly showcases all models that were created with SketchUp. The search tool allows you to look exclusively for free three-dimensional assets as well as those files that are prepared for 3D printers. Since the majority of local creators are enthusiasts, the quality of each free 3D model varies from case to case.

34. 3D ContentCentral

3d contentcentral free 3d models website

This venue offers plenty of designs available in several formats, mostly covering such items as electronic parts, computer hardware, etc.

35. model+model

model model free 3d models website

Despite its strange name, this service contains a variety of high-quality models in 3DS, OBJ, and other formats. Here you’ll find such objects as smartphones, keyboards, candles, laptops, and tablets.

36. Claraio

clara free 3d models website

This service isn’t just a repository of 3D designs, but also a full-fledged program for creating, animating, and rendering three-dimensional assets. Even though the Basic account only grants users 5GB of storage space, the premium options will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding designers.

37. Unity Asset Store

unity asset store free 3d models website

Unity isn’t just a program for developers involved in the gaming industry. It can also be used for architectural projects, especially when it comes to visualizing your design in a digital space. Due to Unity’s popularity and wide range of applications, its store is constantly getting more and more models, meshes, guides, and scripts. The website is also full of free 3D models for Unity, with more than a thousand options for you to download.

38. 3dsky

3dsky free 3d models website

This website offers a selection of more than 81 thousand 3D designs spread across sections like household items, furniture, kitchenware, textures, etc.

39. CadNav

cadnav free 3d models website

The site hosts over 5K 3D assets split into corresponding categories. You can easily download those models in formats like 3DS, C4D, and ZTL among several others.

40. 3Dmili

3dmili free 3d models website

This site has a total of 4 thousand models and designs, with all of them being divided into such categories as home decor, furniture, textures, etc.

41. 3D Warehouse

3d warehouse free 3d models website

3D Warehouse is a rather standard place for downloading and uploading three-dimensional designs, with all of them being separated into relevant categories like architecture, nature, etc.

42. cgtrader

cgtrader free 3d models website

The three-dimensional 3D game assets included on this website can be downloaded in 3DS, MAX, C4D, and multiple other widely-used formats. The assets include CAD blocks and 2D and 3D texture files.


artist 3d free 3d models website

This is yet another site with hundreds of 3D designs across sections like architecture, wildlife, technology, vehicles, and several others.

44. 3D Resources by NASA

3d resources free 3d models website

NASA created this library of resources to share over 400 space-related 3D models online free, covering objects like rockets and satellites.

45. CAD Blocks Free

cad blocks free 3d models website

This option offers hundreds of CAD assets that will be of great use for designers that work in AutoCAD, SketchUp, or SolidWorks.

46. Car Body Design

car body design free 3d models website

This venue contains over 300 free 3D models for games of high-end vehicles from brands like Chevrolet, BMW, Renault, and Mercedes-Benz as well as multiple concept designs.

47. 3DXO

3dxo free 3d models website

Here you can find about 200 high-quality free 3D models, including such interesting items as aquariums and plants, and various household items.

48. DMI Car 3D Models

dmi car 3d models free 3d models website

This website comes with an expansive collection of 3D vehicles like including luxury and sports cars, tanks, trams, and trucks.

49. Free 3D Base

free 3d base free 3d models website

Free3Dbase hosts over 100 well-made 3D designs of all kinds of objects in different formats. For instance, you can download models of tables, couches, wardrobes, etc.

50. Blogscopia

blogscopia free 3d models website

This helpful library contains over a hundred assets in the form of objects like bathtubs, shoes, trees, fans, etc.

51. Hum3D

hum3D free 3d models website

Hum3D hosts a plethora of free 3d modeling assets that were created by a dedicated community of designers. Here you’ll mostly find cartoon designs and all sorts of toys.

52. 3d si edu

3d si edu free 3d models website

This website was created by the Smithsonian Institution and offers about 75 designs. While they’re not separated into categories, you can find what you need very quickly.


vizpark free 3d models website

VIZPARK hosts about 50 designs of such essential objects like vegetables, planted flowers, vases, etc. Sadly, not all assets can be downloaded for free.

54. 3DModelFree

3dmodelfree free 3d models website

This is yet another website with a rather small selection of free 3D models. Everything is neatly-arranged and the search function works well too.

55. Oyonale

oyonale free 3d models website

This repository allows you to find such rare free 3D items like wings, glasses, and weapons. If you’re looking for something specific, you can find it by typing in the relevant keywords.

56. Bentanji

bentanji free 3d models website

This website is mainly used for buying and selling professional three-dimensional assets and textures, but several models are also available for free download and usage.