36 Best Digital Artists to Inspire in 2020

36 Best Digital Artists to Inspire in 2020

No wonder that digital artists and their works inspire us to get involved in this sphere. Digital art makes anything possible and in no way limits the creator. No matter whether you are an experienced professional or an amateur, you can sketch anything you want if you have the necessary skills, of course.

The post below lists the best digital artists around the world who prove that there are no limits to your creativity if you have a tablet and qualitative software.

36 Top Digital Artists

Continue reading and you will learn about top digital artists known all over the world. They became famous just thanks to their talent.

1. Nik Ainley Behance

Location: UK
best digital artists nik ainley Nik Ainley is one of those digital illustration artists who has achieved everything solely thanks to his talent, desire to grow and hard work.
Ainley is a self-taught artist and he has been creating fascinating digital artworks for more than 10 years. He didn’t dream of becoming a digital artist and studied physics at university.
That’s when he realized that he liked producing computer graphics. After graduation, he broke into the world of digital art and never left it. Nik lives and works in the UK, constantly self-improving.
He tries to expand his abilities, master new software and techniques. Ainley creates 2D and 3D images and is especially proud of those art pieces, combining both types of computer graphics. In 2004, he launched Shinybinary.com and more than 6 million users have visited it since then.
He sells his famous digital art pieces with ClickforArt and they are exhibited at the Central Illustration Agency in the United Kingdom. Nik is tired of staying in the background and now he is going to come into the spotlight.
digital artwork by nik ainley
Jade Splash by Nik Ainley

2. Erik Johansson Behance

Location: Czech Republic
best digital artists erik johansson Erik Johansson is famous for his surreal works striving to capture something beyond the bounds of possibility. He is a photographer who combines his own shots and achieves dreamlike pictures.
You will not see computer-generated objects in his works. Johansson creates from 6 to 8 art pieces a year because it takes much time to produce a qualitative product.
digital artwork by erik johansson
Digital Artwork by Erik Johansson

3. Richard Davies Behance

Location: UK
best digital artists richard davies Famous digital art illustrator Richard Davies has been working in the sphere of computer graphics for almost 15 years. He is a freelancer engaged in print and corporate identity.
Richard works for Rolling Stone Magazine and other famous printed issues. If you are interested in his creative works, look through his wonderful portfolio and get inspired.
digital artwork by richard davies
Digital Artwork by Richard Davies

4. Aaron Campbell Behance

Location: Canada
best digital artists aaron campbell A famous digital artist Aaron Campbell started his career in 2007. He took his first steps with Photoshop and didn’t regret it. Since then, Aaron has been developing his skills without looking back.
Today, he has a great portfolio featuring digital paintings, drawings, etc. Moreover, he designs images by manipulating photos and creates abstract art.
digital artwork by aaron campbell
Digital Artwork by Aaron Campbell

5. Aleksi Goferman Behance

Location: Germany
best digital artists aleksi goferman Aleksi Goferman is of a Ukrainian origin but now he lives and works in Munich (Germany). If you look through some of his famous digital art pieces, you will see that Goferman is primarily involved in logo creation, web and graphic design.
For today, he is an interaction designer with a focus on UI and UX. Aleksi is also a member of different art collectives that engage people passionate about digital art.
digital artwork by aleksi goferman
Digital Artwork by Aleksi Goferman

6. Andrea Mancuso Behance

Location: Italy
best digital artists andrea mancuso Andrea Mancuso is one of the best digital artists who became famous thanks to his creative diversity. For example, in his portfolio, you may find cartoon images as well as super-realistic ones. Everyone, who looks through his art pieces, will get inspired by this talented artist.
digital artwork by andrea mancuso
Digital Artwork by Andrea Mancuso

7. Chris LaBrooy Behance

Location: UK
best digital artists chris labrooy Chris LaBrooy is a freelance artist engaged in 3D graphics and design. His portfolio boasts of cool images that clearly show his creative hand and talent. He is famous for his personal project ‒ Sneaker Tectonics illustration.
digital artwork by chris labrooy
Digital Artwork by Chris LaBrooy

8. Stephen Mcmennamy Behance

Location: New York
best digital artists stephen mcmennamy Stephen Mcmennamy is one of those contemporary digital artists who became famous thanks to their unique creative style. Stephen combines unrelated objects in one picture and calls these digital creations “combophotos”.
His images are completely innovative and exciting for the viewer and it’s not just about Photoshop. He thoroughly photographs each object before he combines them into one picture.
Moreover, if you look through his famous digital art pieces, you may even come across his “combophoto failures”.
digital artwork by stephen mcmennamy
Digital Artwork by Stephen Mcmennamy

9. Alberto Seveso Behance

Location: UK
best digital artists alberto seveso Being a freelancer based in the United Kingdom (Bristol), Alberto Seveso was born in Milan and grew up in Sardinia. He is a famous digital artist who decided to become a digital illustrator at an early age.
Alberto enjoyed the graphics of skate decks and CD covers of metal bands at the beginning of the 90s. As a result, this passion has grown into his life’s work.
digital artwork by alberto seveso
Various Portraits by Alberto Seveso

10. Kristina Gehrmann Behance

Location: Germany
best digital artists kristina gehrmann Kristina Gehrmann belongs to digital artists who constantly bring novelties to the world of computer graphics. She lives and creates in Germany (Hamburg and Meerbusch).
Inspired by classical Western artwork of the 17th-19th century, she works with historical and fantasy subjects, involving a detailed painterly style.
Kristina creates great works of art with her Wacom tablet and Photoshop. She cooperates with big and small publishing companies and self-publishers.
digital artwork by kristina gehrmann
Digital Artwork by Kristina Gehrmann

11. Adam Martinakis Behance

Location: Greece
best digital artists adam martinakis Although Adam Martinakis was born in Poland, he has Greek roots. In 1982, he moved to Greece and began his way by studying Architecture, Decorative Arts and Industrial Design in Athens.
Later, in 2000, he started his career in the sphere of digital art and tried his hand at computer-generated visual media (3D digital image/rendering ‒ animation, digital sculpture, digital video, new media).
Moreover, Adam worked as a teacher at various art institutes and taught digital arts and design, graphics, ceramic and interior design. Today, he collaborates with Wanda Print and is engaged in certain commercial projects.
Adam Martinakis is a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts. Being one of the top digital artists in the world, Martinakis is based in three countries ‒ Poland, Greece and the United Kingdom.
digital artwork by adam martinakis
Digital Artwork by Adam Martinakis

12. Mariano Gabriel Vidal Behance

Location: Argentina
best digital artists mariano gabriel vidal Although Mariano Gabriel Vidal has been always interested in sports, he decided to become an animator. Mariano was born on September 30, 1971, in Argentina.
He started school when he was 4 and graduated at the age of 18. It was a private Belgrano Day School. After school, Mariano entered the university (Universidad de Belgrano, Facultad de Arquitectura in Urbanismo) and became a professional architect.
Soon he realized that it’s not his calling and began to do what he really loved. Since then, for almost 19 years, he has been working in the animation sphere, creating stuff for commercials, promos, etc. in Latin America, Europe and the United States.
digital artwork by mariano gabriel vidal
Digital Artwork by Mariano Gabriel Vidal

13. Alena Tkach Behance

Location: Ukraine
best digital artists alena tkach Alena Tkach is one of the best digital artists specializing in children’s books, game art, etc. For today, she cooperates with famous companies like Facebook.
Viewers like her lovely animals and cool characters, they are easy to perceive and understand. Alena creates illustrations that appeal to the audience.
digital artwork by alena tkach
Digital Artwork by Alena Tkach

14. Leiying Chen Behance

Location: China
best digital artists leiying chen Shadow Chen is an inspired media digital artist and illustrator who is in love with this world and nature. Her art pieces are passionate, emotional and colorful.
Looking through her works, you will feel the obsession with the primary forms and shades of the universe and the evolution of life. Chen often appeals to the energy of five elements as well as psychedelic colors and shapes.
This famous digital artist cooperated with the biggest creative companies in Shanghai, such as TBWA, Anomaly, Ideo, Neocha, etc.
Moreover, she worked with the world-known brands like Nike, Converse, Adidas, Lane Crawford, Adobe, Starbucks, and etc. Shadow Chen collaborates with other digital art artists and innovative agencies to generate creative ideas and launch new campaigns.
digital artwork by leiying chen
Digital Artwork by Leiying Chen

15. Jeremy Hoffman Behance

Location: Netherlands
best digital artists jeremy hoffman Hoffman belongs to those digital illustration artists who create magnificent characters using their daily observations. His creative works are not limited to some particular style ‒ they feature ridiculous and crazy characters as well as realistic ones.
Jeremy Hoffman depicts gestures and expressions taken from strangers. It is very interesting to watch him sketching since Jeremy creates objects using his own unique vision and perception of reality.
digital artwork by jeremy hoffman
Centaur by Jeremy Hoffman

16. Dean MacAdam Behance

Location: Sweden
best digital artists dean macadam Dean MacAdam is on my list of the best digital artists thanks to his unique style and creative versatility. This illustrator specializes in advertising, apps, portraits, packaging, etc. All his art pieces feature original cartoonish style developed by himself.
Dean cooperated with such famous brands as Burger King, Nickelodeon, National Geographic. Moreover, we may see his works in mobile games, magazines, on cereal boxes, etc.
digital artwork by dean macadam
Discovery Kids by Dean MacAdam

17. Evgeny Parfenov Behance

Location: Russia
best digital artists evgeny parfenov The eleventh place on the list of the best digital artists belongs to Evgeny Parfenov ‒ a prominent creator who specializes in depicting characters.
He was involved in projects for Rolling Stone magazine, Newsweek, Wired, GQ and Playboy. They are featured in his portfolio. Looking through his art pieces, you are sure to get inspired, especially if you are interested in digital portraits.
digital artwork by evgeny parfenov
Digital Artwork by Evgeny Parfenov

18. Bram Vanhaeren Behance

Location: Belgium
best digital artists bram vanhaeren Being an art director and design lead at KBC Bank and Insurance, Bram Vanhaeren belongs to contemporary digital artists that continue developing in the sphere of computer graphics. If you are looking for inspiration, you should definitely get acquainted with his famous digital artwork.
He creates amazing black and white illustrations as well as color ones. Striving to predict trends and enhance digital customer satisfaction, he became a part of the team developing multi-award-winning applications for KBC (2016-2017) and Belfius (2018-2019).
digital artwork by bram vanhaeren
Digital Artwork by Bram Vanhaeren

19. Melvin Zelissen Behance

Location: Netherlands
best digital artists melvin zelissen Being a freelance artist, Melvin Zelissen is famous for his sci-fi and fantasy illustrations. He is a self-taught shooter and graphic designer with a remarkable portfolio. Melvin lives in the Netherlands and has clients from different countries all over the world.
digital artwork by melvin zelissen
Digital Artwork by Melvin Zelissen

20. Martin Grohs Behance

Location: Germany
best digital artists martin grohs "Fighter against the ugliness" that’s how people call a famous digital artist Martin Grohs. Martin is a self-taught graphic designer and has many clients all over the world. He is based in Dresden (Germany) and is currently a CEO of German art collective Utopia.
digital artwork by martin grohs
Digital Artwork by Martin Grohs

21. David Villegas

Location: Philippines
best digital artists david villegas If you haven’t heard of David Villegas, perhaps you know who Deiv Calviz is. Actually, this is the same person ‒ a famous digital artist specializing in hyper-realistic images. He is based in the Philippines. Originally, David was focused on multimedia arts.
Only when he won the second prize in a Blizzard Entertainment contest, he began seriously thinking of engaging in digital illustration. David’s main goal is to create his own stories.
digital artwork by david villegas
Digital Artwork by David Villegas

22. Steve Fraschini Behance

Location: France
best digital artists steve fraschini This digital artist is in the Top 100 Adweek Talent 2012 and there is a reason for that. Steve Fraschini has a great portfolio full of fascinating illustrations, which definitely deserve our attention. Steve works in Paris and cooperates with clients from all over the world.
digital artwork by steve fraschini
Digital Artwork by Steve Fraschini

23. Victor Ortiz Behance

Location: Colombia
best digital artists victor ortiz If you are looking for vibrant, detailed illustrations, you should follow Victor Ortiz. He is a talented digital artist with a brilliant portfolio.
Look through his images and you will not only get inspired but simply get pleasure. Moreover, Victor is the founder of an Iconblast design studio located in Colombia.
digital artwork by victor ortiz
Digital Artwork by Victor Ortiz

24. Dennis Mundt Behance

Location: Germany
best digital artists dennis mundt Like many popular digital artists, Dennis Mundt has an impressive portfolio. He is a talented graphic and sound designer creating vibrant and catchy images.
Fortunately, Dennis shares his powerful illustrations with his followers. His Back to the Future inspired artwork for the Mikros club is definitely worth viewers’ attention.
digital artwork by dennis mundt
Digital Artwork by Dennis Mundt

25. Obery Nicholas Behance

Location: France
best digital artists obery nicholas Looking through Obery Nicholas’ portfolio, no one will doubt his talent. It includes digital illustrations that speak for themselves. This famous digital artist is also an art director based in France.
There is no sense in describing his creative works since you will not understand how gifted he is until you see these images for yourself.
digital artwork by obery nicholas
Zombie Boy by Obery Nicholas

26. Ricardo Ow

Location: Canada
best digital artists ricardo ow Ricardo Ow started his career as a 3D artist and later tried his hand at digital illustration. Now he believes that digital art is nothing but a union of software and artistry.
He worked on AAA video games, mobile games, concept art, T-shirt designs and illustrations for tabletop game publications. As of now, Ricardo is based in Vancouver (Canada).
digital artwork by ricardo ow
Hope of Old Kings by Ricardo Ow

27. Mark Sarmel Behance

Location: Texas
best digital artists mark sarmel Mark Sarmel creates his art pieces on the basis of his own observations. Thanks to his professional activity, he communicates with various people from different cultures. Mark actively uses this experience in his creative work, mixing mythologies of various folks and presenting them in his own original form.
Sarmel’s illustrations are full of characters that seem extraordinary and unreal. However, all of them are analogous to the real world. He strives to create heroic portraits that will become the spirit guides for the viewers.
For today, Sarmel’s digital art may be described with one word ‒ mythography (visual depiction of myths). Trying to show us an alternate universe, this famous digital artist uses bright, bold colors and fluid lines.
digital artwork by mark sarmel
Digital Artwork by Mark Sarmel

28. Jason Engle Behance

Location: Florida
best digital artists jason engle Jason Engle is one of the contemporary digital artists who dreamt of becoming an artist from his childhood. He set this goal and confidently moved towards it.
Engle was born in 1979 in California and grew up in the atmosphere of support provided by his parents. He lived on his parents’ ranch in Arizona till the age of 18.
Jason believes that one shouldn’t necessarily study at some university or art academy to become a successful digital artist. The most important thing is the experience you get. Sticking to his convictions, in 1998, he found a job in the sphere of commercial art and design and moved to Florida.
It was the beginning of his career. Engle was involved in casual illustration jobs, doing graphic design to make ends meet. As a result, he created a big portfolio featuring many talented works of art. That’s where he fully began his digital illustration career.
digital artwork by jason engle
Digital Artwork by Jason Engle

29. AJ Frena Behance

Location: Pennsylvania
best digital artists aj frena Unlike some top digital artists, AJ Frena is a professional digital illustrator who received special education. He was born in Texas and graduated from the School of Visual Arts (New York).
AJ cooperated with well-known companies in the sphere of fashion and advertising. His art pieces are exhibited in galleries all over the world (Margulies Collection and the Onassis Cultural Centre). AJ Frena’s images were published in various printed issues like ImagineFX, Hi-Fructose Magazine, 2D Artist Magazine, Lost at E Minor, Comics Beat, Empty Kingdom and Illustration Friday.
Moreover, he is also featured in the influential American Illustration annuals. AJ is a lucky owner of a black cat and a lazy border collie. He is based in Pittsburgh, PA.
digital artwork by aj frena
Digital Artwork by AJ Frena

30. Joey Chou Behance

Location: California
best digital artists joey chou Joey Chou was interested in the works of famous illustrators from the sixties, like Mary Blair, Miroslav Sasek, Alice and Martin Provensen and Ezra Jack Keats, and they greatly influenced his creative works.
He developed his own unique illustration style, keeping things simple but still depicting complex details in his images. Now he cooperates with the world-known brands, such as Disney, Sony Picture Animation and Dreamworks, etc.
digital artwork by joey chou
Digital Artwork by Joey Chou

31. Randy Bishop Behance

Location: Idaho
best digital artists randy bishop Randy Bishop is one of the best digital artists known for his storytelling. He is a character designer and illustrator. If you look at his characters, you will see that every single detail is depicted and all the gestures look natural and realistic. Each image is a single story. Bishop cooperated with such famous companies as Dreamworks, Axis Animation, etc.
digital artwork by randy bishop
Digital Artwork by Randy Bishop

32. James Gilleard Behance

Location: New York
best digital artists james gilleard If you look through the famous digital art pieces created by James Gilleard, you will be transported to the dreamy world of beautiful LA-style skies and landscapes. His illustrations are performed in vintage colors and feature tranquil pastel shades. Gilleard works at Blue Sky Studios as an illustrator and animator.
bradford rogne best headshot
Digital Artwork by James Gilleard

33. Jason Naylor Behance

Location: New York
best digital artists jason naylor Jason Naylor is a contemporary digital designer and illustrator who strives to spread positivity and kindness. His famous digital art works are performed in traditional and digital styles and usually feature typography. Jason contrasts bright colors with black ones.
He claims that his professional activity has greatly changed with the development of new technology, namely new creative opportunities that appeared with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
digital artwork by jason naylor
Digital Artwork by Jason Naylor

34. Finnian MacManus Behance

Location: California
best digital artists finnian macmanus Finnian MacManus creates his famous digital art works on the basis of his explorations in the sphere of architecture, history, art, design and science fiction. He cooperates with 20th Century Fox and has been engaged in such world-known projects as Star Wars: Rogue One, Pacific Rim 2 and Transformers: The Last Knight.
Finnian believes that the key to success is simplicity and constant self-development. Even if you are one of the best digital artists known all over the world, you should be modest and listen to people around you.
digital artwork by finnian macmanus
Digital Artwork by Finnian MacManus

35. Benjamin Voldman Behance

Location: New York
http://www.benvoldman.com/images/large/headshot.jpg Benjamin Voldman belongs to those contemporary digital artists who appeal to the audience thanks to their fun and simple digital illustrations.
He comes from France but now he is based in the USA. His artworks are presented in such publications as Runner's World, Town & Country and The Society of Illustrators.
digital artwork by benjamin voldman
Digital Artwork by Benjamin Voldman

36. Timothy J Reynolds Behance

Location: Wisconsin
best digital artists timothy j reynolds If you are interested in 3D illustration, you should definitely look through Timothy Reynolds’ portfolio. It fully reflects his particular style and talent, has many sketchbook drawings and pics showing the working process.
digital artwork by timothy j reynolds
Digital Artwork by Timothy J Reynolds

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