Top 13 Web Design Companies To Refer In 2021

By Kate Gross 3 days ago, Apps and Software

Top 13 Web Design Companies To Refer In 2021

If the pandemic severely affected your business activity and you decided to switch to the webspace, you probably need help with presenting your services in an effective way. Top web design companies can create a unique and attention-grabbing design for your website based on the trends of 2021. Such agencies take care not only of visual representation of your business, but also assist with UX design optimization for further promotion adhering to Google standards.

Top 13 Web Design Companies To Refer In 2021

  1. Clay - Analytics and redesign
  2. EIGHT25MEDIA - Embed the latest plug-ins
  3. Huge - Design on any complexity
  4. Hellomonday - Daily progress reports
  5. Dotlogics - Come up with branded design features
  6. Techzo - You can make alterations to the project
  7. Hire Jordan Smith - High-quality works
  8. Webscreations Design - Websites design and support
  9. Lovedadesign - Complete web design and branding
  10. One Nine Design - High level of technical expertise and great communication
  11. Loungelizard - Unique design from scratch
  12. Jordancrown - Analyze competitors and create custom layouts
  13. Bachoodesign - Appealing design

Refer to one of these web design companies if you are looking for a reliable agency that can create a unique web design for your site and offer product branding. These companies will optimize your website for smooth operation by dint of professional plug-ins. UI designers will work on the visual constituent.

1. Clay – Our Choice

3D design elements
  • Specialize in creating UX/UI design
  • Interactive design
  • Recognizable branded style
  • Analytics services
  • Not found

Verdict: Clay is a professional agency involved in the creation of web UX/UI and mobile design and branding. Such world-known enterprises as Google, Amazon, Sony, Facebook and others consider Clay the best web design company. Clay transforms modern brands using a solid strategy, visual identity and communication.

You can address this agency for customizing the corporate identity, creating interactive, and motion design, prototyping, user testing, front-end development, and even producing 3D design elements. I really like is that the company provides analytics, and optimization services for your website. You can order such services when you need to redesign an existing site.

clay webdesign agencies interface


Daily progress reports
  • Daily reports
  • Free supports and consultation
  • Optimized web design
  • Embed new plug-ins
  • Prices are discussed individually

Verdict: EIGHT25MEDIA is a well-known Silicon Valley agency with about 1000 employees on board, specializing in the development and optimization of web design, branding, and marketing. If you choose EIGHT25MEDIA, you get lifetime support and free consultation.

Speaking about web design, the company works according to the established scheme using the latest graphic design ideas. These experts help with visualization and communication with a client, fill important key elements (UX design), and incorporate new technologies/plug-ins. Thus, every website they create is stylish and easy to use. Being one of the top website designing companies, EIGHT25MEDIA generates daily progress reports. Moreover, every client has total control over the execution process with the possibility to make changes whenever he/she wants.

eight25media webdesign agencies interface

3. Huge

For small and large companies
  • Creates design of any complexity
  • Individual approach
  • Extensive portfolio
  • Adaptive design
  • No discounts

Verdict: Huge is one of the best web design companies out there. A key feature of this agency is cooperation with brands on a global scale. You can order web design services of all levels – from a simple landing page or portfolio, to corporate websites or end-to-end campaigns.

With 13 offices around the world, the company has already managed to attract such key clients as Google, AMC Theaters, Gucci, Hulu, Nike, and LG. I like that the agency doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach but focuses on specific demands of every client, trying to embody his/her ideas no matter how bold they are.

huge webdesign agencies interface

4. Hellomonday

Focus on UX and UI design
  • 100+ design awards
  • Consider UX design for promotion
  • Unique widgets and plugins
  • Daily reports
  • May process your application up to 24 hours
hellomonday logo

Verdict: Hello Monday creates UX and UI design taking into account digital strategy to keep your website at the top of Google search and attract solvent clients. Working with such companies as YouTube and Google for many years in a row, the agency has earned over 100 FWA awards, 12 Webby's, and 6 Cannes Lions.

What makes this service surpass other web design agencies is a huge variety of unique widgets and gadgets. You can ask for a free consultation to discuss with a designer your goal and sketch the layout of your website. Another handy option is the generation of daily reports for clients to understand when their project will be ready.

hellomonday webdesign agencies interface

5. Dotlogics

Unique design style
  • Branded design style
  • Free consultation
  • Unique fonts and icons
  • High-quality plug-ins
  • No transparent pricing policy
dotlogics logo

Verdict: Dotlogics doesn’t use templates for work, but develops a corporate identity for your website design based on the main key and target audience. The agency offers a free consultation to determine which services you need: web or mobile design, branding, content strategy, web development, or promotion.

Working on web design, specialists select the highest quality plug-ins to make your web page perfectly optimized for convenient use. Designers select unique corporate styles, fonts, icons, and colors to make your website stand out from the crowd. UX and UI designers from Dotlogics know how to combine all elements of web design for efficient website promotion.

dotlogics webdesign agencies interface

6. Techzo

Unlimited number of adjustments
  • Offer redesign services
  • Optimized a website for all platforms
  • Unlimited number of adjustments
  • Analytics
  • No portfolio
techzo logo

Verdict: Techzo offers unique web designs to match your business model. Moreover, if you already have a web page, you can order analytics and error correction. This is a really smart approach to the promotion and optimization of your business.

If you are just switching to a web platform, you can request an instant callback and talks to one of the experts. They take care of site optimization for all platforms and creating a unique logo in all sorts of formats and resolutions. After your cooperation with Techzo specialists is over, you can make an unlimited number of improvements and updates (even after the project is ready) both to the website design and the logo.

techzo webdesign agencies interface

7. Hire Jordan Smith

High-quality works
  • Branded design style
  • Site optimization for all platforms
  • As many adjustments as you want
  • Free consultation
  • No price list on the website
hire jordan smith web design company logo
Hire Jordan Smith

Verdict: Hire Jordan Smith agency assists businesses with web design, digital marketing, and web development. The expert builds websites using mainly WordPress, and has many cool theme frameworks and add-ons for a more personalized design.

In addition to standard services, you also get in-depth analytics and optimization, which is especially helpful for redesigning tasks. I also like that the official website contains many works samples that signify the expertise of the agency.

hire jordan smith web design company website

8. Webscreations Design

Websites design and support
  • A variety of digital services
  • A team of experienced designers
  • Always keep in touch
  • Provide website security solutions
  • Prices per request
webscreations design web design company logo
Webscreations Design

Verdict: Webscreations Design provides website design services, creates logos, builds e-commerce platforms, and offers digital marketing solutions. With their help, photographers can update an existing website design. If you need to develop an effective brand strategy, improve your brand’s image, or expand your online presence, just address these professionals, and they will solve any task quickly.

The agency has a team of professional designers who follow the recent trends and offer solutions based on the most advanced technologies. They build WordPress-based websites and easy-to-use apps as well as provide website management and support services. Among their clients, you will see companies that specialize in building construction, medicine, tourism, etc.

webscreations design web design company interface

9. Lovedadesign

Package of web design services
  • 10+ years of experience in web design
  • Full packages of design services
  • Allows making adjustments to the design
  • Analyze competitors
  • No daily reports
lovedadesign logo

Verdict: Lovedadesign has been working in the web design market for over 10 years, pleasing clients with an individual approach and quick monitoring of current trends. The team consists of 30+ WordPress site development and design specialists.

In addition to optimizing a website, the company can provide a full range of design services: they create unique logos, brochures, advertising banners, branded business cards, and more. You are allowed to use the finished work anywhere even after your cooperation is over. In addition, you can edit any areas of the finished design manually, or by contacting Divine Aesthetic Design & Marketing specialists.

lovedadesign webdesign agencies interface

10. One Nine Design

High level of technical expertise and great communication
  • Promotion
  • Develop a personal brand from scratch
  • Fixed prices
  • A limited number of services
one nine design company logo
One Nine Design

Verdict: One Nine Design will analyze your brand and offer several effective marketing solutions that will help you develop it. You can share with them your ideas so that they could improve and implement them.

One Nine Design has a young team of dedicated professionals that have significant achievements in their areas of expertise.

The company always keeps in touch with its clients when developing their brands. They will show you how to emphasize your advantages and stand out from competitors. One Nine Design always offers creative solutions and delivers tangible results.

one nine design company interface

11. Loungelizard

Free access to the portfolio
  • Unique design from scratch
  • Free access to the portfolio
  • Scalable design
  • Advanced plug-ins
  • Don’t offer discounts
loungelizard logo

Verdict: Lounge Lizard is a top website designing company that offers unique designs/redesigns and can develop a website from scratch, optimize and promote it. With over 10 years of experience under their belt, specialists have built a large clientele base. They share their projects in their open portfolio, so you can easily see and evaluate the quality of their work.

Choosing this company, you get a scalable site optimized for all platforms and devices. The scrolling is realized with the help of the latest plugins. They also do their best to create a proper structure and content filling, so your site not only looks beautiful but also takes high positions on Google.

loungelizard webdesign agencies interface

12. JordanCrown

Analyze competitors
  • Custom layouts
  • Analyze and study competitors
  • Adaptive design for mobile devices
  • Hidden prices
  • Long application processing (up to 20 hours)
jordancrown logo

Verdict: JordanCrown is a Seattle-based company made up of a small group of designers/developers who are passionate about creating beautiful websites and web applications. Their major clients are Scantron, Comcast, T-Mobile, LinkedIn, Sesame Communications, and CDK Global.

When creating a web design, the company primarily focuses on making first-class and customizable layouts and studying competitors. They do their best to provide clients with a properly responsive design for mobile devices. They can customize an interface so that the design looks clean and efficient, and most importantly, is easy to navigate.

jordancrown webdesign agencies interface

13. Bachoodesign

Lots of awards
  • Eye-catching design
  • Great portfolio with work samples
  • Dozens of design awardsDozens of design awardsDozens of design awards
  • You need to ask for a quote
  • No discounts
bachoodesign logo

Verdict: Bachoo creates attractive and effective websites, user-friendly mobile and web applications with beautiful, scalable, and reusable code. You can order a design of any complexity – from complex and functional products to impressive visual web presentations.

Although the company has been in the field for about 5 years, during this period, they have attracted many reputable clients – Mercedes AMG, BanQi, HURU to name a few. In addition, they have won numerous awards (including Mobile of the year 2018) - 16 CSSDesign awards - 3 WEB Challenge awards - 23 Behance featured marks) for their designs. You can check the portfolio to see those successful projects.

bachoodesign jordancrown webdesign agencies interface
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