Top 7 Branding Agencies to Refer in 2022

By Kate Gross 13 days ago, Apps and Software

If you want to grow your business, it’s better to entrust this task to professionals who specialize in brand development. Such companies can build your brand identity and select the most effective strategy for promoting your products and services.

However, it might be difficult to find the right agency for your needs. In this article, I will tell you about the top branding agencies on the market that rely on modern approaches when working on their projects.

Top 7 Branding Agencies

  1. Traina - Work with famous brands
  2. La Visual - Professional team
  3. CxCrux - Conduct branding workshops
  4. Clay - U.S.-based agency
  5. Mabbly - Pro-level marketing strategies
  6. Qubed - Combining skill and up-to-date technologies
  7. BluCactus - Client-oriented approach

Many companies became even more successful after rebranding. For instance, Netflix was a small company that was trying to find its place on the market. After rebranding, it quickly became the company we know now with annual revenue of $100 billion.

Branding agencies conduct market research, create memorable logos using the best logo makers, select the right color palettes and professional typography elements.

1. Traina – Our Choice

Work with famous brands
  • Client-centered
  • Speedy strategy development
  • Samples of works on the site
  • Professional team
  • No fixed price list

Verdict: Traina is a reputable agency that helps companies develop their brand image and promote their products and services. Its professional team can create a brand identity from scratch and engage your target audience by emphasizing the key advantages of your products. The company has a studio in San Diego. Its experts develop creative market ideas that define market trends.

Since 2005, the company worked with many world-known brands. It provides brand development services for those who want to stand out among competitors. The team worked on projects for Facebook, HP, Microsoft. It specializes in brand strategy and design development. Traina is considered to be one of the best branding agencies that provide a full range of services.

The professionals working for the agency share many photography marketing tips that will be useful for small and large companies.

traina branding agency website

2. La Visual

Professional team
  • Innovative approach
  • Work with clients from different industries
  • Solve complex business tasks
  • Extensive experience
  • No price list on the site

Verdict: La Visual is a well-known branding agency that focuses on building recognizable brands and establishing long-term connections with target audiences. It has been providing branding and interactive design services for more than 25 years. The company combines time-tested approaches with the newest technologies to ensure effective brand development.

This digital marketing agency is known for providing a full range of branding services. It analyzes the market, creates a brand identity and packaging, provides graphic design and production services, implements communicative strategies. La Visual worked on projects for such companies as Toshiba, Intuit, IAC, Yahoo!, News Corp. It used an innovative approach to branding to help them engage new customers.

la visual branding agency website

3. CxCrux

Conduct branding workshops
  • Cooperate with companies from different industries
  • Solve advanced business tasks
  • Useful blog
  • A wide range of branding services
  • No price list on the site

Verdict: CxCrux will come up with the best solution for your company. The agency creates engaging brand stories, that allow companies to engage more clients and increase profits. It develops brands from scratch and provides rebranding services. Besides, the company analyzes the market, develops brand strategies, provides naming services, creates brand identity, packaging, and effective brand communication systems.

This branding agency can increase customer loyalty, minimize spending on advertisement campaigns, add value to products, and create a positive brand image. It provides a range of other services as well.

cxcrux branding agency website

4. Clay

U.S.-based agency
  • Full-service agency
  • Quick strategy development
  • Famous clients
  • Innovative approach
  • It takes them long to reply
clay branding agency logo

Verdict: Clay knows how to create easy-to-use digital products that will improve the popularity of a brand. The company is based in San Francisco. It provides UX design and branding services. The team can develop an effective strategy and promote your brand on several platforms. It discusses all the details of a project with its clients. Thanks to its client-oriented approach, it provides results that meet all clients’ requirements.

This web design company knows how to implement popular graphic design ideas and works with many well-established brands in the tech industry. It develops easy-to-use mobile apps and cleverly uses the elements of brand identity when developing UX and UI designs. The company keeps pace with recent technologies and creates client-centered solutions for businesses.

clay branding agency website

5. Mabbly

Advanced marketing strategies
  • Small team of creative professionals
  • Keep in touch with clients
  • Social media branding
  • Quick prototyping, project completion and testing
  • Recently established agency
mabbly branding agency logo

Verdict: Mabbly is a well-established agency that thoroughly analyzes data, conducts market research, and uses recent digital technologies to create the most effective solutions. Its experienced teams know how to develop advanced products that contribute to business growth. They establish long-term connections with their clients by developing effective strategies and attention-grabbing designs. They build sites that provide customers with improved digital experiences.

When starting working on a project, this branding agency analyzes the market to find the best solution for developing a business. Its team takes into account a target audience, competitors, and brand image. It uses a range of web analytics options, CRM tools, and various data sources to find the best development opportunities and create easy-to-use UI/UX design using the best UI design software.

mabbly branding agency website

6. Qubed

Combining experience and up-to-date technologies
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Easy restore process
  • Weak functionality
  • Expensive subscription
qubed branding agency logo

Verdict: Qubed is one of the top branding agencies on the market. It’s perfect for those who are looking for a company that creates custom solutions tailored to their customers’ needs. The company has a professional team of experts who specialize in building modern, customer-centric websites and crowdfunding platforms. Thanks to their advanced skills and creative approach, they know how to use recent technologies to improve user experience.

The agency was founded in 2012. Its team strives to build eye-catching and easy-to-use sites for companies of all sizes. While Qubed has a small team, it can cope with projects of different complexity. They use the most advanced technologies to improve your brand’s online presence and provide your clients an enjoyable experience.

qubed branding agency website

7. BluCactus

Client-oriented approach
  • Professional team
  • Innovative solutions
  • Smart targeting
  • Ensures brand consistency
  • Modern design
  • -No fixed price list
blue cactus branding agency logo

Verdict: BluCactus is a full-service branding agency that’s been around for 14 years. I like how much attention they pay to researching your brand and developing the clients’ objectives. They are a pleasure to collaborate with.

What makes them unique is that unlike other branding agencies, they don’t use common templates, but strive to do things in an authentic way. There is also a detailed breakdown of their 5 branding phases so you know what you can expect from every step. This agency ensures that you are targeting the right audience, and that your brand is fully represented from every angle possible.

blue cactus branding agency interface