13 Best Web Design Software In 2024

13 Best Web Design Software In 2024

With the help of these web design software users can build their first fairly decent website without time-consuming coding courses or hiring a third-party web developer and hosting company.

The majority of web design programs simplify the process of embedding the necessary elements on the site and are capable of working with additional tools such as form builders, image hosting and content delivery networks. In this way, users can host, maintain and advertise their sites.

Top 13 Best Web Design Software

  1. Adobe Dreamweaver – The best professional software for HTML sites
  2. Google Web Designer – For creating interactive HTML-based designs
  3. Squarespace – For eCommerce
  4. Wix – Template site builder and AI platform
  5. Pixpa – For photographers and artists
  6. Weebly – DIY e-commerce website
  7. WordPress – Open-source content management system
  8. Constant Contact Builder – Fully-hosted website builder
  9. Gator Builder – DIY-building space and hosted platform
  10. Divi – Powerful WordPress theme and page builder
  11. Webflow – Cloud-based service without coding
  12. Figma – Collaborative prototyping approach
  13. Sketch – For graphic designers

There are many tools to simplify the process, for instance, ready-made templates or web page design software with a visual interface, such as site builders that enable users to drag and drop elements. The prototyping website creation software helps users imagine how sites will look on another device. Graphic design tools let users create a graphical interface.

The best web development software with code libraries, development environment and hosting services enables developers to launch and maintain websites all over the world.

If you are just starting out, all of the described premium tools offer a free trial. In this way, you can understand what is what before you proceed to in-depth development.

1. Adobe Dreamweaver

Combination of IDE development environment
  • Adaptive design grid for smartphones
  • CEF support for HTML5/CSS; JavaScript, XTL
  • WYSIWYG-interface of preview
  • Multi-monitor support for Win
  • 7-day free trial
  • Basic skills are required

Verdict: Adobe Dreamweaver lets users code, edit and maintain websites by programming the design directly through code or through a clear visual interface. Dreamweaver free version boasts features of the text IDE: compilers, syntax highlighting, code completion and section collapse. With support for Bootstrap, Git with source code editing, it is possible to create any resource: static websites or e-Commerce, portfolios, blogs, landing pages, or quick documents.

Any code changes are automatically displayed in real time in the interface. There is a drag and drop section where users can create a web design visually with a live preview.

It is the best professional web design software due to the ability to effortlessly connect to servers, upload files to a local disk, change content, and then upload it back to the server.

  • adobe dreamweaver interface web design software

    2. Google Web Designer

    Native banner ads
    • Free, adaptive and cross-platform
    • Places layers in a timeline with keyframe
    • Simple drag and drop function
    • Third-party templates
    • More of an advertising design tool
    • Individual export of design resources

    Verdict: Google Web Designer helps users create interactive ads, designs and animations based on HTML5. It is a tool for creating moving graphics for modern digital advertising and marketing. The software may also be used for banner ads, video ads and other marketing materials

    Users can start from scratch or pick from dozens of templates found in different layouts. Google Web Designer is available for free download for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. Many users name it a winner of Google Web Designer vs Dreamweaver battle.

    • google web designer interface web design software

      3. Squarespace

      Built-in tools to support bloggers, creatives
      • Robust help and analytics tools
      • Beautiful responsive design
      • Extensive sales opportunities, including digital downloads
      • Free SSL certificate
      • The site is updated with the version’s update
      • Free for two weeks, the test site is unavailable on the Internet

      Verdict: Squarespace is a multi-functional website builder with flexible design templates and layouts for all devices. It offers customer account functionality, inventory management, discount codes and recovery of forgotten cards.

      A clear drag-and-drop interface and a variety of themes and color settings include many integrations: SEO tools, social networks, SSL encryption, support for Apple Pay, Mailchimp, G Suite and PayPal, as well as the ability to create an online store.

      One of the most stylish DIY sites and the best free web design software boasts plenty of useful tools for creating attractive, functional websites for small businesses.

      All sites receive free SSL, domain registration and hosting. Users get a year of free domain registration with an annual subscription. But it is also possible to connect an existing domain to a Squarespace site.

      • squarespace interface web design software

        4. Wix

        Over 500 industry-specific templates
        • Hundreds of templates and tools
        • Mobile application
        • Searchable knowledge base
        • Automatic backup
        • No integrated statistics
        • Without switching templates

        Verdict: Wix is a well-known service, online editor and one of the best free logo makers with a convenient and robust interface. The free version boasts online storage, background images, title animation, widget gallery, blogging and eCommerce features.

        If you require a site with a custom URL, logo and web store, switch to a paid account without ads – you will get an increase in bandwidth and additional storage.

        Wix is the best web design software for beginners. It is scalable, suitable for any task – from personal online portfolios to small businesses. The drag and drop editor offers the necessary types of tools and functions: image editor, background video, animations, social buttons, an integrated blog of the site –almost everything is customizable, with the ability to change the style. The company will take care of the site’s placement and security.

        • wix interface web design software

          5. Pixpa

          For photographers and artists
          • Perfect option to build websites for creatives
          • High-quality templates created by professionals
          • Inbuilt marketing and social tools
          • User-friendly eCommerce integration
          • Limited storage

          Verdict: Pixpa is handy software for photographers and other visual creatives who want to create up-to-date websites. You can choose from 30 different themes to suit your needs. They differ in style and contain various photo grids and layouts. Moreover, you can improve your website’s capabilities by adding various features, starting a blog, organizing an online store, using client galleries, and more.

          With the built-in editor, you can modify your gallery layout, adjust your images display to scale or at full bleed, and even change the picture hover effect. Besides, you can import videos from YouTube or Vimeo on any theme in place of images. This feature makes Pixpa a good option for videographers. The program also includes marketing and social tools to boost your traffic and turn visitors into customers.

          pixpa web design software interface

          6. Weebly

          Pre-designed page layouts
          • Switchable adaptive design themes
          • Loading code in HTML/CSS
          • iPad app, site statistics
          • Customizable personalized templates
          • Extensive help and support center
          • No recycle bin functionality, dynamic pricing, inventory tracking
          • No cancellation of the interface, reuse of images, personal recovery

          Verdict: Weebly is an online content management system and a well-known hosting solution designed for people with no programming experience. It is the best website builder due to the introduction of a simple drag-and-drop editor, a built-in code editor, attractive template design, integrated online store and mailing marketing capabilities, as well as an extensive App Store.

          The acquisition by Square, a developer of cash register applications, led to the expansion of e-commerce and integration. Weebly is an excellent choice for portfolios, blogs, online stores and business sites with adaptive design.

          The themes are adaptive, optimized for mobile devices and have integrated SEO, Analytics, and Facebook ad placement. The number of themes is limited, but the design is clean and professional-looking, and there are customization options. To use your own domain and eliminate ads, start with a professional plan.

          • weebly interface web design software

            7. WordPress

            System of content management
            • Not difficult to install and use
            • Numerous hosting and development features
            • Customizable site templates
            • Integrated themes with a structure
            • Comments are disabled due to spam
            • The cost is too high for the start

            Verdict: WordPress is a well-known open-source content management system (CMS) that offers a quick way to bring your website online. Many web hosting packages include the one-click installation of WordPress, you only need to purchase a domain name and web hosting.

            After installation, the server side for administration and management becomes convenient. It is possible to use existing website design templates or install a premium WordPress template.

            The variety of templates and additional features supported by the community offer the combination of flexibility, power and ease of use needed to create and run content-based websites.

            • wordpress interface web design software

              8. Constant Contact Builder

              Integrated Unsplash, SEO, CDN
              • In-built protection, unlimited bandwidth
              • Integration with social networks
              • Site analytics, search engine optimization
              • Free hosting, SSL certificate
              • Free version with restrictions
              • More optimization for mobile devices

              Verdict: The website builder from the email service provider Constant Contact lets users create websites adapted for mobile devices from scratch. AI, drag-and-drop and layout options are quite intuitive. The user needs to sync the ad builder with their Facebook page.

              The application will extract contact information, images and text, as well as populate their business site. The builder offers inventory and order management, secure checkout with discounts and free delivery.

              It is possible to create an e-Commerce store and promote products using Constant Contact email software, selling physical/digital goods and services. A free account provides the main features of the best website creation software. If you wish to attach a custom domain, additional features, or sell more than three products, pick a premium plan.

              • constant contact builder interface web design software

                9. Gator Builder

                With capable blogging tool
                • Unrestricted bandwidth and storage
                • Domain name and SSL certificate
                • Intuitive setup of a store selling digital downloads
                • Good site statistics
                • Not free, insufficient email marketing
                • Without photo editing
                • Unable to schedule blog posts

                Verdict: The site builder by one of the leading web hosting companies, HostGator, lets users create full-fledged sites without coding. HostGator have developed their own tools for creating websites: the designer doesn’t require a hosting account, using a separate one. It is a fully hosted platform, no need to worry about updates, security or backups.

                The intuitive drag-and-drop interface is complemented by 200 professional dynamic templates for working with third-party services or business niches. Each template is fully customizable. Users can edit any element on the page or drag and drop frequently used elements: video, photo gallery, text, columns, maps and contact forms.

                This website design software is supplied with the in-built photo library. Besides, it integrates with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

                • gator builder interface web design software

                  10. Divi

                  Page builder and WordPress themes
                  • Changes are automatically adapted to mobile devices
                  • CSS custom control
                  • Integrated text editing
                  • Cancel, Repeat and Revision commands
                  • Difficult transition to a topic not in the section
                  • Inactive code slows down the page speed

                  Verdict: Divi is a well-known WordPress theme and web design software free. This page builder comes with hundreds of ready-made templates for restaurants, cafes, medical facilities, fitness, etc.

                  It works with almost any WordPress theme, or it is possible to use the Divi theme with advanced capabilities. After configuring your WordPress site, install and activate Divi on your site and start editing it.

                  The software boasts a drag-and-drop designer and an advanced visual editor for customizing templates using effects, form separators and transformations. The hover and click tool lets users add text anywhere in the template.

                  The builder comprises numerous global elements, style options, and content blocks with the ability to edit, cancel, repeat and change settings. There is a possibility to add images, videos, sliders, contact forms and widgets.

                  • divi interface web design software

                    11. Webflow

                    CMS and a web-hosting platform
                    • Drag and drop GUI
                    • Cross-platform
                    • Clean well-generated code
                    • WYSIWYG-preview
                    • The interface takes time to learn
                    • Only two projects are free

                    Verdict: Belonging to web designing software list, Webflow is a universal adaptive tool that unites a cloud service, web design tools, CMS, managed web hosting, and a free SSL certificate into one platform with the concept of “smart no coding”.

                    A clear drag-and-drop interface makes it possible to place and change elements using templates. The Webflow automation tool will create the necessary HTML/CSS code.

                    Create interactions and animations, drag and drop custom HTML elements, or use ready-made elements, such as sliders, tabs and background videos. The tool comprises a library of main components with layouts and templates. Webflow lets users create prototypes and export code to pass to developers in case you don’t want to run a site on its subdomain.

                    • webflow interface web design software

                      12. Figma

                      Collaborative creation of animated prototypes
                      • Cloud-based tools Arc и Vector Networks
                      • Share designs across teams by link
                      • Reuse build systems infinite times
                      • Expandable via plugins, automatic saving
                      • Free version is limited to two projects, three editors
                      • Being online as long as you are working

                      Verdict: A new multi-functional tool for interface design and prototyping, Figma is a multi-user web design software with automatic layout, resource libraries and general prototyping capabilities. It is supplied with fonts, colors and other editing panel settings. Sketch and Figma share plugins and integrations, so users have a chance to create additional functionality.

                      A smart tool for sharing a project with the client to make changes to the template design lets users connect with the design team to work on it simultaneously. Keep this in mind if you are choosing between Figma vs Adobe XD and need a program with co-op features. This website creation software boasts an intuitive vector interface, and developers can copy code snippets. Add as many team members as you wish as observers to get feedback from the interested parties through comments.

                      • figma interface web design software

                        13. Sketch

                        Interface design and prototyping tools
                        • Preview on any device
                        • System of plug-ins and integrations
                        • Prototyping and collaboration capabilities
                        • A tool for automatic slicing
                        • 30 days free of charge
                        • Mac compatibility only

                        Verdict: Sketch is a robust vector design tool that lets users design interfaces, web templates, create scalable top-grade projects, icons, illustrations, prototypes, layouts for applications, websites and printing.

                        It is supplied with tons of learning resources, being the best web design software with interactive prototyping, smart layouts, and an extensive library of integrations and plugins.

                        The software boasts a mirroring feature that enables users to test a web design template on multiple devices. This way you can see how your web design will look on screens of different sizes. Besides, it offers an integrated logic function for converting the designs to CSS. Creating resources in Sketch is intuitive, with one-click export to various formats and sizes.

                        • sketch interface web design software <GALLERY>
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