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Verdict: Techzo offers an individual approach for creating your website design, a logo with the ability to apply it to any video and format, as well as Internet marketing optimization services, which will allow novice photographers and businessmen to quickly bring their website to the first pages of Google in a minimum time.

What I like is the constant feedback and customer support – not via online chat but via calls or Skype, which greatly simplifies the work process. We’ve prepared a Techzo review to tell you more about the services provided by the company.

  • Unique design based on your business model
  • Instant feedback via phone/Skype
  • Marketing promotion
  • Analysis and errors correction in finished projects
  • Useful blog
  • All prices are calculated individually
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Techzo specialists select an individual design for your project based on trends, business model, and target audience. The design will be optimized for any device, you also get all the rights to use the logos and full further support, which will allow you to make changes to the project even after its readiness and delivery.

Techzo Complete Review

techzo logo

Techzo specializes in creating a unique website design, mobile app, or logo from scratch, promotion, and expert analysis of possible problems.

Unique Design for All Business Types

A unique design that will help promote your business is one of the main directions of the Techzo website design company. Based on your direction, you can order website/mobile app and logo designs.

When it comes to logo development or website design – first, Techzo designers will contact you by phone or Skype to understand the exact goals and needs, and you should also tell about your business model and target audience. On average, design development takes from 1 to 3 days.

techzo logo design

After creating the concept of the logo, choosing the most appropriate one, and making all the necessary changes, you will receive a finished work, which includes the following:

  • Full-color high-resolution file in JPEG format;
  • Black and white high-resolution version of the logo (also JPEG);
  • Color version with transparent background (ideal for product decoration) in PNG;
  • Your brand guide in PDF format with color codes, fonts, and patterns;
  • Easily customizable EPS.

Compared to free logo makers, the logo produced by Techzo website design company are suitable for various use from your website, printed materials, social media, to even high-complexity surfaces (coffee cups and chancellery). You get all rights for usage.

techzo website design

A ready-made website design is also built based on your direction, it can be either a commercial platform for selling clothes or an informative blog.

As a result, you get an individual design of your website optimized for any device, whether a mobile phone, tablet, or PC with a 24" screen. Unlike an alternative website builder for photographers, you can incorporate landing pages and consistent clicks into your design, which are good for promotion.

It is important to note that you can make an unlimited number of improvements and updates (even after the completion of the project) both in the design of the site and the logo.

Expertise and Performance Improvement of Ready-Made Websites

One of the best things about Techzo is that they not only work on new projects but also offer expertise on ready-made WordPress photography themes or other ready-made designs made with HubSpot, Infusionsoft, BigCommerce, Shopify, Leadpages, Click Funnel.

A team of experts will analyze your site, find errors and bugs, as well as offer a quick and effective choice. This is connected to both designs with mistakes and incorrect widgets that you crammed into your web page. It is important to remember that the visual component of your site is nearly 70% of success and stable sales.

Advanced Digital Marketing

Techzo marketing is another successful area that this company is engaged in. You can set up targeted ads, optimize your search engine through keywords, and use social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Search to engage your audience.

Keep in mind, a well-structured marketing service around your business will help raise your site to the first page of Google or to a leading position in the shortest possible time. What’s more, this inspires confidence among potential customers.


One more useful and unique feature is great feedback and customer support via phone or Skype. To clarify any question or place an order, you just need to leave your number on the site. The manager will contact you shortly and redirect you to the right person involved in the design, promotion, or analysis of websites.

Informative Blog

In addition to providing all kinds of services, you may find a blog that focuses on marketing, design, and common mistakes especially helpful for start-up businesses. Besides, under each post, it is noted how long it will take to read a certain article.

Techzo Website Design Company Prices

Since Techzo conducts individual work with each client, there is no single pricing policy for analyzing, promoting, and creating website designs. To find out the approximate price, you can ask for a callback and tell the manager your goals.

When it comes to creating logos, the process is generally the same, so pricing is publicly available. You will find 3 separate plans: Startup, Enterprise, Professional. Each offers from 10 to 30 unique logo concepts, as well as additional services.

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