Adobe Stock Review 2024

Adobe Stock 2024
Platforms: Online
Price: FREE 1-month trial / 10 images a month - $29.99 / 10 images a month (annual plan) - $49.99
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VERDICT: Adobe Stock is a rather new player on the stock photography playing field. However, guided by the impeccable reputation of Adobe and Fotolia, as well as offering a huge assortment of amazing photos, Adobe Stock has confidently entered the arena.

Personally, I am absolutely content that Adobe art base has become closer since I can access this service from any Adobe software I own. In other words, whenever you need a high-quality, professional and crisp image for your current or future project, you can simply visit Adobe Stock.

  • More than 100 million images
  • Straightforward
  • Regular updates
  • Accessible directly within Creative Cloud platform
  • Smart search
  • No audio files
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Adobe Fuse CC is primarily intended for those, who need to create a high-quality 3D model of a person for subsequent use quickly. Since with the advent of 3D printers, three-dimensional modeling has become very popular, the program is bound to attract a large user audience.

Even professional designers spend a lot of time creating a high-quality three-dimensional human model. The software, that is currently in the preview stage, appeared after Adobe bought Mixamo, which had the same tool in its portfolio.

Adobe Stock is a fast-evolving, tech-driven service. Since the date of its launch, it has been regularly updated and upgraded by the company, so photographers, designers and other creatives can easily find assets for their work. The most serious improvements are the addition of media types (videos and 3D models), as well as the inclusion of advanced technologies, e.g. image recognition and machine learning.

Complete Adobe Stock Review

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Adobe Stock is available in 36 countries and 13 languages. Though it can’t boast such a long history on the stock photography market, thanks to cool features, Creative Cloud compatibility, clear pricing policy, lots of content, and reputable world-known companies (Adobe and Fotolia) behind it, this service can surpass some analogs as Shutterstock.

Impressive Catalogue

adobe stock content

Whatever kind of content you are looking for, chances are high that Adobe Stock can satisfy your needs. In general, you can choose between 2 categories of content – Standard and Premium. Both options contain millions of photos and footage.

The main library is full of beautiful photos, templates, 3D models, videos, premium and editorial images that correspond to professional quality standards.

For better navigation, all photos are grouped into thematic categories, e.g. food, family, travel, business, etc. It is believed that the overall number of available files has reached 100 million mark and keeps growing each day because people from all over the world like to feel that they are a part of a fast-evolving company and they constantly submit hundreds of images, videos and more.

At first, Adobe Stock contained only images, but later the developers decided to create the gallery of video materials, which is now accessible from video editing programs like After Effects and Premiere Pro and offers the same preview feature like with photos.

Adobe Stock Subscriptions and Payment Methods

adobe stock subscription plans

You may choose from several pricing packages on Adobe Stock for teams, individuals and businesses. The price structure is divided into 2 levels – Standard and Premium content.

The Standard Plan consists of several options and means you can hire content on a monthly or a yearly basis (which is more beneficial). Within this plan, each photo has a fixed cost and you can choose the option with the number of images varying from 10 to 750. The larger and longer the option you choose, the lower the cost of a single photo.

adobe stock subscription credit packs

The Standard collection includes only top-quality images, so if you need videos, 3D models, or any other type of content, you need to get the credits. Depending on the media type, the price varies from 2-50 credits. These are higher-priced products, so you have to splurge if compared with standard images. Once you get the credits, you can use them for 1 year and after that period they are voided.

For the stock photos here you can pay via PayPal and using your credit cards. If you are a Creative Cloud member, you will be charged according to the method you selected there.

Intelligent Search

adobe stock subscription search

Everyone, who uses Adobe Stock, highly praises its fast and well-designed search mechanism, which is often an issue with other similar platforms. Here, you can forget about irritating and confusing navigation, which often ends up with complete disappointment.

Adobe Company embedded the AI technology into the search engine, and complemented it with a new reverse photo search tool, in order for users to get accurate results in an instant. This sounds great by itself, while prompt image suggestions make the whole searching process even more efficient.

This instrument also has additional bonuses like “Undiscovered” which refers to the assets that haven’t been used by any other person and top-notch filters like depth of field and color.

It's no wonder why Adobe Stock continues to receive rave reviews in stock photography site reviews. With an unrivaled search experience, cutting-edge AI, and an array of unique bonuses, Adobe Stock has become the go-to destination for creatives seeking the perfect visual companion.

Creative Cloud Integration

  • adobe stock photoshop libraries

    To download the best Adobe Stock images, you don’t necessarily need to be a CC member, thought those belonging to that group receive special goodies for Adobe Stock such as smooth integration with your favorite apps.

    It allows users to look for a specific photo without leaving the related app, as it can be launched directly from the Library panel in CC applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Dreamweaver.

    This greatly speeds up the workflow, as you can import the chosen picture directly into the app without prior saving it on your PC. The photo will be displayed in the small library window in your Adobe app.

    Besides, you can work with low-res versions of a photo before spending money on the full version, while Adobe automatically applies all the changes you’ve made to the image once you upgrade.

    It is also possible to license watermarked previews of Adobe Stock images for Photoshop and other programs directly from the Libraries panel.

    How to Become an Adobe Stock Contributor?

    • how to become adobe stock contributor

      If you want to become an Adobe Stock Contributor, follow these steps:

      1. Go to Adobe Stock Contributor Panel. Use your valid Adobe ID or create one completely free by clicking on “Create an Adobe ID”. If you have previously contributed to Fotolia, you will be automatically synced to your Fotolia account.
      2. Fill in correct payment and tax info in the Payment and Taxes section.
      3. Begin uploading your content. Remember to add metadata (keywords and descriptions). To make Adobe Stock earnings, you must be no younger than 18 years old. Besides, it is obligatory that you are the only owner of the submitted images, footage and other files.
      4. Submit the content. If this is the first time you share content, you have to upload a JPEG file of a valid government-issued photo ID, so that the system can check whether the info, namely first and last name, in your account and ID is identical. Your date of birth is also verified. Similar to other stock agencies, Adobe Stock needs some time to process the content you send. The reviewing period depends on the amount of content submitted and takes typically a week.
      5. Check out . After the service has reviewed and approved your files, you will get money each time someone purchases your content.

      File Upload Process

      Adobe Stock supports the drag-and-drop approach if the file isn’t bigger than 45MB. Videos are uploaded via FTP, which is also suitable for submitted other types of files.

      Adobe Creative Cloud users can enjoy the most convenient uploading process – via apps and desktop programs. Regardless of the way you choose, there is no limit on the number of files you can upload.

      Note that you must attach a signed property or model release form if your content features famous people or private property.

      Adobe Stock accepts files in JPEG, AI, and EPS, SVG, MOV, MPG, MP4 and AVI file formats. For 3D assets choose - models (.obj), lights (.exr/.hdr), and materials (.mdl).

      Earning Money with Adobe Stock

      When someone buys your content, you receive t a 33% commission for images and vector art and a 35% commission for videos depending on the price of the file. Once the earnings reach a $25 point, you can get the money via PayPal or Skrill.

      While success on Adobe Stock requires dedication and consistency, it rewards those who showcase originality and relevance in their creations. Staying abreast of trends and understanding customer preferences can enhance your chances of financial success in this competitive market.

      Adobe Stock Price

      Adobe Stock pricing begins at $9.99/photo. There is a discount for CC users on 10/images/month package, which they can get for $29.99 instead of a standard price – $49.99. If you need up to 750 photos a month, make use of a $199.99/month offer.

      Credit packs start at 5 credits for $49.95 (1 premium photo) and grow to 150 credits for $1.200. This allows saving 12.5% if compared with a regular credit plan.

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