Adobe Express (Adobe Spark) Review 2024: Pros And Cons

By Ann Young 24 days ago, Software Reviews

Adobe Express

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Verdict: Adobe Spark, now known as Adobe Express, is an indispensable product for creating promotional multimedia content that is perfect for creative professionals and small businesses. It comes with a range of templates that can be customized to suit your needs. That is why this software is so popular even among those users who do not have any design experience or relevant skills. In this review, I will tell you about the features that will help you create a variety of design projects.

  • Available on any desktop and mobile devices
  • User-friendly UI
  • Templates customization
  • Impossible to add captions in the video
  • Poor image rendering quality
adobe creative cloud express website

You will enjoy using Adobe Express because it has a huge number of templates for creating different content: from stories and previews to business cards and brochures. What’s more, you can always personalize the templates as well as add your branding elements, such as logos and icons. This software has drag-and-drop functionality, which makes it easy to use.

With the April update, Adobe added to the web version several features useful for entrepreneurs, marketers, and other creative communicators. Among them, you will find the possibility to plan content, Font recommendations, and Color palette search.

Updates 2024: Plan Content Easily and Efficiently

adobe creative cloud express scheduling feature

Now, you can create images for posts as well as schedule publications within the program. After the last update and the addition of ContentCal, users get a convenient option for scheduling and publishing content on a calendar. Now, to share certain content at the right time, all you need to do is drag and drop it into your calendar. You can post your materials on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can also plan your themes, topics and campaigns through drafting and ideation tools. Thanks to the schedule option, you schedule content for publishing at a specific time for your loyal audience to see it. You can check how your publication will look in the feed using the preview option. Test these new features with a 30-day free trial or as part of a paid Adobe Express subscription.

Find Fonts for Your Project by Recommendations

Another feature that appeared after the last update is Font Recommendations. The program automatically selects fonts from popular options chosen by designers from the Adobe Font library. This option comes in handy for photographers, SMM managers, solopreneurs who want to use engaging posts/stories for promoting their products, and art studio owners for creating a seasonal flyer.

The recommendations given by the program are based on contextual clues of what's in a user's content (including other fonts, templates, and assets). Before finally deciding on a particular font, you can preview how it will look in your image.

New Feature: Quickly Copy Text, Icons and Design Assets

adobe creative cloud express copy feature

With the latest update, you can use copy and paste keyboard shortcuts to copy text with the same font and style faster. You can also duplicate icons and design assets in your project to customize content faster.

I like this option because it makes it easier to work with the same elements. You can copy an element from one image and transfer it to another within the program in a couple of clicks.

Updates 2024: Enhanced Color Palette for Quick Search

adobe creative cloud express color palette

Adobe has updated the color palette UX. Viewing top palettes has become easier and more convenient. A search bar that will populate various palettes has also been improved. You can search by keyword or check popular palettes from Adobe's extensive color collection. You will have access to over 15 million color palettes.

This feature allows you to find the right color to create a banner, flyer or Instagram story as quickly as possible. Search options include the possibility to search colors by theme, holiday, emotion, and more.

Easy Assembling of Promotional and Social Media Videos

The developers have also added options for quick trimming and resizing videos. You can choose one of the ready-made templates and change the size of a video to meet the requirements of social networks. You can also simply trim a video without spending a lot of time on it.

Adobe Express (Adobe Spark): Main Features

keypass starzsoft review interface

Adobe Express integrates with the best software from Adobe. You will have access to free Adobe fonts. Adobe Stock allows you to use a free collection of royalty-free images. However, premium and featured content are available for a fee.

Using the available Photoshop tools, you can crop your image, change its size and remove backgrounds from your designs. Then, save the file in PDF and share the result using Adobe Acrobat.

Incredible Ease of Use due to the Templates

adobe creative cloud express templates

Perhaps the main advantage of this software is its ease of use. Do not worry if you have absolutely no knowledge and experience in working with graphic design. Without installing any web design software, you can easily design a social media post, a new logo for your business, and even a basic landing page due to the wide choice of templates.

If you are wondering how to use Adobe Spark, try creating:

  • Square-shaped photos and videos for Instagram posts
  • Original covers for Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Visual content
  • Animation or video clips

While other more complex Adobe Spark alternatives might be difficult to use, this program is more suitable for beginners as you only need to create an account to get started. Next, you need to choose a template that suits your specific purpose. You can just scroll through the list looking for the best one or search by topic. Then, you need to customize it to make it meet the requirements of the resource for which you are preparing content.

Creation of Branding Materials with No Effort

adobe creative cloud express logo creation

Thanks to this software, you won’t need to contact branding agencies or download third-party logo makers. Adobe Express has everything you might need for creating and editing logos and other branding content.

To make a perfect logo, you need to choose a suitable template, add stock images, or your own graphics. For example, you can use the toolkit of Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Express has a collection of 18,000+ fonts. Choose an appropriate one in terms of style and add your text to the template. You can change the colors, sizes, and shapes of all elements. In the same way, you can create any branding elements for your business needs.

Professional Graphics for Visual Impact

adobe creative cloud express graphics

If you compare Adobe Spark vs InDesign, you will see that the former makes it easy to personalize your images. All you have to do is select a picture, write text and add beautiful filters. You’ll drive the attention of potential customers to your product.

Adobe Express is one of the best free graphic design software for promoting your products or services on social networks. With it, you can create compelling content for your customers and improve sales on various platforms.

Variety of Pre-Built Design Components

adobe creative cloud express design components

The developers of Adobe Express created a wide range of templates. If you don’t have any ideas for your project, start by simply browsing through the templates. You can also use different features and analyze samples.

Users can also add their custom templates to the catalog. Look through them if you want to find inspiration for your project.

Easy Assembling of Promotional and Social Media Videos

adobe creative cloud express video

Also, Adobe Express will be useful for creating short videos that are popular in social media for photographers. You can use these video clips for different purposes: advertising, Instagram stories, presentations, etc. Adobe video editor is equipped with all the necessary tools and trendy filters.

After selecting a photo or video, you can add music, captions, and transitions using this online slideshow maker. Such videos always attract the attention of viewers.

Moreover, Adobe Express is equipped with a multifunctional GIF maker. It has all the tools you need to create animations from photos and text. By using its file converter, you can convert your video files into GIF animations.

Scrolling One-Page Websites

adobe creative cloud express one-page website

The development of a website is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. You need to either contact specialists or use professional web design software.

You can create a simple one-page website with continuous scrolling even if you don’t have any previous experience. Just upload your content, create a design, choose suitable fonts, and select your favorite color scheme. The program will automatically optimize your web design for various devices.

Adobe Express (Adobe Spark) Prices

After registering on the site, you can use Adobe Express, previously Adobe Spark free of charge for 30 days. To get access to more advanced features, you need to purchase a subscription.

The Premium plan costs $9.99 per month. With it, you will have access to premium templates, fonts, design and editing tools. Also, this plan allows converting your files to various formats and using 100 GB of memory.


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